tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 08

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 08


As the receptionist for the small computer supply company she works for, one of the duties of Veronica Rose is to check the company's e-mail twice daily to see if any orders have come in. She does this when she first comes to work in the morning and then again when she returns from lunch.

This morning when she checks it there is only one order so she sends it to the printer. Then she checks her company e-mail to see if her boss or any of the other employees sent her something. There is nothing there.

After that she checks her own personal e-mail. Today there is a note from her lover Jack there. He sent it to her last night. She looks around to see if anyone is near the printer. No one is there so she sends a command to the printer to print her e-mail. Her manager does not mind her doing this but she knows that sometimes her lover can send her some rather erotic e-mails and she does not want anyone to read them.

It is short and to the point. 'Just to remind you that tomorrow I'm supposed to be your sex slave and you my Dominatrix when we role play. Also, I have a sexy little surprise just for you. It is something that we can use with our domination and subjugation role play. I know that you'll love it.'

"Oh," she purrs to herself, "I wonder what the surprise is. I'll have to think about it for a while. But he's right I had forgotten that tonight I get to spank my lover's ass. I can hardly wait. When I finish with him he won't be able to sit down for a week."

Then she smiles to herself. She would never really hurt him. Nor would he hurt her. But for the past several months whenever she and Jack have sex and they role play, they have really gotten into bondage and discipline, domination and subjugation, and sadism and masochism.

They don't get involved in BDSM sex every time they have sex; they are both novices at it. But whenever they do -- about every third of fourth time they have sex -- Veronica realizes that she is enjoying it more and more.

Veronica loves it when Jack smacks her ass. It sends waves of erotica throughout her body. Although she would rather remain the submissive and let Jack be the Dominant, she also really enjoys whacking him on occasion.

At first she didn't think she would like spanking Jack and she definitely didn't understand how he got sexually aroused when he beat her. But after they switched roles a couple of times and Veronica became the Dominatrix and Jack the submissive, she discovered that beating him and sexually humiliating him was a real turn on for her too.

With her thoughts fixed on what she will do with Jack this evening and the sexy surprise he has for her, Veronica's day drags by. She is so fixed on the meeting she and her lover will have this evening that she makes mistakes all day long.

When preparing the morning coffee for her boss she puts in four spoons of sugar instead of his usual two. Right after that she rewrites an order for the same customer. She snaps at one of her coworkers for taking too long on her lunch break -- although she later apologizes to her. She forgets to check the company e-mail when she gets back from her own lunch and doesn't check it until almost an hour after returning from her lunch.

After that, gorgeous looking guy who stands just over 1.75 meters in height with a thick black Ambassador mustache comes in and orders fifteen jump drives and ten disc drives for the computer lab he said he teaches. He says his name is Eric and playfully flirts with her. Blushing, Veronica writes the order wrong and charges him for ten jump drives and fifteen disc drives.

After he leaves, she notices that she forgot to ask him the name of the high school where he said he teaches. She wonders if it's the same high school where her sister Vickie teaches mathematics.

She tries to call the phone number he gave her -- a cell phone -- but he doesn't answer; she leaves him a message on his voice mail. She apologizes and tells him that he can come in later today or tomorrow to pick up the corrected bill. She also tells him that she will not be in tomorrow but the corrected bill will be on her desk. One of the other employees will be able to help him.

Meanwhile, the nectar in her pussy keeps her lusting with desire just thinking about the night of pure pleasure she is going to have with her Master . . . no with her slave. Her thoughts about beating Jack's buns and the sexy surprise he has for her keep her volcano hot all day.

The mistakes just keep piling up. By three o'clock she is ready to call it quits for the day. Veronica gives up trying to figure out what the surprise is and tries to concentrate on her work. Maybe the last couple of hours can be productive. She has a little success and manages to complete some of her work without making mistake after mistake.

At last, five o'clock arrives. "Finally, it's five o'clock," Veronica says to herself. "Now I can go get my reward."

When they make love, they usually have an early dinner together and then go to either his or her apartment. Sometimes they spend an hour or so in a sauna at SAMS Spa before going back to either place to fuck. But tonight it's BDSM night. On those nights they usually eat in after they have sex. Indeed, sometimes they make their supper part of their BDSM love making.

As she is headed for her car, Veronica wonders whether she should go straight to his apartment or go home first and put on something provocative, something she knows he will like. Since she is not going to be his slave tonight, she is under no obligation to be at his apartment at a particular time. So she decides to go home, shower and put on something sexy just for him.

On the drive home she contemplates what she will wear. She wants to be dressed just right for her night as his Dominatrix. Should she wear the red and black outfit trimmed in black velvet that he likes or the blue satin backless halter dress that she wears without a bra? Maybe the white baby doll cami with her bootcut stretch jeans. If she goes braless in the cami her nipples can be seen through the material. She knows Jack really likes that.

By the time she pulls into her driveway she knows exactly what she will wear. She takes a quick shower and puts on a pair of sexy thigh length black fishnet stockings held up by a black garter belt. This is accentuated with a black thong and a black lace brazier. Her nipples can just barely be seen through the bra.

She pauses and looks at herself in the full length mirror and decides to remove the thong. She again looks at herself in the mirror and smiles. 'Yes!' she says to herself as she runs her fingers through the black pubic hair of her Venus mound, 'Jack will love this.'

She knows that she is not beautiful but she is proud of her looks anyway. Soft green eyes, full lips, dimpled chin, small but supple breasts and her stomach is flat. Although her ass isn't something to brag about it's round enough for Jack and that's what counts.

She also has an ample amount of hair on her vagina. Her hair is just thick enough to barely cover her labia but thin enough to allow her pussy lips to be kissed and licked without interference. Indeed, Jack has often begged her not to even trim her garden; when he's performing cunnilingus on her, he loves the smell of the pussy juices that marinate her pubic hair.

She pulls a V-cut white mohair blouse with black trim over her head -- her bra can be seen through the material -- and slips into a black jean miniskirt with silver studded leather belt. Then she puts on calf length black leather high heeled boots.

This is one of Jack's favorite outfits and she frequently wears it just for his pleasure, just to see the look of lust in his eyes when he sees her wearing it. He knows that she usually doesn't wear panties when she wears it and that turns him on.

She can remember when she first bought this outfit. It was just one day before he became her sex slave for the first time.


"Tonight I am yours Babe. I'm going to be your sex slave, for you to do with as you please," he tells her. "What is it that my darling Dominatrix would have her slave do?"

"First of all slave," she says in a commanding tone, "you will refer to me as Mistress. I'm not your Babe. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes Mistress. I'm sorry Mistress. It will not happen again. I . . ."

"Silence slave or I'll beat your ass till it bleeds," she orders him. "Except to answer my questions you are not to talk until I am finished with you. Do you understand mutt?"

"Yes Mistress," he answered her meekly.

"Now take off your clothes; I want to see that weenie you call a prick. I want to see if it's big enough to satisfy my hungry pussy." Veronica stifles a smile and quickly covers her mouth so that Jack does not see it. She does not want to ruin the role play.

"Yes Mistress." He does not see her as he is keeping his eyes cast down, looking at her feet.

He removes his shirt, pants and shoes but is not fast enough to satisfy his Dominatrix; he still has his socks and drawers on. As he bends over and starts to take off his socks she whacks him on his buttocks with a leather strap. He grimaces in pain. When he bends over to take off the other sock she whacks him again. Again, he grimaces in pain.

"Hurry up slave," she says. "I haven't got all night. I want to see the cock I own. I want to see if it's good enough to fuck me. It better be hard or I'm going to beat your ass. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes Mistress," he replies. He quickly pulls off his drawers and stands up in front of her. He is fully erect. He puts his hands behind his back and bows his head. She orders him to his knees. He immediately complies and then bows his head again in further submission and waits for her orders.

She puts a pair of nipple clamps on each of his teats. Jack had made the clamps earlier from plastic clips he got off of a coat hanger; each clamp has serrated teeth. He added a key chain and attached a dangling weight to each one, increasing the pang of the bite each one gives.

She pulls on the weights, sending lightning bolts of pain and ecstasy throughout his body. A low moan escapes his throat and she whacks him again with a leather strap on his naked ass.

"I told you to be quiet slave!" she yells at him.

She yanks again on the nipple clamps. She then puts a dog collar around his neck and attaches a leash to it. To further humiliate him she puts one of her plastic jaw clip barrettes on his erect prick; it has a plastic butterfly attached to it.

Then she orders him to get on his hands and knees. After he complies she whacks him again on each ass cheek, telling him that he is nothing but a mutt and that from hence forth he is her pet. He is her dog and he will act accordingly or she will punish him.

Next she tugs on the leash and commands him to follow her. She leads him around her apartment, smacking him on his ass several times until his butt is red and sore. He whines like a dog with each hit.

"Are you thirsty dog?" she asks him.

"Yes Mistress," he answers her.

She then leads him into her kitchenette by the leash and fills a bowl with water from the faucet. She puts it on the floor in front of him. He lowers his head and begins to lap it up. As he does so she smacks him on the ass with her hand. Then she stoops down and pats him on the head.

"That's a nice doggy. Be a good dog and lap up all the water."

When he is finished he kneels up and paws her breasts and licks her face. But she commands him to stop. Then she starts to laugh uncontrollably. So does he and the role play the two novices are engaging in momentarily stops. They lightly kiss, embrace and look lovingly into each other's eyes.

After a moment or two he asks her, "Are you ready to continue?"

"Oh baby I love you so much," she answers him. Then she kisses him again; her tongue exploring deep into his hungry mouth.

"I love you too Babe. Shall we continue?" he asks after they break the kiss.

"OK, where were we?" she asks rhetorically.

"You just patted me on the head for lapping up the water in the bowl."

She stands up and pulls on the leash again, leading him into her living room. She orders him to lie down and roll over as she wants to inspect his manhood to see if it is big enough for her ravenous cunt.

He rolls onto his back and puts his arms and legs in the air. She orders him to lie flat with his arms at his side and his legs stretched out. She pulls hard several times on the nipple clamps and then removes them. He grimaces with each pull.

She then removes the hair clamp from off his rigid cock. She kisses the opening of his manhood and then licks a drop of pre-cum off it, all the while keeping her eyes seductively transfixed on his eyes.

Next she takes his erect member into her hands. She strokes him a few times. Then she again kisses his head and licks his opening, lapping up more pre-cum. She rolls her tongue around his head and slowly sucks it into her wanting orifice. She then kisses his head again.

Next she kisses and licks his shaft, getting it wet with her saliva. Then she slowly masturbates him. She looks up at his face. She can see the delirium there; his eyes are closed, his mouth is open and he is breathing deeply. He is enjoying the bliss cascading up and down his prick as she masturbates him.

She stops and commands him to turn over and to lie on his stomach. Then she begins to whack him hard on the ass cheeks and thighs with the leather strap, cooling the passions that are sending waves of euphoria throughout his body. He grimaces and bites his lower lip in agony with each smack.

Where there was once pleasure, now there is pain. Where there was once joy, now there is anguish. Where there was once ecstasy, now there is torment.

After several smacks she pulls on the leash and tells him to get on his hands and knees again. She leads him into her bedroom by the leash. She orders him to get up on the bed, to lie on his back and to spread out his arms and legs. She attaches wrist and ankle straps to him. She then ties him spread-eagle to her bed.

She leans over him and kisses his hard prick several times. She looks seductively into his eyes and then begins to kiss his member again. She kisses down his shaft, his balls, his hair and then his head again.

Next she grabs his dick at the base and, while watching his eyes, begins to lick his whole dick like a lollypop. She licks him until he is thoroughly wet with her saliva. Then she takes his whole cock into her warm, inviting mouth and sucks it avidly. He bucks his hips up and moans quietly in delight.

When she perceives that he is enjoying the blow job she takes her mouth off his manhood and smacks him several times on the thighs, stomach and breasts with the leather strap, cooling his passions.

Then one piece at a time, she slowly takes off all her clothes. As she removes each garment she drops it across his chest and blows him a kiss. He does not take his eyes off her.

When she is finally naked, she climbs on top of him, straddling his thighs, pressing her vagina against his sex. She throws her clothes on the floor and takes his erect cock in her hands. There is some pre-cum seeping from his opening. She rubs his head along her pussy, leaving her lips glistening with his jism.

She gives him a wicked smile and smacks his erect manhood with the fingers of her left hand. He yells out. She whacks him hard across the chest with the leather strap in her right hand.

"I told you not to speak slave!" she barks at him.

Then she smacks his dick again, causing him to loose his erection. He closes his eyes and silently groans. She again gives him a wicked smile and leans over and kisses each of his nipples.

Veronica Rose lays her naked body across his and grinds her sex into him. While lying on top of him she reaches into the nightstand next to her bed. She takes out her vibrating dildo and puts it to his lips. She orders him to take it into his mouth and to pretend that it is a dick and to suck it. He complies, taking it deep into his mouth.

She asks him if he likes sucking dicks and he gives her a muffled "Yes Mistress."

She smiles at him and kisses him on his forehead. She pumps the dildo in and out of his mouth as he sucks it. She picks herself up, grinding her wet cunt lips into his prick. He begins to get another erection. Before he is fully erect she climbs off him but does not take the dildo out of his mouth.

She picks up the leather strap and raises it high in the air, looking from his face to his dick. She gives him a wicked smile. He looks at her and his eyes widen in fear. She smacks him across his pubic hair with the leather strap, just barely missing his manhood.

"You thought that my aim was going to be off and that I was going to whack your precious little dick, didn't you?" she says in a degrading manner.

He does not answer her. He is busy sucking the dildo and watching her eyes.

"Didn't you?" she hollers at him and whacks his pubic hair again with the strap.

He muffles a "Yes Mistress."

"You don't trust your Dominatrix, do you? For that you will be punished, you dog," she yells at him and she smacks his pubic hair a third time with the leather strap. There are three red welts across his pubic hair, just above his cock.

"Instead of mounting you and letting you enjoy my love now I'm going to have to beat your ass, you filthy mutt." Then she takes off the wrist and ankle straps and commands him to roll over and get on his hands and knees again like a dog.

Jack rolls over; he does not want to disobey his Mistress. As he does so, he clamps his lips hard on the dildo, making sure it does not come out of his mouth. Once on his hands and knees, while holding the dildo with one hand, he bobs his head up and down, fucking his mouth with the dildo as he sucks it.

She pushes his head down into the pillows so that his ass is high in the air. She orders him to whimper and whine as a dog as she whacks his buttocks and thighs with the leather strap. She then smacks him on his ass and thighs until they are crimson and raw. She leaves momentarily and returns with a cup full of ice and rubs some on his burning cheeks and thighs.

He closes his eyes and basks in the cooling affect of the ice. But after about a minute of this pleasure she again beats his butt and thighs with the leather strap. After numerous smacks to his ass and legs she stops and asks him if he knows the safe word. He muffles a, "yes Mistress." He is still sucking on the dildo.

She knows his male ego will not let him use the safe word. She also knows that when and if she ever does go too far he will let her know. He will somehow get her to stop spanking him and sexually torturing him without using the safe word. But Veronica does not judge him for this. She accepts it as part of their love making role play.

She then rubs him with some more ice to sooth the pain. His ass and thighs are by now quite wet.

She continues to deliver pain and pleasure, agony and ecstasy, desiccation and delirium to his ass cheeks and thighs. When he can take no more he lets the dildo slip from his mouth and begs for mercy. "Oh Mistress, I need relief. I beg you to let me fuck you. Let me fill your pussy with my sweet juice."

She commands him to be silent but puts the strap on the bed where he can see it. It is her way of telling him that his punishment for not having any faith in her is at an end. Then she pats him on his head and gives him a peck on his cheek and then another one on his lips.

She whispers in his ear that he has been a nice doggy and has earned a nice reward. He smiles a knowing smile at her and she smiles back at him.

She tells him to turn over on his back. He does so. She kisses him hard on the lips, sucking his tongue into her hungry mouth. Meanwhile, she runs her fingers through the hair of his groin. Then she takes hold of his prick and claws her fingernails up and down his length.

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