tagInterracial LoveSamurai Stallions Ch. 01

Samurai Stallions Ch. 01


It was always the same routine. I'd come down the stairs to meet them, a big smile spread across my face. I'd take them back upstairs, walking ahead, letting them get a fix of my shapely little ass in the tight skirt I always wore. I'd usher them into the interview room, and start with an informal chat.

No matter what they said, I greeted it like a revelation.

"You play soccer! Wow! You must be very fit."

"You went to America? That's so interesting!"

"Not married? I can't believe that, a guy like you."

I always leaned forward in my seat, hanging on their every word, as their tongues just hung, and they eyed my cleavage, often indiscreetly. I played with my hair, giggled at their jokes, and willed them on in the test stage, whatever it took to get a rise, so to speak!

When it was over, I made a sad little face, like I could have chatted for hours, and let them follow me back down the stairs, usually at a very close distance. Was it any wonder I had the best sales record in the whole area?

Let me explain it, I worked for two years in an English conversation school in Japan, teaching (and flirting) with adults. I taught classes of between one and four students, frequently just one, and in all that time, I'm ashamed to say, I only slept with three students!

It wasn't for want of offers, but I had to be careful. Sleeping with students, despite the fact they were all adults, was a sackable offense, and I didn't want to lose out on a very sweet deal. I must admit however, the first of my samurai stallions was something of a mistake.

His name was Koutarou, a university student still living at home. He was a lovely guy, sweet and sensitive, exactly the kind of guy who (sadly) does absolutely nothing for me. I'd given him quite a few lessons, before he got his biggest, one night in a nightclub after far too many drinks. My memory of dancing with him is hazy, the time I spent sat on his knee making out hazier still. What remains clear however, as luminous as the sunlight that streamed through my window the next morning, is waking the next morning, naked, groggy and attached!

Sleep fell away with a nasty jerk as I felt something hard prodding my very naked bottom. Seconds later I could see Koutarou's beaming smile in the mirror, leaning over my shoulder, kissing my cheek and probably hearing wedding bells in his head. A tricky few hours followed as my new friend groped at my tits, suckling and kissing me, eager to resume the previous nights adventures. Feeling too guilty to be mean, and too hung over to fuck, I took his very average cock in my hand and jerked him off lethargically, hoping to send him back to sleep.

It took some time, but I eventually convinced him that Adam, a Canadian teacher I worked with, was my fiance. After a period of silence Koutarou swore to keep our tryst a secret. I got him out of the building and went back to bed. That was the end of my first affair, devoid of repercussions, although Adam sometimes remarked, clearly confused, that "that damn Koutarou never answers my goddamn questions anymore!".

Samurai Stallion number two was a far happier affair. He was called Tsubasa, a 52 year old businessman with oodles of charm and cash. He had these outrageously naughty eyes, I could tell in his mind I was teaching with my tits out every time I taught him. I couldn't resist when he offered me his phone number, and the next night he was treating me to dinner in restaurants my salary was scared of.

I had a lot of fun with Tsubasa, and got to see a bit of the real Japan, the one they don't tell you about in the travel books.

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