tagBDSMSam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 21

Sam's Spa Chronicles Ch. 21


BlackVelvet walks slowly down the hall toward her bedroom where her submissive Badboy is waiting. All evening she has been contemplating what sort of punishment she will administer to him for his earlier disrespect toward both her and his own submissive electricgirl.

Alexis Dawn had no idea how to punish John until she dropped off his submissive Susan Cassandra at his house where she left her car. That's when the perfect solution came to her.

As she enters the room, Badboy stands up in respect and lowers his head in submission to her. She hands him a plate of cold roast duck and a cold baked potato, left over from her supper with electricgirl. He quietly thanks his Domme.

"I am very disappointed in you John. What were you thinking about when you had that adorable women meet you in Biker's Dungeon? You know what kind of place that is." She suspects that he merely wanted to show electricgirl that he could protect her and she wants him to admit it.

Badboy does not answer his Mistress. He just stands there holding the plate of food. He shakes his head and ashamedly looks down at the floor.

"Didn't you help investigate the murder of that prostitute there last month?"

"Yes Mistress Alexis I helped the local police locate the gun's original owner and I ran the suspect's finger pints . . ."

"Then after that you have the nerve to make electricgirl dress like a prostitute," BlackVelvet cuts him short. "Yet, she couldn't offer enough praise of you this evening at dinner. She obviously loves you very much and you treat her like dirt the first time you meet her."

BlackVelvet pauses to get his reaction to her comments about his submissive. Badboy just continues to look remorsefully down at the floor.

Then, "And what were you thinking when you neglected to tell me about your first meeting with her?"

"I don't know Mistress BlackVelvet."

"We have already discussed several times your getting your own sub. Most submissives do not have their own sub. I told you that I have no problem with it as long as you are open about the relationship. If you will remember I even encouraged you to make electricgirl your submissive."

"Yes, Mistress Alexis you did and I am ever so grateful for it."

"Yet the first thing you do is hide your first meeting with her from me. Are you ashamed of her?"

"No Mistress BlackVelvet."

"You're, both white. Are you ashamed to have her know that you are submissive to a black woman? Are you ashamed of me because I'm black and she's white?"

"Oh no Mistress BlackVelvet," he answers her; surprised that she would even think such a thing. "I'm proud to serve you Mistress Alexis and to be your submissive. I'm proud to be electricgirl's Dom. I care for both of you very much."

"Then why didn't you tell me about you're first meeting with her? There's got to be a reason."

"I don't know why I did it Mistress Alexis. I guess I just wanted to get to know her a little better before I introduced the two of you to each other."

She accepts his lame excuse for the present. "But what about this evening, tonight's first time you met her isn't it?"

"Yes Mistress Alexis."

"I'm not even going to discuss you're not telling me how you forced electricgirl meet you at Biker's Dungeon because you know what I would have told you had I known about it."

"I just didn't think Mistress BlackVelvet." Badboy again lowers his head.

"Well your punishment will cause you to think. Until further notice you are not to communicate with electricgirl except through me. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress BlackVelvet."

"You cannot talk to her on the phone or in the chat room. In fact, I don't even want to see you in the BDSM social room until further notice. If you have anything you wish to say to electricgirl, say it to me and I will pass it on to her."

"Yes Mistress BlackVelvet."

"She can e-mail you but you cannot e-mail her. You are not to have any direct communication with her of any kind in any form until I allow it."

"Yes Mistress BlackVelvet." John is devastated.

"Further, as part of your punishment and because I know you enjoy it, you are not to sleep in the nude tonight. You are to sleep in your clothes on the floor at the foot of my bed. If you want to call that costume you're wearing clothes. You may remove your boots though."

"Yes Mistress BlackVelvet. Thank you Mistress BlackVelvet."

"I'm going out. Maybe I can find a stud with a dick worthy of my pussy. Your actions this evening have not warranted the privilege of fucking me. Now eat your dinner. I'll talk to you in the morning."

"Yes Mistress Alexis." He is completely overwhelmed.

BlackVelvet then turns around and quickly walks out of the room, leaving Badboy standing alone in the center of the room holding the plate of cold duck in his hands.

She knows that she has treated him as though he were a disobedient child. But then his actions were those of a defiant teenager and she wants him to realize this. She also knows that he will accept his punishment because of the love he has for her, the love they share. She just wishes he would acknowledge it every now and then.

Getting Badboy to realize exactly what he did is BlackVelvet's main goal in regards to the punishment. But she has a second goal in keeping the two of them temporarily separated. She wants to use the time to get to know electricgirl better herself and thereby confirm some thoughts she has of his very humble and very polite submissive.

She knows that if the only way electricgirl can communicate with Badboy is through her. Then his submissive will have to have extensive contact with her. This is what Alexis wants. She wants to get to know Susan better.

BlackVelvet returns a few minutes later with a thick egg crate mattress. She drops it in the middle of the floor and tells Badboy that there are some sheets in her bathroom closet. Then she walks out of the room, closing the door behind herself.

John sits quietly on BlackVelvet's king size bed and eats his dinner with his fingers; his Domme did not give him a knife or fork. Not having permission to leave the Master bedroom, when Badboy is finished he brings the empty plate into the bathroom, washes it off with water and puts it on the counter next to the basin.

Badboy re-enters his Domme's bedroom, the bedroom and bed that he has so often shared with her. He looks at the clock on her nightstand. It is 9:46. He takes his boots off, gets some sheets from the closet and prepares the matt at the foot of her bed.

After he lies down on the matt, John puts his hands behind his head and contemplates his recent actions and the relationship he has with his Domme BlackVelvet and his submissive electricgirl.

He does not know how he will be able to continue without chatting with Susan. He loves electricgirl very much and will greatly miss chatting with her and meeting with her. But he resigns that he will get through it somehow. His only consolation is that his loss is only temporary. But he has not felt such a loss since he lost custody of his daughter in his divorce settlement.

Badboy's pain is enhanced by the thought that BlackVelvet, who he also dearly loves, is out tonight in search for comfort in someone else's arms, arms that he expected to be wrapped around him this Friday night. He's in agony over the fact that it is someone else's dick and not his dick that will be inside her loving vagina tonight.

Not that he's jealous of that. He accepts the fact that she has other lovers. Doesn't he have Susan? Besides, he knows that Alexis often goes to sex parties at her friend's house in electricgirl's hometown.

She and Amy Michelle are two of a dozen owners of a sex spa there. SAMS Spa he thinks is the name of it, but he is not sure. He has never been there and wonders if Susan has -- during chats a couple of times, she has mentioned to him of relaxing in a sauna at a health spa with a friend of hers. He will have to ask her about that when BlackVelvet allows him to communicate with her again.

"When BlackVelvet gives me permission," he says to himself.

No, Badboy is not in agony over BlackVelvet's having sex with someone else tonight. He is in misery over why his Domme is fucking someone else. Alexis is screwing someone else tonight to punish him for his disrespect toward her and his own sub electricgirl.

Here he is sandwiched between two women, both of whom he loves very much, both of whom are opposites of each other. One is black and the other is white. One is a very domineering Dominatrix and the other is a very demure submissive; he's a switcher. BlackVelvet controls Badboy and he controls electricgirl.

Alexis is a tall statuesque defense attorney, five centimeters taller than him. Susan is a petite dental hygienist, five centimeters shorter than him. Alexis is liberal, Susan is conservative and he's moderate.

Yet he loves them both and would do anything to keep from losing either of them, including obeying his Domme's bitter command that he temporarily refrain from directly communicating with his sub until she gives him permission to do so. He wonders how electricgirl will act in response to his punishment.

He deeply regrets not introducing Alexis and Susan earlier. "Why did I wait until tonight to introduce them?" he asks himself. "Because I'm a fuck up," he answers his own question. He shakes his head in disbelief over his ludicrous, inappropriate actions.

He decides to frequently e-mail BlackVelvet of his love for her and to ask her to pass on his love of electricgirl to her for him. He further resolves to find it within himself to somehow personally tell both women of the love he has for them.

"When BlackVelvet gives me permission to talk to electricgirl," Badboy again says to himself. He falls to sleep with thoughts of making love to both women going through his mind.

BlackVelvet does not come home until just after three in the morning. She stands next to the matt. While looking down on the sleeping figure, she removes all her clothes. Once she is completely naked she wakes up Badboy. He sits up and she orders him to watch her.

She then retrieves a large, black vibrating dildo from her dresser drawer, lies down in her bed and begins to fuck herself with it. She wants him to watch her as she masturbates.

Alexis knows that her moans will arouse John and will increase his desire for her. But she wants him to suffer the agony of not having her, of knowing that she wants him.

In order to increase his desiccation and as well as increase her joy, Alexis intends to prolong her orgasm as long as she can.

She starts off slow, lightly caressing the black probe over her mound, letting the vibrations titillate her clitoris through the folds of her lips. After several moments she inserts her left middle finger into her pussy. Feeling the wetness, she stabs herself with the dong while massaging her clit with her left hand. She rams it deep into her cunt as her Venus builds up heat.

She opens her hood and pinches her rosebud hard. She yanks on it, sending lightening bolts radiating throughout her body. Her sex continues to heat up, her passions keep rising. She moans in delight.

She plunges the vibrator deep into her womanhood while continuing to massage and pinch her blood gorged clit. The pressure in her pussy keeps on climbing; her emotions continue to edge her on. She cries out in agony.

Faster, deeper she forces the obelisk into herself. Liftoff is just seconds away. Moaning, sighing, grunting, in and out, in and out. She cannot stop; she thrusts the phallus deep into her valley.

Faster she plows the channel of her pussy; harder she squeezes her clitoris. Sweating, moaning, sighing. Then she screams loudly and arches her back as her volcano erupts. The saber cuts her deep; her love juice pours out.

She falls headlong into euphoria and is transported to a land of ecstasy and bliss, a city of joy and freedom, and state of delight and relief.

For several minutes BlackVelvet just lies in her bed enjoying the rapture of her climax. When she is finished savoring her orgasm, she tells Badboy that she wished it could have been him masturbating her and fucking her. He does not answer her.

Before she falls to sleep she tells him that she did not have sex with anyone earlier this evening. She merely spent the evening with some friends at the bar in SAMS spa.

He answers her, "Thank you Mistress BlackVelvet. I love you Alexis."

Alexis is surprised by his admission. It is the first time John has ever said those three magic words to her. He has often beat around the bush when telling her of his love, as he did earlier this evening when he said that he cared for both her and his submissive electricgirl.

But until just now Badboy has never actually said I love you to her. BlackVelvet wonders if his punishment has anything to do with his admittance. She smiles. Hopefully he is tearing down the barrier he has erected around himself and has removed another rock from his wall of self isolation.

"Thank you John. I love you too."

Saturday morning Alexis Dawn and John have a late breakfast together. She is still naked and he is still dressed in his black jeans, T-shirt and vest. She is still very angry with him and shows it by remaining naked throughout the morning.

BlackVelvet knows that walking around her house in the nude and allowing Badboy see the black pubic hair of her vagina gets him excited. Then by not letting him to touch her she will further chastise him for his insolence.

Around 11:00 BlackVelvet orders Badboy to go to her bedroom and take off all his clothes. She tells him that once he is naked he is to get some handcuffs from the dresser drawer and cuff his wrists together in front of himself and wait for her.

When Alexis comes into the room she is carrying a large bowel full of ice and water. She is still naked. John is erect. He resigns himself to the torture he knows that he is about to receive for insulting his Mistress Alexis and his submissive Susan Cassandra.

She orders him to take down a basket of fern hanging by a black chain from a decorative eyebolt in the ceiling. Next she attaches his cuffs to an O ring on the chain with a rock climber's karabiner clamp. She pulls the slack out of the rope until Badboy is stretched out with his arms above his head with only his toes touching the floor.

Then she retrieves a leather paddle and flogger from the same dresser drawer from which Badboy took the handcuffs.

BlackVelvet then proceeds to flog her sub on his ass, thighs, groin, stomach and chest. The first whack to his groin causes his erection to become harder, firmer. The severe pain is delicious and delectable; Badboy moans in ecstasy. She continues to beat him.

With each whack of the flogger, his body becomes redder and redder and the agony sweeter and sweeter. Badboy is in euphoric desiccation. His flesh is on fire. His emotions are in turmoil. He desires release from the torture and yet he wants more of the wonderful ache.

His passions have him torn between the desire for more of the luscious agony and the desire for release from the excruciating torment.

When BlackVelvet perceives that her sub can take no more, she stops and wipes down his naked body with a cold, wet cloth from the bowel of ice water. Badboy screams and shivers as his passions are immediately extinguished.

She wrings the towel out, letting the ice-cold water drip onto his rigid prick and balls. He looses his erection. She kneels in front of him and licks the water off his cock, balls and thighs. She wraps the cold towel around his dick and balls and massages them.

Badboy moans in agony.

She rubs the cold cloth up and down his crimson thighs, further cooling him off. She kisses the head of his dick and licks a small drop of pre-cum from its tip. Badboy groans softly. Standing back up again, BlackVelvet gives her submissive a wicked smile.

His eyes beg her for release.

She picks up the leather paddle and smacks him several times on each of his nipples with it. She holds his flaccid manhood in the palm of her hand and lightly kisses his head a couple of times and licks it. Then she whacks him hard on his pubic hair just above his dick.

Badboy grimaces as the blows send ripples of exotic pain throughout his body.

He is immediately erect again. She stops hitting him and kisses him on his neck and then behind his ear. Then she rubs her naked Venus mound against his thigh.

She smacks him hard on his left ass cheek with the paddle, leaving a bright red welt. She grabs his hair with her left hand and pulls back until he is forced to look at the ceiling. Then she smacks him hard several times on both of his cheeks and thighs until there are numerous welt marks across his buttocks and legs.

Badboy continues to moan in agony.

Coming around to face him, BlackVelvet lightly but firmly grips her subs erect cock with her left hand. She begins to masturbate him. He basks in pleasure and closes his eyes as a wave of passion radiates through his body.

A few drops of pre-cum appear at the tip of his member. Again BlackVelvet licks it off. She looks into his face.

His euphoria is evident.

She drops the paddle and picks up the flogger. She smacks his manhood with it and Badboy yells out. She then begins to flog his chest, his stomach, his dick, his thighs and his ass cheeks

She combines the hits to his body with kisses to his neck, breasts, navel and cock, all the while rubbing her tits against his body and her cunt against his thighs.

For thirty minutes BlackVelvet continues the torture, first the pain and then the bliss. Badboy is a ship at sea tossed among the raging waves of his passions, up and down, in and out, back and forth. She does not allow him any relief.

He is in agony and ecstasy, desiccation and delirium. His emotions are on an elevator, sending him from pain to pleasure and back again and again. He is in anguish for release, for the orgasm that will satisfy the longings in his soul.

Raising his head, he looks into her eyes. His eyes implore her to give him what he wants, what his aching body needs.

"Please Mistress BlackVelvet," he begs.

"What do you want Badboy," she answers him coldly.

"I need release."

"And I need a submissive who will not embarrass me, a sub who will trust me and my judgment." Her words are cold, calculating. She hits him hard across his ass with the flogger.

"I'm sorry Mistress BlackVelvet. I can only say that I promise never to do it again."

"That is not enough Badboy. You've made promises like that before only to break them." She hits him again, this time across his dick.

He grimaces from the pain and says, "I don't know what else to say, Mistress BlackVelvet, except that it was my own selfishness, my own lust and pride that caused me to act the way I did. I beg of you to forgive me."

He lowers his head, tears filling his eyes and quietly says, "I love you Mistress BlackVelvet. Help me change. Please help me."

His remorse is obvious. BlackVelvet's heart fills with love for him. She kisses him lightly on the lips. "That is what I wanted John. I needed you to acknowledge what you did. Only by admitting your guilt can it be released. Once your guilt is expiated then we can begin to grow together again."

Alexis releases the karabiner clamp attached to the handcuffs. John lowers his aching arms. She unlocks the handcuffs and directs him to her bed. She crawls on top of him, straddling his hips. She kisses him deeply, passionately on his lips. Their arms wrap around each other.

He breaks the kiss and kisses her on the neck, then in between her breasts, then on her right nipple. He sucks it and then he bites it.

She moans in ecstasy and rubs her hot pussy against his manhood; their pubic hairs entwine. He pinches her left nipple while kissing her again on the lips, darting his tongue into her orifice.

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