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Same-Sex Settings

byCal Y. Pygia©

Because all-male or mostly male environments are breeding grounds, so to speak, of same-sex sex among men, such settings can suggest situations, themes, conflicts, social trends, and characters for use in same-sex erotic fiction, at the same time supplying verisimilitude to one's stories of such encounters. A list of same-sex settings in which all-male (or mostly male) casts of characters may be found are:

Cattle drives

Construction and road crews (prior to male-female integration)


Fire stations

Gay bars

Gay nudist colonies

Hunting and fishing expeditions

Men's clubs

Military installations (prior to male-female integration)


Police forces (prior to male-female integration)


Ship crews

Sports teams

Summer camps

Such settings lend themselves well to stories with such general themes as initiation and hazing, discipline, work, adventure, exploration, competition, camaraderie, domination and submission, and socialization. All-male environments typically are ideal, too, for more frequent and more intense sex scenes since, it seems, men are hardwired to seek sex pretty much constantly.

Depending upon the specific same-sex setting, likely characters might be cowboys, electricians, plumbers, carpenters, bricklayers, roofers, steelworkers, laborers, mechanics, assembly line personnel, supervisors, managers, firemen, wealthy financiers, enlisted men, sergeants, military officers, police officers, jailers, prisoners, criminal suspects, guards, wardens, sailors, captains, athletes, fans, spectators, and/or coaches. These various types of characters suggest additional themes and storylines: training, supervision, management, duty, responsibility, guarding, protection, punishment, rehabilitation, and outdoor life.

These settings also suggest the types of emotions that the characters might experience: loneliness, anxiety, fear, insecurity, cockiness, envy, admiration, courage, bravado, hatred, rage, humiliation, shame, pride, boredom, aggression, and lust.

A story should marry emotion and theme. Sex would follow, of course, provided that the characters are of legal age. A story set in a military installation might show how a sergeant humbles an arrogant and misogynistic young recruit by using him as a "woman."

Reading Internet articles and blog posts about same-sex sex that occurs in same-sex settings can suggest ideas for stories.

An Internet article concerning the sexual harassment of male employees in the workplace provides some valuable insights to writers of same-sex erotica. According to this article, such behavior often may be characterized by public humiliation that escalates to forced acts of BDSM that includes more than two participants.

An upshot of litigation resulting from such harassment is the admission on the part of the legal system that trying to distinguish between sex and gender is becoming more and more controversial and that, consequently, categorizing people and behavior in terms of sex is becoming irrelevant unless gender is also a consideration in such classifications. At best, there can be but ideals to guide the behavior of men and women as males and females. Since these guidelines are ideals, some men and women may accept them only in part or may reject them entirely. Sexual harassment is becoming understood, from a legal point of view, as illegal pressures to get an individual to act in a way that does not conform to his or her own individual application of these ideals to him- or herself.

It is clear that a sea change is seeking--and is effecting--fundamental changes in how society sees sex, gender, and sexuality, and that the traditional ideas of man, woman, male, and female, and such associated sexual labels as "homosexual," "bisexual," and "heterosexual" are in flux. Ideas of sex and gender are evolving (or, some might suggest, devolving) toward a whole new understanding of what sex and gender mean, if anything. Hollywood, of course, especially with regard to lesbian sex, has been suggesting such a change for years. Stories may favorably or unfavorably reflect such changes--and what better setting is there to do so, one might ask, than an all-male (or an all-female) environment?

Several Internet articles concerning prison sex are available to writers who wish to depict sexual behavior in such a same-sex environment. Sex in such a setting is likely to be forced, one learns, and to represent behavior that violates the victim's sexual identity. Nevertheless, to avoid violence, the victim may pretend to consent to, or even to enjoy, such encounters. Sometimes, intimidation is verbal, sometimes symbolic, and sometimes physical.

Occasionally, sexual favors are performed in payment of debts. The penetrating partner is regarded as masculine and as heterosexual, whereas the penetrated person, the "bitch" or "woman," is considered to be homosexual. Penetrating partners regard penetrating the receptive person as an act of control and dominance. Once having been used as a "bitch" or a "woman," a penetrated man loses all claims to masculinity and is frequently targeted for additional sexual activities in which he will play the supposedly feminine role.

Occasionally, consensual sexual relationships develop between prisoners, and a dominant partner will be the protector and defender of the submissive one. Guards and prisoners also sometimes carry on sexual affairs within prisons. The knowledge of such facts can suggest storylines that have the ring of truth and authenticity to them.

By using one's imagination, it is possible to maximize the advantages that are inherent in same-sex settings. In military installations, prisons, and other such environments, for example, nudity may occur naturally among the characters when they bathe together in communal showers. Such occasions can, in turn, occasion both exhibitionism and voyeurism among the bathers which leads, at the moment or later, to hot sexual intimacy between two (or among several) of them.

Not only should characters lust after one another--some openly, and others on the sly--but they should also moon over one another, thinking about one another with the tenderness of feeling and the obsessive attention that takes place among young heterosexual couples. It doesn't hurt to make one character or more than one character effeminate. Depending upon the type of the same-sex setting involved, such effeminacy would either be punished or rewarded.

In some all-male environments, some males play the masculine, or butch, role. Usually, this role is exaggerated. Not only is the butch male masculine, he is super masculine, or macho. The effeminate male is a "bitch" who is expected to adopt a sometimes-exaggerated feminine posture, submitting passively to the demands of the aggressive, macho male and seeking, in all ways and at all times, to please him. The male bitch may be shared among several of the macho men.

In other same-sex settings, in which overt force and intimidation are rarely, if ever, used, there are still opportunities to portray nudity and sex. In managed-care facilities and nursing homes, for example, patients must often be undressed, bathed, and dressed by orderlies, and doctors occasionally examine their charges. Patients themselves may voluntarily participate in sexual activities with one another or with the facility's staff. Hunting and fishing expeditions may result in the participants' bagging more than their limits in deer or hooking more than a good day's catch of fish. Much can take place in the woods or on a river, far from the prying eyes of others, and many readers find public nudity and sex especially exciting and taboo.

Wherever one's imagination lead him or her in using same-sex settings, the result is likely to be hot because same-sex sex is itself hot, especially when it has the ring of truth to it.

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