tagFetishSammy Ch. 02

Sammy Ch. 02


Steph picked up her phone and checked her text messages. "Who texted you?"

She turned towards her boyfriend Matt on the bed. "Sammy from work. She wants to know if I want to go with her on Friday to the mall."

"Wait...Sammy...is she the cute brunette chick?" Matt rolled over on his side, looking up at Steph. She looked gorgeous as usual, standing in her blue sleeping shorts, barely covering her ass cheeks, and white, tight-fitting tank top. A casual appearance, but sexy in a subtle way.

"You know who she is." Steph put her phone back on the dresser and walked over to the window. She pulled the hair-tie out of her ponytail, shaking her head and tossling her hair. Thunder rumbled softly in the distance, the wind lightly tapping branches against the side of the house. "Is it supposed to be a bad storm? I can't sleep in bad storms."

"I have no idea. I haven't seen the weather reports. Come here, let's watch TV." Matt flipped on the television as Steph climbed into bed next to him. She curled up on her left side, putting her right arm on Matt's chest as he aimlessly flipped through channels. The light of the television lit the room a soft blue glow, occasionally punctuated with a harsh white flash of the approaching lightning. Steph slid her hand down Matt's chest and towards his boxers, lightly rubbing. "Hey now! What're ya doing?" He looked down at her and smiled, knowing that there's not much stopping Steph when she's in the mood.

Without saying a word, Steph rolled on top of him, putting her finger to her lip, signaling for him to be quiet. She grabbed his wrists and leaned her head forward, her hair falling across his chest. Steph placed kisses up and down his neck, over his chest, kissing his stomach. Her legs straddled Matt's, both of them feeling the intense heat of one another's bodies. She kissed him on the lips, grinding her hips on his, back and forth, feeling his arousal.

Steph leaned back, pulling her shirt off of her head. Matt's hands went to her c-cup breasts, outlined by the ambient light. Steph's pink nipples were dark in the night, rock hard beneath his palms. Her breasts felt warm, soft yet firm. She moaned softly as she continued to give her rudimentary lap dance. Matt's hands grasped the waistband of Steph's shorts and panties. She leaned her chest down and raised her butt in the air, helping guide her clothes off. Steph tossed her things to the side as Matt slid off his boxers, his hard cock resting in the moist heat between her legs.

The thunder roared, closer now, as the lightning continued to flash. The wind blowing outside helped to disguise the rapid breathing of Steph and Matt. She kissed down his stomach again, taking his dick in her right hand. Her lips softly pressed against his head as her hand worked up and down, stroking at the perfect rhythm. Steph looked up at Matt with her bright green eyes as she ran her tongue seductively over the tip of his cock. She opened her mouth wider now, lowering her lips around his dick. Her left hand softly cupped his balls, stroking them gently, teasing, caressing.

Steph lowered her head all the way down, swallowing Matt's hard cock. She sucked slightly with her throat muscles. Matt could feel the intense heat and wetness of her tight mouth, causing his hips to instinctively move with Steph's motions. He watched as his cock disappeared in between her lips, glistening in the dim light, wet with her spit. Up and down she moved, her hot breath coming out of her nostrils, obscene sucking sounds coming from her expert tongue. Matt's hands grabbed the hair on both sides of her head, her auburn locks between his fingers.

Steph pulled her mouth off and climbed up his body, guiding his shaft into her waiting pussy. She lowered herself down, feeling him enter her fully, stretching her. Matt put his hands on Steph's hips, rocking in harmony with her thrusts, sliding back and forth, in and out. Rain was falling now outside, thundering against the windows. The room was heavy with breathing, two bodies tangled in damp pleasure. Harder she moved now, her back arching, her hands on her tits, squeezing, kneading. Matt pulled her down as hard as he could, the sounds of their legs hitting filling the room. He watched as the lightning flashed, illuminating Steph's body. Her breasts were perfect, beads of sweat dripping between her cleavage, tracing downward across her flat stomach. Her belly button ring glinted in the light, just above her soft landing strip. Matt could see her strip of hair disappear between her legs, could feel her weight on his hips, her hot, wet pussy pulling him in.

Matt grabbed Steph and rolled her over, pulling her right leg over his shoulder, thrusting harder, faster. She turned her head to the side, burying her face in the pillow, stifling her scream of pleasure as she came hard, her whole body contracting, each muscle squeezing, milking every last bit of pleasure it can muster. Matt pulled out, cumming on Steph's tan, silky stomach. Her fingers dug into the sheets as they rolled next to one another, breathing heavily. Rain continued to run down the windows, thunder crashing outside. The room smelled of sex, of flesh and cum and sweat.

Steph leaned on her left elbow and looked at Matt, her body flushed and relaxed. She kissed Matt on the lips, a passionate kiss. He could smell just a hint of her perfume, Tommy Girl, as she leaned in. "I gotta pee." Steph slid to the edge of the bed, grabbing her shorts and panties and sliding them up her statuesque legs.

"Ooo can I watch?" Matt laughed as Steph pulled her shirt over her head.

"Eww. Pervert." Steph stuck her tongue out at him as she turned and walked to the bathroom. Flipping on the light, she slid her shorts and panties down again, sitting on the toilet. She relaxed as the pee started flowing out, trickling into the bowl. She leaned back, enjoying the relaxing feeling as her hot piss splashed below her. Steph shivered as she finished up, wiping and then sliding her clothes back on. A loud crash of thunder echoed off of the bathroom walls as she flushed, turning off the light and climbing back into bed.

Sammy awoke with the loud roar of the storm. She looked around the room, blinking away bits of sleep as the rain drummed her roof. Slowly she became aware of the dream she was just having. Her panties were wet, another sex dream. Sammy could picture the faceless strangers standing near her, their hands all over her body. She could vividly feel their touch, their fingertips running across her skin, across her nipples, her stomach, her lips, down between her legs. She could feel them squeezing and kissing and licking, tasting her, men and women alike. Sammy suddenly realized another important detail in her dream. She could see herself on a bed, red satin sheets billowing in some imaginary wind as the voices of the ambiguous strangers scolded her. "You were such a bad girl Sammy. You know you shouldn't have done that." Sammy could see herself now, illuminated by some ghostly light-source, her panties bulging in the back, a huge wet stain spreading across the cotton fabric. "You shit your panties Samantha. That's something only naughty, bad girls do."

Sammy's arm shot over to her bedside table, fumbling in the dark, trying to open the drawer. She rustled through the contents, finally clasping her hand around her silver vibrator. Sammy turned it on, hearing the pleasing hum as she slid it over her t-shirt across her nipples. She looked down and could see them piercing the thin fabric, hard with pleasure. Running the vibrator down her body, Sammy spread her legs, sliding it over her panties, up and down her slit. She moaned softly as she played with her tits, rubbing the vibrator up and down between her legs. Reaching down, Sammy slid her panties to the side, placing the vibrator right against her lips. She shuddered at the touch, her legs spreading even wider as she ground her hips against it. Slowly she slipped it in, feeling it tremor inside her tight, wet pussy. Sammy worked the vibrator in and out, gyrating with the motions of her wrist, fucking herself as she recalled her dream.

The thunder continued to roar in a disjointed symphony, lightning softening the contours of Sammy's nubile flesh. Sammy came hard, moaning softly as she clasped her thighs tight around her hand, feeling her pussy contract. She slid the vibrator out, her panties snapping back into place over her hot slit. She rubbed her clit for a few seconds before putting the vibrator back into the drawer, sliding it shut. Sammy rolled onto her side, sighing deeply as she began to drift back to sleep, hoping that her dreams continued.

The morning sun was warm on Sammy's face as she sat up. Drops of water clung to the windows, small prisms sending minute rainbows across the room. She grabbed her cell phone off of the table next to her bed, frowning when she saw that Steph hadn't texted her back. Sammy got up and walked to the bathroom, turning on the sink and putting toothpaste on her brush. She watched herself in the mirror, her nipples hard in the cool air conditioning of her house. Sammy spit and rinsed her mouth out, putting her toothbrush back in its holder.

A cardinal cried outside as Sammy listened to the sound of distant traffic, wet tires running over the pavement, splashing through shallow muddy puddles. She felt the strong pressure in her bladder, the sharp squeeze on her insides indicating her need for a morning piss. Samantha ran her hand over the front of her cotton pink bikini cut panties, already starting to feel slippery in anticipation. Knowing what she was about to do, she smiled devilishly, her eyes wicked reflections. "Oh Sammy I can't believe you're going to do it again. This is so bad. So bad," she whispered to herself.

Walking over to the toilet, Sammy lifted the lid, sitting herself down on the seat, panties firmly up around her waist, pressing into her crotch. She pressed her legs tightly together and put her hands on her thighs. She scarcely relaxed before the hot, yellow piss pulled in her panties, suspended only brief milliseconds before splashing into the water below. Sammy could feel the warmth spread up over her lips, down between her cheeks, tickling her asshole. "Ohhhh God Sammy you are so bad. So fucking bad." Piss ran along the back of her thighs for a short way, dripping as well into the yellow water. The hot hiss filled her ears, the smell of her golden nectar intoxicating.

Sammy's piss slowed to a trickle, and then to a few drops. She leaned forward a little more and grabbed her knees, closing her eyes tightly. The air was still save for the distant sounds from the neighborhood. A soft hiss came out of Sammy's ass, followed by a light crackling. Her brown eyes snapped open as the crackling sound increased. Suddenly Sammy started breathing again, having been holding her breath. She could feel her panties start to tent outwards, a large load filling the back. Before she could even think, Sammy felt herself have an orgasm, her pussy contracting, twitching. She could feel a gush of her cum drip out, coating her already soaked panties. Another hiss came out of her ass, with more popping and crackling. Sammy paused for a moment and pushed again, feeling softer shit ooze out, spreading up her ass crack and down between her legs.

Slowly she stood up, her legs now spread wide. Carefully she reached behind her and shut the lid. Sammy held her breath as she lowered herself precariously onto the now-closed seat. She could feel the pressure shift slightly as soon as her huge bulge touched the lid. Gasping, she hovered for a second. Her hands her on her thighs as she paused a moment longer, finally dropping herself a little lower onto the lid. Sammy could hear the squelching noise, feel the soft, hot mess start to spread further up her crack and over her pussy. The smell was overpowering now, further driving her insatiable lust. She no longer was herself. Sammy had no idea what made her heart turn towards this desire, but she couldn't stop herself. It was forever to be a part of her.

Biting her lower lip, Sammy finally let down all of her weight. Her eyes were half shut as the shit spread fully, crackling with wet sharp sounds. Hot, soft, mud spread all over insides Sammy's panties. She looked down between her legs, seeing some of the shit coming out of the side of her panties, spreading on the lid. Sammy's hand went between her legs, her fingers making circular motions over her hard button. She could feel the intense heat of her soaked panties, the intense heat of her body, flush with perverted lust. Sammy slid her left hand into her hair, grinding now on the toilet seat, bouncing up and down as she slid back and forth. Her hips moved in a circular motion, grinding, thrusting, plastering the backs of her thighs with her creamy brown shit. Sammy screamed out loud, clasping her legs together, her fingers pressing hard into her pussy. Her body felt as though it was on fire, her skin prickling with stinging bits of hot and cold.

"Oh fuck. Oh fuck Sammy. Ohhh what did you do?" Samantha tried to catch her breath as she slowly stood up, shocked at the mess she just made. "Oh Sammy you were so bad. But you know Steph would be proud of you." Sammy giggled to herself as she began the tedious cleanup process. After a painful amount of time, she climbed into the shower, turning on the faucet and feeling the hot water run down her young skin. She reached up and grabbed the showerhead, adjusting to a more forceful stream between her legs. "Mmmm...it's time to say good morning to Steph." Giggling again, Sammy let the showerhead do its work.

After a hot thirty minutes, Sammy climbed out of the shower, wrapping a pink towel around her head and another around her body, hanging just below her ass cheeks. She walked over to her dresser, pulling out a pair of green cotton panties, boy short cut with pink hearts on the front. She slid them up her legs, wiggling her hips as she snapped the waistband into place. Sammy grabbed a black, lacey bra and slid it over her shoulder, reaching behind her to clasp it shut. Grabbing a maroon and gray American Eagle t-shirt and a pair of matching shorts, she sat on her bed. She slid the shorts up her legs, pausing when she sees that there is a message waiting on her phone. Leaning back, her stomach muscles tightening, her tits looking firm and supple in the lacey bra, Sammy opened her phone. Smiling broadly, and then giggling like a schoolgirl, Sammy felt herself start to get wet again. It was a message from Steph: "Yeah Friday sounds great. See ya then!"

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