tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam's Outing Ch. 03

Sam's Outing Ch. 03


Sam sat in the small shrubbery on her knees, her hands covering her eyes that were flowing tears. She just wanted the day to be over, she was in way over her head at this point. Before today, only her boyfriends and guys she had decided to sleep with, had seen her naked. Her own father hadn't seen her naked since she was in diapers. This was horrifying to her. Sam couldn't comprehend the situation she was in. Sitting on her knees in a small patch of foliage on the median splitting the highway for less than a block, and not a stitch of clothing on. Her nudity had her frozen staring at herself, just to study up. She stared at her nude feet, the sandals lost running back to her apartment. She followed her legs up to where the hem on her sundress was, just below the knee, lost to that bitch Anita and with it, the keys to her apartment. Sam looked at her finely trimmed bush, her panties probably in one of the frat boys pockets. She stared at her breasts, she hadn't worn a bra in about a month. It was all part of her dressing more sexy reform, a lot of her favorite new dresses were backless, making a bra impossible and so she just simply hadn't been wearing one. If she had, she would have most likely never lost her panties in the first place. She would have most likely taken her neighbor's aid and been in her apartment and eating breakfast. Her stomach lurched,

'Oh god, Breakfast.' Sam thought. She hadn't even eaten yet, and she had done a lot of running. Her stomach was aching for something to eat, odd thing to be motivated by to move, but it worked for her. Sam approached the edge of the foliage and peered through to see a small patch of grass and the highway. The patch of grass between her and the shoulder was approximately two feet. She watched the cars whizz by, two or three cars a second. Her stomach churned with butterflies and the fear was on again in full swing. She would be seen. By many, many people. She was wracked with anxiety, the reality of what she would have to do poured on thick. She shivered for minutes and then she noticed the cars slowing down. Sam looked to the left down the highway.

'Oh God, a wreck.' She thought to herself. 'I've got to move now.' Sam made a mad dash from the foliage and down the shoulder, it's too bad she didn't exit on the other side. The traffic was heading towards her and steadily slowing down. The line of parked cars was slowly catching up to her and that's when she noticed the red light ahead, it was where the two major highways in town merged, she had to wait for the light in the nude. She put the thought into her head, that when she got to the light she wouldn't cover up. It's the only way she can get away with this, if she tries to cover up people will be offering help and god knows what else. If she didn't cover up, she figured people would be too stunned to try and do anything to her. It made sense, if only to her twisted mind. She even slowed to a jog. She stopped at the light and simply pushed the walk button, a whole line of stopped cars beside her. Luckily the woman next to her was trying not to look, but she thought perhaps her newly fond boldness had paid off. Or at least she convinced herself it was so. The light changed and the walk sign kicked on, the parked cars from the wreck were only two car lengths away from the light. Sam decided to walk, not run across the street. She started down the asphalt crosswalk, trying to walk fast, but struggling with the rough asphalt on her feet. It was hot, really hot, and her feet were burning. It must have been about lunch time and instead of eating, Sam was crossing a major US Highway completely nude in broad daylight.

When Sam had made it across the street, a whole new problem presented itself. In front of her was a highway lined with small stores and gas stations. But, no cover to speak of, no trees or bushes. Since she had started walking so boldly, she felt as though she couldn't very well start running again. Besides, her strategy seemed to be working, no one had slowed or stopped. There were a few hoots and honks, but that was it. Were people really afraid to approach a naked stranger? She had heard the theory before, but never put any stake in it until now. So, she boldly kept walking on the side of the highway until it turned into a sidewalk. She began to feel empowered and when the first street came up, she didn't dash down it. Instead she brasenly kept walking determined now to get to her parents. Sam strolled past a gas station, the pumps were full and heads were all turned to her. Everyone stared her down in complete shock, she kept her head up as she passed by a small furniture store. Then, an empty lot for a bar. Next to it was a McDonald's, her nerves were shaken as she had to wait for a car full of guys pulled into the parking lot. It was becoming more and more like the city. She saw a cop up on the highway rush by with it's lights on and the fear tried to creep back on. What if she got arrested? But, that didn't scare her really, at least it would be over then. She may have been acting brave, but inside she was struggling with her pure nudity. She had never imagined that so many people were seeing her naked.

Another stressful walk lay ahead, she was about to pass an apartment complex. People were outside barbecueing, several of them. It was Sunday and closer to afternoon than she would have prefered. As she approached the complex the people barbecueing rushed to the sidewalk. Sam forced herself to smile as she approached them. One of the guys shouted, "Damn baby, you smokin' hot."

"Thank you hun." She said trying not to let her voice quiver or show her overwhelming fear.

"Can we take a picture with you?" One of the other guys said after being nudged by his friend. Stuck in between a rock and hard place again. If she declines, they could become sex crazed, however she didn't want her naked body on some guys facebook page. She decided to go with the lesser of two evils.

"Sure hon." She said trying to be bold. She put her arms around the two guys and each of them put a hand on her ass. She didn't let it bother her though, as their third friend was snapping pictures with his iPhone.

"Thank you. This is by far the craziest thing that has ever happened to me." One of the guys said as they stepped away from her.

"No problem honey. Enjoy the view." She said walking away with a newly charged sense of courage. She finished up the apartment complex and even stopped a couple of times to pose for invisible cameras.

However her newly found bravery was shaken to it's foundation by a car pulling off the access road into a gas station in front of her. Her hands moved to cover her nudity and she had to fight them to stay in place, she had to force her legs to move forward. She hadn't noticed that it had been the car from earlier or that they had just turned around in the parking lot. At least not until it pulled up in front of her in the parking lot, the passenger side window rolled down and there Anita sat.

Anita held up the ripped dress and Sam's keys. "Missing something puta!" Anita said.

"Give it back!" Sam screamed and Anita quickly rolled the window up to only a small crack.

"Get in the back and I'll give you your keys back." Anita replied. Sam looked around trying to decide, she noticed everyone in the gas station was staring at her and decided this was the best idea. She climbed into the back seat and shut the door. Immediatly the car began moving.

"Here." Anita said tossing a key to Sam.

"What's this?" Sam said picking it up.

"A key, if you want more, there are things you'll have to do for me." Anita said holding the keychain containing the other five keys.

"But this is just the key to my bank lockbox." Sam said.

"Well, I don't know what key is your house key. So you'll have to do something for me to get another shot at your house key." Anita explained.

"What do I have to do?" Sam asked in forfeit.

"Good, we're going to the park." Anita said and Sam swallowed hard.

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