tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 06

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 06


When growing up Veronica Rose was not a beautiful girl but neither was she an ugly girl. To be truthful, she would have been a lot better looking had she wore contact lens and quit wearing plain dresses. She has small breasts, no hips to speak of and her ass, well it's not something most normal men would ogle over.

If anyone wanted to get an idea of how Veronica looked all they needed to do was turn to the summer before she entered high school. Her older sister Victoria Alisa was home from an out of state college where she was working on her Master's degree in education. Upon seeing Vickie in a string bikini while washing her car a neighborhood boy asked Veronica how come her sister ended up with all the good looks.

Veronica answered the boy by telling him that Vickie's grade point average was not nearly as high as hers. Although this did nothing to help out Veronica's ego, it did seem to placate the boy somewhat.

It wasn't until her sophomore year in the Catholic high school she attended that she finally started wearing contacts and dressing better. This was due mainly to the influence of Yvette Yolanda, a black girl who started going to her school that year with whom she made friends. Dressing better made her look a whole lot sexier and got her a few more dates -- but not as many as her friend Yvette.

Then she lost her virginity in her senior year to a guy she thought she loved. But as it turned out, he was just another selfish stud trying to add as many notches to his bedpost as he could by fucking any girl who would go to bed with him.

She didn't blame him. All the signs of his chauvinism were there. She just ignored them until it was too late. However, she did dump him and then made a rule for herself that she would not go to bed with a guy just because he took her out on a date.

When she was in high school Veronica didn't mind having fewer dates on a Saturday night. It gave her many opportunities to play canasta with her maternal grandmother and she grew close to the caring woman.

Thus now that she is a little older and in a local college herself, when she arrives home the first thing Veronica does is to check in on her grandmother to ascertain whether or not she needs anything. Sometimes she will ask Veronica to go to the drugstore to pick up a prescription or go on some other kind of errand. But usually they just sit and chat a few minutes.

Veronica does not mind doing things for her grandmother as she dearly loves the elderly woman.

Veronica lives an apartment that is attached to the rear of her grandmother's house. It isn't much, consisting only of a kitchenette, living room, bedroom and bathroom. But it fills Veronica's needs at this time of her life.

She is also a receptionist for a small computer supply company. The pay isn't much but the health benefits are great. The company also pays for her tuition and books at college for any computer course she takes as long as she maintains a 'B' average. They even allow her to take off early every Tuesday and Thursday afternoon to attend classes.

She is majoring in computer graphics and hopes someday to work in the motion picture industry.

Today she and her grandmother just sit and talk. After about twenty minutes she asks Veronica to pick up a half gallon of Dutch chocolate ice cream the next time she goes to the store.

Veronica offers to go now but she tells her granddaughter that she still has some in the freezer, enough to last for a couple of days. Besides, she wants to take a nap and Veronica's returning with ice cream would only disturb her nap.

Veronica kisses her grandmother on the cheek and goes out the door toward her apartment in the rear of the house. As she is walking down the long driveway toward her apartment, her lover Jack pulls up in a stretch white limousine.

"Does your boss know that you're driving around in one of his limos, looking for hot girls to pickup?" She teasingly asks him when he gets out.

"You're the only girl I want to pickup; you know that Babe. And yes he knows that I'm driving around in this." He kisses Veronica on her inviting lips.

"He's letting me use it for tonight until I can pickup my car from the shop tomorrow. Besides, I have to drop this off at a house just off Colonial Club Drive. You know where that is don't you, by the golf and country club?"

He shows her a leather shaped heart made of two pieces of thick leather, covering a thin sheet of lead and sewn together around the edges; it is very stiff. The heart is about 13 centimeters in diameter with a leather handle about 12 centimeters long. There is an engraving on the heart: To our sex slave Beth, love Richard & Amy. The leather is very worn and used.

"Yes I know where that is but what is that?"

"It's a spanking paddle. You use this to spank your sex slave's ass if you're into bondage and discipline and spanking your sex partner."

"Oh, that's sensuous," she coyly answers him. "You didn't get that for me did you? Or is that for some secret sex slave you keep hidden in your apartment?" Veronica gives him a wry, sexy smile and half turns around, presenting her ass to him.

He answers her, "Some people I picked up at the private plane section of the airport earlier this afternoon left it in the limousine. I'm on my way to return it to them now. But that can wait a little while." He then smacks her lightly on her left ass cheek with it.

"Oh Jack," she says modestly while lightly, playfully slapping him on his chest. "Don't do that out here in the driveway where everyone can see. Someone might see us and think the wrong thing about me. What would my grandmother say if she saw you spank me like that?" She gives him a demure smile.

"It's not her you should be worrying about. You should worry about me," Jack answers her in a threatening but joking tone. He then smacks her on the buttocks again. "Let's get inside."

"What do you have in mind, you sexy fiend?" she answers him again, this time in a seductive voice.

"You'll see. Now let's get inside."

Once inside Jack takes Veronica into his arms and presses his lips against hers. Their tongues wrap around each other and dance together. She wraps her arms around his neck. He puts the hand holding the leather paddle in the small of her back while he caresses her ass cheeks with the other hand. He breaks the kiss and kisses her on the neck.

She closes her eyes, puts her hands on his shoulders and leans her head back. She presses her pussy against his manhood, gyrating her Venus mound against him. She kisses him again on the lips, darting her tongue deep into his mouth. He sucks it greedily and she moans in delight. Her vagina is warming up and her juices are beginning to flow freely. He too is heating up and by now has a very hard erection.

"My but we're excited," she says to him after breaking the kiss. Then she reaches down and rubs his pants right above his hard cock. "What's got you so passionate lately?"

"This," he answers her and whacks her again on her butt with the leather paddle. "Ever since I found it when cleaning up the limo this afternoon I've only had one thought . . . and that's using it on your sexy ass."

She rubs her cheek where Jack hit it. "Suppose I don't want you to. Don't I have any say so in this sex adventure of yours?" She answers him while giving him another very demure smile.

"Sure Babe, if you don't want me to spank you then I won't. But if you will remember it was you who first suggested it the other day, me spanking you and all. It was you who thought that spanking each other occasionally would add some excitement to our love making. When I found this I thought it would be a perfect way to introduce you to the world of bondage and discipline, domination and subjugation, sadism and masochism."

"I thought you said that you have to return it?"

"I do and that's where I'm going now. But I thought you might like to take a ride with me. My boss Larry said it would be alright if you came along."

"OK, but why are we here talking about BDSM instead of in the limousine?"

"I have all evening to bring it back. Larry said that I could take a supper break before I return it. And I'm going to eat your pussy for supper." Jack looks into her eyes with a wicked smile. "That is if you want to have a little fun before we go."

He then picks her up and carries her into the bedroom of the small apartment. She puts her head on his shoulder and sucks on his neck as he transports her in his arms.

They lie together on the bed kissing and fondling each other and undressing each other, building up their passions even higher. As soon as she is naked Jack turns Veronica onto her stomach and smacks her lightly with the paddle, twice on each of her ass cheeks.

She then gets up on her knees and, taking the paddle from him, smacks him on his left ass cheek. He kisses her hard on the mouth, pushing his tongue between her open lips. He gropes her left breast and pinches her nipple between his thumb and first finger.

She moans in delight. Then he kisses her on the neck and left breast. After he breaks off kissing her neck and breast, she smacks him again on his butt with the paddle.

"You want to play rough, huh?" he asks her taking the paddle from her.

"I want you to spank me Jack. But not too hard; I've never done anything like this before. So please be careful."

"Sure Babe. You know I'd never do anything to hurt you. But there's something I want you to do for me."

"What's that?" She seductively snakes her index finger down his chest stopping at his bellybutton. She twirls her finger into his navel hole.

"When I whack you I want you to tell me to spank you harder and harder each time I smack your ass. Tell me that you're my sex slave and that you need to be punished for disobedience. Then after I've hit your ass a few times I want you to tell me that I'm hitting you too hard and beg me to stop. I mean really beg me to stop smacking your ass. OK?"

"Sure but when I beg you to stop spanking me are you going to stop? They way you're talking it sounds like you're not going to listen to me."

"No, I'm not."

"That's silly then why do you want me to tell you to stop?"

"Because it gets me hot; it turns me on," he answers her.

"Yeah, but suppose you really are hurting me. How do I tell you to stop then? We're both new to this spanking and everything, me more so than you."

"We get a safe word before we start and when you use it then I'll know that you really want to stop."

"OK, what's the safe word," Veronica asks. "Got any suggestions?"

"How about REDLIGHT," he answers her. "I looked up safe words on the Internet with the computer at work. You can use any word or phrase that you like but that's the word that a lot of people in the BDSM community use. If things get too heavy or if you need a break or want to stop for any reason just call out 'REDLIGHT' and I'll stop."

"OK. But do we have to use REDLIGHT?"

"No, like I said we can use any word or short phrase we like. Do you want to use something different?"


"Some couples even have a slow down word like 'YELLOWLIGHT' and 'GREENLIGHT,' meaning everything is OK to proceed again. Do you want to use those words too?"

"No, let's just keep it simple for now. Remember I'm new at this. Maybe later after we get more into spanking and all that other stuff we can use them."

Veronica then gets on her hands and knees, presenting her naked ass to Jack. She looks over her shoulder and then gives her lover a sexy smile. "I'm ready when you are Sir," she says seductively.

Jack is kneeling on the mattress next to her.

"Sure thing Babe, I mean slave," he answers her as he smacks her softly with the leather heart shaped paddle on her left ass cheek. She moans softly and begs him to hit her again. He then spanks her harder a couple more times on each of her cheeks.

Soon Veronica is moaning ecstatically and writhing her ass each time Jack hits her. After several smacks her passions have begun to boil and she longs for release. She wants only for her lover to fill her emptiness with his hot juice. She bites her lip, grimacing as the agony and ecstasy radiate out from her ass and races up and down her spine.

After numerous whacks Veronica begs Jack, "Oh Master, it hurts so much, please don't spank me anymore? I promise I'll be a good slave in the future."

Jack answers her by slapping her harder a few more times; several smacks to both of her cheeks one after the other. Veronica squirms her butt with each hit. The juices of her volcano are hot; the passions of her pussy have her longing for release.

After several more minutes of Jack spanking her, Veronica's buns are crimson and burning. She can take no more. She gets up on her knees and rubs her sore buttocks with her hands. "Oh Jack," she cries out, "I can't take it any longer. I am so hot. Please fuck me. I need it now."

Jack does not answer her except to tell her to get back on her hands and knees. He then positions himself behind her. He holds his erect manhood in front of her vagina with his right hand while he opens her womanhood with his left. She reaches between her thighs and helps him open up her slit.

He rams his cock deep insider her on his first thrust. She screams out in ecstasy as he buries his cock inside her pussy. He pumps her hard, taking long, deep strokes. She in turn pushes her hips back to meet his forward thrusts.

He is a bee probing her flower; she is a lotus blossom capturing his stinger. He is a garden hose watering her desiccated garden; she is a Venus flytrap capturing his driving proboscis. Faster, deeper. He impales her; she enshrouds him. His dick is a steam engine ramming through her torrid tunnel. Her cunt is a milking machine clamped down on his shaft, sucking out all his cream. Harder, stronger he humps her.

She moans in delirium with each forward thrust of his ram rod. He grunts with enthusiasm as the walls of her pussy encase him. His cock pierces deep into her cavern. Her cervix ardently imprisons his manhood.

Together they climb a mountain of bliss and descend into an abyss of love. Higher, deeper. They climb to a crescendo of joy and fall into a vacuum of delirium. Faster, harder. An unstoppable force meeting an immovable object.

He is the first to explode. He pumps harder, filling her canal with his jism. His orgasm spurs her on. Then she too climaxes. Their nuptial union propels them into Elysian Fields as they descend into the bliss of their orgasms.

Afterwards, Veronica Rose and Jack are in the shower together and she is letting him bathe her. Whenever they shower together, she puts the shower massager on fine. The spray titillates her flesh, getting her sexually aroused.

"Oh Jack, that was the most exhilarating sex I have ever had. Do you think we could do it again sometime?"

"Sure Babe, if you want to. You know I'd do anything for you." He is washing her pussy with a soapy wash cloth. She opens her legs wider to give him easier access to her mound.

"I don't mean every time we have sex. But I would like for you to spank me occasionally. It was fun; I enjoyed it immensely. Oh Jack, I have never experienced such an intense orgasm." She basks in euphoria as Jack rubs her clitoris and a wave of ecstasy ripples through her sensuous body. She closes her eyes and lets the pleasurable feelings pulsate outward from her vagina.

"I know you've told me several times already." He kisses her left nipple and cups her right breast. "Hey, I'm even willing to let you whack me sometimes. Do you think you'd like that Babe?"

"Sure thing lover, anything you say," she kisses him passionately on the lips and then smacks his wet ass with her hand after they break the kiss. They make love again standing in the tub with the shower spraying on them, titillating their flesh and adding to the intensity of their orgasms.

Later, as Jack and Veronica are on their way to return the heart shaped paddle, Jack tells her that the threesome who left the paddle in the limo had a real wild sex party while riding from the airport.

First, he tells her, he had to pick up this beautiful, young lush at SAMS Spa. She had on a halter dress and he is positive that she didn't have any panties or bra on underneath it. She then directed him to drive her to the private plane section of the airport where they picked up a married couple who were her sex Mistress and sex Master.

"How do you know that the couple was her sex Mistress and sex Master?" Veronica asks him, wondering how much he is going to embellish the story. She knows he is good at doing such things, especially when it makes him look good.

"While we were waiting for their private plane to taxi in she told me that Richard and Amy, that's the married couple, were her Master and Dominatrix. She freely admitted to being a sex slave to them. She said that it is her desire to serve them, that they owned her and could do with her as they pleased."

"Oh Jack, that sounds sexy," Veronica purrs. Jack smiles knowingly.

He tells Veronica that the three of them got into the limo and the Domme gave him an address near the corner of Colonial Club Drive and Jefferson Drive along with directions on which way to take to get to their house. She didn't want Jack to use the expressway.

He told them that it normally only takes about twenty minutes drive from the airport to area of the golf and country club using the expressway, but by not taking the expressway such would add another twenty to thirty minutes to the time for him to get to the address. But the Domme insisted that Jack not use it. She said she was fearful of riding in the back of a fast moving limousine on the expressway. She further reminded Jack that she was paying for the limo and she wanted to take the longer route.

As they were leaving the airport the Domme lowered the privacy window between the driver and passenger compartment and told Jack that he was not to disturb them under any circumstances. She then raised the window.

"Hey, what these people didn't realize," Jack tells Veronica as he enters the expressway to return the paddle, "is that the passenger compartment is not totally sound proof. Although muffled somewhat, I could hear almost every word that was spoken."

"What did they say?" Veronica excitedly asks him.

"We weren't even completely out of the airport when their little sex reunion party began. I'm pretty sure I heard the Domme order the sex slave to remove her dress or at least raise it. She wanted to see her sex slave's pussy."

"She took her clothes off while they were in the limousine?" Veronica asks incredulously.

"Better than that," he continues. "I heard her say to the sex slave something to the effect of 'as a reward you can suck Master Richard's cock. Would you like that?'"

"Mmmmm," Veronica purrs. She gives Jack a dubious look.

"She answers, 'Yes Mistress.' Then I heard the slave ask the Domme when she was going to fuck her with her strap-on dildo." Jack puts on his turn signal and changes lanes.

"Jack!" Veronica cries at him. "She didn't ask that. You're putting me on. No one does anything like that while riding in the back of a limousine."

"I kid you not Veronica. I am not lying or even exaggerating. It was just like that movie No Way Out starring Kevin Costner. The sex slave wanted her Dominatrix to fuck her while riding in the back of the limo."

"Did she?" Veronica still finds it hard to believe what her lover is telling her. She knows that ever since he saw the movie, he has dreamed of driving a couple around while they fucked in the back of his limousine. She also knows Jack has a tendency to exaggerate when telling a story.

"I don't think so. The Dominatrix told her sex slave that she was going to fuck her as soon as they got home. But I'm sure she sucked the Dom off. And while she was doing that I could clearly here the Dominatrix whacking her ass."

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