tagRomanceSan Francisco Rendezvous

San Francisco Rendezvous


To E.

John hadn't seen his wife in seven days and it was driving him absolutely crazy.

He had never been away from her for so long in all their eight years of marriage. Yes, he had been called away to meetings for a day or two, and she made short jaunts for her business once or twice a month, but this was something else.

John's struggling software company demanded much of his attention, often leaving little time for his family. Suddenly, the head of his installation department accepted a position with a bigger, better-paying company. The man walked out the door leaving behind a long list of clients waiting for John's product. Before he could think about hiring someone, he found himself fielding angry calls from impatient customers. There was nothing to do but take a box-load of his product and hit the road, installing them personally, one at a time. It would take 12 days, if all went well. As he stepped on the plane to his first destination, he had squeezed a promise out of his training expert to hire an installation tech before he landed back home.

Strangely, in the middle of the trip, his wife, Suzie, found herself in a similar situation. She worked as a media buyer for an advertising firm in Olympia, WA and suddenly found that three of her favorite radio stations were simultaneously shifting formats. The stations were part of a small, 15-station group and were scattered from Boise, to Wichita, to Oakland. She needed to meet the station's GM's, sales managers and program directors to find out what was going on and how that would affect the needs of her clients. She quickly sketched out her plans, bought the tickets, reserved the rooms and ran out the door, leaving their house empty.

It was the next day, when she called him from Wichita while he was in Calgary, that they both realized that fate had been smiling on them after all.

John's next stop was San Francisco. Suzie's was Oakland. They burst into happy laughter at the coincidence.

"You did that on purpose!" accused John.

"I swear! No!"

After another four minutes of senseless laughing, it finally dawned on John what this meant.

"Hey, Suzie," he said sweetly.

"Yes, love?" she cooed back. His sexy tone was like a code word for her. She knew she was in for something good.

"I should be done with this install around five, you know."

"I should be done with my meeting around five. What a coincidence."

"Maybe we should, you know, get together."

Suzie let the smile spread across her face for a moment before she answered.

"Why John. Are you asking me out on a date?"

"I suppose I am, Suzie."

"Well," she said, falling back onto the hotel room bed. "Where would you take me if I went on a date with you?"

"There's a place in Height Ashbury that I've been meaning to try. It's Cuban."

"Oh, my! John, my heart is beating the mambo right now!"

"It's very cozy. I'll look into your eyes and I'll hold your hand and I'll tell you exactly how much I love you."

"Oh, John. That sounds like a wonderful time."

"I tell you what, my love. If you meet me at the top of the stairs at the Union Square BART station, I will sweep you off your feet!"

"Off my feet? Wow. What's gotten into you?"

"Heh, heh, heh. You know what I'll be wearing?"

"What's that?"

When John didn't answer immediately, the little tease went right to Suzie's pussy. She pinched a nipple between too fingers as she waited for the answer.

"My plaid, silk boxers."

John heard his wife gasp at the exchange of code words. He heard a shuffling of clothing on the other end of the line, then a lust-filled sigh.

"Now, now, Suzie," he teased. "You weren't thinking about giving yourself a little come, right now, were you?"

"Who, me?" she breathed into the phone.

"Take your hand out of your panties, darling."

"I'm not wearing panties, darling."

"Then take your sweet, talented fingers out of your pussy."

"Awww. But they feel so very very nice."

"Right now, Suzie."

Suzie reluctantly complied. She pumped two fingers hard into her pussy one time, then pulled them out and straightened out her dress.

"Okay, you nasty boy. My fingers are nowhere near my dripping pussy."

"You know what I would do, if I were with you in Wichita?"

"I think I have an idea."

"I would take those lovely fingers and I would lick them clean for you."

"John! You naughty boy."

"But since I'm not there…"


Suzie slid her wet index finger into her mouth and slurped at it noisily. He heard John grunt on the other end of the phone. Who was the teaser now? She tasted both fingers thoroughly, enjoying the taste and the effect it obviously had on John.

"John?" she cooed.

"Uh, huh?"

"You aren't rubbing that big cock of yours, are you?"

"Um. Not anymore. No."

"Good. Because if I have to go to bed horny tonight, so do you."

"I suppose that's fair. I guess I'll just have to limp through my install with this boner hanging down my leg."

"And I guess I'll just have to sit through this meeting with the smell of my wet snatch wafting through the room!"

They burst into another round of laughter before exchanging endearments, hanging-up, and trying to get to sleep through the constant thoughts of love and sex.

John waited for her at the top of the stairs, like he said he would.

He leaned against the signpost and watched the endless diversity of the human experience wander past. Hindus, Japanese, Korean, Canadian, and all in various shades and colors and sizes and shapes came and went from the Bay Area's famous subway system. He listened to a young kid play saxophone in a clear area nearby. A Sikh with a long, blond beard asked him for the time. He took a moment to savor the crisp breeze off the bay and to wonder at the outrageous blue of the California sky.

He felt sexy and alive. He held his briefcase in his right hand and leaned against the post with his left shoulder. He knew that at any moment the love of his life would saunter up the stairs and into his arms. He tried to picture her in his mind and found the image vague and stylized. He remembered her face on their wedding day. He remembered her nude body as it looked in the dirty pictures they used to take of each other. For some reason, he had a hard time putting all of his memories together into a single thought. He had never been away from her for so long.

As he waited, he wondered why he so very rarely thought about her. It occurred to him that he saw her at home; he sometimes pictured her face when they were on the phone; but he never just sat down and daydreamed about her anymore. He knew that he had done that constantly when they had first met, but that was years ago. He loved that she was a constant part of his life, now. He knew that she would be with him for the rest of his days. But, until the night before, he had never realized how much he missed the romance they had once relied on.

He resolved then and there to woo her again. He would make her his once more. And, he promised himself, he would do so again and again.

Just as he was trying to picture her again, he saw her walk up the stairs and his feeble fantasy was demolished.

The real Suzie was in a naughty mood all day. She knew John was up to something more than just gazing into each other's eyes. She dressed in a dangerous, short, black, spaghetti-strap dress with a slit up the side that went halfway up her bare thigh. Her only underwear consisted of a lacy, black thong. Her long brown hair flowed over her naked shoulders and fluttered in the California breeze. Her steel gray eyes glinted against the sun for a moment, until she slipped her designer sunglasses over them.

Suzie paused for a moment at the top of the stairs, then spotted John, just as he stepped away from the signpost. He wore a black tie with the gold and silver image of winged victory. It looked gorgeous against his yellow shirt. She gasped, then stopped herself from racing towards him. Instead, they strode towards each other with confidence and desire, but before she could speak a single word of greeting, she was in his arms, kissing him madly.

They stood for an eternity, kissing deeply at the Union Square station. Their tongues played with each other earnestly and the busy traffic of the Paris of the West flowed by them like a stream. The sounds of The City became the babbling of a sweet and gentle brook in the ears of the two lovers. Had it only been a week? It seemed to Suzie as though she hadn't seen him in years.

Reality began to intrude when he tried to caress her ass and his briefcase slammed into her thigh. She found that holding her purse with the hand she was trying to run through his hair was just not working. They broke off the kiss and composed themselves.

"Hi," John stammered.

They laughed for a while, looking into each other.

He ran his free hand through her hair, then caught sight of his watch. He glanced at it.

"Oo! We have a reservation."

"Okay," she said, still trying to catch her breath.

John and Suzie found the cable car heading up Market Street and hopped aboard. Even at this time of the evening, it was crowded both by tourists and commuters. Suzie stood and held on to a pole with one hand and John's waist with the other. John braced himself against the side of the car with his opposite hand, clamping the other onto his wife's ass with the other.

The bumpy ride had them bouncing back and forth in the cable car, giving John plenty of excuses to stroke Suzie's ass. She tingled with excitement at the public groping. She turned to him and kissed him behind his ear. She started to whisper to him, but just blew a hot wind softly over his cheek. He smiled at the trick. He brought his hand away from the side of the car and wrapped it around her waist. He took her tightly in his arms and kissed her hard. She strained to keep from swooning under his passionate ministrations. She gripped the pole tightly to keep them both upright. She felt her body gently touching the other people on the car, now and again. She kept kissing John and let her arousal carry her away.

With a lurch, The cable car pulled to the side and they nearly tumbled out. They broke the kiss and grinned at the silliness of the situation.

Looking around, John saw that they were nearly to their destination. At the next stop, he led Suzie off the cable car and into the throngs of people who packed the sidewalks of Height Street. They patted and rubbed each other's asses as they strode through the crowd. They stole little kisses and meaningful glances. The giggled to themselves as they engaged in running commentary on the endless variety of people who wandered up and down the historic avenue.

They reached the little Cuban restaurant and found that it was a little bit packed. There was no line, but they did have to stand against the door for a few minutes, even with the reservation. John stood behind Suzie and pressed against her ass. He put his hands on her hips and they started dancing to the infectious rhythms of the mambo. Just as John was about to whisper something irresistibly, dangerously sexy to his wife, their table was ready.

They followed the stunning waitress in the tight, black, leather pants to a booth along the side wall of the room. She gave them each a sexy smile as they sat down.

"What would you like to drink, señor?" she asked.

"Ginger Ale."

"And what can I bring your sexy señorita?" she asked, with a powerful wink in her direction.

"Do you have any rosé?" John said, speaking for his stunned wife.

"Si. Ginger Ale and rosé. I'll bring you some fried plantains, as well."

Suzie was still a little taken aback. She was about to come out of it when she saw that John was staring at the waitress's lovely ass.

"Hey!" she teased. "I'm over here."

"Sorry, dear. I, uh, um…"

"Yeah, I know."

"She is sexy. And I'm just a little charged up, right now, you know?"

Suzie laughed.

"Yeah, I know that feeling."

Suzie leaned over the table and flashed her devilish grin at her husband.

"I was just thinking," she said.

"Uh oh," John interrupted, with a grin. "I know that look."

Suzie kicked her sandal off and ran her foot up and down John's thigh.

"Do you think…" she started, before giggling again.


"I wonder if I could, um, make you come before dinner arrives? Without her noticing?"

John raised his eyebrows provocatively.

"I don't know. It's possible, I guess."

"I think I could do it."

"But without her seeing? That would be quite a trick."

John gave a grunt as Suzie's foot found his crotch. He opened his legs to her.

"I bet I could."

"What would you bet?"

"Well, let's say I get you to come in your pants, right here at the table, without her seeing. Then I should get you to myself for the night to be my slave. Right?"

"Okay. But if our waitress is a little more…ooof!…observant, or I'm not so easy, then you will belong to me, to be my slave for the night."

"It's a bet, sucker, I mean sweetheart."

She rubbed her foot up and down his hardening cock, through his slacks. When the beautiful, Latina waitress returned to take their order, she curled her toes over his head and gave a wicked squeeze. He jumped a little, but kept his cool. The waitress did not seem to notice. John watched as she turned away to deliver their order.

"Ooo, Johh," Suzie teased, sliding her fingers over the back of his hand. "That is a fine ass, alright."

John chuckled and turned his attention back to Suzie.

"That's right," she whispered. "I want to look in your eyes when you come in your pants. Oh! That was a cute little twitch you gave there, darling. I think you're about to give in to me, aren't you. Does it feel good when I do this?"

She ran her heel solidly along the length of his cock. He clutched the table and hissed.

"Yeah, Suzie. That's pretty good."

"I'll bet. And when I do this?"

Suzie gave him a series of quick little squeezes. John stifled a groan. He spread his legs more and scooted forward on the seat.

"Yeah, that's nice too."

"It's okay, John. Let it feel nice."

She stroked his cock steadily with her foot, anchoring her heel against his thigh. She ran her tongue over her lips.

"Almost mine, aren't you babe?" she said.

He gave a quiet groan, barely audible over the mambo.

"Oh, yeah, John. Getting close, aren't we?"

John nodded. He ground his hips against her foot. John glanced over at the kitchen just as the sexy waitress bent over a table to place a plate of hot food before a customer. Her breasts tried very hard to spill out of her loose blouse, but somehow they stayed in place. John's balls tightened up. He hunched against Suzie's foot.

"Very nice, John," she said, helping him along. "Just a little more."

"Yeah," he managed to grunt.

The waitress walked over to them with their food. John was right on the edge. She bent over, as she had done at the other table. Her breasts were right in front of him. His orgasm spread from his balls and cock to his stomach. He gripped Suzie's hand with one hand and the table with the other.

"Thank you," Suzie said as the waitress placed a plate in front of her.

"Here you go, darling," the waitress said to John, with a wink.

That was all it took. John's cock started pumping. He closed his eyes and leaned back, letting his come flow from his cock into his pants. His legs twitched. He squeezed his wife's hand. Then, just as he finished his orgasm, he heard a wicked chuckle come from the waitress.

"Did that feel good, señor."

He opened his eyes to see the waitress lean over his wife and whisper in her ear. She gave Suzie a quick kiss on the cheek, and grinned at John.

" That is some woman you have there. The bathrooms are that way," she said, pointing and laughing. "Lots of towels."

"Yeah. Um, thank you."

John stumbled to his shaking feet and tried to waddle inconspicuously to the restroom.

At the end of their meal, John left a big tip.

Outside, they waited for their cab with arms locked around each other's waists. As they kissed and nibbled each other, John shifted his feet uncomfortably, trying to keep his come-caked penis from sticking painfully to his shorts.

A green and white cab pulled up to the curb and they got in the back. The driver was a young man with a beard and a tired smile.

"King George Hotel, Union Square," John instructed.

"No problem," said the cabbie.

As they started steadily down the hill, John and Suzie put their arms around each other. Soon they were kissing and giggling.

"Easy, John," Suzie said when he nibbled her earlobe. "The driver will see."

John leaned back and flashed his most wicked grin, startling her a little.

"I believe I won our bet," he said.

"You did not!" she protested loudly, getting the cabbie's attention for a moment.

"You creamed your pants, baby," she whispered.

"The bet was that the waitress wouldn't see. She saw everything that happened. Slave."

Suzie laughed and blushed.

"Don't you want to collect your prize later?"

"The prize lasts all night, my love."

"Uh oh."

"Yup. Now take off my tie."

"Oh, jeez."

Suzie lifted her trembling fingers to John's neck and tugged his tie loose. She worked the knot out, pulled it out of his collar and handed it to him. John smiled and smoothed the silk fabric with his hands. She leaned back in protest when he lifted the tie towards her eyes.

"Honey," he scolded. "You don't want to go back on our bet, do you?"

Suzie took a deep breath and let John fasten the tie over her eyes. He tied a square knot in back of her head and left her blindfolded.

"John?" she whispered.

"Shhh," he breathed into her ear. "Relax. You're just floating along with me."

"John, the driver…"

"Don't worry about him. He's too busy watching the road."

John took his wife's head in his hands and kissed her sweetly. She moaned quietly into his lips as he brought his hands down her chest to rest on her full and lovely breasts. He rubbed his fingers over her nipples until they stiffened. He kissed her neck. He stroked her breasts. He listened to her gentle sigh.

John glanced at the driver. The cabbie was regularly stealing glances into the rear-view mirror. John shot him a wink, then slid one strap of her dress off her shoulder, exposing the top of her breast. He ran a finger from her collarbone, down her tit, catching the fabric of the dress and pulling it off her nipple.

"No," she protested weakly, but her hands gripped his shoulders.

John leaned over and took her nipple between his teeth, tugging it gently. He wrapped his wet lips around the hard bud and kissed it. He gave it a few hard sucks then let his tongue play over it. He flicked the nipple back and forth and around and around. He alternated between steady sucking and merciless licking. She started to moan louder.

John took her nipple between his teeth again and grinned at his blindfolded wife. She was gone. Her face was an angelic image of passion. She wasn't a passenger in a cab; she was a vessel for bliss. She was ready for anything he wanted to give her.

He put his hand on her knee and gently pulled her legs apart. For a moment, she snapped back to reality, but John silenced her budding protest with a sensuous kiss. He stroked her tongue with his own. He held her head with one hand and rubbed her thigh with the other.

John let his hand wander farther up her thigh. He inched it up until he found the thin strap of her panties. He recognized her thong by touch--he had seen it during many past lovemaking sessions. He knew that it was thin, black lace and that only a simple strap held it in place. He slid the tips of his fingers over the lace and felt the familiar pattern. He could feel the soft texture of her pubic hair under the g-string. He pressed his fingers down until he felt the heat of her pussy. His fingertips absorbed her wetness through the fabric.

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