tagErotic CouplingsSame Time Next Year Ch. 04

Same Time Next Year Ch. 04


Not tonight Rick. I'm so sorry but I'm not up to anything else tonight. Rick left and she didn't hear from him the next day either.


"Hi, Susie Q." It was Randy. Sue was so excited to hear his voice again. "Did I get you at a bad time last night?" he laughed.

"No worries. Let's meet for dinner tonight."

Sue put on a sexy pink spaghetti strap dress that she was saving for a special occasion like tonight. Her brunette hair, blue eyes and thin built complimented her outfit. So what if Randy was younger than she was. She didn't know his age and he didn't know hers although she suspected he was younger than she would like to believe.

When Randy came to the door, he looked great. He was wearing a white cotton shirt and khaki pants. He was tall, blonde, medium built and a good conversationalist, thoughtful, and considerate just like she remembered. He had a boyish yet sophisticated charm.

So what if Sue was 38. She wasn't going to tell anyone especially Randy tonight.

Randy walked in and gave Sue a soft and lustful kiss and patted her on her ass. "You look beautiful Sue. Ready? Let's go," he summoned. I reserved a table at Vichy's on the beach in Venice.

Sue didn't know what to expect from the evening, from Randy, from his visit to Los Angeles but she was intrigued.

What was she going to do when Rick wanted to see her again?


The next time Sue talked to Jane, she was quite inquisitive about Sue's date with Rick. Sue dare not tell her about Randy from Phoenix. It was none of her business because she was living in a rut herself and was judgmental about Sue's personal life.

Jane would have her tail in a knot if she knew what Sue was anticipating in her future. First Sue needed to figure out what was going on with Randy and Jane would just have to accept the situation.

Dinner was great with Randy. He and Sue reminisced about each other's trip to Europe and about how they met. Sue wished that she had met Randy in Venice or Barcelona for romantic rendezvous'. But, seeing him now was just as exciting. She wanted to rip his clothes off the minute he knocked on her door. But, there was still Rick to deal with and her feelings at home where a man was available and wanton.

Randy was in Los Angeles on a business meeting and decided to look Sue up on his trip. So, he said. Randy didn't ask about Rick and Sue was glad about that issue. But, she knew the triangle he was presented with initially was still on his mind.

Sue had been to Venice and Randy reminded her of how she would like to go to Italy again. Venice and its gondolas, singing in the canals of Venice, the wines, the food, the mystery of a city built on water, the Murano glass and lace products, a city sitting on the sea with a history all of its own. In AD 451, the inhabitants of the coastal region fled to the safety of the islands in the lagoon of Venice, a town still restored after centuries. Some of the Venetian churches, in particular Santi Giovanni e Paolo and the Frari church are noteworthy for their abundant fine tomb monuments.

Barcelona was beautiful, too especially with its seductive beaches, winding streets and alleys, blocks of shopping and fashion with all kinds of oddities being sold, its architecture, friendly people and gothic Cathedrals. Drawing upon its tradition of creative art and craftsmanship, Barcelona is famous for its industrial design but Sue was drawn to the museums, foods, music and traditional culture. She fancied elderly women still sitting in cafes with their glass of beer or dessert and coffee.

Well, that was then and this was now. Should Sue encourage a relationship with Randy who was much younger than her? Did Randy even have a romantic intention towards her? She didn't know how long Randy would be in town but they did plan on seeing each other during the weekend.


The phone rang. "Hi, Sue, it's Rick. I'm working in your area. Can I stop by?"

"Um, um, ah, sure, Rick. Come on by," Sue extending an invitation. Sue panicked immediately. She was still attracted to Rick. He was comfortable although he could be a real bastard at times. She hopped in the shower, lathered herself up with shower gel and put her hair in a pony tail. She threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, nothing too provocative.

Rick was over in what seemed like minutes. He must have been around the corner. When the bell rang, Rick stood outside looking as handsome as ever, standing in front of her with a pair of shorts on, a t-shirt and ragged from working outside. Sue let him in.

"Hey, baby, let me hop in the shower, okay."

"Sure, Rick, there's clean towels on the rack. I'll pour us a glass of wine."

"Thanks honey and by the way you look beautiful."

"Thanks, Rick, go ahead and take your shower."

Sue poured them a glass of wine. She chugged a glass before Rick got out of the shower. She was too nervous to deal with all this.

Rick walked out of the shower with just a towel wrapped around him, with his muscular chest and legs exposed. He looked good.

"Here's a glass of ....." and as Sue started to finish her sentence, Rick's towel dropped and he was now wearing a huge hard-on.

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