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Same Name


I am always glad when an airplane touches down and I can feel it slowing.

Part of that has to do with the time I flew into Portland and the plane I was on had no front wheel, we did a rather terrifying nice long and noisy skid down the runway.

I would have kissed the pilot after that one, 50 year old guy or not. But they sent us down these neat little slides and actually had a vehicle waiting there to give us a ride like they expected it or something.

One would have thought everyone would have been screaming, but nobody made a sound.

Yep, airplanes. I don't like then, but they are necessary.

Me? My name is Jeremiah Alan Hansen, trouble shooter for a corporation that makes machinery to replace people. The job pays well, since I am one of those guys that can look at one of the big machines our company sells and see what is wrong with it in about three seconds.

There are a few others working for the company, most machinery setters. They call me when they push the buttons and nothing happens, or perhaps when too much happens.

The bad part is I am often on a damned airplane headed somewhere. Stuff like that is tough on a man's family life, as I discovered after leaving my hot little 22 year old redheaded wife alone for several days one time too many.

As it turned out, leaving her home alone at all was too much.

All of the comments about her being "bored" and "really really sorry" didn't work. She even tried the "it won't happen again."

But I was fairly sure it would. I should have known, the first time I saw Patty half her titties were hanging out, skirt too short, sex on wheels.

Exactly like the last time I saw her in the lawyer's office. We were trying to negotiate and both lawyers including mine had their tongues hanging out.

My only hope was when we got to court, the Judge would be a cranky old woman.

So here is was, flying into Reno. I had been thinking about my wife Patty the entire trip, her lawyer was demanding half of this and half of that, it was beginning to look like she was going to be the most expensive little piece of ass I ever had.

I should have known, of course. At 35, marrying a 20 year old is just plain silly. There might be women that something like that would work for, but not Patty. She liked things, she liked to smoke pot, and she liked men, no way would she settle down at that age.

I was back home for a whole day when I heard about the party at my place from a guy I know. His name was Tommy and we went to high school together.

He was there, then when he realized I wasn't there and saw Patty messing around with more than one guy that night, he felt obligated to tell me.

Patty started in trying to deny it but finlly admitted it, we had one hell of a fight and I left.

Mistake there, I left and she didn't, so now she was still in my house which I was making payments on, and I couldn't even go over there because the court thought I was dangerous.

Well, that was probably true.

The other mistake was I jumped in my Van I normally drove to the office, leaving my new torch red z06 Corvette in the garage, door shut and the keys dangling from the switch. The mini battery charger was hooked up because sitting for a week would run the battery dead.

I was driving to my motel room one afternoon and saw my Corvette sitting downtown in front of a day spa, hood up and some service man jump starting it.

Patty sitting behind the wheel with one of her girl friends in the passenger seat, both of them looking nasty.

It's a wonder I didn't break the steering wheel when I went by but I managed.

I was on the pissed off side at her, fantasies of dropping her off a downtown bridge kept popping into my mind.

Not that I would ever do anything like that but it was fun to think about.


The taxi driver was one of those foot to the floor all the time type of guys, sometimes the brakes and sometimes the gas but always as hard as he could push.

We missed everybody somehow. He said something I couldn't understand when I paid him and tipped him just a buck, probably a good thing because it didn't sound like "Thank you" to me.

The company pays for my hotel room, all I have to do is check in. I was at a downtown hotel this time, nice because the rooms are better than the damn motel my boss Hal put me in the last time I was in Reno.

I got that upgrade when I told my boss Hal that I was going to fucking quit if he put me in one of those fucking rat holes fucking again.

Yea, I was crabby.

Two miles to the strip, OK for getting to the job but I had to call a cab to go anywhere.

I was in a bad mood about that, plus still dealing with the Patty shit.

"Hell, Jerry, no need to get all jacked up. Sure, anything you want, just ask." Hal told me.

OK. That was cool and I didn't even get fired.

Of course, like I said, in three seconds I can see what is wrong with one of Hal's machines, so not bloody likely.

Kind of a bit of an advantage, that. It did pop into my head to ask for a raise too, but I left that alone.

Maybe next time.

Anyway, 60 seconds at the hotel counter, key card in my hand and I was in the elevator.

The room was nice, it even had a hot tub. Windows that wrapped around since it was a corner room, a pretty good view of the hills in the distance although looking down all I could see was roof tops and some cars and people down below.

Huge curtains, they slid back and forth by remote control, the TV was in a cabinet at the foot of the bed. More buttons to run that, there was a horseshoe shaped bar that stuck out in the middle of the room, the thing was even stocked!

I was thinking I needed to yell at my boss more often.

I dropped my suitcase, dug out some slacks and a shirt. Tossing them on the bed, I undressed and went in to take a long hot shower.

The shower was big enough to seat six, the room looked like one of those party rooms.

Reno. OK. I got it, this was cool. I decided to freshen up and go down to the Casino floor, see what I could find.

Over four weeks with no sex is terrible, Patty and I had sex every day when I was home and some days twice.

A couple of years of that can get a man used to it. It even popped into my mind to perhaps make a phone call, after all, Reno is full of available females but it just was never in me to do anything like that.

I would rather wander around the casino, find some nice looking thing with no rings on her fingers and have a little friendly chat.

I did that some back before I got married, being young and a bit cute with a lop sided grin and money in my pockets made it easy most of the time.

I was about three years out of practice but I hadn't forgotten anything.

OK, so I fiddled around in the shower some, stopping short of wasting the evening just in case. It had been over a month and Patty was a memory.

The good part about Patty was great, her lithe body was made for just one thing.


The bad part I tried to not think about, it made me see red and visions of her freckled face bulging as my fingers snugged up around her neck....I was really trying to not think about that part.

Instead I tried to focus on the way her eyes would become little slits as she lay back, slowly slipping one leg off to the side, exposing her most inner secrets to my view.

Man. No doubt about it, I needed to get laid.

Finally after about a half hour, I shut off the shower, found some big towels and dried off.

Using a smaller towel to briskly rub my hair, I walked into the main room.

I was all the way into the room, naked as a jaybird, when I looked up.

There with the door open stood a woman in a gray business suit with a small carry bag in one hand.

Glasses perched on her nose, hair pulled back into a bun, she looked like a school teacher, the only thing missing was a pointer.

The expression on her face was one of total shock.

I kind of think the expression on my face was similar.

"What are you doing in my room?" She demanded, looking like she was about to break and run.

I jerked the towel down to cover my crotch, it was barely big enough and I had to hold it there since it wouldn't reach aound my waist. I was also still sticking out quite a bit from my earlier messing around.

"This is MY room, what in the hell?" I demanded.

She leaned back and looked at the door, then at the paper in her hand.

"1540, yep. This is MY room! Who in the hell are you?"

"Jerry Hansen, I just checked in not an hour ago."

She blinked several times, we looked at each other.

"I don't know what is going on but I am Jeri Hanson." She said.

"What are you trying to pull, lady?" I demanded.

"I'm not trying to pull anything, what are YOU trying to pull, asshole?" Her face took on a stubborn look.

She was still standing in the doorway, just then an older couple went down the hall. They glanced in at me standing there holding a bath towel in front of my privates.

"Well, I never!" The old lady muttered.

"Look, I need you to get the fuck out of my room." I told her.

"It's MY room!" She said, then she stepped forward, letting go of the door.

It swung shut behind her, the thing had those door closing gadgets on it.

She looked back at the door, then at me. Now she was inside, with a naked strange man.

I expected her to scream, or grab the door and run, but she put down her carry bag, crossed her arms across her chest.

"Lady! Get out of here!" I said.

"I am not going anywhere, this is MY room!" I had seen that look in a female's eyes before.

We glared at each other. Let's face it, a naked man with a completely dressed female is NOT a superior position to be in.

I sighed, turned and walked over to where my clothes were laid out on the bed. I grabbed them and hurried into the bathroom, being careful to take my wallet with me.

I was completely conscious of my bare ass hanging out but there wasn't a damned thing I could do about it.

She was on the room phone when I came back out 90 seconds later.

"Security will be here in just a minute." She gave me a dirty look.

"Good, you are going to get your ass thrown out of here!" I told her, giving her the arms folded across my chest manner right back at her.

I was surprised as hell that she was still here, I would have thought she would be afraid of me but she didn't appear to be.

I did notice that she moved around to the other side of the bed, watching me, keeping some distance.

"So what are you, a burglar or just a pervert?" She asked.

"This is MY fucking room!" I got out just as there was a pounding on the door. I opened it and three on the rather large size men came in.

Of course they grabbed me, not the woman.

It took a bit, now I was really mad since I could see the satisfied smug look on the woman's face.

But then they checked my driver's license, I really was J.A. Hansen. My credit cards all matched, the photo on my license was me.

They let go of me and turned to the woman, suddenly she didn't look so damned smug.

I gave her a satisfied grin.

Out came her identification, and one of those plastic folding credit card organizers. Hell, it looked like she had about 50 credit cards in there.

Well. She really was Jeri Ann Hanson, the photo matched and all of her credit cards said J.A. Hanson.

"We all need to go down to the front desk." The one man who appeared to be in charge said.

It didn't take too long to figure out what happened. The new desk clerk trainee had waited on J. A. Hanson, found the room paid for when she looked in the computer and simply handed her a key card.

It didn't register on the lady because her room was also paid for in advance over the internet by the company she worked for.

Things got peaceful quickly, they gave Jeri a different room. Some people in suits showed up and there were a few dozen abject apologies.

They told us both that the rooms were now on the house.

Which didn't do me a hell of a lot of good but would probably make my boss Hal happy.

I complained about that, telling them my room was free anyway so that was nothing.

"Mine too!" Jeri chimed right in, those arms folding across her chest again.

"I could have been raped!" She told them, on the loud side.

I started to give her some lip about that, ready to protest that I wasn't a rapist, but she gave me a look that told me to shut up so I shut up.

The ticket for a free meal in their steak house was nice. The steak and Lobster special alone was about fifty-nine bucks.

I folded my arms across my chest too.

"Drinks?" I added. We got those, too, Jeri shot me a big grin.


The next surprise was when I headed for the elevator, she got on with me.

Jeri grinned again and just stood there when I pushed the floor 15 button.

"What floor?" I asked.

"That one." She smiled.

It turned out that she liked the looks of the room I had so she asked for and got the other corner room at the far end of the long hallway.

I took several glances at her on the way up.

Jeri was nicely dressed in a business suit, fashionably slightly open at the throat. Not fat that I could see, maybe in her mid thirties. Her nose was a little pointed and the glasses stuck on there didn't help.

Still, not bad to look at, not bad at all.

I stepped aside to let her off first, getting a nice smile. As she walked away down the hall, I just could not resist.

"Nice ass!" I called out quietly. She looked back, smiled.

"You too!" Then she giggled. I watched as she walked down the hall, opened her room and went in.


Four hours later I was standing in line at the steak house, I might as well take advantage of that and was thinking of that Filet Mignon with the Lobster.

Maybe some of that $250 per bottle wine they had on display?

"Hello, Jerry!" Someone said behind me.

"Jeri, hi!" I looked back. Soft frilly blouse, hint of cleavage, no glasses, deep blue eyes I hadn't noticed and hair now undone, flowing down past her shoulders.

"Going to cash in the free dinner?" She asked.

"I...uhh..err...Yea." I managed.

"Want to share a table?" She grinned.

"Sure, why not?" I said.

The steaks were perfect, so was the Lobster, I laughed when she licked her fingers.

The wine was excellent, both bottles.

I listened while she told me some hilarious stories about her court room antics, it turned out she was a legal team advisor.

Then she listened while I told her about flying all over the country fixing problems.

She got an interested look on her face when I mentioned the problems I was having with my hopefully soon to be ex wife Patty.

She mentioned her one marriage and how it had failed when her husband John just could not keep his hands off of other females.

We both agreed that traveling was the pits if we wanted any kind of real home life.

At one point I noticed the waiter was hovering, so I glanced at my watch.

It was 3 in the morning and I was supposed to be on the job at 8 AM.

"Oh, God!" Jeri said when she realized.

We each left a fifty on the table for the waiter so he went back to smiling, then we headed for the elevators, both of us wobbling a little bit.

We arrived at floor 15 far too quickly, I stood aside to let her off and then followed.

In the hallway, she turned and looked at me.

Then she lifted up on tiptoe, kissed me on the lips, it was just a peck.

"I like you." She said, then she turned and went on down the hallway.

That night I had a vivid dream, for the first time that I could remember it was not about Patty.

It was about a woman looking at me, I was naked. She was fully dressed, coming towards me but I could not see who it was.


It took me about three seconds to see that the machinery setters had wired up the cooling fans in reverse. As soon as the motors heated up to a certain point, the safety circuit kicked in and shut down the lines.

This is the stuff I get paid the big bucks to spot.

I was done by 11 in the morning, so I grabbed a taxi back to the hotel.

I called the airlines, they had a 6 PM flight out for home. I started to book that, then asked them if they had anything later.

They did, at 2 PM the next day. I booked that.

The truth was that I was thinking, probably hoping that I might get to see Jeri again.

I went down and knocked on her door, no answer. I walked back to my room and called hers, leaving a message.

By 7 PM that evening I was about to give up, I started to head down to the casino floor when the phone rang.

"Hey. I just got in." Jeri's soft voice said.

"Oh. Long day?"

"Yes, we had a series of meetings after court, finally got a settlement so I am finished here."

"Me, too, I fly out tomorrow."

There was a long silence.

"Dinner again?" She asked.

"Love to."

"OK, I am going to catch a quick shower, come and get me in about 30 minutes, OK?"

"OK." I looked at my watch. Exactly 30 minutes later I knocked on the door to her room.

"Come on in!" Jeri called out.

I opened the door, came to a dead stop.

Jeri was standing in the middle of the room, naked with a towel clutched in front of her groin!

I started laughing, I couldn't help it. She was laughing too.

"I figured fair was fair, OK?" She smiled, dropping the towel.

The mature woman standing naked in front of me looked wonderful, her petite bust had no sag at all, her belly was flat, her hips had a nice curve. She had her pubic hair trimmed into a short strip, there was a tiny heart tattoo on her pelvis.

I stepped across the room, took her in my arms.

"Nice ass!" Jeri said at one point when I got up and went to use the bathroom.

"You too!" I grinned over my shoulder.

"So what made you decide to..you know?" I asked her at one point.

"Well, you are a nice looking guy, and turned out to be funny and fun. Besides, I already knew that everything worked!"

We both roared at that.

We never did make it to dinner.


I was looking out the window at the ground far below, thinking about how I hated airplanes.

I also was thinking about Jeri, and all that had happened. The guy next to me looked at me oddly when I snickered out loud, thinking of the look on her face when she opened the door to find me standing there naked.

Jeri was one hell of a woman, that was for sure.

But she lived far away, we both knew it was probably just a one night stand thing. I did give her my phone number and she gave me hers. We did the usual "if you are ever in town" bit, kissed and that was it.

Back at my office, everything went right back to normal. Hal spotted the credit for the room on his statement, and no meals expense account, so he came in and asked me about that.

I told him what had happened, the look on his face was of disbelief. Then he shrugged. I just grinned at him.

"You Dog, you!" He said, heading back for his office.

I turned my attention to dealing with Patty, finally giving her the damned house in exchange for my Corvette back.

She was sure she got the better of that deal but she also got the payments, and I happened to know the house was worth about 70% of what we owed on it.

We split the cash which wasn't all that much, and it was over. I found a nice house 20 miles away on the other side of town, bought it for half what I paid for the other place.

It could have been worse, I guess.

The last thing Patty did was lean over and whisper that we could still be friends, maybe I could stop by sometime.

I laughed at her.

Patty got a mean look on her face, but I just got up and walked out.

Three weeks went by, then Hal buzzed me saying a lawyer's office was on the line.

I picked it up, sure as hell it would be about Patty again although I couldn't see how.

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