tagLoving WivesSame Time Next Year

Same Time Next Year

byDG Hear©

There is very little sex in this story. I do want to thank my editors LadyCibelle and Techsan for making my story a much better read.


A while back a couple of friends of ours stopped by to visit. We've known Bob and Maria for most of our married lives. Maria worked with my wife, Trina at a large well-known travel agency. The company has offices in a number of states. Bob is a supervisor in a manufacturing plant. I'm an electrician and work in one of the local factories. I've worked there since I came home from the service around eight years ago.

The four of us were watching an old movie titled, "Same Time, Next Year" which was about a man and woman who were lovers for many years. They were both married, but not to each other. They still loved each other and agreed to meet and be lovers every year around the same time for a week. The rest of the year they would live their normal lives with their respective spouses and families.

Our wives were crying at the end of one of the affairs when the couple had to depart and go home to their families.

"What a crock of shit," I said. "They're both cheating on their families and you two think it's so sad. They ought to be found in the arms of their lovers and shot," was my response.

"Andy, how can you say such a thing? They were true lovers and only met the one time each year?" replied Maria.

I spoke up, "So you two are saying that it's alright for me to go and have sex with my old girlfriend once a year as long as Trina doesn't find out."

Trina was pissed. "You bastard, this isn't about you and your old slut girlfriend, Melissa. This is about people really in love. I doubt you could ever understand that."

Bob saw tempers were getting out of hand. "Time out here. It's just a damn movie. I don't think we should all be sitting here arguing over a stupid movie."

"Bob," I asked. "If that woman was your wife, would you say it was okay to have an affair once a year? If I found Trina doing that, I'd kick her ass out. Also Trina, you had no right to bring Melissa into it, just because she was my girlfriend before I met you. Hell, I didn't say anything about you and your old flame, Zack."

"Look, this is getting out of hand. Let's just drop the conversation about the movie," said Maria.

"No," I said. "I want to know Bob's answer. What would you do, Bob, if Maria wanted to do the same thing as the woman in the movie?"

"Listen, Andy, Maria wouldn't do such a thing. I'm not going to answer a question on any damn assumption. Maria is too nice a person to ever do that to our marriage," replied Bob.

I happened to glance over at the girls and for just an instant, something flashed between them. I couldn't say at the time what it was, but it sent a chill down my spine.

Maria got up and went and sat on her husband's lap and kissed him. I guess everything was well and good in their happy minds. As for Trina, she didn't smile at me. She got up and offered everyone another beverage.

I turned off the movie and the four of us went into the kitchen and played cards. It was always the men against the women. I have to admit that chill made me think. In the following days, I did a lot of thinking.


When I graduated from high school, I enlisted in the Army. I signed up for three years with two of them being overseas. I went to our senior prom with my girlfriend, Melissa. I really believed I loved her. She was my first love and the first woman I ever made love to. I always thought we were a great couple and would be together forever. I guess I was just too naive at the time. The last time we made love was a week before I was supposed to leave for the service.

She never saw me off because she had another prom to go to. Her parents told her she could go to the prom with me as long as she went to another prom or rather a dance with Eric. He was a geek sort of guy and was in college. There was some kind of shindig going on and Eric asked Melissa to go with him to it. Melissa made the mistake of mentioning it to her mother. Don't get me wrong here; I didn't have anything against Eric except him wanting to date my girl. Unfortunately his mother and Melissa's mother worked together and tried to get the two of them to start dating. It hurt me to know that Melissa would be dating Eric but she said her mom said she had to go but she promised me she wouldn't even kiss him.

I was overseas for about four months when I received a letter from my sister telling me that Melissa was pregnant. I couldn't believe it. Melissa had been writing me since I left for basic training. Why didn't she ever mention it to me? Surely she knew, especially if my sis Jen knew. The only answer was Eric got her pregnant. I was pissed. I wrote her a letter calling her every dirty word I could think of. Here I was fighting in a war and my girlfriend, soon to be ex-girlfriend was home fucking around behind my back and didn't even have the decency to tell me she had gotten pregnant.

I never wrote her again after sending that letter. I told her to not waste her time writing to me either, because it was over between us and I would throw her letters in the trash without even reading them. I told her that I hoped her and her bastard child and Eric had a good life together. I did receive a letter from her but ripped it up and threw it in the trash. I didn't hear from her again while I was overseas. My sister did tell me that Mel and Eric were married just before the baby was born. They lived in Eric's parents' house and Eric took night classes at college to complete his degree.

After hearing about the pregnancy, I became a hero. I wasn't brave; I was stupid. I didn't care whether I got killed or not. I was out there like some super hero saving lives of many of the homeless children running around. I didn't care about myself anymore. I figured I would go home in a body bag. I didn't care; I was just one stupid GI who figured his life was over.

I couldn't believe it when my tour of duty was up. I wasn't only alive but received a number of commendations for valor. When I got home the town threw me a celebration in my honor. I saw a lot of friends and old school mates. They all greeted me with handshakes and smiles. I was wondering if a certain woman would show up. I saw her back in the crowd with her baby carriage and husband. She turned around and left without even talking to me. I really didn't expect her to because of the letter I wrote calling her a slut and a bitch. It's funny how our emotions take over when we get mad. I was now sad after seeing her but still hated what she did to us.

At the celebration there was a lot of dancing. I saw an old classmate sitting there and asked her to dance. It was Trina, one of the best looking girls in our class. She had been a little out of my league at the time and dated an athlete at the school. He was supposedly every woman's wet dream. At least that was the school rumor. He was Zack Carter, all-state football quarterback and most likely to succeed. I heard he went off to college after graduation.

Trina went to the local junior college and got a degree in business and worked for a big travel agency. Last I had heard Zack was living in another state. I guess he broke it off with Trina and was dating some woman who came from money and married her.

As we were dancing, we both talked about old times. It wasn't long before we realized we were both dumped by our previous lovers and we got along pretty good and started dating. I have to say that we were both coming off a rebound in our love life. After going out for six months we were married.

I know it was stupid but when people are dumped on, they have a tendency to act differently. I got a job at one of the local factories and took classes to become an electrician.

Trina and I actually got along pretty good. I think we found we respected each other and we enjoyed a lot of the same things. I could say we loved each other and in a way we did. The sex we had was great. She wasn't afraid to try most anything. I was a little worried where she learned a lot of this stuff. One day I asked her and she laughed and pulled out a bunch of women's magazines that listed a lot of the things we tried.

Our true-to-life feelings were probably a lot more like than love but it was a better relationship than a lot of people we knew had. Life was pleasant and we went out with different friends. One day when we were out with Bob and Maria, Trina asked me if I wanted to go to a convention that her travel agency was putting on.

"Andy, every two years our travel agency has a convention in a different state where we have offices. Last time it was here in Ohio, this time it's in Florida. It's usually the first or second week of May. We are welcome to bring our spouses even though it's nothing but meetings and they show us the latest travel destinations and things like that. Would you like to go?" Trina asked.

"Honey, I don't want to use a week's vacation in May to go to meetings. Are any of your other office people going that you can go with?"

"I'm going," said Maria. "Bob can't get off and wouldn't care much for it anyway. Usually Trina, Barb - another girl from the office - and me go together."

"Sounds good to me. It will give me a week to get hot and horny for you till you get back," I replied.

Trina kind of smiled and she and Maria left for the women's room. I never did understand why women can't go to the restroom by themselves. After they left, Bob and I talked about how lucky we were to not have to go to such a boring seminar.


When Trina came home from the seminar we made love, had sex, or fucked like minks, whatever you want to call it. It was some of the best sex we had since we got married. Anyway, Trina got pregnant. I was one happy father. My little girl was born just in time for Valentines Day. I couldn't have received a better Valentine's Day present. We were now a family and things really seemed to change for the better.

Trina took a leave of absence for three months after the baby was born. My sister, Jen, offered to baby-sit for us which worked out perfectly. Little Renee was my pride and joy. After getting off work, I liked nothing better than to hold my little girl and watch her play.

About the only thing that seemed to mess up my little world was when Trina and I had an argument. For some reason she always threw Melissa up at me. Of course I'd counter it with throwing Zack at her. It was really stupid to argue over two people who weren't part of our lives anymore, but when we get mad, we have a tendency to bring up the past.

One day when I got home before Trina, I asked Jen if she ever saw Melissa.

"I see her in the grocery store once in a while. She has the sweetest little girl she named Andrea. I know you don't want me to talk about her but she loves her daughter although she doesn't seem happy. I don't know why," spoke Jen.

"Well, the next time you see her, tell her I have a daughter too."

"That's rude, Andy. I'll say no such thing." A few minutes later Trina came in so we knew we better change the subject.

For some reason I can't just forget about Melissa. Maybe it was because deep in my heart I still cared for her. Maybe because she was my first love. I wonder if other people feel that way about their first love. Do we ever get over them? Did Trina ever get over Zack? There is always something to think about when it comes to first loves.

Time was flying by and it was time for Trina to go to another one of her seminars. I really and truly didn't want to go and neither did Bob. Besides I had a little two year old girl to take care of, at least that's how I explained it to Trina. She and Maria went with their other girlfriend. When she got home we had great sex again. I was thinking of telling her to go more often. Every time she came home the sex was always the best. Again, about two months later she found out she was pregnant. Seven months later our second daughter was brought into the world. We named her Ashley. Valentine's Day was beginning to be a pretty good day around our house.

Life went on and we did our normal living and arguing. Funny but the longer we were married the less we seemed to have in common. I often wondered if we would be divorced if it wasn't for my two sweet daughters, Renee and Ashley.

I finally got my journeyman card as an electrician. It meant more time working but also more money. My free time was usually spent with the girls. I realized that in no time they would be grown up. I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. Trina and I got along but it really didn't seem like love. I know I keep saying that but it just seemed like we were going through the motions. It appeared like most of my friends had the same kind of marriages. We all seemed to put on a good front but behind closed doors we were more like two strangers living in the same house. I tried a number of times to kid and joke with Trina but it usually ended up with some type of argument.

When she was planning her next seminar I told her I would go with her. I thought it might strengthen our marriage if I showed more interest in her job. At first she seemed agitated that I was going but a couple of days later she lightened up some.

A few days after that, Bob called me and asked if I wanted to go up to Canada and go fishing with him while the girls were at their seminar. I tried to explain to him that I had told Trina that I would go with her.

"Believe me, Bob, I would much rather go fishing than to a travel seminar."

"Just tell Trina. I'm sure she would understand. I already have the lodge reserved or I would change the date. I go fishing every time Maria goes to the seminar. One of the fellows couldn't make it this year and we have an opening. It was Maria that suggested I ask you. Please, at least mention it to Trina," replied Bob.

I was sitting on the floor playing with the girls when Trina got home. The first thing she did was bring up the fishing trip; I think Maria mentioned it to her.

"Andy," she said. "I know about the fishing trip to Canada. I think you should go."

"Really, Trina? I promised you I would go to the seminar with you."

"Look, Andy, it's the first vacation you've had since you finished your classes and became an electrician. You earned it and I'm not taking it away from you and have you sit in a bunch of meetings. Call Bob, and tell him to save you a place in the car." She was smiling at me.

I couldn't believe how nice she was being. I told her I would be back in time for our usual sexcapade when she got back from her trip. I quickly got up and called Bob. I also got laid that night by Trina. Maybe, just maybe she was changing.

The fishing trip was great. It was just what I needed to get away and relax for the best part of a week. My sister watched the kids while we were both gone. I asked her to keep them an extra night so Trina and I could have our sexual romp. Jen just laughed and said she would see me the next day.

I had Trina on the bed making love - well, more like having torrid sex - with her within minutes of her coming in the door. I remember telling her we were going to try for a boy that night. I don't remember how many times we did it that night but it did result in our third pregnancy. Andrew Jr. was born the following February. All three of our kids were born in February within one day of one another. As soon as Andy Jr. was born I had a vasectomy.

I figured we had two daughters and a son, l told Trina that three kids were enough and I wasn't going to use condoms. She didn't seem either happy or sad about it. Of course why should she? Surely she figured three kids were enough also.


About a year after the birth of Andy, Jen told me that Melissa wanted to talk to me privately.

"What about, Jen? What could she possibly want after all these years?"

"I don't know. She's filed for divorce from Eric, but I don't know if that's what it's all about or not. She seems scared; I think she needs to talk to you."

"You do realize that Trina is going to get really pissed if I talk to Melissa? She never did like her. I guess I built her up too much years ago. I know I'd be pissed if I found Trina talking to Zack. Hell, I don't even know where he lives."

"Look, Andy, the last thing I want is to interfere in your marriage. Maybe you can call her from my house or even meet her there one time. We're not talking about sex here, just talk. I always liked her and I know she wouldn't ask to talk to you if it wasn't really important."

I did go to see Melissa the next day at Jen's house. I felt like I was doing something wrong just going there. One part of me kept telling me to go home and the other part wanted to see Mel again. Now I was struggling in my own mind whether I was doing the right thing. I pulled up in front of Jen's house and sat there for a minute, trying to get my thoughts together and wondering what I would say. I felt like a nervous kid as I got out of my car and went to the door. I rang the doorbell; any other time I would have walked right in but today was different.

Jen came to the door and asked me why I rang the doorbell. I didn't have an answer for her as I walked in. The tension could have been cut with a knife as I looked up and saw Melissa as beautiful as I remembered, standing in Jen's kitchen. She started crying and brought her hands up to her face. I was at a loss at what I should do. I never expected to find her crying. I went to her and held her hands as I saw the tears streaming down her face.

She spoke first. "I'm so sorry, Andy, I'm so sorry," she kept repeating herself over and over again. She was shaking as I put my arms around her to help calm her down. I had no idea why she was acting like this but it was getting to me.

Ten years ago I would have been glad to see her cry after what she did to me but now it was different. Maybe times did help heal old wounds. I was holding her in my arms and smelled the scent of the Melissa I remembered.

"It's okay, Mel, that was ten years ago. We both have gone on with our lives," I said.

"No, you don't understand. I promised Eric I would never see you again, that was our agreement, but I had to break it. I had to break it for Andrea my little girl," replied Mel.

"You're right, Mel, I don't understand. What are you trying to tell me?"

Mel had calmed down some and Jen brought her a cup of tea. The three of us were sitting at the table when Jen offered to go in another room and leave Mel and me alone.

"No, please stay, Jen. I think you need to hear this too. Andrea, my little girl, has a bad case of jaundice because of liver failure. She has to undergo a liver transplant if they can find a matching donor. The doctor said that family members are the best match and adults only have to give a part of their liver. Over time it will grow back. My problem is that I don't match up and we don't have any other family members who do."

"What about Eric?" asked Jen. "Has he been tested? What about members of his family?"

Mel looked at me and said, "Eric isn't Andrea's father. You are, Andy." She started crying again.

I was shocked. I had so many questions and wasn't sure where to start. "What?" I asked. "Why didn't you ever tell me that she was my child? My God, Mel, I can't believe you would hide such a thing."

"When you found out I was pregnant, you never gave me a chance to explain. You wrote me and called me a bitch and a slut among other things. You told me you never wanted to see me again. I wrote you a letter anyway explaining everything but you never wrote me back."

"Oh, God, I was mad when I received that letter and threw it away. I can't believe I was so stupid. I've been mad at you all these years. Why did you marry Eric? Does he know that Andrea may not be his child?"

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