tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSammi Gets Buggered - Twice!

Sammi Gets Buggered - Twice!


Inspired [and untrue] by a lovely lady whom I miss very much! Short and [very] sweet and to the point! Oh that it had happened!

A short 'stroke' story in Non Consent but, as is obvious from the title, it is about ANAL sex. If it 'floats your boat' enjoy.


"What the fuck . . .?" Sammi growled, as she tried to move. "What have you done?"

"Put you in the 'correct' position," I said smiling down at her. Being as her head was resting face down on the seat of my sofa with her arse positioned high over the arm, it wasn't surprising she was a trifle upset. Add to that the fact that she was naked, her wrists tied together, a 4 inch belt around her waist holding her in place, and her ankles fixed 18 inches apart by a stiff ankle brace, she had every right to be even more annoyed with me than she usually was.

Our love/hate relationship had blossomed into exciting sex: hot and hard. Sammi is aggressive, demanding, and dominant in bed, and tons of FUN [out of bed as well!]. She would not, however, let me fuck her arse - and her arse is glorious - and I really did want to fuck her there: and she knew it! She would take great pleasure in teasing: in suggesting that a desire to bugger a woman showed latent homosexuality. I would laugh and tell her how fuckable her arse was - when kneeling, or like she was now bent over the sofa arm.

"I only said tie my hands you bastard! What's with the belt? And my ankles?"

"To hold you in place," I smiled again. "You did lose after all!" We had played a 'friendly' game of forfeits over Scrabble [yes I know - but some down time is needed even on Cialis!]. Sammi had narrowly lost and her forfeit was to have her hands tied and be fucked over the sofa arm - something which she [and I, come to that] enjoyed immensely. She took particular delight in winding me up about her arse in that position as well! Well, now it was my turn!

"You bastard!" she said angrily. "Why?"

"Because Sammi, my angel, I am going to fuck your arse!" I gazed down awaiting her response.

"No, you fucking aren't!" she responded.

"I think I am, Sammi: long, hard, and deep!"

"You bugger!" she said, then realised the significance of the word, as I nodded with a smile. "You know I don't like it!"

"No Sammi! No! I don't know that you 'don't like it'. You have never been fucked in the arse, so how can either of us know whether you like it or not? I know I will!" I added with a friendly leer.

"Rape! You know I don't want to do that! You are going to rape my arse, you bastard!" It was not unusual for us to use this kind of language as we fucked. It was part of the fun.

"You 'don't want to do it'," I repeated pensively, "why do you keep talking about it then? Why tease and tempt me when you know how much I want you like that?"

"I like winding you up. Doesn't mean I want it," she grumbled. "Anyway - I don't want you to fuck my arse! There! Now let me go!"


"I will get you, you bastard," she said, her eyes like ice daggers.

"Tell you what," I said with a smile, "if you don't like it, you can use this," I showed her a slim prostate massager, "on me. How about that?"

"I still don't want my arse fucked," she said icily.

"Well, that is a shame, Sammi love, because it IS going to get fucked!" It was obvious to see Sammi's anger and reluctance. I knew for certain she was an 'anal virgin' and, whilst I was going to deal with that [apparently against her will] it was my intention that she should ultimately enjoy it. After all, I did want to do it again! "So you will have to get used to the idea."

True - she could report me for 'raping' her arse because, just now, she did not agree. I didn't think she would! Leave: beat me with a stick: shout and scream at me, perhaps even castrate me -- yes, but I didn't think she would report me. I hoped, of course, that she would enjoy it in the end [forgive the pun]. She did enjoy being restrained, so that might help.

"l will get you for this," she replied, seeming to accept her fate.

"I am sure," I said with a smile, "but not before this," I held my almost fully erect 7 inch cock in my hand, "deposits a load of spunk in your bowels!" I moved to the end of the sofa, behind Sammi, and gazed at her gorgeous arse. Not small and by no means a 'bubble butt', her arse was that of a grown woman: fulsome and shapely with a petulant upturn. Her cheeks were firm to the touch but with enough 'give' to make a wonderful cushion. The valley between was shallow and now, legs parted as they were, it was fully open and her cunt [adorable from the back] and anus clearly visible and, more to the point, available.

I suppose some would say that it was foolish to call this sight beautiful but, trust me, it was and is. Sammi's anus is a star - a surprisingly large star considering her anal virginity - and a very lovely star indeed. Her cunt, from the back, is fully in view and fucking her 'doggy' is an absolute delight.

Sammi shuddered as my hands caressed her cheeks and thighs. I knelt, bringing my head level with her arse, and continued to enjoy the tactile pleasure of my hands on her skin. My caressing, stroking, and squeezing her cheeks seemed to be pleasing Sammi, as I caught a soft sigh and an ebbing of tension from her body. Realist that she was, I was sure she had accepted her position and decided to make the best of it.

I had done this before. Sammi is not averse to anal play - she just wouldn't let me fuck her there. Nor did the play become quite so 'specific' or as lengthy as it would just now.

I continued to caress her arse, then lowered my head and breathed onto her cunt. A long, drawn out, sigh escaped Sammi's lips as I followed this with my tongue running gently between her nether lips. Pushing between the swelling labia, I began to taste her. My tongue probed deeper - a little more difficult from the back but rewarding! I heard a low moan as I lapped at her cunt and sucked on her lips. Moving my whole head from side to side, I probed with my tongue; my lips meeting hers.

I felt a shudder and more liquid flowed into my mouth. I sucked and swallowed, savouring the taste of her. Sammi was softly crying "Yes! Oh yesssss! Oh you bastard!"

I lifted my head away from the heaven of her cunt. "Language!" I said laughing.

"Bloody bastard," she said breathlessly, "you made me cum!"

"Good," I said. "I hope I can do it again!"

"You really ARE going to fuck my arse?" Sammi asked softly.

"Absolutely!" I said. "We will finally find out whether you like a cock in there."

"Bastard! It will hurt?" she said her eyes on fire.

"Possibly," I replied, "but hopefully not much, nor for too long." I laughed, "Honestly Sammi, I do want you to enjoy this!"

"Yeah! I know," she said cynically, "I bet you're gonna hate it!"

I stroked her arse, running my fingers over her anus. "No Sammi love. As you well know, I will enjoy your virgin arse immensely. But I will take care to try to make it good for you. Forget all those stories about anal rape, big cocks, and 'dry' runs. I will do it properly. And I intend to begin by sticking my tongue in your arse!" So saying I bent my head to the star that was her anus.

I ran my tongue from the back of her cunt, across her sensitive perineum, and over her delightful anus. I felt a shudder as my tongue lingered around the tight muscle. I kissed and licked the sensitive sides of her anal valley before concentrating on her tempting star. Round and round I swept my tongue rimming her arsehole and causing low sighs and shudders from Sammi.

Finally I concentrated on the centre, probing gently at first. She was wonderfully tight as the tip of my tongue pushed at the muscle. Sammi resisted. "Oh you bastard! What are you doing?"

I raised my head and laughed. "Getting my tongue into your gorgeous arsehole. Just relax and enjoy."

"I don't want your bloody tongue in my arse," she said angrily.

"That's a shame," I responded, "because I want to put it there! I'm getting your arse ready for my cock - properly."

"You're really ARE going to do it?" she asked again.

"Yes Sammi, I am. I've wanted your arse since early on - and you knew it. You sent pictures, you teased, and you tempted, but always drew back. Well, you gorgeous creature, tonight I take you there."

"Don't hurt me," she whispered quietly.

I bent and kissed her cheek, "Only as much as is absolutely necessary!" Sammi shivered as I bent my head back to her arse crack. I continued to wash the sensual valley with my tongue, stopping now and again to concentrate on her tight sphincter. I was enjoying myself tasting her. Finally I probed the muscle harder with my rolled tongue, pushing at the resistance. I could hear Sammi groaning, so I assumed that she was beginning to gain some enjoyment from my ministrations. Then I felt the slightest relaxation of her tightness and, pressing my tongue ever harder, breached her forbidden place.

"Ooooooooohhh!" I heard, not sure if a sound of pleasure, embarrassment, or discomfort. I took no notice, just pushed my tongue inside her arsehole and savoured the elastic muscle gripping the tip. I used my thumbs to part her cheeks wider, opening her anus allowing even further penetration. Sammi began to try to move her arse from side to side- to get away - but I gave her cheek a sharp slap. "Still!" I said firmly, raising my head from her anus. "You can't get away, Sammi love, so you might as well get used to it. I'm about to tongue fuck your arse!"

"Oh god," was all I heard from Sammi as my tongue returned to her arsehole. Quickly past any resistance [was Sammi beginning to enjoy this?] I began to tongue fuck her arse as promised. Such a wonderful feeling as her sphincter gave in but was still so tight. After a while I started to sense, rather than feel, the slightest movement by Sammi back into me. She could not move much, fixed as she was, but I thought she was beginning to have fun! To be honest I have not met a woman who did not like her anus licked and tongue fucked, so I wasn't surprised. Her true trial would begin shortly!

I felt a shudder and heard a loud groan. Had Sammi had an orgasm? I hoped so. I really did want her to enjoy this! It was time to move on, however.

Lifting my head I reached for the Astroglide, dripping some onto her anus. "FUCK! That's bloody cold."

"Sorry!" I said laughing, "I'll warm you up!" So saying, I used middle and fore fingers to stroke the lube around her beautiful star.

"Oh, you bastard!" Sammi breathed, as I added some more then pressed the tip of my middle finger into the centre of her sphincter.

"Relax Sammi, let it in!"

"No! I DON'T want my arse fucked you bugger . . . shit bastard!" I pushed harder and, of course, my finger slipped past her resistance and into her arse up to the first joint. "Oh fuck. That's BIG!"

I laughed, "Not that big, Sammi love. It's just my finger." I bent forward and whispered in her ear, "My cock is 3 times bigger than that - as you well know!" Sammi shivered then groaned as I fed more of my finger into her arse. She was bloody tight. Her sphincter gripped as I started to draw it back. I dripped more lube onto her arsehole and started to work it into her rectum. I honestly believe that the secret of getting a woman [or a man I suppose!] to enjoy a cock in her arse is lube, lube, and more lube!

I was working my finger back and forth inside her arse and I began to feel a loosening, a slow release of tension in her body. Adding even more lube, I pushed deeper until she was taking the whole 4 inches of my middle finger. This brought a soft yelp from Sammi.

"You like that, Sammi love?"

"No!" she spat, but her body betrayed her as she again made a small movement back to meet my finger.

"Liar!" I smiled, "you're enjoying this. You like my finger in your arse." I said as I fucked her tight arsehole harder and faster.

"Oh god! Oh fuck!" groaned Sammi.

Time to test things out. "Shall I stop Sammi?"

"Oh, stop? No! No, don't stop. Oh you bugger - what are you doing to me?"

"I'm showing you, Sammi darling, that your most delightful arse is a route to pleasure for both of us." I kept my finger sliding in and out of her arse as I said this then, as gently as I could and dripping down more lube, added my forefinger to the middle and slowly pushed back inside.

"Shit! What the fuck is that?" Sammi cried.

"Just another finger, Sammi love - I have got four of them if you'd like!"

"Oh you bastard! You wouldn't! You can't! You couldn't! They wouldn't fit!"

"Oh Sammi, Sammi love - I'm kidding. Just two! Incidentally, I could but I won't and they would fit. Be a bit of a struggle though," I laughed. I was enjoying 'playing' with her. I loved our word trysts: arguments if you like. I pushed gently past the lessening resistance of her anus until both fingers were in to the second joint. I could feel the tension in Sammi's body, especially her arse, as she dealt with the larger intrusion. I had one finger on top of the other [slightly smaller that way and easier to get past the tight sphincter!] and I began to fuck her arsehole slowly. Sammi's arse felt even tighter now, though slippery with the lube, and my fingers slid easily.

Sammi shivered and a groan escaped her lips. I pushed deeper until she was taking the full length of my fingers. Again, I sensed, rather than felt, a reduction in tension as she got used to the feeling. I was enjoying the power over her and the sheer naughtiness of finger fucking her arse. My cock was rock hard and at full size. I am not enormous, just over 7 inches at best [like now!] and 2 inches across at the base. Not too big, not too small. Take it from me - if you like anal, size DOES matter!

After a short while I shifted fingers to side by side thus widening the intrusion of her arse. "Oh fuck - what's that," Sammi groaned breathlessly.

"Same fingers Sammi. My cock soon: quite a bit bigger than my fingers." Then I began to rotate my fingers to widen and loosen the muscle even more. I added more lube at the same time.

"Fuck!!" shouted Sammi, "what the . . . .?"

"Now, now Sammi," I said, smiling down at her. "I am just loosening your beautifully tight arsehole ready for my cock. It's pretty hard just now," I added with a smile.

"You are a bastard!" she cried. "I will get you!"

I didn't reply, just removed my fingers from her arse and stroked lube along my cock. Then, taking position, I placed the head in the shallow depression of her anus.

"No!" she shouted, as I began to push. She gave in surprisingly quickly, my cock head slipping easily inside. "Oh god! It's too big! Fuck!" Sammi cried breathlessly. I stayed still enjoying the tight ring of muscle gripping my cock just below the head. Always a difficult time, as the desire to drive deep inside is almost overpowering. Not a good idea with an anal virgin! It is being taken like that that puts so many women off anal sex. Far better to take things slowly and try to make sure she enjoys it the first time; and every time afterward!

Sammi continued to swear and tell me it was too big. I just held my cock there for a little while then pushed another 2 inches into her rectum. Her arsehole was exquisitely tight, but slippery, as I glided into her. More expletives issued breathlessly from Sammi, but I ignored them and stilled again. Looking down I could see my cock splitting the cheeks of her arse, stretching her anus. I had to take a very deep breath to maintain control.

Again I waited a while, absolutely still, before withdrawing a little then pushing back into her, adding another 2 inches of hard cock.

Sammi swore again and her arsehole flexed and gripped even tighter - it was pure heaven and very difficult not to fill her rectum with spunk too early. I started to withdraw again. My cock is fairly symmetrical so, once the head was in, she wasn't going to be stretched a great deal more until her anus was at the base, where I was a bit bigger in circumference. So the effect now was to let her feel my cock sliding along her sphincter without too much more stretching. Slowly I moved back until almost out, then slowly back in. I added more lube and was very gentle just now, trying to ease any pain or discomfort Sammi was feeling.

I worked my cock back and forth very slowly in her arsehole for several minutes, enjoying each moment. The tight slickness of her rectum that gripped my cock: the ring of her sphincter sliding along my cock: the erotic picture of my erection spearing the upturned heart of her arse.

Sammi seemed to have relaxed. She was quiet just now and I wondered if, indeed hoped that, she was beginning to derive some pleasure from her first arsefuck! After this so enjoyable - and not a little difficult -- experience, I started to push a little deeper on each forward stroke. Sammi began to moan then, sighing softly, as I filled her arse with more and more of my hard cock. Finally my thighs met the cheeks of her arse - I was completely buried in the beautiful arse of this delectable young woman. Bottoming out [excuse the pun] like this is the most wonderful feeling - a feeling to die for!

I had to take a very deep breath and remain absolutely still as I revelled in the heat of her darkest place gripping my cock. Sammi too, was very still - outwardly anyway. Inside her arse seemed alive, gripping then releasing my cock as if testing her feelings. It was very difficult, again, not to cum before I really fucked her arse properly - and I wanted to do that!

I leaned forward now and whispered in her ear. "Well Sammi, how does that feel: your fist anal?"

"Oh fuck! You bastard," she said breathlessly. "It's so fucking BIG!"

"Not that big, Sammi love - it just feels that way!"

"Is that it?" she asked quietly.

Concerned, I said, "Is it hurting Sammi?"

"It did," she whispered, "you bastard," this louder, then softly, "but it doesn't now - feels sort of funny."


"Sort of - I don't know - is it finished?" she asked again, her rectum flexing around my buried cock.

"No, Sammi love, now your arse is going to get fucked!"

"Oh," she said quietly, apparently accepting her fate. Now was time to take my pleasure. Moving the whole length of my cock back out of her tight arse, I drove back inside, as deep and as hard as I could. Sammi cried out something unintelligible as I thrust back and forth again and again, my thighs slapping her cheeks.

I don't know how long I fucked Sammi's gorgeous arse like this before I lifted my left foot onto the sofa seat, changing the angle that I was driving into her. She moaned loudly and then, "Mike - oh you bastard," she moaned breathlessly. I felt her body shudder and spasm. Her rectum and anus gripped even tighter and she yelled my name again.

My whole world was focused on my cock just then. Hard as an iron bar, driving back and forth in her arse. It was not long before I felt the familiar feeling at the base of my spine: felt my balls tighten, my cock swell then pulse. 'Le petite mort' the French call it - the 'small death'. I felt that then, as my cock jetted pulse after pulse of spunk into Sammi's bowels. I felt as if my life force was draining into her, so intense was my orgasm.

I became aware of noise, of shouts, of groans and realised they were mine mixed with hers. Her grip on my cock seemed to increase as her body shuddered in unison with my continued pulses, and I realised that Sammi must have had some sort of climax.

I felt somewhat light-headed and weak-kneed as I came down from my high. I stood looking down at my softening cock being slowly expelled from the heaven of Sammi's arse. Time for the reckoning! I quickly bent and unstrapped the ankle restraint, then the belt and, finally untying her wrists.

Sammi lay still for a few moments as I moved to kneel at her head. "Oh you bastard!" she whispered quietly, her eyes locking with mine. "You fucking bastard!"

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