tagFetishSammy Ch. 03

Sammy Ch. 03


Normally the harsh sound of the alarm clock would bother Sammy, but not today. It was a long three days since Steph agreed to a shopping trip. Now Friday has come, plans have been finalized, and Sammy was excited as she's ever been. She threw back her covers and shut off her alarm. Hopping out of bed, Sammy adjusted her panties, pulling the material out of her ass crack and into place. She walked over to the mirror and began her normal morning routine. She brushed her teeth, washed her face, and began running a bath.

Sammy felt the need to pee, but decided to hold, wanting to try something new. She had been messing her panties every morning since her discovery, and it seemed like every second of her depravity was better than the one before. The water cascaded into the tub as Sammy pulled her t-shirt over her head and tossed it in the general direction of her hamper. She slipped her panties down her legs and kicked them aside. Grabbing her razor and shaving cream, Sammy slipped into the tub, feeling the hot water soak into her skin. The water splashed as she lowered herself in, getting used to the temperature. Small wisps of steam floated off the surface of her bath, dissipating quickly in the cool air of the room. Letting the small of her back slide across the tub floor, Sammy bent her legs, her head resting on the bath pillow. Closing her eyes, she let her hands run across her body. Her fingertips felt her damp skin, tracing patterns through the light drops of moisture clinging to her flesh.

Sammy leaned forward and shut off the faucet, her bathroom plunging into quiet. Soft splashes perforated the otherwise still atmosphere as she leaned back in the tub again and started squirming around. Her right hand ran along her right thigh, her left, lightly pulling on her nipples, alternating, pinching slightly. Sammy felt them harden quickly aided by the light chill in the air. Her right hand felt up and down her legs, running over her calves, over her thighs. Vibrant flashes of green eyes filled Sammy's visions. Her hand was no longer there, replaced now with Steph's.

The slightly older girl climbed into the tub with Sammy, wearing a pair of extremely tight jeans and an even tighter t-shirt. Sammy stared as Steph seductively climbed in with her, moving her body to allow room. Steph's faded jeans turned darker blue as they soaked up the water. They glistened like moonlight across a still pond as she leaned forward. Steph's tits lightly rested in the hot water as she looked up at Sammy. Her hands were around Sammy's ankles, her tits still in the water. Steph bit her lip as she raised her chest out of the water, slowly, deliberately, running the saturated fabric of her t-shirt across Sammy's spread pussy. Samantha shuddered as she felt Steph's ample flesh touch her, the hot wet fabric dripping onto her pussy. Steph moved her hands up Sammy's body, laying down on top of her, pressing her weight into the younger girl. Samantha grabbed Steph's ass, leaving dark blue handprints, liquid fingerprints spreading out in all directions as she grasped and squeezed her firm ass. Steph kissed slowly up Sammy's stomach, between her firm tits, up along her neck. She nibbled Samantha's earlobe, whispering to her. "You've been waiting for this, haven't you Sammy? You've been such a bad girl Sammy, but you're doing it because you know we need it. You're doing it for me Sammy. It's almost time for your reward."

Steph's lips were now inches from Samantha's, their eyes locked deeply. Sammy could see herself reflected in the emerald pools, hypnotized by the vibrant color. She slowly leaned up for a kiss, but Steph turned away at the last second, moving her head to the side with a short breath. Steph lowered her lips to Sammy's neck again, placing soft whispers on her warm skin. Sammy gasped as she felt Steph's hand slide between her legs. She accommodated her by spreading her legs even further, draping one over the edge of the tub and putting her other high up on the wall. Sammy grabbed the fabric of Steph's shirt, squeezing it, pulling her tightly down. Their tits pressed together, separated only by a thin wall of wet material. Sammy could see the tan hues of Steph's flesh through the transparent fabric as she continued squeezing her incredibly perfect ass. Her other hand grasped Steph's hair close to her head. Sammy could see the golden-red color of Steph's hair darken where it touched the water, focusing on that seemingly arbitrary fact as she closed her eyes. Steph raised her hips slightly, shifting her weight onto her left arm, her right hand still between Sammy's legs.

Samantha could feel Steph's index and ring finger spreading her open, her middle finger sliding up and down her slippery slit. Her clit was hard as Steph began rubbing it, moving her fingers expertly in circles, faster, quicker. Water splashed where Steph's hand moved. Sammy could feel herself on the verge of climax, closing her legs, splashing water all over the floor. She screamed out loud, her shrill cry echoing off of the tile. Steph bit a little sharper on Sammy's earlobe as the girl exploded, her fingers moving in rhythm to her lover's hips. Sammy's breath came in rapid bursts as she opened her eyes. The room spun above her as she sank into the hot water. Her hair splayed out, floating like majestic green kelp, waving gently, subjected to the small currents in her bath.

Sammy regained her breath over time, floating away on clouds of pleasure. Eventually she began to regain her senses, beginning the task of preparing for her day with Steph. She slid her left leg up on the edge of the tub and applied the shaving cream. Swishing her razor in the water, she began the tedious process. Soon she moved to her right leg, leaving it smooth and incredibly sensitive in the razor's wake. She lifted her arms, giggling slightly as the cool blades touched her ticklish skin. Sammy finally applied the shaving cream between her legs, carefully manipulating the razor around, leaving no trace of hair. She rinsed herself off in the tub, using the showerhead to wash her hair and rinse away all residue of her Purity Pink Frosted Layer Cake body wash.

She felt the need to get dirty. To be nasty. Sammy pulled the plug, watching as the water spiraled down the drain. Sliding back in the tub, Sammy slid her index finger into her still wet pussy. Her hand felt different, sort of foreign on her bald flesh. She slid her lower back along the bottom of the tub, sliding her hips up the wall. Sammy spread her legs wide, fingering herself harder. She thrust her hips with the motions of her hand, squeaking noises coming from her friction with the tub. Sammy came as she spread her pussy lips, pushing hard to release her morning piss. Deep yellow liquid arced in the air and fell down her stomach, running between her tits, pooling near her head. Sammy held her pussy wide as her other hand rubbed the hot fluid into her flesh, feeling it soak, her own natural moisturizer. She moved her hips a little higher up the wall, sending her piss fountain directly onto her tits. Sammy opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue, gingerly lapping at the tiny golden droplets as they splashed off of her chest. She could slightly taste the salty and sour flavor of it, enjoying how the heavy aroma accented every last bit of it. Back and forth her hands went over her saturated body now, gliding gently through the foamy puddles of piss, spreading them across her stomach, her tits, her neck, over her thighs, her arms. Slowly the force of her stream decreased as the hissing, splashing noises quieted. Sammy closed her eyes and felt the hot pee slowly cool as it was absorbed into her skin. For over twenty minutes she lay there, waiting for every last trace of her naughty act to dry. When Sammy was good and ready, she stood up, running the bathwater for a few moments to help wash away any remaining liquid.

Samantha slid a towel around her hair as the tub gurgled the remaining water down the drain. She strode across the room, completely naked, no small brown patch of hair remaining between her legs. Sammy bent over by her dresser, pulling out a pair of yellow cotton bikini cut panties with a small palm tree on the front. Closing that drawer, she slid the adjacent drawer open and pulled out a cerulean blue skirt. It was tight at the top, spreading out slightly as it tapered to a stop slightly above the knees. Sammy tossed her panties and skirt over her shoulder, making a swooshing sound effect and giggling to herself. She grabbed a white lace bra off of the top of her dresser and pulled a white blouse out of her closet. The neckline hung slightly, offering just a hint of her cleavage. Sammy jumped back on her bed and put her clothes on. She walked over to the mirror, having a quick flashback of her first dirty encounter with Steph. Sammy felt a slight chill of pleasure as she recalled that day, the moment when her secret love turned her on to her other secret love. She smiled and nodded in approval at her appearance. Her boobs looked nice, her cute heart-shaped ass bulging slightly in the top part of the skirt.

Sammy was busy with her hair as her cell vibrated. "Hey Sammy! Im leaving now. Will c u soon! <3 Steph" She bit her lip in excitement as she finished her hair, moving at a faster pace. Running down the stairs, Sammy grabbed her big white sunglasses and car keys, slipped on her sandals, and headed out the door. Since she lived much closer to the mall, she knew that Steph would only have been there a few minutes before her. She picked up her cell and dialed Steph's number, asking where they should meet. Sammy followed Steph's directions and soon spotted her Prius in a relatively vacant part of the parking lot. Steph was leaning against her lime green car and waving as Sammy pulled up. She got out of the car as Steph finished a phone call, looking slightly annoyed. "Hey Stephie! Excited for our play date?" Sammy giggled as she hugged Steph.

"I've been excited all week. Seriously I need to shop. I know it sounds so clichéd. A girl, needing to shop. Shocking!"

Samantha giggled at her sarcasm. "Is something bothering you?"

"Not really I guess. Matt wants to go to some stupid ass party tonight and I really don't feel like going. We were supposed to stay in and watch a movie, but a couple of his army buddies are in town. I mean, it's cool that he wants to see them. But I'm also selfish."

Samantha laughed again. The two girls walked across the parking lot towards the doors. It was almost noon, and the day was already warm. "So you have nothing to do then tonight?" Sammy looked at Steph, admiring her always incredible appearance. She was wearing a black tank top, showing off an amazing amount of cleavage. Her tan legs disappeared into a tiny pair of yellow shorts with white trim. A green "83" decorated her front right hip, but Sammy was more concerned with the way Steph's panty line disappeared into her ass crack. Her feet were clad in matching green flip-flops. Steph's hair was pulled back in a simple ponytail, her bangs framing her face. Her glasses as always looked sexy as hell on her, the frames highlighting her verdant eyes.

"Yeah I guess not. It's fine I guess. I mean, I was going to stay in anyway, but now I'm by myself anyway. Oh well." The girls took a moment to let their eyes adjust as they entered the dim mall. "I wanna eat first. I'm starving. I didn't have breakfast."

"Fine by me. I didn't have breakfast either. I was running late all morning. I got sidetracked." Sammy smiled slightly to herself as she recalled this morning's events. She felt nervous about asking the next question though, confident though she may be with the answer, the nervousness stemmed from what possibilities could unfold. "So...you want to come over tonight? Let's go to Panda Express. I want orange chicken."

Steph looked over at Sammy and smiled broadly. "Hell yeah Panda Express! I love fake Chinese food! And yeah, if I don't go out with Matt tonight, I might give you a call. Not sure though."

Sammy looked down slightly at the floor, her heart sinking with this news. "She'll probably pick him over me. She should though. And seriously, what did I expect to happen?" Sammy rationalized the news and quickly accepted it, deciding not to let it ruin her day. "Alrighty, well if you get bored or whatever, give me a call. I'm not doing anything all night."

"What? Samantha Leigh doesn't have a hot date on a Friday night? No boys around? No girls?" Steph playfully pushed Sammy and giggled, teasing about Sammy's sexual preference.

Sammy laughed too. "No. Actually there hasn't been anyone in a while. A horrible dry spell!"

"You poor baby. You'll get yours soon. I promise." The large expanse of the mall absorbed their casual conversation, swept up in the cacophony of voices from other patrons. Smells from the food court filled their nostrils as they walked on, continuing their flippant chat.

Sammy had quick images of how Steph could fulfill such a promise and felt herself getting wet again. "Oh hell yeah. There it is. Panda Express!"

The girls placed their orders and sat down. "So I forgot to say that you look fucking cute as a button today m'lady." Steph smiled at Sammy, teasing her but serious at the same time.

"Well thank you. You look lovely yourself." The girls finished their lunches and began shopping, stopping at a few different stores. Steph browed through American Eagle and Hollister, asking for Sammy's opinion on several different outfits. Steph made a few purchases and the girls came upon Victoria's Secret.

"Let's go in here." Steph grabbed Sammy by the hand and pulled her into the store. They split apart as they browsed. Sammy's mind wandered to lewd thoughts. Her panties were dampening by the minute, feeling slippery and silky against her shaven pussy.

"Mmm...it would look so good for Steph to shit in these panties. Would love to have her watch me wear these as I shit for her. Oh God this lingerie is incredible. Would be so fucking amazing to watch the fabric bulge out." Sammy suddenly snapped back to reality as Steph approached her.

"I'm getting these." She showed Sammy her purchases. A light blue see-through teddy...a black lace thong...a pair of red satin boy short panties with black lace trim. "You think I'll look good in these?" Sammy thought of Steph in those tiny items. Immediately her nipples hardened, goose bumps covering her flesh. She felt her chest got hot, her skin flushing uncontrollably. She hard to relieve herself. She had to move. To run away and release herself.

Sammy sucked it up and regained her composure. "You'd look fucking amazing. Seriously amazing. I-I gotta go to the bathroom, so meet me at Kohl's." Without waiting for an answer, Samantha spun around and walked out of the store and down the corridor. She approached the bathroom and sat in a stall. No one else was in there as she hiked up her skirt, keeping her panties around her waist. Sammy slid her right hand under her panties as she started pissing, forcing the stream out in a hiss, splashing down in the bowl. She rapidly ran her fingers up and down her slit, feeling herself cumming rapidly. Sammy breathed harder and harder as the piss continued to pour out. She could feel the hot flow trickling on her ass cheeks and over the bottom of her pussy. Sammy came hard, feeling her pussy contract and leak into her panties. The piss slowed to a dribble and then stopped as she focused hard to slow her breathing. Sammy stood up and slid her panties off. She brought them above her head, opening her mouth wide as she began wringing her panties out. Drops of her fluid fell across her tongue, running down her throat. Sammy squeezed harder, unable to get enough of her hot, sour brew. Eventually she ran the still damp cloth of her panties across her neck and over her tits, putting them on the back of the toilet. A dark yellow stain spread over the crotch and across half of the ass. They landed with a wet splat as she savored the light aroma of piss that would be accompanying her the rest of the afternoon. Sammy stepped out of the stall and reapplied her light makeup and splashed herself with perfume. She felt better now. In control.

Sammy and Steph shopped for about an hour more, leaving in the early evening. As they went their separate ways, Sammy couldn't help but recall the day's events. She'll miss her panties, but she just had to relieve herself. In a way Sammy felt startled, a little worried at how she reacted at the seeming innocuous gestures of Steph. It wasn't supposed to be anything sexual meant for her. Just a friend showing another friend something she plans on wearing for someone else. No more, no less. Sammy shook her head in disbelief. She'd never reacted in that way for anyone, even in deliberately sexual situations. Sammy now was truly frightened. She was unable to control herself. Steph had almost complete power over her, and she didn't even know it.

The early summer sun was setting as the June bugs began their nightly patrol. Smells of cookouts and sounds of people having fun outdoors filled the dusk atmosphere. Sammy was spread out on her bed, lying on her stomach with a book between her hands. A bedside lamp was on, illuminating the long room. The glowing light disappeared in the A-frame roof of Sammy's ceiling. She loved her room. Being an only child, she got the entire attic loft of her family's unique A-frame home. Her parents slept downstairs. She had her own bathroom, laundry room, and even kitchenette across the stair landing. Shadows danced across her panty-clad ass cheeks. Light blue, cotton, tanga-cut tonight. Sammy jumped when her phone vibrated. It was Steph. She could hardly control her hand as she fumbled for the phone, putting it to her ear. "Hey there. What's up?"

"That invitation still stand? I'm bored as hell." Sammy quietly pumped her fist and bit her lip in excitement.

"Yeah sure come on over. We can watch movies or something. My parents are at some sort of charity golf thing. I dunno what it is, but they won't be back until late. We can drink wine and get drunk."

Steph laughed at her suggestion. "Actually that sounds like a lot of fun. I'll just stay over tonight if that's alright." Samantha's heart was beating faster than she could ever remember.

"Totally. You can crash here." The girls said their goodbyes. Sammy put on a pair of sleeping shorts, small gray cotton terry cloth. She pulled them up slightly until they hung just below the edge of her ass. Sammy looked at herself in the mirror and put her hands on her stomach, feeling slightly bloated from her lunch. She felt a slight pain but it soon went away. Sammy bounced out of the bathroom and lit a few Yankee candles, enjoying the scent of blueberry scones.

About forty minutes later Steph arrived. Sammy gave her a big hug and exchanged helloes. Steph followed her to her parent's liquor cabinet as they selected a bottle of red and a bottle of white. "You sure your parents won't notice?"

"Positive. And even if they didn't, they trust me to be responsible with alcohol. We've had 'the talk.' They're sorta European." Both girls laughed as Sammy grabbed a couple of wine glasses.

"Wow. You're room is freaking huge. It's like a mini apartment." Steph stepped in and put her bag on Sammy's bed, looking up at the roof high overhead.

"Yeah I do like my room. I'm spoiled." Sammy took the DVD Steph had been holding out of her hand.

"So we're watching the 40-Year Old Virgin tonight? I love it. A semi-oldie, but a goodie." She walked over to her DVD player and popped it in. Sammy set up the movie to be played while Steph poured them both a glass of white wine. Steph moved Sammy's beanbag chair against the wall and plopped herself down in it. She looked over at Sammy as she hopped onto her bed, propping up her pillows.

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