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Sampling Some Italian


"Mr. Lennox, your model is here," the successful artist's secretary notified him with a wink.

John Colmes was known to be gay, but Thomas Lennox didn't worry about it. It was more flattering than threatening to him. He had even fucked John's ass now and then, whenever he was horny enough to overlook his usual preference for women. It wasn't as if Mrs. Lennox bothered to take it in the ass. She was a society woman from "old money". She would probably be horrified to know that her husband had occasional trysts with his extremely effeminate male assistant.

A mistress would be perfectly fine, preferably one of a lower class who knew her place and did all of the "nasty things that nice girls don't do". A homosexual fling, however, was still verboten for a man of his class, at least in her family's perspective. Even a mistress, of course, was "hush-hush". Discretion was the unwritten rule in that social stratum. Neither husband nor wife would acknowledge that either of them had paramours. Divorce or scandal were best avoided. Marilyn Lennox could hardly admit to the world, after all, that her husband wasn't satisfied with a high-class beauty such as herself.

Nor, for that matter, could Thomas admit that he was regularly cuckolded by his blue-blooded wife and her elderly lover. Such a thing would have an emasculating effect on his public persona as a maverick artist and millionaire in his own right (by now, he was as wealthy in practical terms as his wife had always been).

Thomas didn't honestly know, after all, whether or not his wife's paramour could even have an erection. He might, courtesy of an ED pill, but he might also have a heart condition that precluded it. The circles in which he worked and socialized would laugh at him behind his back, if it became public knowledge that his wife cheated on him with a potentially impotent senior citizen.

The truth, naturally, was more a matter of an emotional attachment that Marilyn had for a widower of whom her parents had disapproved as a possible husband. Emotional infidelity (even assuming that he didn't have some physical intimacy with her) was still cheating, however, since it was done without asking his permission. Both of them had betrayed their wedding vows, though none of his flings were long-term or passionate enough to qualify as "affairs" in the traditional sense.

At the beginning of his marriage, Thomas had attempted to be a faithful husband, but then he learned of his wife's adultery by means of her paramour's disgusted daughter. He had to confirm it for himself, but he soon did, because the lady had photos of her father French-kissing Marilyn.

It turned out that the daughter's motive was simply jealousy over attention her dad paid to Mrs. Lennox instead of herself. She wanted Thomas to stop the liaisons. He didn't. Instead, he seduced the man's daughter as a form of revenge. The man no doubt knew by now, but he didn't dare to confront the husband he had cuckolded for sleeping with his daughter.

That fling was over, although Thomas still got along with the lady in question. She was special in a rather unorthodox way to him, as his first ever mistress. Thomas was sentimental about the most unlikely things at times, but that was part of the passion that made him a great painter.

The door opened to his studio and a lovely Italian woman in her early 20s interrupted his nostalgia. She had the most enticing wavy hair, dirty blonde in color. Her eyes were blue-green and her skin had a somewhat tanned complexion, one that resembled amber instead of olives. She wore a silk maroon dress that stopped at the top third of her thighs and scarcely covered any of her shoulders. She had a lot of makeup, but not so much as to be grotesque.

Her ass and breasts were both a decent size, while clearly natural. Nor was she rail-thin, like most of the models that he regularly vetoed for paintings. Thomas wanted his nudes to have a more classical figure, which was rare and difficult to find in an age of "heroin chic" and the "waif look". That was a major reason that he succeeded as an artist. Many people preferred more naturalistic figures on female nudes, instead of near-skeletons. His blend of the modern "tanned" look and the Rubenesque curves of a Renaissance lady were quite popular as a deliberate synthesis, which the art critics frequently praised in their reviews.

Her most significant appeal, however, was a playful attitude that he immediately noted. She wasn't just there to model for him and pick up a check. She arrived with the clear intention of seducing him, as well as flirting with whomever viewed the art. She wanted to have fun. Her pleasant personality definitely altered his mood for the better, getting him out of his melancholy and disappointment over what was now completely a marriage of convenience.

"Claudia, am I right?" he said, as she greeted him with kisses.

This was not overtly sexual, since Europeans typically kissed each other on the mouth or cheek. Even so, to boldly kiss an American stranger of the opposite sex on the lips wasn't very traditional at all. After all, most Europeans were aware that kissing was associated with love and sex in the States.

"Si, Claudia. You are Signor Lennox, si?" she asked, in a manner that made it apparent that she knew very well to whom she spoke.

"Call me Thomas. I understand that you wish to model as a nude for my newest painting. Is that correct?" he tried to seem professional, at least for now.

This didn't change the fact that every hormone in his body demanded that he fuck this lady. He just pretended otherwise for the moment. Business had to come first. There was plenty of time for pleasure afterward.

"Si, I want to model in the nude for you," she confirmed, obviously phrasing her words in a way that had a possible second meaning, before mumbling something in her native Italian.

Thomas knew that language, although her volume made it difficult to grasp more than a word or two that suggested work was not the only context in which she would like him to see her naked. Such an embarrassed confession of her lust for him was unusual, but it didn't bother him. He was known to be married and the nature of his union with his wife was not public knowledge. Not everyone, outside of his social network, knew of his reputation as a lecher. Hell, some strangers probably thought that he was gay and used his wife as a beard. Even the most arrogant women, if they heard such gossip, would be plagued by doubts as to their sex appeal. No matter how coquettish she was, this young lady had a distinctly charming lack of hauteur.

"I believe that we can arrange this for you, Signorina. Did I ever tell you how much I enjoy visiting your country? You Italian ladies are rather delightful, I'll say," Thomas smiled rather lustfully at his new model. If she didn't get the message, he would be rather stunned.

"Thank you. I think that you are flirting with me, Thomas. Are you?" she blushed a bit, mainly because he was the most important and sophisticated man to take an interest in her.

"Well, yes, I am, Signorina. Don't worry, if you're interested, we'll take care of that when we're done working for the day. My wife isn't worried about my whereabouts right now. Hell, she doesn't really give a damn what the fuck I do," Lennox observed dryly.

"Please call me Claudia. You're the boss, after all, and I'm calling you Thomas. Not to sound lazy, but can we go ahead and take care of that first? The idea of fucking you has me rather excited already. That's not too easy for you, is it? I know that some of you American men look down on 'easy' or 'loose' women, even when you fuck them. By the way, I don't care that you're married. In Italy, married men and women are fair game as much as single ones. Most men have mistresses as well as wives in my country," Claudia pleaded, making it very obvious that she didn't want to delay things more than necessary. Time was of the essence, after all.

"Very well, my dear Claudia. I suppose that no one will be the wiser or get harmed by it. This is on my dollar, as it were, and I have no shortage of those. You don't mind a quickie for the first time then, do you?" he proposed with a salacious smile.

"Of course not, my sweet Thomas. I said 'fuck', not 'make love'. I'm sure that I shocked you a little. You probably thought that all Italian girls used flowery language for sex. Well, we've changed a bit over the past centuries. We're not all naïve ladies and peasant girls anymore. Some of us are rather wild, in fact. So, how about that quickie?" she encouraged him.

Thomas had no objection to that, of course. In fact, he was very hard from the idea of screwing this gorgeous model. He grabbed Claudia, lifted her dress up far enough to see the absence of panties, and began kissing her on the mouth. She didn't simply kiss him back. She added her hungry tongue and proceeded to lower his pants down to his ankles. The blonde was ecstatically pleased to see that she wasn't the only one in the room going commando. That was more convenient for her plan, not to mention that it proved that her new lover/boss was as free-spirited as herself.

Instead of getting on her knees, Claudia took her dress off and put herself on all fours to excite him, as she began her idea of foreplay by sucking his dick and balls. She apparently wanted him to know exactly what she had in mind for him. Thomas rapidly noticed that the Italian lady didn't have any compunctions about deep-throating him. She clearly had a gag reflex, but just as obviously refused to let that stop her from taking his cock as far inside her as possible.

As Thomas enjoyed Claudia's mouth, he found himself actively fucking her in that orifice. This not only didn't upset her, it caused her to become wetter every second of the act. In a few moments, she pleaded with him to take her from behind, screwing her slippery cunt. This begging was entirely non-verbal, but it was still undeniable. When she did speak, it was to reinforce what she wanted, as he mounted her in the studio.

"I gotta have you, Thomas! I can't help it! I must have you! Ah, fuck, yes! Take me!" Claudia urged him, as she didn't mind sounding a little corny or desperate.

Nothing confirmed what the lovely model said as much as the soaked pussy that Thomas penetrated at that point. As he plunged into her sex, she sighed repeatedly and swore in Italian. Claudia's body met him halfway every time, especially in the case of her hips, which ensured that he went even deeper into her cunt as he had in her throat.

"Yes, I need you, Thomas! I need you to fuck me! I must have you!" she insisted, which naturally appealed to the artist pounding her pussy in the doggie-style position.

"Uh, boss, I...uh...," John briefly interrupted the pair, before realizing that Thomas was in the act of fucking Claudia from behind.

"Join us, John! I know that you don't like women, but you can always fuck me in the ass while I screw her. I don't think that she would mind. Would you, Claudia?" Thomas encouraged his assistant.

"No problem at all, if that's what you want, Thomas. I like watching men fuck each other. It's a treat that I rarely see in Italy, sadly enough. Most men frown upon it there," she agreed with him.

"She looks like she wants you as much as I do, boss. Hell, I think that she's in love with you already. I can't blame her. I have those feelings for you myself. Too bad that you prefer women, but I doubt that she agrees with me," John stated, as he put some lube on his dick for the rare occasion of sodomizing Thomas. It was almost always the other way around. He was sure that his boss wanted to reward him for his discretion about everything.

Thomas grunted a bit when John entered him, but he soon returned his focus to fucking Claudia. She deserved more of his attention anyway. This foreigner was precisely the sort of woman that he loved best: unabashed in her devotion to sexual hedonism. She didn't believe in self-restraint when it came to enjoying a man's body. She was more than enough to distract him from the pain of taking a cock up his ass.

The abnormal nature of the threesome made it very problematic for anyone wishing to hold out from cumming. All three of the people involved in the group act approached their climaxes in just minutes. The stimulus to Mr. Lennox's prostate also aggravated things. He felt his cock move abruptly, as he shot out an impressive load of seed into Claudia's cunt.

Claudia didn't overlook the fact that Thomas's dick didn't go soft immediately, as most men's did in her experience. Instead, he continued banging her, until she moaned through the rest of her orgasm. Since he was very lubricated from her pussy, she pushed her ass closer to him, making a very obvious suggestion.

"Damn, you want it in the ass, too? You're insatiable!" he groaned, right before John released himself into his butt.

"Is that a complaint?" she grinned, knowing otherwise.

"Of course not! You're the best lay I've had in a decade!" Thomas exclaimed, quite happy to oblige the sultry blonde.

"You're not exactly a mediocre lover yourself, dear. And you're in no position to worry about my being insatiable. Your sex drive is at least as high as mine!" Claudia spoke, in the breath that she took before he rammed his cock back into her asshole.

What he found strangely most seductive about her was the continuing playfulness of her sexual attitude. She teased, sassed, flirted, laughed, pouted, and even purred like an actual pussycat. She didn't apologize for an undiluted love of sex. She didn't show any iota of guilt. She simply thrust toward him as he fucked her.

While John washed his dick and viewed the bizarre act of heterosexual intercourse, a type of encounter that was always alien to him (he was still a virgin in terms of screwing women, and had no desire to change that), he fantasized that it was his ass taking Thomas's cock inside it. When he didn't daydream about being his boss's sex partner, he observed how much Claudia craved Mr. Lennox. No, he wasn't wrong at all. She was in love with Thomas, and had probably been so from the first few minutes of conversation. The sex just added a motive for her passion.

Despite having just cum in Claudia's pussy, Thomas didn't have the self-control at this moment to prevent himself from shooting his load inside her bottom. The way that she behaved about anal sex made her too sexy to avoid emptying his balls into her. His usual willpower vanished in a couple of minutes, so he withdrew, leaving his jism to leak from both holes.

"Shit, that was twice in a row I came too quickly!" he worried aloud.

"Not too soon for now, honey! It's a quickie, remember? I made sure to get you off as soon as possible! I had to have your cum in me for the first time, after all. The sooner that I got that done, the sooner I could relax and dream about our next copulation. Besides, now you can think straight when you paint me in the nude. There's a method to my madness, or didn't you expect that?" the model informed him, winking with a kind of shameless, but friendly mischief.

"Well, you're not stupid, but that's no surprise! You obviously understand men. Now, how about we get to work? Then we can order some food and discuss our fling while we eat supper. I'm not ready to dine at home tonight, but that's for the best. I rarely go home early on Friday nights anyway. There's too much danger of catching my wife and her lover together, which could lead to some awkward table discussions, particularly since she hasn't admitted to her affairs any more than I have confessed to mine.

"As for you, John, finish your work and take this. It's a bonus. Go out and pick up a hot guy to fuck you. I imagine that there are plenty of gay bars nearby. Claudia and I need some time alone together, not that I have a problem with orgies, as you have seen for yourself. I just think that she and I should be alone for a few hours.

"For what's it worth, I'm sorry that I don't return your feelings. I don't want to hurt you, John. I hope that you keep working for me and even having sex with me now and then. I just want you to understand that I'm not gay. I'm hardly even bi, since you're the only man that I've ever fucked. I can't give you the love that you want from me. I'm no fool. I could tell that you felt that way about me for a while. I hope that you can forgive me, if I have in any way sent you mixed signals," Thomas declared.

"Don't sweat it, boss. I know that you prefer girls to guys. That's just the cruel hand I've been handed. I am not much of a fighter, you know. I tend to lie down and accept my fate. That's got nothing to do with being gay, of course. I've seen many guys in my community who are much stronger in that sense. That's just not my nature. I am a weakling by temperament. I embrace my effeminate personality. I also understand that you find it sexy in a fascinating way. It's my best chance to get laid now and then. I don't fuck with that.

"Maybe I need to find a man that I can love, who will love me back, but I'm addicted to you instead. The weird thing is that I am faithful as well. I can only screw one person at a time, because I don't have the desire for variety or quantity that you have, sir. If this is the closest that I will come to a lover in my lifetime, so be it. I'm just happy to let you have me. Hell, most of the time I'm too passive to do more than receive it and play with myself. I know that I sound like a wimp. That's because I guess that I am a wimp. I'm basically your bitch, and you know it. It's too late to undo that. It's not as if you set out to make me that. I didn't set out to become that, either. It just occurred, so I'll live with it. You might as well live with it too. You have your women and a boy toy to fuck whenever the urge strikes you. There's no sense in worrying about it. It's just my karma. I was probably a son of a bitch in my last life, that's all.

"Don't worry about playing with my feelings. It would be more cruel at this point to stop fucking me, since I would be stuck with my left hand as a sex partner for life in that case. I don't think that I would ever get laid again if you dropped me. This is just my life, that's all. By the way, thanks for the money, but I think that you understand now why I can't use it how you suggested just a second ago. It's just not me. I don't hold it against you. You didn't know that. I didn't tell you before tonight. You have clean hands. I won't resent you. I can't do that, or else I'd be resenting someone for his sexuality, and that's something that I wouldn't want from other people. That's just you. Claudia, you're a lucky girl. Don't forget it," John announced tearfully, as he closed the door to the studio and went back to work.

"Wow, that was rather intense! It just proves that either life isn't fair, or it is more fair than people think, as in reincarnation. To be honest, I also have very strong feelings about you. I know that it's early, so it would be no more reasonable for me to expect anything serious from you than it would be for John in his case. I know that you're married. I know that adultery is considered more serious in the States than in my country, although as I have said, it makes no sense to me as an Italian. I also know that your wife is no more faithful to you than you are to her. I'm not blind. I can tell that you are reacting to her infidelity by getting some of your own on the side. Perhaps it is also her indifference to you? I can sense that too.

"Anyway, I want you to know that I would be happy to simply enjoy you and love you, with no need for a wedding ring. If you wish to marry me at any point, that would be fine. If not, whether you stay married to your wife or not, I'll accept that. There's no rush. It's not like our marriage would be recognized by my religion in the first place, since your first wife is still alive. Divorce might be common enough in my country, but it's never valid in the eyes of the Church. Either way, I'll be an adulteress simply by fucking you.

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