tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam's Outing Ch. 02

Sam's Outing Ch. 02


Sam stood in front of Christine's apartment on the bottom floor. She knocked lightly while frantically looked about for any onlookers. Within seconds the door swung open and there stood Dan, Christine's boyfriend.

"Hi Sam." Dan exclaimed and Sam just pushed past him inside. "Won't you come in." He said closing the door. Quickly turning to look at the naked girl.

"Is Christine here? I kinda need her help." She exclaimed.

"I'd say. No. She went to the store, why are you naked?" He asked.

"Fucking Anita stole my dress and keys. I need some clothes, would Christine mind if I borrowed some?" She asked trying to hide her privates and blushing face.

"Christine will not let me near her clothes, no one borrows them. Sorry. But you could wait and ask her when she gets back." He said.

"That would be great." She said sitting down on the couch, Dan came and joined her. She fidgeted a little under his gaze. Dan looked away.

"Sorry. Just tell me everything." He said looking away from Sam's naked form.

Sam spilled it all, what she had done to Anita, how the fight went down, about the boys chasing her and losing her panties in front of the two families. Even about the older man who forced her to show it all. Even the offer she gave, that's when she noticed the growing bulge in Dan's pants. She knew what she was doing to him now, and she was getting all horned up being naked around him. In fact, somewhere during the story she had stopped covering herself and her hand had been teasing her pussy lips.

"That sucks. You know, I've always wanted to see you naked." Dan said, swallowing hard after saying it. Obviously nervous.

"Well, what's a look gonna hurt? Everyone else has seen me today, go ahead and look." Samantha said putting her hands to her side and spreading her legs a little.

Dan turned slowly and looked her up and down taking in every inch of her milky white skin. He looked closely at her mound, leaning his head closer. He could tell she was moist and extended a finger. He slowly slid his finger up her pussy lips and Sam shuddered. He looked her in the eyes and Sam said, "I want to suck your dick."

Dan wasted no time in unzipping his pants and Sam slid off the couch onto the floor. She grabbed his underwear and helped him pull his pants and underwear all the way off. His cock bounced, fully erect. It was quickly caught in Sam's hand and began stroking his shaft slowly. She licked the tip and slowly slid his cock down her throat. She worked on his cock for only a few minutes, making loud slurping sounds. So loud that neither of them heard the car door shut or the front door being unlocked. Sitting in Christine's floor sucking her boyfriend's cock, Sam worked her fingers in her pussy and moaned. The front door swung open and the sound of grocery bags hitting the floor rung out in the room. A stunned Sam pulled Dan's cock out of her mouth and turned to see an enraged Christine at the door, unfortunately that's the time that Dan unleashed his load. All over Sam's face, it almost looked intentional.

"What the FUCK!" Christine said moving quickly to grab Sam's arm.

"Wait!" Sam tried to explain but was quickly flung out the front door, it slamming and locking behind her. She didn't fall, but stumbled forward waving her arms to catch her balance. In the parking lot in front of her, a group of about five guys, construction workers on break, talking. They had yet to notice her and she ducked in front of Christine's car. As she looked around the car at the group of men, her hair was pulled from behind. Then she was turned face to face with Christine, her eyes filled with rage.

"That's my man's cum you have on your face Ho!" Christine yelled, and the construction workers instantly turned to see Christine pulling Sam up by her hair. Sam flailing about. Christine was a nurse and quickly restrained Sam, holding her arms together behind her back and making her stand on the tips of her toes. "We are gonna go see those guys over there Sammy."

"Please no." Sam begged, but Christine walked her out from the coverage of the car and towards the group of guys. Sam wriggled and fought but Christine had a tight grasp. "Please. Please. Please." Sam repeated as they slowly approached the guys who were already getting a great look. When they were only inches away, Sam had shut up and was just wriggling. Christine held her with one hand and used the other to make her look at the guys.

"That's my boyfriend's cum on her face. What should I do with this bitch whore?" Christine asked the guys who were getting an eyeful and Sam felt two different hands on her breasts, she struggled to get away but couldn't break free. She felt fingers reaching for her clit.

"In your own house?" One of the men asked.

"Yeah, imagine the nerve of that." Christine said.

"Please... Let me..." Sam pleaded trying to wriggle away.

"Shut up Bitch! You've no say in this." Chritine said and twisted Sam's nipple until she screamed out in pain.

"Well, first of all." The guy said wiping the cum up onto his finger and putting it to Sam's mouth. "Waste not want not."

Sam wiggled her head trying to keep it away.

"Eat it bitch or I'll beat your fucking ass." Christine said firmly and Sam opened her mouth allowing the guy to place his cum soaked finger in her mouth. She sucked the salty liquid off his finger and he gathered more up. He fed her the cum until her face was clean. When it was clean, Christine forced her to her knees.

"Now suck his dick." Christine said and Sam let the tears roll down her cheeks, knowing there was no way out of this.

"Sorry, we don't have time for that. Gotta get back to work, but it's been fun." He said and the other guys walked away.

Sam sighed. "Oh we aren't done bitch!" Christine said as she walked Sam to her car. Christine forced Sam into the passenger seat and slammed the door engaging the Child Lock on the passenger door. Sam was panicking, she knew how dangerous Christine was and that if she didn't do what Christine said she could really be hurt. Chritine quickly got in and started the car. They pulled out and started driving down the side street, Sam desperately trying to cover herself from all the cars around them.

"Put your titties on the glass." Christine said and Sam shuddered at the cold tone in her voice. Sam turned to the passenger side window and pressed her breasts against the glass. She knew disobedience would not be tolerated, Christine had a notorious temper. Sam held back sobs and tears as she was showing her tits to anyone that would look. She heard cars honk and people whistle for several blocks. However sitting up like this, Sam had no idea where they were going. They made several turns as Christine stewed in total silence.

Sam wondered what was wrong with her. Dan had told her that Christine was only at the store, could she really not control herself as her ex had said. Her ex had left her on the verge one night and went to the store, when he got back she was making out with his little brother. Maybe they were right, maybe she was a sex addict. Even this embarrassment had her pussy soaking wet. She reached a hand down and began toying with her clit. Everything was fine until she let out a moan. Christine instantly noticed what she was doing.

"Oh.. You bitch. This isn't supposed to be fun." Christine said even further enraged. "Stop it right now. Sit down right, in fact sit on your hands." Sam followed orders as expected. Christine backhanded Sam in her left tit, Sam flew forward and let out a yelp. "Close your eyes and keep them closed."

Sam clinched her eyes shut and waited in silence. They drove for a while before she felt the car come to a stop and the motor stop. Sam started to open her eyes.

"Keep them closed bitch!" Christine said and Sam slammed them shut quickly. She heard Christine get out of the car and slam her door. Then she heard her open the passenger side door and felt her grab her arm. She felt concrete on her feet as she was pulled out and the door was shut behind her. Christine immediately held her arms behind her back just like before. She walked her down the concrete path until she could feel grass under her feet.

"Turn around, on your knees, hands behind your head." Christine said and Sam obeyed orders. She sat there in the silence listening to the cars for what seemed like hours but was probably only a few minutes. When she opened her eyes, Christine was nowhere around and she was in a small wooded area in the median of the highway. Cars whizzed by all around her, but none could see her in the foliage. She sat there crying for a moment, wondering what she was going to do.

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