tagLoving WivesSampling Some Italian Ch. 02

Sampling Some Italian Ch. 02


Thomas made sure to ram Claudia once again after he painted, and she did her best to take as much as his cum as possible this time around. He partly did it because he enjoyed her, but also partly because he didn't want to rush home and catch Marilyn in flagrante delicto with her own lover. That was not a confrontation that he wished to expedite by any means. On the contrary, he preferred to delay it as much as possible.

Despite his best efforts, however, he still found them in bed together, which meant that he had to take note of it. He had even eaten supper with Claudia, as planned, but it didn't prevent him from seeing them in the act. If he didn't know better, he would have thought that Marilyn had deliberately prolonged the tryst to ensure that she was caught this time. Then again, she might just have gotten off on the risk.

Thomas cleared his throat, so that they would see him and not think that they were alone. Marilyn had the good grace to be embarrassed, of course. She was a lady of high station, after all. Jacob just coolly smoked a cigarette while waiting for an altercation to occur between his lover and her husband.

"Thomas, I will not insult you by saying that it's not what it looks like. You deserve that much, at least," she finally spoke up.

"Thanks for small favors, I suppose. I've suspected this for a while, which is why I went out of my way not to catch the two of you. I didn't want this moment to happen. I don't like the ugliness of such things. My parents had plenty of such fights over infidelity, particularly my father's," he replied rather dryly.

"How long have you known?" she inquired.

"For most of our marriage by now. Thank your lover's daughter for that. She told me and proved it to me. I'll be honest about my own affairs, however. I started them soon after I learned the truth about you. At first, it was revenge, back when I still loved you. That was replaced by indifference toward you, and consequently, it became simply a biological function of satisfying my natural lusts. I won't state specifics beyond the fact that Jacob has known for a while: I screwed his daughter, the one who told me the cold, hard facts about you," Thomas declared rather brusquely.

"Well, that was clearly revenge, at least. Jacob, you've known about this all of this time and didn't tell me?" she turned on her lover.

"If I had, then I would have had to confront him, and I was on no moral high ground to do that. Every paternal instinct in my body wanted to crush his head, but I knew that I was in no position to judge him. Neither were you, for that matter," Jacob interjected.

"True, I guess. So, I take it that you're going to continue your liaisons, and I certainly have no plans to end my affair with Jacob. I'm in love with him, not you, but I gather that you were aware of this for quite a while. I'm sorry if I misled you about my feelings, but I had no such intent. I thought that this was as much a marriage of convenience for you as it was for me. Evidently, that wasn't so.

"That leaves us two choices: we can go back to our old routines and look the other way, or we can get divorced. Personally, I think that it's time for a divorce. I enjoy fucking you, Thomas, but that's all we have: sex and a business partnership. I'm getting older, and so is Jacob. He needs someone to care for him in his old age.

"I worry that the demands of being my only lover might be much for him, however. There is a reason that he hasn't taken me up on my offer to share him. He can barely keep up with me in a physical sense, though he is a great partner in bed as much as he does.

"What I suggest, therefore, is that the two of you swap roles. I will divorce you, marry Jacob, and take you as a lover. Since you will be my paramour, there will certainly be no demand that you be faithful to me. I hope that the two of you consider this proposition seriously, without prejudice. There is no double standard here. If Jacob wants to screw another woman some time, for whatever reason, he can do so. I just doubt that he will do that often, if ever. In your case, I tend to assume that you will keep screwing around, but it would be as a single guy again," Marilyn offered the two men in her life.

"That works for me. It's apparent that your real romance is with Jacob. There's no sense in being silly or angry about it. That's the reality of our marriage. You love another man and have always done so. I need the chance to do my own thing, and so do you. I guess that now neither of us should fear your parents. We're adults ourselves. We can make our own decisions about marriage, and even adultery I daresay. What about you, Jacob?"

The older man finished his cigarette and grinned.

"Well, I knew that it was bound to happen, but I'm not about to complain. I love Marilyn, and she loves me. I've always wanted to marry her, so I will. I'll just have to accept that she's sexually out of my league, so you'll fill in the gaps. I don't care to watch, however. Don't take me for a cuckold or a voyeur. I'm just a tired old man. Besides, I've gotten to be the other man. I guess it's your turn. I'd fool around myself, if I had the energy," Jacob concurred.

"So be it, guys. I see that you have some sense. Don't worry about where to live, Thomas. I'm moving in with Jacob. It's too much to ask him to move. I'm very nurturing and protective of him in many ways, especially since he was that way about me when I was younger. Now, if you don't mind, my fiancé and I are going to his place to finish our tryst. Call whomever you wish to visit you. We'll work out the kinks in the settlement, but as I said, the house is yours. I don't need it and neither does Jacob," Marilyn announced, urging her bewitched paramour to take her home with him.

"Okay, but I wouldn't come here for a while. Certainly not tonight, unless you don't mind watching me screw a sultry Italian who happens to be my mistress. She might be ready for more of me, from what she said earlier today," Thomas warned his estranged wife.

"Good for her! If I didn't already love Jacob, I would fall for you myself. Enjoy your Italian lady friend. I've got a dirty old man to fuck," Mrs. Lennox winked at him as Jacob and she headed to his house.

Alone now, Thomas called up Claudia, who was very curious about what had happened, but even more interested in his suggestion of a third encounter. She made a point of telling him that she planned to drain him of every last drip of cum that night.

He couldn't wait for her to arrive, so he naturally offered to pick her up, and she was quite thrilled to accept his proposal.

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