tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSam's Outing Ch. 04

Sam's Outing Ch. 04


As Sam sat in the backseat of the car, her stomach was in turmoil. She was starving even through all the embarrassment and excitement of the day. She tried to understand why she had ever been these girls' friend. She sat there pondering the beginnings of their friendships and how silly they were. For Sam and Anita, they were fifteen the first time they met. At the time, they had shared a hatred for Coach Prichard. He was an unruly dickhead, but he also bore witness to Anita's nudity more than once. Even then, it was no secret that Anita had an exhibitionist streak. Sam could clearly think back to one time about two months after she had met Anita.

Anita came to Sam in the locker room while they were changing.

"We're having a soccer game on the field today." Anita said standing over Sam who was tying her shoes. Anita was wearing a grey loose fitting t-shirt, her grey athletic shorts (They weren't much longer than her hips.), ankle socks and low top cleats.

"Yeah, I hear the boys are pissed because we're cutting into football practice." Sam said in agreement now dressed in roughly the same outfit, but with knee high socks. Sam was putting her long brown hair into a pony tail but stopped dead in her tracks when Anita spoke.

"I want you to try and pull me down to the ground by my shirt out there." Anita said suspiciously.

"Why?" Sam inquired hesitantly.

"Just do it okay?" Anita insisted.

"Fine, whatever." Sam said as she made her way to the field, Anita following close to her.

When they got to the field, it was muddy and on the outside of the field was the track where the guys were running. Not just a few guys either, it was all the high school guys. Freshmen all the way to seniors, the entire football entourage was there. They all quit running when the girls filed onto the field. Sure enough, Sam and Anita were put on the same team. Sam was actually nervous just playing soccer in front of all these guys in these skimpy attires. But somewhere after both teams had scored a goal in the second quarter, it happened.

Sam and Anita were running side by side, Sam kicked the ball with great force sending it hurdling towards the goal, but lost her footing and grabbed Anita by the back of her shirt, just as she was asked. The shirt instantly gave way, but that wasn't the only thing, her shorts ripped into shreds with Sam's hand as well. Anita wasn't wearing anything underneath at first she acted like she did't notice and tried to help Sam get to her feet ignoring the many excited sounds from the guys watching. It wasn't until Sam said something that Anita tried in vain to cover up. Guys were all around the field, literally. If she covered her boobs and bush, her ass was bared, if she covered her ass her tits were bared. She alternated for a few moments until the girls huddled around her with the Coach and Ref.

"Jesus Christ! What happened?"Coach Prichard said firmly.

"Sam fell onto me and my clothes came off sir." Anita explained.

"Why ain't you wearing any god damned underwear girl?" Coach Prichard yelled at her.

"I don't like to get them all sweaty during P.E. sir." Anita explained, knowing how to talk to him, but still struggling to cover up.

"Where's her damned clothes?" He bellowed.

"Right here sir." Sam said holding up the pile of cloth she had picked up off the ground.

Coach Prichard inspected the clothes and noticed several scissor cuts on the shirt at vital seems and a very obvious cutting of the elastic on her shorts. "Did you cut these to rip apart?" He asked in a tone that signified he couldn't believe what he was asking.

"Yes sir." Anita replied with her head down now trying to cover her face as well.

"Well, what do you think we should do now?" He asked with a scowl.

"I don't know." She mumbled.

"I should make you play out the rest of the game bareback." He said coldly and Anita shook her head no. "But, since you weren't alone, Sam give her your shorts and shirt. You can play in your underwear."

"But, I didn't know anything about it, I just fell and grabbed her. I didn't know her clothes were coming off sir, honestly."Sam pleaded trying to get out of it.

"Is this true?" He asked Anita who was glaring at me.

"Yes sir." Anita said in fear.

Coach Prichard grabbed her arm revealing her breasts. "We're going to the principal's office young lady. Coach Steiner, please take over." Prichard said while dragging Anita through the crowd of boys too quickly for her to be able to cover up. Sam didn't see her for the rest of the day, but Anita would tell her later that she had to ride home nude as well. She waited in the principal's office for an hour and a half for her parents and then got a good lecturing before they dragged her home.

"Quit covering up bitch!" Anita's voice echoed from the front seat bringing Sam back to reality. Sam realized that she had instinctively covered her vital areas and she immediately dropped her hands to her side. "As a matter of a fact, tits on the glass." She added.

Sam pressed her tits against the window again feeling the cold glass pressed against her tits and showing them to whomever could see them. That was until her window began rolling down. It rolled down until her tits hung out the window and then went back up until her tits were sitting on the window and hanging out it.

"That's better." Anita said. Then she heard Sam's stomach growl. "Oh someone has never eaten breakfast huh? Don't worry we'll get something to eat before we get to the park. Pull into that Sonic."

They pulled the little dodge neon into a Sonic on the right, they drove around once with Sam's tits hanging out the window, but couldn't find an empty stall. They pulled around and parked, there was a speaker on the patio with some picnic tables. There were some college boys there hanging out and eating. They were already focused on their car trying to figure out if those were really tits. Little did they know they would soon find out for sure.

"Alright, go order me a number one, dry with no pickles, fries, and a drpepper to drink. And whatever you want." Anita said holding out a twenty dollar bill. Sam's heart began racing and pounding as she grabbed the twenty dollar bill. The college boys were already twisting around to see what was happening when her tits withdrew into the window.

"Please. Don't make me do this, haven't I been through enough?" Sam pleaded.

"Fuck No Bitch! My parents are getting a divorce over your little slutty ass. I could just take the money and leave your naked ass here." Anita said grabbing the twenty and Sam's hand.

"No, Please No. I'll do it. I will."Sam said on the verge of tears. Anita released her.

"Yeah, well good. Do it now and smile." Anita ordered.

Sam put a forced smile on her face and opened the car door.

Sam was immediately greeted with hoots and whistles when she exited the car, she knew this was a bad idea, but she didn't have much room to argue. The college guys were dumbfounded and just sat in shock as she approached the speaker. Her hand was shaking as she was sure the rest of her body was as she reached out and pressed the button to order. The carhops were zooming by not even looking at her; it must be way too busy to worry about her naked state. It seemed like an eternity to Sam, standing naked and not allowed to cover herself, but finally.

"Welcome to Sonic, how may I help you?" Came a chipper voice from the speaker.

"Um... I need a number one with no pickles, fries and a Dr. Pepper." She said nervously.

"Would you like that large size?" The voice asked.

"No thanks. I also need a Jr. Deluxe Burger and a large Coke." She said visibly shivering.

"Alright I have a #1 with no pickles, fries, and a Dr. Pepper with a Jr. Deluxe Burger and a large Coke, can I get you any onion rings to go with that today?" The voice said back as the college boys were beginning to get curious.

"No, that's all." Sam said again stuttering.

"Okay, that'll be $9.41, and we'll have that right out." The voice exclaimed, leaving Sam feeling alone again, only this time the college boys were approaching her and surrounding her.

"So, you got an order you'll be waiting on. Would you like some company while you wait?" One of the boys said.

"No thanks guys, I'm kinda nervous." Sam said fidgeting about and standing on one foot then the other.

"Well, you've got a great body. We're just kind of wondering why you're out here ordering in the nude." One of the other boys said.

"I don't really have a choice."She said pointing towards the car and jumping as one of the guy's hands brushed her butt check.

"Oh I get it. You're a pledge and this is initiation. What house?" The boy said.

"Oh. Beta Pi. You know it." She said, digging into her repertoire of knowledge about the sororities on campus. Beta Pi was well known for very brutal initiation rituals.

"Ah Shit. I know it, in that case boys we better back off. We'll ruin her chances. If I know Beta like I think I do, she isn't supposed to be blocked from the view of anyone and right now she's hidden by us." He said and immediately Sam regretted that decision. She hadn't realized how well they were shielding her until they all sat back down. There she was again out in the open and everyone in their cars were getting an eyeful now. Luckily, the guys had helped pass some time and a carhop came out the front doors. She stopped dead in her tracks when she spotted Sam.

"Um.. You had a #1 with no pickles and a Jr. Burger?" She asked shocked at Sam's lack of attire.

"Mmm-hmm." Was all Sam managed to get out as she reached to take the bag of food and drinks. Sam gave her the money and took the cash change telling her to keep the coins. She headed back to the car, she pulled on the back door handle but it was locked.

Sam tapped on the passenger side window, Anita rolled it down.

"Oh is that my order?" She said waiting for Sam to hand her the bag. Sam submissively handed the bag in along with Anita's drink. "Oh thanks." Anita said unlocking the doors and Sam was almost immediately in the back seat. She sat back and dove into her burger damn near breathing the whole thing in. It seemed like it was going to be a long day. Anita tossed a key back only this one was for her mailbox.

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