tagFetishSam's CockTease Therapy Pt. 07

Sam's CockTease Therapy Pt. 07


As she led him by his dick into the large living room, he saw that there was an interesting setup of furniture in the center of the room, away from the main arrangement of couches and chairs on the sides. There was a high circular table with several high bar stools around it and some loveseats and ottomans gathered around it. It was almost set up in such a way that whoever was sitting in the loveseats would have a nice view of whoever was sitting in the barstools...

She led him over there and plopped herself down on one of the barstools, and it was so high that she was barely lower than when she was standing. She was still holding his dick in the palm of her hand. He stood in front of her, his body available for the taking, and she wasted no time before proceeding to the next phase of the evening's little activity...

"You, my dear, have entirely too many clothes on." She purred. "Here, let's do something about that." She added firmly but sweetly.

Before Sam knew what was happening she had slipped her fingers into his pants and unbuttoned the button, unzipping them and pulling them and his underwear down in one quick assertive motion. She pulled him forward by his dick, guiding him closer to her as she told him to step out of them. When he did, he felt a sudden rush of vulnerability as he instantly became aware of his nudity, standing there in front of her, fully exposed with his hardon in her hand.

She kicked his pants and underwear away with a swift motion of one of those sexy boots, as if she didn't care where they went. She let go of his dick and gave him the once-over her smoky eyes again, and she had a slight smirk on her face as she inspected him standing there in his state of heightened sexual arousal.

"Have a seat, sugar, and check out the view!" She said matter-of-factly, putting both hands on his chest and pushing him just a bit backwards, causing him to fall down onto an ottoman. She giggled at the sight of him helplessly falling back onto it. She looked down at him, right in front of her but also beneath her now, and she watched as his eyes naturally moved over every inch of her shiny black boots.

She looked down at his erect cock as it stood straight up at attention for her, and then she slowly reached out with one of those deliciously sexy black boots and gently prodded his hardon around with the edge of the sole. Sam's eyes rolled up into his brain as she softly manipulated his erection, poking it back and forth from both sides, letting it flop around as she casually toyed with it.

After another minute of this, she lifted up both boots and rested them on each of his knees, pushing on them and spreading them apart some more so he was completely held in place. As she spread his legs, hers spread too, and his eyes moved up the length of her boots.

His gazed continued moving upwards, moving up her thighs and ending on the outline of her pussy underneath those teeny tiny shiny black booty shorts. His erect cock stuck straight up as she gazed down at him, and she held him in that position as she laid some more details about herself on the table.

"Now then Sam, I do believe you are becoming a little more familiar with my teasing games, aren't ya sweetie!" She smiled knowingly as she put a bit more pressure on his knees with her boots, spreading his legs apart more until they were just on the edge of hurting.

The physical aspect of her assertion of superiority over him was undeniable, and he felt completely helpless, like a small mouse being toyed with by a big cat. And he simply could not tear his eyes away from her; her gaze was penetrating him deeply at this point and he was helpless to escape it.

He didn't respond to her provocative statement so she just continued, "Yes, Sam, what you may have suspected about me is true. I AM into female domination! I enjoy attracting men to me, sexually arousing them, and then seducing and enslaving them to do my bidding. And I bet you didn't know that dominating men doesn't have to be about bondage and inflicting pain; it can be about sensual teasing and seduction too! I mean, I bet you didn't know it before, but I think maybe you're starting to understand it now, aren't ya sugar!"

Sam just nodded as she led him along, revealing her fetishistic desires to him more fully. He was simply eating out of the palm of her hand at this point, she knew it full well and she was loving every minute of it!

So she continued, "And I think you might have been wondering how I know so much about this kind of thing, right? Well...I suppose I can tell you now. You see, I took some time off after my freshman year in college to work at a private gentleman's club that specializes in female domination. In fact, I spent four years working there, and there were many different little activities that I learned about, some of which I have already been demonstrating for you this week. Yes, hon, I had lots of practice playing the kinds of sexual games I wanted to learn about and explore, and you know what they say...practice makes perfect!"

Sam's head was reeling as this fabulous goddess revealed herself to him in this way, and suddenly all the things she was doing started to make sense. She really WAS into at female domination, she really DID have experience with the sexy teasing games she had been setting up and enjoying with him! Wow, this really was a dream come true...

And she continued, every sentence coming out of her mouth at this point just simply blowing Sam's mind. "Some of the girls there were real Dominatrixes, tying men up, whipping them and spanking them. But there were other girls...girls like me...that were very much into the softer side of things. Teasing, tantalizing, and seducing men was our way of making them do everything we wanted. And you know what else? Certain guys, guys like YOU I think, seemed to like our way better!"

Vivi paused once again, letting her words sink in to Sam's mind some more, sensing that he was on complete sensory overload. She was about to lay it all on the line, but before she did, she knew just what to do. So she looked down at him with a knowing smile and then slowly reached down toward the hem at the bottom of her gorgeous fluffy white sweater.

"You wanna see what's underneath this honey?" She said with that sticky-sweet tone of voice that Sam was starting to love. He just nodded, in a complete trance of arousal, obedience and devotion.

"All right then," she answered, and took hold of the bottom of the sweater with both hands, those gorgeous blood-red nails grasping the delicate stretchy furry fabric. Her eyes twinkled as she paused, purposely making him wait for a moment and then slowly, almost magically, she started to pull it farther up.

She wiggled her upper body a little, slowing down the motion of pulling the sweater up and over her boobs. She then continued to lift it up and over her face, being careful not to let it make contact with her heavy makeup. She lifted up her arms, sliding it up over them and off it came.

Sam's eyes fixated on the sensual appearance of the angora, admiring its fluffy white feminine softness. Then she just smiled even more broadly as she noticed him staring at it and she held it out before his eyes, dangling the fabulously furry item right in front of his face for a moment, letting it sway back and forth slowly.

He was mesmerized watching it, and she loved seeing him so fixated on it, so she delighted in keeping his gaze focused on it for a while. And then, as he continued to watch the spectacle of her dangling it between her red-nailed claws, she simply dropped it right onto his throbbing erection, lifting her hand away in a very dainty fashion. He took a quick breath in as the heavenly soft furry angora enveloped his highly sensitized member.

He stared at her in a haze of his own arousal, his eyes quickly inspecting her, now fully revealed to him. Sure enough, there was the sexy black fishnet top she had shown him in her pics during the week. Now, however, she wasn't wearing a bra underneath, and her fantastically large and round breasts were fully exposed. Her nipples poked straight through the fishnet material, and she noticed him fixating on them, so she moved her shoulders back and slowly thrusted her chest forward, taking in a long, slow deep breath.

His mouth fell open at the sight of her doing that, and he could feel the drool starting to pool under his tongue. His cock twitched and as it did, the furry angora rubbed gently against it, causing it further sensuous pleasure. Vivi slowly pivoted her upper body a little, swaying those big boobs around, jiggling them seductively in the black fishnet top she wore, and his cock twitched again in response.

He kept staring at them, so she decided to taunt him with them. "You like them, sugar? You like my titties??" She asked as she smiled knowingly and continued to jiggle her boobs back and forth, swaying them around in one larger motion and then giving them a smaller little wiggle.

"Yeah..." he panted, completely fixated and quite hypnotized at this point.

Then Vivi pointed at the soft furry sweater smothering his erection and questioned playfully, "And you like THAT too, don't you! You like the way it feels on your dick??" She smiled broadly, as this was one of those questions that had an all-too-obvious answer - but she loved asking it anyway.

"YEAH!" Sam exclaimed, louder and more enthusiastically.

"Yeah??" she questioned with a bit of a mocking tone, "Don't you mean 'Yes Vivi'?"

Her minor correction of his behavior was sweet but sudden, and he found himself obeying her without even thinking. "Yes, Vivi", he panted meekly as the feelings of her gentle sexual control overtook him.

He was in utter heaven as everything she said and every move she made caused a response in his cock, and each time it twitched, the furry angora provided the softest and gentlest stimulation he had ever felt. And then...THEN she went ahead and made her proposition.

"So, now that you know the truth about me, I think it's time you made a decision. I am interested in seducing and teasing you, and I think I have made it quite clear that I am fully capable of engaging you in the most erotic sexual fantasies you have ever imagined. So my ongoing proposal is this: for this semester, you will take responsibility for all my work in Calculus. If you do that, I can promise you I will take you and indulge my most erotic, dominant sexual teasing fantasies with you. If they are your fantasies too, I think we can come to a mutually enjoyable arrangement..."

As she spoke she reached out with her spike heeled boot and gently prodded his erection through the fluffy white fur, and his eyes rolled up in his brain as the exquisite pleasure took control of him. She used the boot toe to poke it from side to side, making sure the soft angora rubbed his erection gently, and then she caught his cock between the sole of her boot and his tummy and began gently rubbing it in a circle, round...and round...and round...

Sam's arousal went through the roof at this point, and he opened his eyes again and gazed upon the sight of her teasing him right out his mind. He looked down and watched her kinky boot rubbing and massaging his erection with the fluffy angora fur, and it was the most incredibly erotic thing he had ever seen.

She was dressed like a total dominatrix and yet she was granting him deliciously exquisite sexual pleasures without even a hint of pain. And he was barely comprehending what she was saying to him, but it didn't matter...he WAS going to do everything she said!

And then she leaned over and stared into his eyes, telling him, "But if you are not interested in pursuing this with me, if you don't want me to tease and tantalize you every weekend or whenever I please, then you may get up, put your clothes on and leave right now. I'm sure I can find someone else to help me with my schoolwork..."

Sam didn't need to think about it. He nodded frantically and blurted out, "No please, Vivi, I'll do it, I'll do anything you say!" She smiled down at him and casually tucked her boot under the fluffy fur sweater and slowly lifted it up and off the tip of his cock. Sam's eyes rolled back into his head again as she took it away from him, letting the sensuous fabric slide up and off the top of his cock. She flipped it up with her boot and caught it in her long-nailed fingers in one practiced motion.

"Yes, you little darling, I KNOW you will!" She said, her tone of voice just plain oozing with confidence.

Sam eyed the furry-soft sweater as she took it away from him, and his desire to have it back on his aroused erection was unbelievable. He had never felt anything that fluffy and feminine on his cock before, even when he was flaccid, let alone when he was aroused and erect. And he could only think of the one thing he wanted: MORE!

"Now then, Sammie-boy," she said as she dangled the gorgeous angora sweater in front of his eyes some more, "now that we have THAT established, there's just one more thing we need to discuss. We need to have a little talk about your masturbation." She smiled as she leaned forward, holding the sweater up in one hand while stroking it with the other.

She continued, "I know you've been playing with yourself and thinking about me. And I already told you how much I like thinking about you doing it. But now I want to SEE you do it for me! Would you do that for me baby?"

Sam just nodded, never having been confronted by anything so blatantly erotic and kinky before, he was simply beside himself. And Vivi liked that!

She continued, her voice dripping with suggestion, "Maybe if you play with yourself for me, I'll drop this sexy furry angora back on that naughty dick of yours and you can rub it alllll over..."

Sam felt like his head was going to explode. And without thinking, or even being aware of it, he mindlessly began stroking his erection. Vivi's eyes lit up as she opened them wide, her smile revealing her gleaming white teeth. She stared down at him stroking for her with a triumphant look on her face.

"Oh yeahhhh...that's it, sugar, just like that! Stroke that cock for me and I'll give this back to you!!" She cooed as she showed the fluffy-soft white sweater to him again, dangling it right in front of his face some more. His eyes stayed focused on it as he obeyed her instructions, and after a few more moments she giggled and slipped one hand inside it. Then she bunched it up a little with her other hand and reached out with it, rubbing it right in his face!

"Such a gooood boooooy!" She cooed sweetly, making it clear that him doing what she wanted excited and pleased her.

The soft angora making contact with this body again made him inhale sharply, and he could smell her seductive perfumed scent on it. She rubbed it around in his face like that for a few seconds before simply letting go of it, causing it to fall back down right onto his erection again. Sam inhaled suddenly as it once again made contact with his hyper-sensitized erection.

"Hands off!" She ordered, the firmness of her tone of voice catching him by surprise. He slipped his hands out from under the white fur, putting them back at his sides. Again his cock twitched and throbbed gently and the sensations of the slow movement on the sensuous angora fur gave him more delicious teasing pleasure.

"There now, you see? All you have to do is do everything I say, and if you do, you will be rewarded!"

Again she took the toe of her shiny black boot and lightly teased his erection through the white angora fur some more, making sure the pressure was very gentle and wasn't enough to really stimulate him to orgasm. This was a good thing, because Sam could feel his balls tightening up close to his body as his throbbing member slowly approached the point of no return.

Suddenly she stopped, sliding the boot toe back under the sweater and lifting it off him again, tossing it skyward where she caught it with her red-nailed claws. She smiled as she slowly slid the sweater back onto her upper body, plucking at it again so that it fit just the way she wanted.

Sam just sat there with his cock twitching and throbbing, in quite simply the most heightened state of arousal he had ever experienced. Since she was wearing it again, it was clear it wouldn't be rubbing on his dick anymore, at least not that night! But still...he wanted more of it quite badly...which was the point!

Vivi looked down at him triumphantly as he shamelessly ogled her body some more, his eyes darting all over her, not knowing where to go next and drinking in every inch of her! She mercilessly posed and preened for him, lifting up both hands to hold her hair up away from her neck and shoulders and pouting her lips, licking them seductively with the tip of her wet, glistening tongue.

And then she let her hair fall down beautifully over her shoulders and cleavage and wrapped her sensuous red-nailed fingers around her breasts, squeezing them softly through her furry white sweater while he watched.

Without thinking, he started to play with himself some more, but when she looked down at his cock she could see that the head had turned purple and the veins on his shaft looked like they were about to burst. She giggled and cooed, "Ooo, just look at that naughty dick of yours, sweetie! I really do love making it behave like that, but if you keep playing with it I bet it's just gonna cum all over the place, " and she paused and winked, adding, "and we can't have THAT, now can we! At least...not yet..."

Sam stopped stroking without directly being told, which delighted Vivi, so she just looked down at him and said sweetly, "Now then...I think that's enough teasing for you tonight, you naughty boy. So go fetch your clothes, honey, and go home. I'll send you my assignments for the week...and I'll see you next weekend!"

Sam obeyed as she stood up and pranced out of the room, her hot behind mesmerizing him once again as he stared at in fascination. He sat there for another minute with his erection pulsing in response to the expert cock tease she had administered so wonderfully. But he knew not to touch it; he knew if he did he probably wouldn't be able to stop, and he knew that wasn't what Vivi wanted...so he didn't do it.

Instead he just waited for it to stop twitching and he stood up, found his clothes and got dressed, leaving his erect dick sticking straight up in his underwear as her left her apartment with his mind reeling...

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This is just perfect, really erotic teasing, loving every word, exactly how I’d loved to be treat by a dominant woman.

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