tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 19

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 19


Sex slave Tanya Marie is the first to awake. She looks over at her husband Eric and her Mistress Victoria Alisa, who is also his sex slave. Tanya smiles at them sleeping together and basks in the love she has for them.

Last night Vickie slept between Tanya and their Master in their four posted king size bed. Sometimes Tanya sleeps in the middle and at other times Master Eric sleeps in between his two sex slaves. Tanya is naked, as is her husband and her best friend. The trio always sleeps together in the nude.

She quietly gets out of bed so as not to disturb the two of them and puts on her slippers. She walks naked into the kitchen to prepare breakfast for everyone.

As she enters the kitchen she says to herself, "Cereal will have to do for everyone because I don't feel like fixing a big breakfast this morning."

She gets some spoons from the drawer and three bowls from the cabinet. She then puts some frosted flakes and milk on the table. She frowns at the remembrance of catching Eric drinking milk from the container yesterday.

It is Friday, the first day of Spring Break. The schools are all closed. Thus, neither Eric nor Vickie has to go to the school where they teach. Her two daughters Carolyn and Erica and Vickie's son Robbie are spending the weekend with Eric's stepmother.

Nor does she have any work pending for her greeting card business. Her customer e-mailed her back accepting the graduation invitations she finished yesterday morning. Tanya printed 50 of them for the lady and packaged them up for her. Her customer said that she will pick them up later next week.

Tanya is glad because, with the children away and no one expected to come over, this will allow the trio to remain naked while they eat breakfast and then to continue the sex play they began last night.

She loves to walk around the house naked. It gives her a feeling of freedom and independence. She runs the fingers of her left hand through her pubic hair while massaging her left nipple with her right hand. She closes her eyes and basks in the euphoria.

When she opens them again Vickie is standing in front of her, slightly startling her. She too is naked.

"Enjoying yourself slave?" Vickie asks.

Tanya does not answer her. She blushes and gives her Mistress a sexy smile. Her left hand is still covering her vagina.

Vickie slips her hand under her sex slave's hand, groping her pussy. She pushes Tanya against the counter. Inserting her fuck finger under Tanya's clitoral hood, she rubs the slave's clitoris while kissing her hotly on the lips. Tanya throws her arms around Vickie and, while moaning softly, sucks on Vickie's tongue.

The two women are still embracing, fondling and kissing each other when Eric enters the kitchen a few moments later. He too is naked. Neither of them has seen him enter the kitchen as he stealthily puts his laptop computer on the bar overlooking the den.

He quietly walks over to them. He quickly puts his left hand on Vickie's left shoulder and smacks her hard, two times on each of her ass cheeks. The startled woman breaks off kissing her sex slave and cries out. The Master whacks her two more times on each cheek. She looks over her shoulder at him and he kisses her on the mouth. Then he hits her another two more times on each bun.

"Good morning my sex slave, my Love," he says. "Did you enjoy that?"

"Yes Master, thank you Master," Vickie answers him with a sexy smile on her face.

"Go sit down and eat your breakfast."

"Yes Master." She smiles and rubs her cheek as she walks toward the table.

Then turning to his wife, "Good morning my Pet. Would you like a nice hot greeting also?"

"Yes Master I would love one," she answers. She then turns around, leans on the counter and, while looking over her left shoulder, presents her naked ass to her Master.

He puts his left hand on her shoulder and smacks her hard two times on each of her ass cheeks. He pauses momentarily and then hits her two more times on each of her buns. She squirms her ass and he whacks her another two times. Then her orders her to pour him some frosted flakes and milk into his bowl. He turns on his laptop.

After thanking her Master for the smacks to her butt she silently obeys him.

While he reads the news from the Internet, the two women trade putting wet flakes on their nipples and letting the other eat it off. Tanya giggles as some milk trickles down her breast and Vickie sensually licks it off.

From time to time the Master looks up from his reading and watches his two sex slaves play together. He knows that he is an extremely lucky man in having two women who love him as much as they do. His heart fills with ache for the love he has for them.

When he finishes his cereal the Master turns off his computer and puts his bowl in the sink. He kisses his two sex slaves on their cheeks, first Tanya and then Vickie.

"Slave Vickie would you clean up the kitchen? I didn't get much of a chance to spank my slave wife last night like I really wanted to. Slave Tanya you come with me. I want to spank your hot sexy ass before I fuck your pussy. Slave Vickie will join us when she's finished in here."

"Yes Master," they answer in unison.

But as the Master is leading his slave wife out of the kitchen and toward the master bedroom the phone rings. He answers it with a crisp good morning. While talking on the phone he reaches down and gropes Tanya's vagina. She opens her legs slightly in order to give him better access to her mound.

While holding the phone in his left hand, he pushes his right middle finger and thumb under her clitoral hood. He pinches her clit hard, pulling on it. She puts her hands, one on top of the other, on his right shoulder. Moaning, she closes her eyes and lays her forehead on top of her hands. She basks in the delicious ache and joy he is sending through her body.

Eric does not say much into the phone; he ends by saying, "We'll be ready."

When he hangs up he tells the women that there has been a change of plans for this weekend. They cannot go to SAMS Spa later this morning as they planned. There is not even enough time to indulge in another sex orgy. His stepbrother Paul is on his way to pick them up right now.

It seems that Richard and his wife Amy Michelle want to leave for their weekend of sex and fun on his sailboat the Slave Galley as soon as possible, while the tide is still in their favor.

There is an immediate, frantic rush to pack their toiletries and some towels. No sooner do they finish when Paul is ringing the doorbell. Eric answers it.

"Come on in Paul. We've just finished packing our things."

"Yeah it's going to be a great weekend. That Amy is something else. You're going to love her."

"Think so huh?" Eric says noncommittally.

Before Paul can respond Tanya and Vickie enter the living room. Vickie is carrying a small duffel bag with her Master's things in it and Tanya is carrying a slightly larger bag with hers and Vickie's things. Tanya has on a baby blue string bikini and Vickie is sporting a bright yellow one with a matching beach coat.

"Hey Tanya I hardly recognize you with clothes on," Paul says sarcastically. "You're usually naked when I come over here."

She playfully slaps him on the arm but gives him a big hug and kiss. He gropes her left ass cheek then gives Vickie a hug and kiss. She reaches down and rubs his dick through his pants.

"Man these are two wonderful sex slaves you have here Eric," he says to his stepbrother while wrapping his arm around Vickie's waist

"Yes we have a great relationship," Eric responds as he gives Tanya's left ass cheek a squeeze.

Vickie is ignoring them, looking out the small beveled glass oval window in the front door.

"We have a tremendous love for each other and we all have strong sex drives. And since none of us is worried about our love failing, then we indulge ourselves. As for the master and slave relationship, as I've told you before, that was originally my wife's suggestion. Vickie just enhanced it a when she moved in with us. They both love the sex, live for it in fact."

Vickie interrupts them. "Paul, there's a limousine parked out front. Did you drive over here in a limousine?"

"No, Richard my boss hired that for us. He likes to pamper his guests. He's the foreman for the construction company we work for and has the money. So why not?"

"Who's the driver?" she asks suspiciously. "I can barely make him out. He's just sitting there in the driver's seat."

"I don't know. He told me his name is Jack. Why?"

"Oh no," she answers him despondently. "That's my younger sister's boyfriend. Hey look everyone, we all have to watch what we do and say in front of him. I mean we can't . . ."

"Why, what's the problem?" interjects Paul.

"My little sister doesn't know that I'm a sex slave and I don't want her to find out. We're very close but I don't want her to know what I'm going to be doing on the sailboat this weekend."

"Why not?" asks Paul. "We're not going to do anything wrong."

"Yeah but I would like to be discreet. I don't want to wear my religion on my sleeve. If you know what I mean," Vickie tells him. "She knows I'm having sex with Eric but she doesn't know that I'm also into bondage and discipline and multiple sex partners."

"Why didn't you tell her?"

"My little sister is so unadventurous. She spent most of her high school years playing canasta with our grandmother. I believe she would rather die than role play in a bondage and discipline sex scene or to have multiple sex partners."

"You're right Paul," Eric buts in. "There is nothing wrong with what we're doing. But Vickie doesn't want her sister to know about her sexual slavery to me for the same reason you don't want mom to find out about your sexual escapades over here with us."

"OK I'll buy that. But we have a problem."

"What kind of problem," Vickie asks worriedly.

"On the way over here the driver asked me what I knew about Richard and Amy. I told him that Richard was my boss. Then he says that a good while ago he picked their sex slave up at SAMS Spa . . ."

"Richard and Amy have a sex slave?" Tanya asks as she gives Vickie a surprised look. "Will she be going sailing with us this weekend too?"

"No, but according to Jack, after he picked her up at SAMS Spa the three of them had a sex orgy in his limousine while he drove them from the airport to their house off Colonial Club Drive."

"Hey! I'm not worried about their sex slave," Vickie buts in. "I'm worried about us. Eric what are we going to do? I can't let Jack know that I'm your sex slave.

"We'll just tell him that Richard invited us all out for a cruise on his sailboat. He doesn't have to know what we're going to be doing once we get on the boat." Eric pauses and then says, "Look, why don't you and Tanya go put on shorts and a T-shirt over your swim suits. It'll look more like we're all just going for a weekend of boating."

"Ok we'll pack another gym bag with some extra clothes too. We . . ."

"That will solve that problem," Paul interjects. As for the name of the sailboat . . . We don't have to worry about that. I told Jack that Richard told me that the reason he named his sailboat the Slave Galley was because of the amount of time he slaves over it keeping it in tip-top shape."

"And their sex slave?" Eric asks.

"When I asked Jack about their sex slave he told me that he dropped her off at SAMS Spa for the weekend before he picked me up. She won't be going with us this weekend. So everything looks on the up and up."

"Well that's good to hear," Vickie says. "Still, I want to give him the impression that we are all going for a 'G-rated' boating trip. She gives the quote sign with her fingers.

"I believe everyone is agreed to that," Eric adds. "Now you two girls go put some shorts and T-shirts on and then we can all get going."

Vickie puts on some shorts but decides not to wear a T-shirt. She believes her beach coat is enough to convince Jack that she in not going on a sex sailing adventure.

Before leaving Vickie says hello to Jack and makes sure to tell him that they are all going on Richard's boat for a simple weekend of sailing. He gives her a non-committal shrug of his shoulders. She then makes a mental note to come clean with her baby sister and tell her about her sexual slavery to Eric and her sex with Tanya and Paul.

'Besides,' Vickie tells herself, 'Veronica and I have never held any secrets from each other anyway. She probably already suspects that I'm having sex with Eric's wife and my revealing it to her will only make it official.'

The drive to the marina takes about 35 minutes. When they finally arrive, the driver pulls into the parking lot near a gate leading to a private berth for Richard's sailboat. There is a plaque on the gate carved out in old English letters reading: Slave Galley.

Richard and Amy are waiting for them at the gate. Master Eric walks arm in arm with his wife Tanya and his sex slave Vickie toward their host. Paul is following them carrying the three duffel bags, having already brought his onboard the night before.

"Good morning Richard, Amy, I'm Eric." He gives Richard a firm handshake and then kisses Amy on the cheek. "This is my sex slave wife Tanya."

Tanya gives them both a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "It's nice to meet you," she says to them.

Eric continues, "This is Tanya's best friend and my other sex slave Vickie."

Vickie also gives them both a hug and a kiss and says, "I want to thank you for inviting us aboard your sailboat this weekend."

"Hey the pleasure's all mine," Richard says. Then to Eric, "Well it looks like you got a couple of nice fillies there cowboy."

"Don't mind Richard," his wife Amy says apologetically. She is wearing a white string bikini bathing suit; it is wet. Her nipples as well as a dark patch of pubic hair can be seen through it. "He calls every guy he meets cowboy and he refers to their women as filly. He sometimes refers to me as his mare."

"Hey, I don't mean any disrespect or anything. Besides, from what I can see these are two beautiful women," he says to his wife. And then to the slaves, "Of course I'll be able to make a better judgment once we're sailing and you two girls have less clothes on."

"Richard!" his wife scolds him but he ignores her.

Brandishing a smile, Vickie looks over her shoulder to see if Jack the limo driver is still in the parking lot. He isn't. So she unties the strings to her bathing top and slips it off, leaving her beach coat on. "Does this meet your approval?" she asks him in a very seductive voice while pushing her chest out.

"It sure does honey," he answers her as he leans over and kisses her left nipple. "Why don't we all get onboard?"

Richard guides the group onto his sixty-five foot yacht and gives them a small tour. It has two masts and sleeps ten passengers comfortably. The aft cabin is the owner's stateroom with a queen size platform bed and private head and shower.

Just forward of this berth is an extra large galley on the port side with a convertible berth on the starboard side. The mid-ship cabin on the starboard side has a double size bed and on the port side to this berth is a bar and another head and shower.

Forward are three cabins. On the starboard side is a double cabin with private head and separate shower room. On the port side is a bunk cabin in the passageway and a large V-shaped berth forward of it in the bow. The bunk cabin and V-shaped berth share the mid-ship head and shower room with the mid-ship cabin.

After the tour, Amy Michelle quickly ushers the two sex slaves below deck while the men hoist the sails and get the Slave Galley ready to leave port. She shows them which berths they will be sleeping in.

Tanya Marie has the starboard double mid-ship cabin and Victoria Alisa has the double berth just forward of it. The two women stow their duffle bags and take off their bathing suits so that they are in compliance with Richard's rule that all women onboard the Slave Galley be naked. Then Amy leads them into the owner's stateroom in the stern.

"Paul tells me that the four of you frequently have sex orgies together," Amy says to them as she removes her own bathing suit. She has small breasts but very dark nipples. Her pubic mound sports a small patch of black hair.

"Yes that's true," says Vickie. "We do our thing at every opportunity, which isn't often with three little kids running around the house."

"Until after we put them to bed," Tanya adds.

Amy says, "Well it'll take the men about half an hour to get the Slave Galley ready to sail and then get her out of port and into the open waters. That gives us plenty of time to enjoy each other."

Then more commandingly, "Tanya you pull the sheets back on the bed and lie down on your back. Vickie you just sit there on the edge of the bed for now."

As the slave wife and the sex slave do as they are told, Amy unlocks a drawer under the platform bed. She takes out two lengths of braided white cotton rope.

Next, kneeling between the Tanya's legs, Amy grabs her ankles. She pulls her legs open and pushes them up until Tanya's knees are almost touching her breasts. Then she kisses her on her on her perineum and licks her pussy lips.

Amy looks up into the slave wife's eyes; they beg her not to stop. But she orders the slave to grab hold her ankles. Tanya does so and Amy uses the ropes to tie her wrists to her ankles. Then she tells Vickie to get two more lengths of rope. She uses these to tie Tanya's ankles to the head board.

The slave wife is now lying on her back with her wrists and ankles tied well above her head.

Her entire groin is now exposed to Amy, who unlocks another drawer and takes out a leather flogger and a large strap-on dildo with internal plug. She dangles them in front of the slave wife, taunting her. She then smacks the flogger across Tanya's pussy who moans in delightful agony.

Amy next turns to Vickie and says wickedly, "Your turn Vickie. Kneel down beside Tanya to her left but facing the headboard."

The sex slave complies and Amy ties her wrists to the headboard. She then smacks Vickie several times on each of her ass cheeks with the flogger. Vickie closes her eyes and basks in delight as a wave of exotic euphoria ripples through her body.

"Before I fuck you two I want to prepare your cunts for my dildo," Amy tells them. "Master Paul tells me that you must obey my every command. Is that true slaves?"

"Yes Mistress," the slaves answer her in unison.

"Your Master also tells me that you are not to speak while you're getting your asses spanked. Is that true?" Her confirmation questions are more to humiliate the slaves than to solicit an answer, as she already knows the answers.

"Yes Mistress," they both say. But Tanya adds, "Except to answer questions."

"We will use the word RIVERBOAT for a safe word. Do you understand slave Vickie?" she asks as she whacks her across the butt with the flogger.

"Yes Mistress," she answers obediently as she squirms her ass.

"And do you understand slave Tanya?" She smacks her pussy leaving a welt on her lips.

"Yes Mistress." Tanya grimaces but savors the sweet pain.

Amy kisses Tanya's pussy mound again. She opens her clitoral hood, then licks and sucks her clit. The slave wife again moans in delight.

Then she begins to massage Tanya's thighs, ass cheeks, perineum, and vagina with her left hand while beating Vickie's ass cheeks with the flogger. After several moments, Amy switches. She rubs Vickie's ass while beating Tanya's groin.

Then she returns to smacking Vickie's ass, thighs, perineum and pussy with the flogger while rubbing Tanya. Several times Amy alternates between the two slaves. Then she begins to suck Tanya's clitoris.

When Amy stops, Tanya looks at her imploringly and her eyes beg her to continue. But Amy wickedly shakes her head no. When the slave wife openly begs her to continue eating her pussy, Amy whacks her hard across her vagina, ass cheeks and thighs.

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