tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 20

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 20


As she drives toward the shopping mall Susan Cassandra is somewhat apprehensive. She is going to a shopping mall in another city that is a 75 minute drive from her home.

Her elderly mother, her best friend Katie and all of her coworkers warned her about going to this particular mall today. They all told her that she should not be going to meet some mysterious stranger she knows only through an Internet chat room, especially an erotic talk chat room. They are afraid that her online relationship can only end up getting her raped or killed or worse, getting her kidnapped and sold as a sex slave.

She understands their concern. She knows that they are only thinking of her safety. She even brought a can of mace along with her as Katie suggested and has every intention of calling Katie as soon as she meets her Dom.

Her cell phone rings. The caller ID indicates that it is Katie. It's the second time she has called within the last hour.

"Hello Katie," she dryly answers it.

A pause while she listens.

"No, I haven't arrived yet. I've got another 15 minutes before I have to turn off the Interstate. I . . ."

She again pauses to listen.

"Yes, I promise you, I'll check him out before I introduce myself and I'll call you the moment I see him. Now will you quit worrying about me? I'll be alright."

Another pause.

"OK, bye now."

"Honestly," electricgirl says to herself as she hangs up her cell phone. "Sometimes that woman can be a pest. I don't know how she got the idea that I'm going to meet some rape crazy wacko."

But Badboy is nothing like that. She trusts him; he would never hurt her. In the nine months that she has been chatting with him in the BDSM social room of the Internet chat room they belong to, through their personal Instant Messenger service and talking with him on the phone, he has been nothing but polite. He has been a faultless gentleman.

They answer her positive attitude by questioning his refusal to give her his real name. They especially do not like his chat room name. 'What kind of person has a chat room name of Badboy?' Katie frequently asks her. 'His name alone tells you that he can't possibly be trusted.'

Susan counters her anxiety by pointing out that he gave her his cell phone number, upon which she has talked to him several times already.

"Besides," electricgirl tells herself as she continues to drive toward her rendezvous, "I have taken all the safety precautions possible. They all know exactly where I'm going and how long I'll be there. I have my cell phone handy."

She pats her left breast where she keeps it in her brassier.

"For crying out loud," she continues to herself. "I'm going to meet him in the middle of the day in the safe, open atmosphere of a shopping mall food court. I'm not going to meet him in some dimly lit, sleazy bar late at night. And I will check him out from a distance before I introduce myself to him."

She thinks about the height of the man she is about to meet and wonders if she really needs to bring the mace with her. She thinks not. He's only five centimeters taller than her and, while no athlete, at 34 she believes she can handle a 45 year-old if he turns out to be just another dirty old man.

Susan decides to leave the mace in the car when she gets to the shopping center where she will meet her Dom Badboy.

A few moments later she sees the road sign, 'Bluebonnet Blvd. next exit,' that Badboy told her to look for. Following the directions that Badboy gave her, Susan exits the expressway and turns left. Almost immediately the large shopping center comes into view, just as he said it would.

As she pulls into the shopping center parking lot she looks for the yellow Mustang with Black roof he had described to her in the chat room. He told her he would be parked right outside the food court where they are to meet. She drives up and down the isles several times but she doesn't see a yellow and black Mustang or any Mustangs.

Susan checks the clock on her dash: 12:50. She's ten minutes early for their afternoon lunch date. He should be here, unless of course he's one of those types of persons who are always late for anything and everything they do.

No, she doubts that. Badboy was always prompt when meeting her in the chat room. Every time they arranged to meet in the chat room he was always there waiting for her to log on.

Susan believes that there must be some other reason for his car not being there. She tells herself that maybe he got held up in traffic or, heaven forbid, maybe he got in an accident.

Susan reflects upon some of his other characteristics that he has told her about. He is 68 kilograms, with brown hair and brown eyes. He enjoys camping, hiking, and reading. He prefers mystery and suspense over comedy. He doesn't watch television except for an occasional movie. His favorite food is a big thick broiled rib eye steak served with mashed potatoes and peas or corn. His weakness is chocolate.

Sixty-eight kilograms, that's a bit heavy for her little old 54.5 kilograms. A seed of doubt enters electricgirl's heart as she spots a parking place and pulls into it.

She checks her lipstick in the rearview mirror and lightly brushes her long red hair. She adjusts her brassier.

As Susan steps out of her Toyota and locks it, she looks again around the parking lot for a yellow Mustang with a black roof. She does not see one. The seed of doubt increases in electricgirl's heart.

She walks through the mall entrance and turns for one last glance at the cars in the parking lot -- still no sign of Badboy's Mustang. Her apprehension builds.

"Why did he demand I come alone," she says to herself.

There is a bench near the entrance door so she sits on it looking out at the parking lot. Her insecurity kicks in and the seed of doubt takes root deep in electricgirl's heart.

She gave him her real name, at least her first name, months ago but every time she hinted to Badboy that she would like him to give her his real name he sidestepped the issue.

She begins to think about what she is getting herself in for. Badboy has "spanked" her several times in private chats on the Internet. In fact, some of the online spankings have been rather brutal. In private chats he has described role play scenes to her where he ties her up and gives her severe beatings and sexually tortures her viciously before fucking her.

Now she is actually meeting him for the first time and she wonders whether she can allow a total stranger to tie her up, spank her naked ass and actually fuck her.

"Oh where is his car," she says to herself as she looks again into the parking lot. She checks the time on her cell phone: 12:58. She decides to go to the food court where she is supposed to meet Badboy and wait for him there. He said that he would be wearing black jeans and a green T-shirt with an American Bald Eagle emblazoned on it, soaring across his chest.

She gets up slowly and starts to walk toward the food court. But halfway there she stops. Her heart is pounding. Her breath is coming in short spurts. Her anxiety over meeting a "mysterious stranger," as Katie called him, and his refusal to give her his real name finally bears fruit.

"I wish he had told me his real name," she tells herself. The submissive electricgirl returns to her car and drives home without meeting her Dom Badboy. She cries the entire 75 minutes it takes her to get home on the expressway.

The next day she meets Katie at SAMS Spa. While Katie relaxes in one of the saunas she tells Susan that she has made a wise choice. Susan doesn't relax; the submissive is in torment for not meeting her Dom.

Susan does not go back to the chat room for two days, partially out of fear of meeting Badboy, of what he will say to her, but mostly out of embarrassment for not having enough faith and love in her Dom. When electricgirl finally does return Badboy is not there and she only stays in the chat room for a few minutes before logging off.

She sends her Dom an e-mail begging him for forgiveness but he does not answer it. She is in agony and longs to be given a second chance. The next three days she enters the chat room daily watching for Badboy, sometimes staying for 4 or 5 hours before logging off. But he does not show up. She frequently checks her e-mail but there is nothing from him there either.

Every night electricgirl cries herself to sleep in misery over her loss.

Finally, Badboy sends her an e-mail telling her when he will be in the chat room. When the appointed day arrives electricgirl logs on. Upon entering she sees his name among the lists of chatters in the BDSM social room where they always meet. Tears of joy pour from her heart.

"Hugs and kisses Master Badboy," she types in through blurred yes.

"electricgirl," is his only reply.

"Your submissive awaits your command," she types in, in a private chat but he does not answer her for several minutes. Meanwhile, several of the other chatters send her greetings and ask her how she has been. Before she can answer them all, Badboy sends her a private message ordering her not to type anything else.

"You are to remain quiet and wait for me to get back with you. Do you understand?" he types in.

"Yes Master," she types in a simple reply.

For the next several minutes electricgirl just watches the screen, reading the comments of the other chatters, waiting for Badboy to give her, her next command. She is overjoyed that he has at least acknowledged her. She takes it as a sign that he will eventually forgive her and possibly set up another meeting with him, a meeting which she will surely attend.

"I watched you leave the shopping center," Badboy eventually types in, in a private chat.

"I'm so sorry I didn't stay Badboy," she types back. "I ask for your forgiveness Master."

"The yellow blouse and black jeans you wore were distinctive."

"That's what you asked me to wear Master."

"But you were listening to the advice of your friend Katie, weren't you? You pictured me as some kind of sexual pervert bent on raping you or selling you off as a sex slave."

His words are like bullets piercing her heart. "Yes Master," electricgirl types in. "Please forgive me Master?"

"Why do you think I never gave you my real name . . . SUSAN?" he types.

"I don't know Master."

"I was testing you. I knew that if I didn't give you my real name then you would listen to your friends."

"It won't happen again if you give me another chance Master. I promise."

"My name is John," he types in.

"Thank you Master," electricgirl types in answer.

"There is a bar nine blocks south of the shopping center where you were supposed to meet me. It's called Biker's Dungeon. You will be there at precisely 6:30 this Friday evening. If you don't show up then I will find me another sub. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master. I will be there."

"You are to go inside, sit at the bar, order a beer and wait for me." John types in.

"Yes Master," Susan types in reply.

"I want you to wear a short miniskirt, a very short black patent leather miniskirt and a tank top, preferably bright red tank top. You are not to wear panties or bra," John types in.

"Yes Master," electricgirl types back.

"When you sit down I want to be able to see your cunt when you open your legs."

"Yes Master."

"You are also to have on 3 inch high heels and black fishnet stockings with a black garter belt," he further orders her. "I want you looking like you treated me last week."

"Yes Master," she types in the reply to her Dom. She accepts as part of her punishment Badboy's command for her to dress like a street whore.

"Now log off and don't log on here again until after you have met me at Biker's Dungeon," Badboy orders her. "If you back out now I don't ever want to see you in this chat room again."

"Yes Master." Then electricgirl quickly logs off without typing good-byes to the other chatters.

Susan can hardly wait for Friday to arrive. She goes to a shopping center department store that specializes in women's lingerie and other types of sensuous outfits. She purchases a black patent leather miniskirt and red tank top. Then she picks out some black fishnet stockings with matching garter belt. She wants to be dressed just as her Dom Badboy described.

When Friday arrives electricgirl drives to the nearby city. She is glad that Badboy lives in a city that is not too far away from her -- even if it does take her 75 minutes to get there -- and not hundreds of miles away. She just wishes that it wasn't storming so badly on this Friday evening. The clouds are so low and black that even the street lights have come on. It is very dark.

She arrives at the bar twelve minutes early. She parks across the street from it. She has never been in a biker bar before. She does not go inside immediately but waits outside in her car, watching the doors leading into the building and surveying the parking lot in the front and on the right side of the building. She keeps her engine running and her wipers on but turns off her headlights.

Biker's Dungeon is a real dump. It is on the corner of the street on the first floor of a grey two-story, wood-frame building; the top floor appears to be low rent apartments. But from the looks of the building, electricgirl questions whether or not prostitutes use them for their services.

A very muddy Dodge sport utility vehicle and two other cars, which she cannot make out, are in the right side parking lot. Parked at an angle in the front of the building are a battered old Ford pick-up truck, a Toyota pick-up and two Harley-Davidson motorcycles. The Ford pick-up has its left front fender and driver's door painted black; the rest of the vehicle is painted light blue.

The left side of the building is plain except for some windows on the second floor. There is a metal fire escape on the parking lot side of the building toward the rear of the building. There are two doors in the front on opposite sides of the building; both entrances are aluminum frame glass doors.

The door on the right appears to be the entrance to the second floor apartments. Through it and added by an interior light Susan can see the bottom steps of some stairs. The other door is the entrance to the bar. This latter door has a beer mug painted on it. It is dark inside the bar; preventing electricgirl from seeing who or what is in there.

A neon sign over the door leading into the bar is partially burnt out, causing it to read Biker Dung .

Susan's fears begin to grow and a knot forms in her stomach. She knows that she must enter this decrepit looking place if she is to ever have a relationship with her Dom Badboy. She also knows that the reason John chose this place is to punish her for not meeting him in the safe environment of the shopping center.

Since it is too early to go inside, she toys with the idea of just driving around the block a couple of times until 6:30. But she decides against it; electricgirl knows that if she drives away she will never come back. She locks her door and waits.

While sitting and waiting, Susan Cassandra thinks about a time during a private chat she had with Badboy when he described how he would spank her, sexually torture her and fuck her when they finally met.

"First, I'm going to take off all your clothes electricgirl," Badboy typed in, "slowly one article at a time. I will kiss your neck and stroke your nipples, sucking and biting each one. I will kiss and suck your erogenous zones, your neck, your navel, your pussy lips and your clitoris."

"OOOOOhhhhh," electricgirl typed back.

"Once I have you completely naked, I'll kneel in front of you and snake my tongue into your navel. I'll kiss and suck it. Moving lower, I'll kiss and lick your pubic hair and your cunt lips until your blood is hot and your passions are steaming. I'll open your hood and suck on your clit. I'll bite it hard."

"I squirm at your loving touch Badboy Sir."

"Your vagina will become my dessert; your torrid pussy juices, my nectar."

"OOOOOhhhhh," electricgirl typed back again.

"Next I'm going to cuff your wrists above your head to a chain hanging from the ceiling. I will manacle your ankles to a spreader bar. You'll be hanging naked with only your toes touching the floor. Your pussy will be completely exposed to my torture. You'll be totally at my mercy," Badboy typed.

"mmmmm," she typed in reply.

"With my flogger I will whack your breast until they are crimson and stinging and your nipples are tender and sore. Then I'll smack your pubic mound until she too is red and hurting. Tears will fill your eyes."

"Oh Badboy, I'm so hot."

"Next I will spank your butt. Each cheek will receive numerous hits. You'll beg and cry for release but it will not come."

"Please Badboy, I need you to fuck me Sir," electricgirl typed.

"Not yet my hot, exotic nymph," Badboy typed back. "I'm not finished torturing your naked flesh. Now I have to cool your passions."

"OOOOOhhhhh Badboy, you are so baaaaad."

"I will massage and caress the places I have spanked with a cool, wet cloth. Immediately your desiccated emotions will rise to euphoric heights of elation. Your suffering will turn to joy, your pain to pleasure. Your tears will become sighs of pleasure and your anguish will become ecstasy."

"Master, please have mercy on your sex slave. I need your hard dick inside my hot pussy."

"Then as soon as you begin to enjoy the refreshing bliss, I will again whip your naked body, sending you back into torment. Again your tits, your ass and your vagina will turn bright pink and filled with delicious agony. Again you will moan and cry for relief but none will come."

"Please Badboy I need you to fuck me," electricgirl typed again. "I'm so hot Sir."

"When I perceive that your aching body cannot take any more punishment, I will again massage your body with a cool, wet cloth. You will again go from agony to ecstasy and from desiccation to delirium. You will ride an elevator of emotions, up and down, up and down. You will go from distress to delight and from torture to bliss."


"Three times I will torture you, bringing you from exquisite pain to astonishing pleasure. Three times you will beg for mercy but I will not give it. Three times I will rack your body with passions you have never before felt. You will long for liberation; you will plead for freedom."

"OOOOOhhhhh, Badboy it's sooooo delicious what you're doing to my body."

"Only when I perceive that you can take no more, only when you have reached your limit will I un-cuff your wrists and ankles and carry your limp, desiccated body to my bed. Laying you down, I will open your legs and kneel between your thighs."

"Yes Badboy. I am yours, do with as you please."

"While kneeling between your thighs, I will wrap your legs around my waist. I will open your arid fountain and ram my hot stiletto deep into the heart of your Venus mound. I will satisfy your thirsty garden with my refreshing manhood," Badboy typed.

"OOOOOhhhhh," electricgirl typed back.

"I will fuck your womanhood hard and send you into sexual euphoria. You will soar to the stars as I plunge my cock deep into your pussy. You will buck you hips up to meet my downward thrust. You will moan in ecstasy with each driving force of my shaft."

"OOOOOhhhhh! Master I am sooooooo hot."

"Your sultry cunt will be home for my firm penis. Your dark tunnel will be the dwelling place for my rod of light. Your wanting passions will find release in my stiff dick. Your horny vagina will get relief from my rigid sex."


"You will scream in delight and thrash your arms as your climax approaches. Your cervix will clamp down hard on my cock. Then your Shangri-La Valley will erupt in orgasmic joy, filling your cavern with your love potion."

"OOOOOhhhhh! Master."

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