tagChain StoriesSan Francisco Seductions Ch. 03

San Francisco Seductions Ch. 03


Lauren woke up the next morning, sore but elated. She had lost her virginity, and instead of feeling overwhelming guilty, she felt somehow liberated. The guilt was still there, but that was something that she would sort out later.

She rolled over in the queen sized bed she shared with her best friend, now lover, Kerry. She laid there, watching Kerry breathe deep and evenly, one fist curled under her chin, a slight smile on her full lips. Lauren felt a pull in her groin, her sex immediately becoming wet. She wasn't sure if it was the memory of her experience with Sam that caused this, or if just seeing her lover looking so serene, but Lauren knew she'd have to do something about it.

Climbing out of bed, Lauren stretched, her arms pulling her breasts up as she reached upwards. Her long black hair hung down her back, stopping at the bend of her knees. With an impatient gesture, she flipped the tangled strands over her shoulder, wishing she had the courage to just cut the whole mess off. It was heavy, thicker than most people's hair, the fog and moisture in the air in San Francisco making it slightly wavy. Her body, although curvy and voluptuous, was constantly hidden under her dowdy clothes. Her prim, white cotton nightgown covered her from neck to ankles, a gift from her parents before she left. She had donned the nightgown last night as a habit, her vain attempt at trying to reestablish some form of modesty.

Lauren gathered a change of clothes, a blue button up blouse and a black ankle length skirt from her closet before pulling her nubby terry cloth robe on to head to the bathroom. Opening the door, she was shocked to see Sam standing at the toilet, his morning liberation of urine taking place. Even though she had seen his thick cock standing at attention last night, she had never really seen one in its most natural state.

"Oh, God! I'm sorry, I didn't knock. I, I , uh, well I mean, um, I guess I'll just wait until you're finished," Lauren strangled out.

She had been intimate -- very intimate -- with Sam, yet she couldn't face this type of intimacy. Was she just supposed to become liberal and come and go as she pleased?

"It's no big deal, Lauren. I'm just taking a leak. We've seen each other naked, can't be embarrassed now," Sam told her as he shook the last drops out.

He studied the woman before him. She had been wild last night, but he could see uncertainty creeping back in. Her pale blue eyes were downcast, her long, lustrous black hair hiding her delicate features from his gaze. And her body -- God, what a body -- was hidden under that hideous Laura Ingall's gown.

"Are you going to shower?" Sam asked, already sliding his boxers down his legs.

Lauren prayed he would go away, and peeking from under her lashes, she was startled to see he was getting undressed! "I, uh, yeah," she replied meekly.

"No sense wasting water. Shower with me. Like I said, we've seen each other naked. It's no big deal," Sam cajoled, tempting her to shed her clothes and share the hot spray of water with him.

"Well, since it's you, ok," Lauren said as she slowly unbuttoned her night gown.

Christ! Did she know what she was doing to him? Sam thought as her slender fingers deftly undid each button, sliding it out of the button hole, and quickly moved down the row. She was slowly seducing him, not even aware of the power she exerted. He swallowed hard, praying his flesh would not betray him and he could feel her soft body pressed against his again. He knew she would be skittish as a colt, he hoped he could dull that urge of flight, and feel her legs twined around his waist again.

Pulling back the shower curtain, he adjusted the spray, leaving it warm enough to soothe, but not hot enough to scald. He stepped in, holding the curtain back so she could sidle past him and cower in the back of the shower.

"Why do you look at me like that, Lauren?" Sam asked as he picked up the soap.

"What do you mean? I'm not looking at you," Lauren shot back, her face flaming at being caught peeking.

"Yes you are. You think that mess of hair hides your eyes but it doesn't, sweetheart. I know you're looking, but a part of you isn't looking from curiosity. Do you think I'm going to ravage you in shower just because we shared the bed last night?"

"No! It's not that. It's just that last night felt so good, but at the same time it was so wrong. I mean, I can't change it, but at the same time, I was brought up to save myself for my husband. Now, I can't do that!" Lauren exclaimed as she covered her face with her hands.

"Lauren, look at me... No, don't look from under your lashes at me, look at me," Sam commanded. "You have nothing to be ashamed of. What happened last night was beautiful. You were amazing, better than anyone else I've ever had. You shouldn't look back with regret. Instead, look at it as growing up. You're finally an adult. There is nothing holding you back anymore. And, anytime you get to feeling scared, or unsure about it, remember the feelings you had last night."

Sam felt an inward wince when he told her she was the best he ever had, but hell, the poor kid was distraught. He had to make her feel better.

"Really?" Lauren asked. "You mean that?"

"Of course I do sweetheart. Come here, let me hold you. I promise I'll only hold you." Sam said as he held out her arms.

Indecision weighed heavily in Lauren's soul. She knew that a relationship wouldn't be possible with Sam, yet she felt safe. He was her friend-- now her lover -- so she knew that he wouldn't hurt her. She crossed the tiny space to him, his arms wrapping around her petite form. Her breasts pushed against his abdomen, his chin propped on top of her head. The water rushed over them, Lauren's heart beating furiously in her chest as she felt him shift and his hardness pressed against her stomach.

"What are you doing?" Lauren asked, her eyes flying wide open as she felt him press tightly to her.

"Can't you feel what you do to me? My god woman! You have me so fucking turned on right now," Sam rasped as he bent his head and brushed his lips against Lauren's full ones.

"Wait! I can't do this. I mean, what about birth control? I may be na‹ve, but I know that if we don't take precautions, I'll end up pregnant and I'm not going to risk that."

"Hang on. I have a condom in the medicine cabinet," Sam said, his actions quick as he leaned out of the shower to retrieve the prophylactic.

Sliding the rubber barrier over his throbbing cock, Sam took Lauren in his arms again. He leaned down, brushing his lips against hers again, softly, testing her pliancy. She moaned deep in her throat, her breath catching as he traced the contours of her lips with the tip of his tongue. Lauren pressed her body closer, not even a whisper of air between the two forms, their bodies already as one. Sam took the initiative, sliding his tongue between her lips to drink of her mouth, her taste, her surprise, her sweetness urging him on.

Water sluiced down Lauren's back, her thick, black hair covering her firm butt from his hands. Sam impatiently pushed the long, tangled locks aside, his strong hands cupping her flesh, kneading, pulling her even closer. Lauren moaned, his hands evoking sensations that swamped over her clouded brain, her body alive and tingling. She flung feelings of guilt and regret, instead concentrating on this man, this instant, this moment.

Sam groaned as her hand timidly crept from his shoulders to his nipples, to slide down his stomach. His muscles flexed involuntarily as her small hand found his throbbing cock; his own thinly veiled control shattering as she began to slowly stroke him. He grasped her hips, sliding one hand up to tweak her pale pink nipple, as his mouth feasted on her neck. Lauren could only surrender, putty in his hands, as Sam maneuvered her against the wall. She felt the cool tiles press against her back, shivering as Sam grasped her butt, hauling her up and over his cock. She instinctively wrapped her legs around his waist, her arms holding tight to his shoulders.

Sam knew he should take his time, but his needs outweighed everything, except being inside this wildly hot and sexy woman in his arms. He ran his fingers through her black curls. Finding her soaked, he replaced his fingers with his cock, sliding in to the hilt on his first thrust.

Lauren felt her tender flesh resist and then part, caressing his cock as he slid into her. She closed her eyes, the sensations too much, her body on fire as he stroked in and out of her tight, wet pussy. Sam couldn't believe how tight she was, it was like his cock was in a vise clamp. He managed to hold out while Lauren found her own nirvana, his release coming shortly after.

Lauren lowered herself to her shaking legs, her thoughts swirling in her head. She had just made love in the shower. Wait, it wasn't making love, they had fucked like wild animals. Lauren's cheeks were hot, her eyes downcast as she peered up at Sam. He had a goofy look on his face, happy and relaxed. Lauren wondered why she couldn't just let go like he had.

"I'm sorry, Lauren, to just take you like that. I don't know what came over me. I had just wanted to hold you, honestly," Sam said as he began soaping his body.

"It's ok, Sam. I enjoyed it, too. It's just a lot for me to deal with is all. It's not about you, I swear," Lauren said as she began lathering her hair. She had to use two handfuls of shampoo to get all of hair clean. "I'm so sick of all this damned hair!"

"Why don't you cut it? I mean, it's sexy and long, but it kinda gets in the way, if you know what I mean?" Sam said as he rinsed off.

"I haven't cut it since I was very young. But I see what you're saying. I think I might just do that. A new hairdo to go with a new me," Lauren said. And she just might do it. It was just a bother, a heavy weight constantly pulling on her.

As Sam stepped out of the shower, he placed a kiss on Lauren's forehead. "Thanks, sweetheart. Anytime you want do this again, you know where you can find me."

Lauren stood under the spray until the water grew cold. Her thoughts were all over the place. She wondered what Kerry would think if she knew that her prim and proper best friend and lover had just fucked their tall, gorgeous roommate in the shower. She wondered if she'd be doomed to spend forever in purgatory for her sins. She thought confession wouldn't even help a sinner like her, her penance too great to undertake. No sense in worrying about things I can't change, she thought. I'm going to live for me now. No more worrying about what others think. I like being able to make my own choices, not making choices that will please everyone else but me!

With that, Lauren stepped out of the shower and her perspective changed. She was going to enjoy living in San Francisco. She was going to do all the things that she had never done before but had always wanted to. And first things first, she was getting a hair cut. And maybe some new clothes. No more being mistaken for a school librarian; Lauren Bennett was a woman now and she was going to be looked at as one.

Lauren burst into the room she shared with Kerry, her determination evident in her pale blue eyes.

"Kerry! Kerry, wake up." she shouted as she jumped on the bed.

"Wha? What is it Lauren?" Kerry mumbled, her mind too sleep-numbed to begin processing coherent thoughts.

"I'm getting a haircut. I'm going to get some new clothes. You have to get up and help me, Kerry. Kerry Clarkson, are you even listening to me? This might wake you up. I just fucked Sam in the shower. Get UP!" Lauren said as she shook the tall blonde awake.

"You what?! You fucked Sam? How was it? Oh, give me all the details. Wait! You're getting your haircut? What the hell happened this morning?"

"Yes, it was terrific. Yes, I'm cutting my hair, and a whole lot happened this morning, so get your butt up, we're going to the mall."

"Give me five minutes, Lauren," Kerry said as she scrambled out of bed. Her sandy blonde hair was completely mussed, her blue eyes squinty as she struggled to focus. She stood at her dresser, pulling out a pair of blue shorts and a white t-shirt with the words, TEASE, written in blue across the chest. She whipped her long tee shirt off, revealing a toned, tan form, complete with pert breasts and button nipples. She dressed hurriedly, skipping a bra and underwear, pulling her sandy hair back behind her ears.

"Let me brush my teeth and wash my face and we can go. I want all the details, Lauren Bennett," Kerry admonished as she headed off for the bathroom.

Lauren opened her closet, dismayed at what she found inside. Nothing but schoolmarm clothes. Long skirts, blouses that covered the most amount of skin possible, and absolutely nothing suitable for an eighteen year old. Well, I guess that emergency cash Nana gave me is going to come in handy, Lauren thought. She pulled an old t-shirt out of her dresser, the dark blue long faded into a pastel blue. She looked around; nothing seemed to go with it. As Kerry came back into the room, Lauren was sitting on the bed, her face in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Kerry asked. Lauren was hardly one to cry at the drop of a hat.

"I don't have anything to wear. Nothing. Everything all looks like it belongs to my grandma." Lauren moaned as her tears began anew.

"Don't worry about it. You can borrow a pair of my shorts. We'll find you something and then we'll get you some new stuff. And I'll even chip in for a few outfits."

"I can't let you do that. I'll borrow your shorts, but you're not buying me any new clothes."

"Yes, I am, and you're not going to argue. Here's a pair that should fit and you can borrow my brown leather slides. Come on, let's go before you lose your nerve."

Looking in the mirror later that afternoon, Lauren had to admit that the new haircut really did bring out her eyes. Jean-Paul, the stylist that Kerry had insisted that she HAD to go to, had cut 36 inches of hair off. He had softened her look, adding bangs and some wisps that framed her pale face beautifully. He had even been able to donate the hair he had cut off, so that wigs could be made for chemotherapy patients. Then she and Kerry had spent hours shopping for the right clothes. Their bed was cluttered with all of her new clothes, so stylish and sophisticated.

"Lauren, move your ass! If you don't find something to wear, I'm going to leave without you," Kerry yelled from the bathroom. Adding a touch of perfume behind her ears, she stepped back to survey the results. Her sandy blonde hair was tucked behind her ears, styled to perfection. Her tanned skin glowed, her make up sparse, not that she actually needed any. She had donned a pair of khaki capris and a white halter top that showed off her tan and slim shoulders.

Lauren opened their bedroom door slowly. She felt more naked than ever. She was wearing the new bra and panty set that Kerry had insisted on buying. The silky material caressed her skin, the underwire cups providing her large breasts with support. Her white shirt clung to her breasts, her black capris showing her pert backside at its best. She snuck into the bathroom, furtively scanning the living room as she passed for her other two roommates.

"Oh my! Look at you. My little girl is all grown up," Kerry said as Lauren slipped through the open door.

"Oh hush. I feel so...exposed. Are you sure this looks ok?" Lauren asked for the umpteenth time.

"Yes, it does. Sit, let me do your makeup."

Lauren surrender to Kerry's skillful hands, her eyes closed until Kerry handed her a mirror and told her see the results. Staring back was a stranger. The skittish girl who had come from Ogden, Utah, with no worldly experience was gone. In her place was a stylishly dressed woman, her black hair framing the creamy white skin of her face. Her full lips were painted a deep berry, her dark brows slanting over her pale blue eyes.

"Where did the old Lauren go?" Lauren wondered aloud.

"Gone for a long time, I hope," Kerry answered. She couldn't believe the change in Lauren either, she looked absolutely beautiful. Finally, her outward appearance reflected her personality. She looked as vivacious and lovely as her inner self was. "Let's get going before you chicken out. Ready for your first night club?"

"As ready as I'll ever be."

The two women gathered their money and identification, stopping for a last make up check in the hall mirror. Sam and Jerrod walked in.

"Damn! Don't you ladies look lovely," Sam said. Jerrod merely let out a wolf whistle, his eyes roaming over the two women.

Lauren blushed, almost uncomfortable under their scrutiny. "Are you sure we look ok?"

"Yes, and Lauren, that new hair cut makes you look damn sexy," Sam added.

"Thanks, Sam."

"My pleasure sweetheart. You two have fun."

"We will," Kerry called out as she ushered Lauren out of the apartment. "See, I told you that you looked hot. Sam even thinks so."

Lauren didn't reply, her thoughts consuming her once again. She gave a mental shake of her head. "Let's go have some fun."

"Now you're talking!"

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