tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 04

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 04


Monday morning Elizabeth Ann wakes up early. She throws the covers off herself and looks at her tanned, naked body.

Her dark nipples rise like twin towers in the center of chocolate cookies resting on amber orbs. Her waist is narrow; it's flatness broken only by her navel, which appears as a sensuous hollow that longs to be filled with syrupy cream. Her Venus mound is lightly covered with just enough black hair to entice one to explore her succulent, fertile valley. Her labia glisten with her juices and beacon one to dive deep into her lush vagina.

Her thoughts turn to the events of the day before. She closes her eyes and smiles. She is still basking in the sexual euphoria that Amy Michelle and her husband Richard introduced her to this past weekend. She reaches down and rubs her pussy with her right hand while her left hand massages her right nipple.

Then she thinks about everything they have taught her thus far about sex and becoming their sex slave. She frowns slightly. Yesterday evening she was positive that is what she wanted. But now, after spending a night alone in her own apartment and in her own bed, she is not so sure.

Yes, the sex with them was good, great in fact. But suddenly she is not so sure that she wants to commit herself to a life where she is fucked daily. She is not sure whether or not she wants to suck someone's dick or pussy every day. She wonders if Richard and Amy would accept her as a "weekend" sex slave.

But one thing she is sure of, she wants to continue going over to their house and learning about sex from them, things that her authoritarian mother would not let her learn as a teenager. She closes her eyes again as a wave of delight bathes her sensuous body.

Unexpectedly her phone rings. She answers it. It's Amy, the personnel manager for the medical supply company they both work for. Beth is the order checker.

"I'm on my way to your apartment now. Are you ready to go?" Amy asks her.

"Oh no!" Beth answers her in a panic, "I'm just getting up. I'm not dressed or had breakfast yet. I wasn't expecting you this early."

"That's OK. I know I'm early. In all the excitement of this past weekend I'd forgotten that I have some work to do at the office. Hope you don't mind getting to work a little early. We can pick up some sausage and egg biscuits or something at a fast food restaurant on the way to work."

"I don't have any problem with arriving early. I don't think my boss will mind," Beth answers her. "There are some orders that were pulled Friday that I haven't checked yet. I can use the time to check them."

"Great! Don't worry about Kevin; I'll square it with him. Then we can both get off a little early and head for SAMS Spa. By the way, didn't you tell me once that you used to be a member of a spa?" Amy inquires of her.

"Yeah, but it closed down last year. It seems that the owner skipped town leaving a lot of unpaid bills."

"Well SAMS Spa is owned by a group of people, none of whom are going to skip town."

"Are you one of the owners?"

Amy does not answer her. Instead she sidesteps the question, "As I told you yesterday evening, I know several of the owners. Richard and I frequently have them over to our house for parties and they sometimes go with us on vacations in our sailboat. We call it the Slave Galley. I can introduce you to some of them if you like?"

"OK, that sounds great," Beth responds wondering if these are the same people Richard and Amy have sex parties with. "But I've got to get dressed or we'll be late for work."

"OK, I'll be there in about ten minutes," Amy answers her and hangs up.

Beth hangs up and sits quietly for a couple of minutes. She wonders when she will tell Amy of her indecision on becoming her sex slave. She wonders if she has the courage to tell the domineering woman. Then she ponders Amy's connection with SAMS Spa and its members. There is something Amy isn't telling her and she makes a mental note to question her about it.

At the end of the day they change into jogging suits at work and then they go together in Amy's car to SAMS Spa. Amy directs her to one of the exercise rooms instead of the whirlpool bath they normally go to. Beth gets on one of the treadmills in this part of the spa; Amy is on the one next to her.

After about 30 minutes she tells Beth to go reserve some time in one of the saunas while she walks another 20 minutes. She reminds Beth to be sure to use both of their names. When Beth gets back Amy is not there, leaving Beth somewhat bewildered. She hopes Amy is only in the restroom or in one of the other exercise rooms.

After a minute or two her friend comes out of a door marked 'private.' An exercise counselor is with her. She says something to the counselor who nods yes and goes into one of the other rooms. Beth notices that Amy checked to make sure the door was locked before walking away from it.

"That's for special members," she tells Beth. "You pay extra for that."

"What's in there?" Beth inquires.

"Anybody can join the club, but you have to be invited by a member to join the special group. We only allow certain people to join. Before you are invited to join you have to undergo a rigorous background check."

"Ok but what do you get?"

"Quite a lot. For example, there are several rooms where you can have a private party and it doesn't cost anything to reserve the room. There are two private whirlpool baths and two private TV rooms. There are even a couple of rooms with beds and a private bath that you can stay in over night if you need to. It's just an all around better atmosphere than this part of the spa."

"That sounds nice," Beth comments.

"Some of the members refer to themselves as the elite and all the other members as the horde. Me, I just consider myself another member who likes privileges and doesn't mind paying a little extra for them."

"How much extra does it cost?"

"Not much, our annual dues is slightly higher. Robert the accountant is always telling the owners that we should be charged a higher fee then we are presently charged but . . ."

"Amy are you one of the owners of SAMS?"

"Yes I am darling. All the owners are also members of our sex club or haven't you realized that yet?"

"Yeah I kind of guessed that. How does one get invited to be a member?"

"You a little nymph," Amy exclaims. "You sure are anxious to get more of what Richard and I gave you this weekend."

Beth does not answer her. She just bows her head and blushes deeply.

"Don't worry about it. I've already entered your name. That's what I was doing in there. If you join, and I know you will, based upon my recommendation you're assured an invitation as an initiate."

"Thank you. That was nice of you. I appreciate it," Beth answers.

"Which sauna did you get for us?"

"It's number three over in the corner."

"Great, that's one of the better ones."

Once in the sauna Amy pulls off her tennis shoes and socks and then removes her jogging suit, sports bra and panties. She is tall; her legs are long, ending in a small, dark patch of curly pubic hair. She has a thin waist and her stomach is flat. She has small, firm breasts. Her nipples are erect, sticking out like two large caliber bullets.

Seeing Amy's naked body stirs feelings in Beth's own body that, even after spending this past weekend naked and having sex with her, she did not believe she possessed.

"Well, are you going to strip down too or do I have to do it for you?" Amy mockingly scolds her.

"Oh! I'm sorry. It's just that . . . I was looking at . . . You're beautiful Amy. I wish I had a body like yours. I'm not attractive at all."

"I believe you're beautiful and so does Richard. You've got a great waistline. I wish my tits were as full as yours. They're not too big or too little, like mine. Come on take off your clothes and let me see that sensuous garden of yours," she says, teasing the younger woman.

Beth blushes at the thought that another woman wants to see her naked body. She slips off her jogging shoes and socks and then unzips the sweat jacket she has on. Pulling it off, she throws it on top of her shoes and socks, trying not to let Amy see her nervousness at stripping in front of another woman. Her full breasts completely fill the light-blue lace bra she is wearing.

Then she removes her sweat pants. She has on light blue bikini panties. A few strands of her black pubic hair are sticking out from the sides. Before removing her bra and matching thong, she stands up facing Amy. She smiles timidly at Amy and pushes her shoulders back and her tits out. Then she reaches behind herself and unhooks her brazier. She throws it in the corner on top her other clothes and takes off her panties.

"You have a nice crop of black hair on your pussy Beth. It's not too thick, allowing me to just barely see your vagina lips. That's what I like. And I love your nipples. I'm surprised those horny toads in the warehouse aren't all over you, trying to cop a feel of them."

"Amy you're embarrassing me," Beth meekly answers her. "Stop it."

"I will not! Beth, you're a very beautiful woman. I'm jealous that my body isn't as well developed as yours. I know of a couple of guys besides Richard who would pay dearly to go to bed with you. Hey! I enjoy having sex with you myself. Didn't I prove that this past weekend?"

"Yeah I guess you did," Beth shyly answers her. "Other than you, I've only had sex with one other girl when I was in high school. Actually, it was more her having sex with me. I just let her lick my pussy and clitoris."

"Yes I know. You told me that in the interview when I hired you. Remember?"

"I had completely forgotten about it. What did I tell you?"

"Oh nothing, just that some jerk jilted you and then she took advantage of your hurt feelings. Enough of this, lie face down. I'm going to give you a massage."

"Amy you don't have to do that," Beth says as she lies down, putting her head on her folded arms.

"I want to Beth. You lie there while I turn the heat up in this thing. There's nothing like a relaxing massage while you're sweating it up in hot a sauna."

Amy kneels next to Beth's prone body and starts at the top of her neck, kneading her muscles with her long slender fingers. She works her way across Beth's shoulders and then to her upper back. She is working slowly so she can get Beth in a relaxed mood.

By now the heat from the sauna has both women's bodies dripping with perspiration. The sweat is acting as a lubricant. Amy continues massaging down Beth's lower back.

Beth closes her eyes and moans softly, letting the more experienced woman know that she is really enjoying the massage. She tells Beth to just relax as she has done this numerous times to other men and women as a prelude to sex. Beth asks Amy if she intends to have sex with her but Amy does not answer her. She knows that the sauna and her massage are raising Beth's level of desire.

She runs her hands up Beth's sides to her armpits and then back down again to her waist, pressing against her sweat drenched skin. She does this several times and then rubs her hands up and down Beth's wet back.

Both women's naked bodies are glistening from the sweat. Perspiration keeps falling from Amy's nipples onto Beth's sweaty back. The younger woman tells Amy how good the massage feels and asks her where she learned to massage like this.

Amy answers her by lightly, sensuously smacking her twice with both hands at the same time on her naked, sweat drenched ass cheeks. Then she says, "Where do you think silly? Didn't I just tell you that I have done this numerous times to both men and women as foreplay to sex? And in a hot sauna, it's even more erotic with your naked, sweaty body rubbing against your partner's naked, sweaty body."

Beth picks herself up on her elbow, giving Amy a surprised look. "Amy you're going to have sex with me, aren't you? You've planned this all along haven't you?"

"Darling, I'm not just going to have sex with you. I'm going to ravish your body like it has never been before, more so than this past weekend. I'm going to do things to your body today that you have never had done to you."

She pauses, giving Beth a sensuous look. Then, "I want to open up those passions that you have kept locked up inside you since high school. Now lie back down. I'm not finished with your massage."

Amy then smacks her hard two times on each cheek, leaving red marks on her sweaty ass. It is the first time anyone has ever spanked Beth in anticipation to sex. Beth lies back down and moans in expectation.

Next Amy tells Beth to open her legs just a little so that she can rub her thighs. She then kneels between Beth's calves. She wraps the fingers of both of her hands around Beth's left thigh just above her knee. She slides her hands up to her crotch and back down again. She repeats this several times picking up speed as though she is masturbating a huge cock. Each time she rubs up Beth's thigh, her right index finger touches against her perineum, raising Beth's arousal.

Meanwhile, the heat from the sauna continues to cause beads of sweat to form all over both women's naked bodies. Beth's perspiration is acting as a lubricant, helping Amy's hands glide easier. Amy's sweat is dripping onto Beth's back, ass and thighs. The heat from the sauna is raising the passions of them both.

Then Amy switches to the right thigh, masturbating it. With each up stroke Amy again touches Beth's perineum, sending little waves of euphoria surging throughout the younger woman's body. Beth's pussy is wet on the outside from the heat of the sauna and on the inside from the emotions building up in her.

Beth closes her eyes and basks in the pleasure Amy is delivering to her aching body. When she sees Beth open her mouth and lightly exhale in ecstasy, Amy then begins to rub her hands up and down her back again. She inches her body forward and straddles the top of Beth's thighs.

Amy presses her sweat drenched pussy lips against Beth's wet buttocks, gyrating her hips against Beth's ass cheeks. She continues to massage Beth's back, running her fingers up and down, pressing her palms against Beth's flesh. Each time she pushes forward, drops of sweat drip from her nipples onto Beth's back.

Amy continues to massage Beth's back with her hands while rubbing her pubic mound against Beth's cheeks. Beth again lets out a low moan. Both the massage and the heat from the sauna are having their effect on Beth; her womanhood is heating her up. Her eyes are closed in ecstasy and her face is flush with desire.

Amy Michelle suddenly stops the massage and moves away from Elizabeth Ann. When Beth complains in mock disapproval, she slaps the younger woman twice real hard on both of her ass cheeks and orders her to get up on all fours. Beth again questions Amy and she again whacks her twice real hard on her buttocks, leaving her cheeks red and stinging.

"I told you I'm going to rape you, didn't I? Now get on your hands and knees," she again callously orders Beth. Then she reaches for her gym bag.

Beth slowly, obediently gets up on her hands and knees. Amy's spanking her and tone of voice has confused her. "Amy, I don't understand . . . What's that?" She asks in horror as she sees the huge flesh colored, realistic looking strap-on dildo with internal plug that Amy has taken out of her gym bag.

"It's a strap-on dildo," Amy answers her as she inserts the plug into her own pussy and straps the harness onto her hips.

"I know what it is. You mean . . . you mean you're going to fuck me with that? It's too big!"

Ignoring her pleas, Amy takes a black leather flogger out of her gym bag and places it on the floor next to Beth.

"What are you going to do with that flogger? Amy I've never been spanked before." All of Beth's fears are coming to a crescendo.

"I know you haven't but you're going to get it good today. And I purposely didn't fuck you with this particular strap-on over the weekend because I wanted to wait until today to fuck you with it. It's a special dildo I use for my special sex slaves." Amy pauses, "or those I want to become my sex slave."

"Amy we don't have enough time to do anything like that," Beth weakly protests. "I only reserved this room for half an hour. There's only a few minutes left before we have to leave."

"We have all the time in the world honey. I reserved this particular room this morning just for us. Remember, I'm a special member. We have privileges. Besides, I'm an owner of SAMS Spa. I can stay as long as I like."

"Then why did you tell me to reserve a room?" Beth inquires.

"My telling you to go reserve a room was just to get you out of the way while I went into the owner's section to recommend you for an invitation for an initiate membership. This sauna we're in now is a special room. See the eyebolt in the wall and the two on the floor? Now quit stalling and turn around. I want to spank your ass some more and torture you before I rape you."

"Amy please don't rape me! I've never been raped before." Beth cries out.

Amy then grabs Beth's shoulders and pulls her to a kneeling position. She kisses Beth hard on her lips, forcing her tongue deep into the defenseless girl's mouth. With her left hand she begins to rub Beth's right breast and nipple while her right hand massages the younger woman's ass.

Beth's nipples become erect. Amy breaks the kiss and sucks on her left tit. Beth can feel Amy's dildo pressing against her stomach. She is rapidly giving in to her wanton passions. Beth leans her head back, closes her eyes and lets a low moan escape her throat.

Amy squeezes and twists her erect right nipple between her left thumb and index finger while she continues to suck on her left nipple. She pushes her knee in between Beth's legs, forcing them open and then she rubs her thigh against Beth's pubic mound. Next she thrusts her hips forward, pressing the huge dildo into the sex starved woman's navel. Another moan escapes from Beth.

Amy grabs Beth's shoulders again and turns her around. Then she picks up the flogger off the floor and smacks Beth hard several times on each buttock with it. "Get on your hands and knees!" she orders Beth.

Beth gets down on all fours. She looks over her shoulder as Amy takes some leather wrist cuffs attached to a 60 centimeter chain out of her gym bag. Beth opens her legs a little wider, exposing her pussy lips to Amy. Amy notices the movement and smiles wickedly. She knows that Beth longs to be brutally fucked.

"Bitch! You can do one of two things. You can put your clothes on and leave or you can put these chain cuffs on your wrists, manacle yourself to the wall and be my sex slave." She thrusts the stainless steel chain cuffs at Beth.

"Now which is it going to be? Are you going to leave and forever live a sexless life of boredom or are you going to submit to me and have the greatest sex a woman can have?"

Amy is introducing Beth to cutting edge bondage and discipline, domination and subjugation, sadism and masochism sex. She knows that the greater the suffering the sex slave endures then the greater the joy she will receive in her orgasm. Since this is Beth's first spanking, she wants it to make certain that Beth gets a particularly ecstatic orgasm and thus have an especially memorable introduction to BDSM sex.

The heat from the sauna, the massage, feeling Amy's sweaty body touching her own perspiration drenched body, the spanking, it has all had an effect on Beth.

Her pent up emotions, Amy's demand, even the juices of her cunt are telling her what to do. She longs to be violently fucked. She wants to be totally ravished by someone who knows what they are doing and will help her open her floodgates, someone who will not use her like some high school punk who is just trying to win a bet.

"I guess I'll be your slave," she says in resignation. Her sweat drenched body glistens in the dim light. She stares over her shoulder at the large dildo that is pointing at her fuck starved Venus mound. "Just don't hurt me. Please don't rape me."

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