tagBDSMSam's Training as a Dom

Sam's Training as a Dom


I invited, Sam my neighbour's teenage son around today. I had a proposition for him. I also wanted to fuck him senseless. I was definitely lusting after the boy. It was a hot day so we both stripped of and drank lemonade by the pool. The application of sun block on our bodies was very sensuous and Sam's cock was vertical. He is very well endowed and I was aching to take his whole length inside me. My proposition was simple I wanted him to be my sub. In return he could be my substitute Dom for one of my Sub's named Claire. He was a free agent and could give her the attention she needed, I also knew from previous experience that he was a natural switch. He did not say no, but then again he did not say yes. I decided to bring my powers of persuasion to bear. Before, doing so I was determined to fuck him so I straddled him glided his cock into my cunt and when up and down on the full length of his shaft.

We both came very powerfully. I then lead him inside had him bend over, had him do the splits then secure this legs with rope attaching to opposite walls. The effect was that he bottom was completely exposed. I then placed flat screen In front of him and showed him Claire's session on a wank machine. I then gave him a very vigorous hand spanking no implement, just my hand. Slap after slap landed, his bottom soon reddened before turning a deep shade of crimson, I did not let up, the combined effect of the video and spanking lead to copious amounts of pre cum dripping on the wooden floor. I made him lick it up every now and then. Before showing him Claire's session in the tattoo parlour, I attached the pads of my electro play toy to his balls and cock an inserted a well lubricated vibrator up his arse hole. I then continued the spanking with renewed vigour. He was very attentive as he watched Claire have her clit ring inserted. However, as he watched both of her pussy lips being tattooed in turn his breathing became much heavier. When he came a jet cum sprayed across the room, I then milked him of every last drop. He immediately said yes to my offer.

My sense of urgency over the situation with Claire led me to make a radical decision, just for today I would be his Sub and he would be my Dom. In this way I could induct him in this skills needed. I had him hog tie me and then taught him how to engage in heat play. He dripped hot wax over my tits and cunt and then massaged these areas firmly. Next followed the violet wand. In this he proved to be a natural. The effect of the wand on my erect nipples had me wanting more, the sustained application of the wand between my legs took me to places I had forgotten.

I then gave him a crash course in demanding obedience. He attached pegs to my nipples, pussy lips and clit. Connecting them together with a rope he led me around my house, tardiness met with a sharp cut with a riding crop. I then had him taking me outside and he walked me around the neighbourhood. Applying a jerk of the rope or the riding crop as needed.

We happened upon a group of young men, he indicated that they could use me as they saw fit. I was taken in every available hole as he watched passively; double and triple penetrations followed cumulating in me taking five cocks at the same time. He then led me home dripping cum from numerous holes.

I spent the rest of the evening training him in the practices needed to fulfil his role. When I was satisfied we ate supper. He made to leave, no way, it was time to show him who was the true Dom and who was the Sub. The treatment was simple the effect dramatic. I gave his cock, ball and anus a very systematic and sustained session with the violet wand savouring every yelp and squeal. By the time I had finished I had taken him to places that he would never forget.

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