tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 18

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 18


Eric and his sex slave wife Tanya Marie enter the master bedroom; they are both naked. Her best friend -- who is also his sex slave -- Victoria Alisa stands up to greet her Master; she too is naked. He ordered Vickie here earlier to prepare the room for this evening's sex games.

Although Vickie has been living with and having sex with the Master and his wife -- who is also her sex slave -- for a little over a year she agreed to become his official sex slave about a week ago. But the Master has not had the opportunity to formally introduce her into what he expects of her as his sex slave and his wife's Mistress. He hopes to do that this evening.

Vickie became Tanya's Mistress when she began to have sex with her husband, Eric. She too will officially make Tanya her sex slave tonight. Thus, Tanya has both a Master and a Mistress whom she is submissive to.

The Master did not tell sex slave Vickie which toys they would be using tonight as they celebrate both the finalization of her divorce from her abusive husband and her introduction as his sex slave. She just got out the ones that they frequently use.

She has placed several sex toys near the end of the king size bed, a riding crop, a leather flogger, a small wooden paddle, some leather handcuffs, clit and tit clamps, a blindfold and a strap-on dildo with an internal plug.

She has also taken down one of the two fern flower baskets hanging from chains from the decorative oak beam running across the ceiling. The Master told her earlier to remove the flowerpot hanging from it. The chain is empty, waiting for a sex slave to be hung from it for sexual torture.

With the blackout shades drawn tight, the only illumination in the room comes from a night light and several scented candles Vickie lit and placed strategically around the room. The room is filled with the scent of French Vanilla. An atmosphere of sexual exuberance permeates the bedroom.

The Master stands facing his two sex slaves with one hand on each of their shoulders. He kisses each one lightly on the mouth. Next, he orders them to sit on the end of the king size bed with their legs open. Then he opens Tanya's pussy and kisses, licks and sucks on her clitoris. Tanya moans deliriously. After a moment or two Eric attaches a clamp to her clit and then puts some clamps on her nipples.

Next he kisses, licks and sucks Vickie's clitoris. He attaches clamps to her rosebud and nipples.

He then orders the two sex slaves to put their hands behind their backs and to keep them there. He yanks on the tit clamps of both women. Then he pulls on the clamps pinching their clits. Both women grimace from the torture. Both sex slaves are in sweet agony.

The Master removes the clamps from off Tanya's nipples and clitoris, sucking each tender teat as he does so. Then he takes the clamps off Vickie's tits and clitoris, suckling her also.

When he is finished with Vickie, he tells her to turn over and lay on the bed with her feet on the floor. He orders her to put her arms above her head. He smacks her ass with a riding crop -- twice to each of her cheeks.

Next he orders Tanya to assume a similar position. He then hits Tanya on her ass -- twice to each of her buns.

He then orders them to get on their knees and kiss, lick and suck his dick and balls. They both obediently do so. They each begin taking turns kissing the head of his manhood and licking the opening. As Tanya sucks his head Vickie licks his balls. Then the two sex slaves switch. Vickie sucks the head of his cock while Tanya licks his balls.

The Master basks in the joy they are giving him and within a few seconds his is fully erect. But after just a few moments of pleasure he orders them to stop. Both sex slaves give him a pouting look and Tanya begs him to let her continue, telling him that she was having fun sucking his dick and balls.

He does not answer them. He sits on the edge of the bed, opens his legs wide and tells his two sex slaves to resume kissing, licking and sucking his cock and balls. They obediently do so. He is soon moaning in joy from their administration.

Vickie's mouth is a vacuum pump, sucking him dry; Tanya's mouth is a suction cup slurping up his pre-cum. Tanya's tongue is washcloth, cleaning his shaft; Vickie's tongue is a snake, slithering through his pubic hair. Both women are jockeying to be in position for the first spurts of the nectar to come gushing out of his head.

After several moments his cannon explodes. Tanya takes the first salvo full force on her lips and in her mouth. She quickly moves her head aside to let her Mistress take the second round. She licks the cum from her lips.

Vickie immediately covers his head with her mouth. Eric pumps a double load deep into her orifice. She sucks it up and then removes her mouth to let Tanya enjoy some more of her Master's cream. The slave masturbates him and licks up the last drops of his jism as it shoots out of his dick and into her orifice.

The two sex slaves then return to licking and sucking his cock and balls.

After a minute or two of letting them pleasure themselves, the Master commands Vickie to stand beneath the chain hanging from the ceiling near the foot of the king size bed. He then orders his slave wife Tanya to cuff Vickie's wrists and attach her Mistress to the chain.

Tanya is somewhat confused because it is normally Vickie who cuffs her to one of the chains hanging from the beam in the ceiling, not the other way around.

The Master ignores her confusion and says, "Tonight slaves you are both going to get a lesson in obedience and submission. I'm going to show you what it means to obey your Master and submit to him. Once each of you has learned your lesson then you will be a true sex slave."

He retrieves a piece of aluminum tubing from the top of the closet. He purchased it the previous Saturday from a local hardware store. It is about a meter long with eyebolts screwed near the ends and O rings run through the eyebolts. It makes a perfect spreader bar. He attaches the bar to Vickie's ankles using some Velcro strapping.

While Eric is attaching the bar to her ankles Vickie thinks back to what he said earlier 'we're going to take turns beating that hot, round ass of yours.' She concludes that he apparently meant exactly what he said.

But Vickie then wonders if Tanya is up to spanking her Mistress. The Master has only had his sex slave do it once before -- he had to actually threaten to withhold sex from her until she obeyed her Master and beat her Mistress. Even then Tanya only smacked Vickie a few times on her buttocks and not very hard before Eric stopped her. That was several months ago.

Indeed, on a couple of occasions when Eric beat Vickie he had to blindfold Tanya, as the slave cannot bear to see her Mistress tortured. So this evening having Tanya spank her Mistress will actually be a form of torment for Tanya. Vickie wonders if her Master will have to threaten Tanya again to get her to beat her Mistress.

The Master smiles at his two sex slaves. One is naked, hanging by her wrists which are cuffed to a chain that is attached to an oak ceiling beam; she has a spreader bar on her ankles. The other slave is also naked standing next to her Mistress with a look of bewilderment on her face.

He gently massages Vickie's breasts. He kisses her. She smiles at her Master. Then he kisses his slave wife. She too smiles at her Master. Next he grabs his cock and touches it against Vickie's pubic hair, taunting her. She silently moans in desire.

The Master again picks up the riding crop from off the bed. He hands it to his slave wife and says to her, "We're going to give your Mistress a special present to celebrate both her divorce from her useless, incompetent husband and her initiation as my sex slave and your Mistress."

Next he orders Tanya to spank Vickie's ass and thighs with a paddle. He tells her that while she is whipping her Mistress he will beat her pussy, stomach and breasts with the paddle. Then he orders Vickie to accept her beating in total silence.

"But Master," his slave wife protests, "she is my Mistress. Are you asking me to spank my Mistress?" She expected him to hang her from the other chain hanging from the beam just a few feet to the left of Vickie.

"You don't want to spank Vickie?" he asks her.

"Master I will do it if you wish me to but I would rather not spank my Mistress. I would rather have you beat both her and me as you normally do when we role play."

"Take the cuffs and spreader bar off Vickie. Then go stand in the corner," he orders her.

"Yes Master. Thank you Master."

After releasing Vickie, Tanya goes to stand in the corner by the shower. She is apprehensive; she does not know whether she made the correct choice.

Eric then turns to Vickie. "Slave Vickie, isn't my sex slave wife also your sex slave?"

"Yes Master." She looks disapprovingly at Tanya.

"Well, we have a problem with our sex slave. I ordered her to beat your naked ass and she has chosen not to. Do the two of you enjoy it when you have sex together? Do you enjoy fucking my sex slave wife and eating her pussy?"

"Yes Master immensely so."

"Are you my sex slave? Don't you have to obey me?"

"Yes Master it is my pleasure to please you and to serve you."

"Well, since our sex slave has chosen not to obey me and whip your naked ass, then I order you not to fuck her again until I say so. You are not to pleasure her again sexually until I give you permission. Do you understand slave Vickie?"

"Yes Master," she says despondently. But she knows that her Master is expecting her to comment on the punishment of their sex slave. So she says to him, "Master may I be so bold as to say that you're also punishing me for her disobedience."

"Yes you may slave Vickie. But I cannot allow slave Tanya's disobedience to continue. Since I'm not going to allow the two of you to have sex until after she beats you, then what do you propose we do with our naughty little sex slave?"

Vickie turns to the Master's slave wife, "Slave!" she barks. "I am your Mistress! I order you to beat me! Do it now!"

"Yes Mistress," the sex slave says quietly.

"And when you finish spanking me, my ass better be burning or I myself will choose not to fuck you. Do you understand slave?" she again hollers at Tanya.

"Yes Mistress," Tanya answers Vickie.

The Master and his sex slave Vickie both know that sex slave Tanya will do as they commanded her. She will spank her Mistress because they will deny her any kind of sexual pleasure if she does not obey.

Once as a punishment he made her wear clothes for an entire weekend when the children were visiting their grandmother. That was very torturous and embarrassing for Tanya. She was in torment because she loves to go naked. She was embarrassed because her Master and her Mistress could not see her sex.

The Master nods appreciatively at his sex slave's instructions to their sex slave. Then he commands Vickie to remain standing in the center of the bedroom with her fingers interlocked and hands behind her head. He also orders her to open her legs as wide as she can and to thrust her chest out. She is not to attempt to ward off any of the blows that either he or their sex slave land on her naked body.

The Master and his slave wife then take turns beating Vickie on her ass and thighs as well as her breasts, stomach and pussy. While he is spanking the front of her body, Tanya hits her rear, and when he beats her rear, Tanya smacks the front of her body.

Soon Vickie's skin is crimson and stinging. She is crying quietly and in agony for release. Tanya too is in anguish from beating her Mistress and is on the verge of tears herself.

After several minutes of the torture, the Master asks Vickie if she wishes to invoke the safe word PETER PAN but she declines, stating that the beating has only inflamed her passions.

The Master then begins to massage her ass and thighs. He tells his slave wife to massage the woman's breasts and vagina.

Next he rubs her clit while his slave wife kisses and sucks her nipples. She flicks each teat with her tongue as she sucks them. Then the Master kisses Vickie on the neck, on the cheek and then on her mouth. Her sex slave is licking and sucking her clitoris and massaging her mound.

Within seconds Vickie's misery is replaced with bliss and she begins to moan in delirium.

The Master backs off momentarily and commands his slave wife to do the same. He hands her the flogger and picks up the wooden paddle off the bed. He orders Tanya to beat Vickie with it while he spanks her with the paddle.

Again, Vickie is hurled into a pit of suffering from the torturous whipping they each give her. Again, the two of them continue beating Vickie until she can take no more, until her ass cheeks, her thighs, her pussy, her stomach and her breasts are a bright pink and sore. They beat Vickie until her face is streaked with her tears.

The two of them alternate beating and massaging Vickie several times, bringing her down into the depths of misery and then raising her up to the heights of joy.

She is trapped on an escalator of feelings, going from agony to ecstasy and from anguish to elation. Together they bring her out of a deep valley of pain and carry her up a high mountain of delirium, only to toss her back down into a torture chamber again and then raise her to plateau of ecstasy.

Up and down, up and down, she longs for release from the dungeon of her emotions. She longs for her Master to fuck her, to fill her desiccated canal with his hot, sweet jism.

The Master looks at his slave wife. She too is in agony because he has ordered her to beat her Mistress whom she dearly loves. He holds her chin in his hand. He kisses her lightly on her lips and she stifles a sniffle.

He takes the flogger from her hand and tells her to get his special belt hanging in the closet. The two sex slaves have nicknamed this belt 'the punisher' because of the intense pain that the slave receives when they are smacked with it.

While Tanya retrieves the belt the Master continues to whip his sex slave with the flogger. She moans in agony.

When his slave wife returns, she holds the belt in her open palms, bows her head and offers it to him.

She closes her eyes and basks in delight, thinking of both the intense pain he inflicts on her naked ass when he smacks her with it and the pure joy she gets from the ripples of pleasure that cascade through her body when he finishes and begins to massage her cheeks or fucks her pussy.

"No my Pet it is for you."

She looks at her Master in confusion.

"Take the belt and beat Vickie's butt and pubic mound with it," he orders her. "And Remember, I want to see deep red welts on her body when you finish. Do you hear me slave wife?"

She looks at her Master in shock. Vickie is already in excruciating agony from the torture the two of them have just administered to her. She is in awe that her Mistress has not invoked the safe work PETER PAN. She did not expect her Master to order her to beat her Mistress with the belt. She expected her Master to spank her with it.

"Yes Master," she answers him submissively.

Her agony has been compounded. She does not wish to spank her Mistress. But neither does she wish to disobey either her Master or her Mistress, both of whom have ordered her to severely beat Vickie's ass and vagina. She is in misery and begins to cry silently as she prepares to whip her Mistress.

Vickie looks at her Master and then at her sex slave. She closes her eyes. She is torn in anticipation between the agony of the beating she is about to receive, and the pure ecstasy from the release she knows she will receive from the subsequent fucking of her aching pussy by her Master. She moans quietly.

As the Master watches, his sex slave smacks her Mistress several times on her ass and thighs. She pauses and looks to her Master for approval but he just continues to watch her. Then she spanks Vickie's pussy lips several times.

Vickie bites her lip and grimaces from the pain. Her face is contorted in misery and streaked with her tears.

"Beat her harder slave Tanya or I promise you, you won't have any sex for a month. Do you hear me slave Tanya?"

"Yes Master," is her only reply.

Tanya then whacks her Mistress numerous times on her ass, her thighs and across her breasts, stomach and vagina. After one particularly severe smack on her pubic mound the Master stops his slave wife.

Vickie quickly wipes a tear from her cheek and then returns her hand behind her head, interlocking her fingers as the Master ordered her to do earlier.

The Master takes the belt from Tanya and puts it on the bed. He embraces Vickie and kisses her lightly on the mouth. She wraps her arms around him and buries her face in his shoulder. She begins to cry profusely. He kisses her on the cheek. He then motions for Tanya to embrace them both. She does so and begins to cry too.

"Slave Vickie, you have earned your reward my Love. You took your beating without uttering a sound. You have proven that you love me." He kisses a tear from the corner of her eye.

"Oh Master, I love you," is all that Victoria Alisa can say. Then she kisses him on the lips pushing her deep tongue into his inviting mouth.

After they break the kiss, the Master turns to his slave wife. "Slave Tanya you too have earned your reward my Pet. You have obeyed your Master and your Mistress. You have thus proven that you love us both." He kisses Tanya Marie on the lips. She too snakes her tongue deep into his mouth.

After they break the kiss, Vickie and Tanya kiss each other passionately on the mouth.

For the next several minutes the three of them remain standing in the center of the bedroom, kissing and hugging each other. Tanya is on his left and Vickie is on his right. In between kisses each slave buries her face in the Master's shoulder. The Master is rubbing their buttocks.

After several minutes he says, "Come my sex slave, my Love. It is time for you to receive your reward."

Then to Tanya, "My Pet, you go into the kitchen and prepare us all something to eat. I want to fuck my sex slave again. I know your pussy is hot and you're looking to get fucked too but your Mistress needs it more. She needs it now. I will reward you later. I will fuck your pussy later."

"Yes Master," she answers him meekly. She is distraught as she wants her Master to fuck her too. She wants to lick Vickie's cunt lips and suck her clitoris while her Master screws her vagina. But she knows that her Mistress needs release more than she does because of the beating she just received. So, she resignedly goes to the kitchen to fix supper for them all.

As Tanya obediently leaves to prepare their dinner, the Master leads his sex slave to the king size bed. He lies down and orders his sex slave to mount him. Vickie straddles her Master's hips and positions her vagina above his erect cock. She opens her Venus lips with one hand as she guides him into her womanhood with the other.

Impaled on her Master's firm shaft, Vickie is soon enthralled in ecstasy. Where she was in intense pain moments earlier, now she is in hot blooded delirium. Her total misery has been replaced by pure joy. She rides him as though he were a wild stallion and she an untamed cowgirl. Driving, thrusting, pushing.

She is an open range, running free; he is her branding iron, marking her as his own. He pierces her with his dart. The walls of her cervix cling tightly to his dick, trapping him within her. In and out, in and out.

She is his victim, his wounded prey. He is her shooting star; she is his deep wishing well. He is her strobe light; she is his dark cave. Neither can stop their eminent collision. Faster, deeper, harder.

She is an empty vessel; he is a cornucopia of love. She is an open wound; he is a flaming sword cutting her deep. She is insufficiency and defectiveness; he is prosperity and proficiency. In and out, in and out.

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