Same Heart


Back during my first summer after I moved out of my parents house, I encountered a love I had never felt.

I had recently moved out of my house to be roommates with my friend Candace. Candace was a white skinned, but Latino female that I had worked with at my current job. She was slightly tall, had long, light brown hair, and beautiful, vibrant eyes. Her smile was cute, and she was well developed all around her body. Even so, she was kind of what most people would consider a nut. She lost her mind over boys, and got angry and forceful at work. Her aggression was a quiet, calm looking anger. When she spoke, her words seemed to lash out in attack, and in this, she had made a few enemies.

Many a night, me and Candace would walk around our suburban neighborhood. We talked about lots of things, ranging for boys, fashion, and beauty. As we spoke, I noticed that she didn't really hear my words. Most of the times, she was looking past me, and speaking to only the person in front of her, Not really the person I was.

Still, she needed someone to help with the rent payments at her house. When she extended the offer to me to move in with her, I jumped right on it. Getting out of my parents house was something I wanted, and Candace was a real beauty. The idea of seeing her every morning and night made my heart warm.

Candace lived with two other roommates, who each had the other rooms in the house. This means, I was to literally live with Candace, in the same room. We shared the same space, the same bathroom, and the same bed.

Many things happened over the months. Me and Candace discovered we hated and loved each other. We adjusted to each other's habits, and it went relatively well, with little complication.

One day, me and Candace were lying in bed, laughing about some stupid joke. I pointed out to Candace how funny it was to combine two peoples names together. As we said the names, we couldn't resist curling up with laughter. Eventually, Candace rolled on her side toward me and said "Hey Drew, know what else?"

Calming myself down from my laughter, I asked her what's up.

Candace moved her finger up my arm, it a slightly teasing manner. I think it was more of a show of affection, not so much a sensuous tease. Either way, the touch sent chills up and down my body. My body stopped its cold, and suddenly, I was covered in warmth. I smiled at Candace.

I grabbed Candace's hand, and scooted a bit closer to her. Candace's eyes grew big. I moved my hand up her arm, and cupped the side of her face. I then softly kissed her on the lips.

I'm not sure what was running through my mind. I felt I really did love Candace, and I wanted to be closer to her. This kiss left my heart racing at a speed I probably couldn't handle.

Suddenly, I felt a hand on the side of my face. Candace had cupped the side of my face, and returned the kiss with the warmth in which it was received. My heart rate fell, and my veins coursed with red hot blood. Candace's soft lips were on mine, and my hand, with a mind of its own, reached for Candace's side and pulled her toward me. Our bodies softly pushed together, and I felt Candace's feminine parts touch my chest.

I became aroused. Our kisses moved up a level in passion. My tongue in her mouth, hers in mine, our bodies became one. I broke apart the kiss.

"Candace, what are we doing?" Our eyes had trouble meeting. I could tell Candace was confused as much as I was. I realized then that asking questions to her would result in nothing. This was something that sprang from sporadic affection. I decided that there was only one thing to do.

I kissed her again. I moved into the passion we had before. I held her side, and pushed her to me. She willing moved her body into mine, I felt the heat coming off her stomach. Candace was probably feeling as intimate as I was.

I then let my passion overtake me. Candace rolled onto her back. I moved my mouth away from her lips, and softly kissed down to below her earlobe, on the soft part of her neck. I moved the hand on her side up to her face, and touched it softly. My hand moved down her lips, onto her chin, and down her soft neck. They met the hem of her shirt, and smoothly moved down the material till it reached where her bra connected. I cupped Candace's left breast. Her legs started to shrug slightly, and she let out a soft moan. I proceeded to massage her breast through the material, and Candace's breathing became heavier. I kissed up and down her neck. I could feel her nipple through the material, and i knew she was becoming aroused. My lips moved up her neck and met hers. I kissed her deeply. I could hear her moans in my ears, and i became more and more aroused.

In a almost shattering fashion, Candace's hands went up my shirt. She massaged my chest, and was getting as close as she possibly could to me. Her hands moved down to the lining of my pants. My heart picked up so sharply, I felt I may pass out from the shock. Candace noticed I had become startled, and laughed. I put the hand cupping her breast behind my head and scratched my head in embarrassment. I then cupped her face and started kissing her again. Candace's hands continued playing with the hemline of my pants, and eventually, after what seemed like hours, she slid one of her hands down into the abyss. In a slow-mo fashion, I felt her hands move past the area where my pubes should be. Her hands met the base of my penis. She wasted no time, and softly gripped it. I exerted a soft moan. Candace had a smug look on her face, as she's always wanted to be the one in control.

I wasn't going to let her control all of this. As she moved her hand around my penis, I moved my hand down, flowing lightly above her breasts, and landed on her hemline. Candace gave me a scared stare, but I wasn't going to let her be one sided in this. I unbuttoned her jeans, and slid my hand softly down the front of her panties. I put one finger down, till I met her clitoris. As it touched it, Candace tensed up, and let out a little noise. I thought it was cute. I moved my hand down over the clitoris, and played my finger up and down her sensitive spot. Candace started to moan repeatedly, grabbing my cock more forcefully. Her free hand slid over the front of my pajama pants, and slowly slid them off my legs. Myself, completely bare below the waist, grabbed and pulled her pants down. With the same hand, I lifted up her shirt, and saw her beautiful breasts. My mind-of-its-own hand pushed the bra up, and revealed her full chest. I pulled Candace closer to me, and my cock touched her sweet spot through her underwear. I flipped myself onto my back, and moved Candace on top of me. Candace smiled that smug smile, and pushed her lips onto mine forcefully. I grabbed her breasts from below, toying with them. Candace, moaning, moved her crotch close to mine. My hands moved behind her back, then down toward her ass. I moved into her panties, and pushed her into me. My cock rode the area of her clitoris. She moaned quite audibly, and started to put her back into it. My cock grew harder and harder with each strife. I couldn't take it anymore.

I moved Candace's panties down to her knees, and she assisted me as I slid them off of her legs. As we kissed, i grabbed my cock in one hand and lowered her down with the other. My cock met her clitoris. It slowly slid down toward the crevice. I met the hole. I looked into the soft eyes of my roommate. She smiled at me.

Candace, obviously aroused, was already wet. I slid in the head with relative ease. Candace made a loud squeak. I gave her a curious stare, and then slid in a couple more inches. She let out a strong moan. I then proceeded to move her ass up and down from this position. She started to breathe heavily in my ear, and she moved up and down of her own will, making me slowly into a driving force. I then put all of my cock inside her. She tensed up all over, and let out a long sigh in my ear.

My cock felt amazing. I could feel her walls convulsing on me. She pumped on my passionately, smoothly, and respectfully. I held her sides, and started pushing her up and down more violently.

"Oh my god! It's too much! Drew!" She held her breath and gripped our pillows tightly. I felt her walls tighten, and throb slightly. I knew Candace had came.

She let out a powerful breath. Her breathing was sharp, and her face was hot. I put my hand on the back of her head and held her close.

"We can't stop here Candace." I gave her a dirty look. Candace got a devious look on her face. She pulled herself up, and I promptly slid out of her. Candace turned around, and lowered her chest onto my stomach.

I had Candace's soft, swollen pussy staring me in the face. More importantly, i had Candace's wet tongue moving over the tip of my penis. I moaned without control. Candace knew what to do, and slid her mouth over my cock. She sucked softly and carefully. I don't think she was to experienced at it, but it was still pleasurable for me. I returned the favor, and ran my tongue over her clitoris. With a soft moan, she continued sucking me. Holding her curvaceous ass, i played and played with her pussy. Her moans only accelerated my climax.

"Candace, I'm gonna cum!" Her tongue kept softly playing with my cock. I blew my load into her mouth. I throbbed, nearly reaching godliness in this cat. It felt like i came gallons, but Candace kept slightly and gracefully moving her head. Her tongue kept massaging my cock till it felt like my sperm mixed completely with her spit. She then lifted herself up, and kissed me deeply. I held her close, and kissed her deeply back.

Later that day, me and Candace sat on a bench at a park near our work. We watched geese play on the pond, sitting peacefully together. Candace scooted closer to me, and leaned on my side. My heart growing warmer, I put my arm around her. The setting sun seemed to symbolize our closeness. Our free hands met, and intertwined. I think me and my lifelong friend had so much to explore. Same bed, same bathroom, and now, same heart.

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