tagFetishSammy Ch. 05

Sammy Ch. 05


Sammy nervously picked up her phone and called Steph. She paused as it rang. Once. Twice. Three times. After the fourth ring it went to Steph's voicemail. Why didn't she answer? Sammy had mixed feelings about having to leave a message. Part of her desperately needed to tell Steph, but the coward in her eventually ruled out. "Hey Steph. Uhh...it's me. Sammy. Uhh...well, uhh...my parents are going up to northern Wisconsin on a camping trip with their friends. They uhh...they do this every year. God only knows what they're doing up there." Sammy laughed nervously. "Well, yeah...I was wondering if you wanted to come over and spend the weekend with me. If you're not busy or anything. I mean, it's cool if you don't, but I just don't wanna be bored. Or if you just want to stay one day or hang out or something..." Sammy made an irritated face as she fumbled through the message. "Yeah, sooo...let me know what you think. I'll talk to you later. Bye."

Sammy sat on her bed for a moment and then spoke aloud to no one. "Well that was fucking terrible." She shrugged her shoulders, grabbed her remote and turned on the television, flipping to the Discovery Channel. "Mmm...Man vs. Wild. Bear Grylls is so fucking hot. I love his accent." Sammy rolled over on her side and drifted off to sleep.

Steph smiled, her green eyes shining like spring leaves. "You may now kiss the bride." Sammy closed her eyes as Steph leaned in, placing her lips softly on hers, parting them slightly, tongues lightly touching. The roar of applause vaguely filled Sammy's ears as the girls held hands and walked down the aisle and out of the building. They climbed into the back of the limo as the driver sped off, leading them to an unknown destination.

Steph climbed on top of Sammy, straddling her. She grabbed Sammy's arms and pulled them above her head. "I fucking love you so much Sammy." She kissed Sammy's cheeks, her neck, her cleavage. "I want you out of this dress." Steph climbed backwards off of the seat as Sammy grabbed her short white gown, pulling the lace material over her head. She bit her lower lip as she spread her legs wide. Steph stared for a moment, distant traffic making soft noises on the other side of the tinted glass. Sammy was wearing a white lace bra, matching white lace boyshort panties. White stockings went midway up her thighs, attached to garter belts. Little white bows decorated the tops of each stocking.

Steph leaned in and lightly darted her tongue over Sammy's panties, tasting her through the material. She ran her hands up the brunette's thighs, kissing her stomach, slowly up her body, between her breasts. "You've been saving up haven't you? I know I have. Three days without going and eight glasses of water today. I'm going to explode."

Sammy grabbed Steph's hair as she breathed a response. "Two days and six glasses." Steph didn't respond, save for the kisses rapidly running up Sammy's neck, over her earlobes. She put her hand between Sammy's legs, rubbing her through her panties.

"Do it now. Do it for me." Sammy squeezed lightly and could feel the piss spurting through her material. Through foggy eyes she looked down, smiling as she saw the liquid flow over Steph's fingers and over the front of the seat. Sammy's soft pants of breath did little to disguise the loud hissing of her fluid, warming her pussy, dripping backwards between her cheeks, pooling in the crack of the seat. She concentrated on the feeling of her piss, the feeling of Steph's fingers holding open her lips, her middle finger up and down over her clit. Sammy could feel her piss slow to a trickle as her love worked her soft cherry lips across her skin.

Steph kissed back down Sammy's body, pushing her panties into her pussy, rubbing up over her clit. Moments after placing a soft kiss just above the waistband of Sammy's panties, Steph climbed up onto the seat, legs wide, straddling her young love. She wrapped her arms around Sammy's neck, kissing her deeply, tongues running over one another. The girls separated their lips, eyes closed, tongues flicking against one another. Steph slowly was grinding her hips back and forth, involuntarily fucking the air. She squirmed and hiked up her white wedding dress above her hips, exposing a white garter set and panties identical to those of Sammy.

"Hold this for me." Steph guided Sammy's hands to her dress, feeling her tremble in anticipation. She put her hand on Sammy's shoulder, her other hand clutching her beautifully curled hair, the cinnamon spirals hanging through her fingers. Slowly she pushed out, feeling a large, hot pile of shit fill her pristine, white, satin panties. Sammy shuddered and buried her face in Steph's tits, kissing her breasts through the material of the gown. Steph moaned softly to herself as she lowered her ass towards Sammy's panties, gently resting her bulge on the girl's soaked crotch. She screamed loudly as she dropped all of her weight down on Sammy's lap, feeling her shit spread up her ass crack and on her pussy.

Sammy looked forward and could see the eyes of the limo driver in the rear-view mirror. She met his gaze, staring back at him lustfully as Steph slowly bounced up and down on her lap. The smell of Steph's messy panties filled the air of the limo, wet slapping sounds occurring every time she bounced up and down. Sammy could feel the intense heat and pressure of Steph's load through the thin material of their panties. She took her hands off of Steph's gown, feeling the soft fabric cascade over them.

Reaching underneath, Sammy could feel her fingers slide beneath the waistband of Steph's panties. Slowly she sank her fingers into Steph's warm shit, gasping as the soft, hot mud covered her hands. Sammy closed her fists and brought out two small handfuls of poop. She brought them up to her face, inhaling, savoring the scent. Sammy looked deep in Steph's eyes, never once blinking or looking away, and lowered her tongue to the small piece of shit in her right hand. She licked it, running her tongue slowly, lingering, letting the top layer of Steph's chocolate melt in her mouth.

Sammy stuck out her tongue at Steph, showing her the thick brown coating. Steph wrapped her lips around Sammy's tongue, sucking hard, tasting herself. Sammy reached up with her shitty hands and grabbed Steph's tits through the wedding dress, squeezing them, leaving nasty light brown handprints. She could feel Steph's hard nipples as she played with her breasts, grabbing them, pinching, trailing her lover's load all over her dress.

Before Sammy could do anything further, Steph climbed off of her and knelt on the floor. "Your turn." She stared intently with her vivid green eyes, focusing between Sammy's legs. Steph watched as Sammy lifted her ass off of the seat, holding herself up with her arms. She grunted, squeezing as her panties bulged out beneath her. Steph reached out with one hand and ran it lightly over Sammy's panties, sticking her other hand down her own panties. Sammy's bulge was huge now, growing incredibly with each push. She stopped to catch her breath before pushing one last time, feeling another large burst of soft brown shit spread out in her panties.

Sammy climbed down onto the floor of the limo with Steph, getting on her hands and knees. The girls leaned over, placing their asses against one another. Steph dropped her dress down over her ass, rocking back and forth. Sammy and Steph's shit filled panties slapped into each other, their bulges flattening out and spreading everywhere. Harder and harder they thrust against each other, moaning loudly, their tits swaying with the movement of their bodies. Sammy could feel herself about to cum, body tensing up, warm, soft shit across her most intimate parts. Both girls could feel the shit creeping up their slits, sliding over their slick lips. Faster and faster, harder and harder! Plop, plop, plop. Hot messy loads spreading up their ass cracks, across their aching cunts...

Sammy's cell vibrated softly on her bedside table. She slowly opened her eyes, her hand in her shorts, pussy soaking wet. Sammy grabbed her phone to see that Steph left her a text message. "Sounds gr8! I work Sun, but Im free Fri and Sat! See ya!" Sammy kicked her legs in excitement and crashed backwards into her bed. She was so excited, so turned on. This will be the weekend. I'll tell her. I'll tell her that I love her. Sammy's fingers ran little waves over her clit as she relaxed, slowly letting out her steaming golden piss. I love how it smells in the morning...so strong, so sexy.

Sammy's breaths became deeper, more pronounced. The morning sun warmed her face as her pee warmed her pussy. It hissed through her panties, soaking her sheets and staining the mattress. I don't care. I don't care how bad I'm being. I need to do this! Sammy lifted her hips off of her bed, feeling herself cumming hard. Her pee ran down over her pussy, down her ass, dripping off of her lower back. Biting her lip, Sammy squeezed her thighs tightly around her hand, legs holding her ass high above the bed, fingers on her hard clit. Her ass fell back to the bed as she smiled broadly, cheeks flushed. Sammy felt better...relaxed. Her pee slowed to a trickle as she giggled. It was a great way to begin the day.

Sammy's mother and father finished packing up the car on Friday afternoon. "You remember the rules? No parties, lock up if you leave, and so on?" Her mom leaned down to give her a hug as her dad climbed in the car.

"Yes I remember. Now go on and meet up with your friends. I'm sure you'll have a great time." Sammy's mother climbed into the car and waved as they drove on down the street. She walked back in the house and leaned against the door, smiling and pumping her fists. Friday had come! Steph was coming over! It had been a long week, but Sammy had made the most of it.

She thought of Monday night. She was standing in her room in her work uniform. Sammy was wearing tight khaki pants with a white polo shirt. Underneath she was wearing a white bra with light pink stripes and pink little boy short panties. Her feet were decked out in little black shoes over white socks. Sammy's hand went down her jeans as she pictured herself standing there, legs spread. She could remember the dark stain spreading down her thighs, the bulge growing in the seat of her pants. Sammy unsnapped her jeans and slid them off, kicking them to the side. She was picturing herself pulling her khakis up tight against her ass, spreading her load.

Monday night...damn what a night! Sammy could see the brown load leaking through her khakis. She rubbed her pussy through her panties, imagining how she took off her pants, how she grabbed her panties. Sammy vividly recalled as she ran the panties over her body, over, and over, and over again, covering every inch with her shit. She was wearing brown body paint. Filthy, nasty shit over every part of her. Faster and faster Sammy traced her wet slit through her panties, feeling her body ache, feel it crave the need to cum.

Sammy pulled her panties to her knees as she thought of Tuesday night. She was standing alone in her bathroom, wearing only her brand new bikini and a pair of flip flops. The bikini was lime green with yellow trim, with little strings tied on the side holding up the bottoms. Sammy brought her fingers up to her nose and inhaled the scent of her cream, breathing deeply. She started panting a little faster, her fingers moving back to her bald lips. Sammy closed her eyes and envisioned her bikini bottoms as they began to tent out, crackling as the extremely soft brown load grew to immense proportions. Her suit hung loosely now off of her ass as her shit weighed it down, exposing the top of her tan lines and butt crack.

Sammy slurped on her fingers, getting them nice and wet before running them deep inside her pussy. She looked so hot on Tuesday, waddling over to the bathtub with her near-liquid shit running down the backs of her legs. Sammy remembered how it felt, how she scooped as much of her shit into her bikini top as possible. In and out Sammy's fingers went, in and out of her dripping pussy. She stroked the spongy top of the inside of her pussy, feeling her legs buckle, her hands start to sweat. Tuesday...her shit running out of her top, between her fingers, leaving brown rivers down her skin.

Sammy slid three fingers inside her sopping tunnel and remembered how she looked Wednesday afternoon. Slutty schoolgirl. She was wearing knee-high white socks with black buckle shoes. Her blue and red plaid skirt was two sizes too small, barely covering her light yellow panties. Sammy was wearing a white button-up shirt as well with a blue and red neck tie. Faster she slid her fingers into her pussy, dreaming of how she was dirty talking, how the piss ran down her legs, soaking into her socks. In and out. Faster and faster. Finger-fucking her pussy. She could see herself hiking up her skirt now, looking into the mirror with a grapefruit sized lump in her panties. Sammy could imagine how the hot bulge felt beneath her hand as she squeezed lightly, moving it, feeling it stick like soft clay to her flesh.

In and out. Sloppy wet noises. Sammy worked her insatiable pussy hard, envisioning how she slid her shitty panties down. She could feel how hot her load was as she pressed it up against her pussy. Sammy started burning everywhere, started to lose focus. Wednesday...forcing the pile between her legs, grinding against it. Sliding her pussy back and fort, feeling her lips separate as her shit slowly worked into her slit. Harder and harder. Finger-fucking...shit fucking...Sammy was in heaven, clumps of poop dropping down, leaving small brown marks on her stockings. Harder and harder...fucking herself...fucking her shit.

She pulled her panties off all of the way and put them over her face, inhaling her pussy juice. Sammy moved her fingers back to her clit, rubbing quickly. Thursday night she was wearing her old black and red high school cheerleading uniform. Her cheeks were painted with matching black and red hearts, her hair pulled back in duel braided pigtails. Sammy could remember vividly as she set her cell camera to record video, moving back across the room. She grunted and squeezed a soft load into her red spankies, picking up her pompons from the floor. Sammy gyrated her hips and danced, recalling every step of her routine. Every move she made caused her bulge to spread, to shift against her soft body.

Sammy fucked herself as she thought of the playback of the video. Her body moving, her skirt riding up, brief teasing glimpses of her red spankies filled with her shit as she shook her ass seductively. Sammy could feel herself rapidly falling over the edge, could feel her pussy ready to scream, her body ready to release every bit of sexual energy. She thought of her favorite part of the video she made. She strolled back across the room, stopping right in front of the camera. "This is for you Steph." Sammy reached behind her, underneath her skirt, underneath her spankies. Her hand came back out, full of soft brown shit. Sammy held it in front of the camera, letting the lens examine her filthy handiwork. "Do you like my shit Steph? I do it for you." She got on her knees and took the load and put it in her mouth.

Fuck Thursday's dinner was great. Sammy wiped her hand on the front of her shirt, opening her mouth for the camera to see. Her shit was resting on her tongue, starting to disintegrate slightly, brown rivulets of saliva pooling up. Sammy closed her mouth seductively, breathing through her nose. Her teeth sank into the soft load. Sammy could feel as her molars bit into some crunchy parts, probably nuts she had earlier, before sinking through the pasty mess. Slowly she chewed, savoring, her teeth moving up and down, grinding her bitter shit. Sammy opened her mouth again, the load reduced to a dark brown gooey mess. She manipulated it with her tongue, sliding it back and forth, rubbing it along her teeth. Sammy let some drool off of her chin and drip on her shirt, running down her firm, perky tits. She closed her mouth again and swallowed, letting it all go down, so much smoother than when she first became a little shit eater. Sammy's pussy contracted around her fingers as she screamed, her body reaching orgasm. She rubbed her clit slower now, letting herself recover. Yes, it had been a good week, but the weekend was just about to start.

Sammy was lying on her couch watching television, dressed in a blue tank top and white shorts. The sun was still warm in the late evening sky, not at all uncommon for June. Sammy turned her head toward the window as she heard Steph pull into the driveway. She's here! She's here! Yes. Yes. YES! Sammy ran to the door and pulled it open, admiring Steph's long body as she climbed out of the car. Her tan legs disappeared into cutoff jean shorts, her upper body covered with a pink t-shirt. "Hey there Samantha Leigh! You been excited?" Steph laughed as she grabbed her bag from the trunk.

"Oh you have no idea!" Sammy laughed inwardly at her comment. She really doesn't have any idea! She held the door open as Steph came inside, starting the walk upstairs. "Yeah go ahead and throw your stuff anywhere up there. I'll be in the kitchen." Sammy couldn't help but peek at Steph's tight ass as it swayed up the stairs. The low angle provided the perfect view, her firm cheeks spread tightly in the shorts.

"So what's for dinner?" Steph plopped herself down in a chair at the table as Sammy poured herself a glass of water.

"Well I was thinking hot dogs. I know it sounds lame, but I really don't feel like making a mess..." Yes I do "...that I have to clean up later." Sammy turned to Steph. "Will that work?"

"Yeah hot dogs are fine." Steph started flipping through magazines on the table as Sammy prepared the food. "So I was thinking. You wanna go out tonight? I mean, not like all night, but go dancing or something?"

Sammy pulled the hot dogs out of the microwave and sat down next to Steph, putting buns and mustard on the table. "That'll be fun! I don't wanna get back to late, but yeah that would be great. We can go in the hot tub when we get back." Sammy ate her food, enjoying every second with Steph.

"Oh my GOD! The hot tub! Hell yeah!" The girls giggled as they finished eating, chatting about several different things. Sammy smiled and nodded her head, hanging on Steph's every bubbly word. "Do you like giving head?"

Sammy snapped out of her daze and looked at Steph strangely. Steph laughed and explained herself. "I'm sorry. I was talking to my friend Veronica and she really hates giving head, and for some reason I really like it. I mean, I like getting eaten out a lot more, but going down on a guy isn't bad."

Sammy could feel her skin prick, her pussy moisten. She didn't know why the conversation started drifting down this path, but she was glad that it did. "Uhh...well yeah, I do. I like eating a girl out a lot more than going down on a guy, but it's alright." Steph giggled at Sammy's response.

"What's that like? ...going down on a girl?" Sammy searched Steph's eyes for some sort of hint that she was teasing her, that she was going to laugh. All she saw was curiosity, a genuine sense of wonder.

"Well, uhh...well I don't know if I can really describe it. Basically, I guess I just try to do what I'd want done to me. If that makes any sense. Maybe you should try it."

Steph laughed. "Yeah I doubt that's ever going to happen." Sammy felt a genuine twinge of sadness, but didn't let it get her down. I am going to have fun this weekend, no matter what. Sammy started clearing the table before Steph began helping. "Let's go start to get ready!"

The girls gossiped about work, family, and friends as they prepared for their night out on the town. Lightning bugs were floating aimlessly in the warm early summer night as Sammy finished getting ready. "Well how do I look?" She stepped back and did a pirouette for Steph, showing off her cute outfit. Sammy was wearing a black cocktail dress, coming down to about mid-thigh. It fit her snugly, accenting her little curves and cute firm tits. Her hair hung in loose curls at the side of her face.

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