tagChain StoriesSan Francisco Seductions Ch. 04

San Francisco Seductions Ch. 04


To understand what is going on, you should read the previous chapters of San Francisco Seductions, found in the Chain Stories section of this fine web site.

Lauren Bennett let the hot water trail down her body and wash away the ache in her muscles. She'd pulled a double shift down at the café and her body was tired from standing, waiting, and serving.

She rubbed fruity shampoo into her long black hair. The silky, straight hair still hung down past her shoulders, but she still felt like it was very short. Her head still felt lighter, even one month after getting it cut for the first time since she was a little girl.

Still, she couldn't help but sigh as she broke with the past.

After sponging her body with her pink poof, she reached for the razor. She shaved her long, shapely legs and wished her thighs were skinnier and longer. More like Kerry's. She wished she were taller than her 5'3". She wished she had the tall model's body that her blonde friend had.

When her legs were satiny smooth, she took a deep breath before turning her razor on her pussy. She was careful with it, shaving it bare but for the thin landing strip of dark hair she kept above her slit. Just as Kerry had shown her last week.

At first, Lauren had been scandalized by her best friend and lover's shaven sex. Lauren hadn't seen much of Kerry in recent weeks (and the two had been spending less and less time in bed together). When the sandy blonde pulled off her little thong to reveal her cunt, completely devoid of a single curl of pubic hair, Lauren blanched. It was so bad. It was so slutty! Yet so beautiful at the same time.

The blonde told Lauren how much better it made sex. Much more intense. After fooling around a little, the women had adjourned to the shower so that the brunette could experience the pleasures of a shaven twat. Kerry was kind enough to leave a little mohawk of dark hair "as a reminder of the old days." Neither girl got much sleep that night.

Lauren toweled herself off, glancing at herself one more time in the mirror. "I'm too pale," she thought to herself one more time, but in reality, she didn't believe it. She knew that guys loved the pale skin, dark hair look. Especially coupled with her light blue eyes. The light dusting of freckles across her little, upturned nose and high cheek bones also was a point of weird pride for Lauren.

A few months ago, before arriving in San Francisco, she never would have scrutinized herself like this - at least not in a positive way. Now, she was able to smile and flip her dark hair happily as she exited the bathroom.

She pulled on a sheer bra and panty set. It was black and delicate, the gauzy material doing nothing to hide her pink, silver dollar nipples or her dark wisp of pubic hair. Underwires lifted her soft, large breasts, enhancing the amount of cleavage that would peek from the tight silver tank top she planned on wearing. She slithered into a pair of tight black pants. The waist sat very low on her hips and she had to make sure that her thong remained tucked and hidden away. She checked herself in the mirror, bending over. The trousers were tight and stretchy enough not to slip too far down her firm buttocks, and they would keep her reverse cleavage hidden as she moved on the dance floor.

Tall, strappy heels lengthened her body. Make-up and accessories accentuated her beauty. She was ready to go.

One month ago, she would never have stepped out into public dressed like this. She hadn't owned a stitch of clothing that molded to her body like her slacks and tank top did now. Maybe it was losing her virginity. Maybe it was cutting her hair. She didn't know what brought about her change, but she didn't question it. She felt good. She felt confident.

Tonight, Lauren was going to finally meet Kerry's mystery guy. Against all the odds, it appeared that the free spirited blonde had settled down with a boyfriend. When the two eighteen-year-olds had arrived in San Francisco, it didn't take them long to get introduced to the quick pace of city life. Casual sex, once a mortifying idea to Lauren, was now a healthy part of her lifestyle. Kerry had helped her come into this lifestyle. At first, their two roommates, Samuel and Jarrod, were enough to satisfy the blonde's hunger. But after a month of roommate sex, Kerry was ready to expand their circle. It was around this time that Kerry introduced her innocent friend - her eighteen-year-old virgin - to the wonders of sex with their roommate Sam.

Since then, the curvy brunette had fooled around with Sam on a couple of occasions - and loved all of them - but she'd otherwise stayed celibate, concentrating primarily on making enough money to pay the bills. She'd even gone out on a few dates with men she'd met at the café, but they had lead to nothing more than a little making out at her doorstep. Despite her newfound sexual awakening, she still was nervous about sleeping with these guys.

Anyway, a few weeks ago, Kerry had met a guy named Casey. Now she only sees him, although none of the roommates had met him yet. They even teased her, saying he didn't exist. Kerry was strangely shy to introduce Casey to the others. Lauren would be the first.

Shelter was one of the newer clubs in the city. The San Francisco Chronicle touted it as a chic, urban center where the beautiful young creatures of the city met and danced. Stylish revelers swayed to the throbbing trance beats on the spacious dance floor lit by strobe lights, lasers, polished chrome, and the swing of dancing glow sticks.

Lauren, who had only been to a few cheesy dance clubs with Kerry, was unprepared for this large and largely hip rave. She waded through the crowd, who parted before her with happy smiles and welcomes, and made her way to the backroom bar where Kerry said she would be waiting with Casey.

Kerry was as stunning as ever. Her sandy blonde hair was twisted and pinned back just like it had been to their Senior Prom. Her outfit, however, was far from any prom dress: tight, dark jeans that were slung incredibly low on her slender hips; a tiny little gold halter top that hung loosely over her perfectly proportioned tits and complimented her bronzed skin; hoop earrings, glittery make-up, tall, strappy heels that pushed her athletic butt out and stretched her long body to 5'10".

Kerry was smiling broadly, her dimples emerged and her eyes glowed. She screeched when she saw her friend and ran to her, keeping masterful balance on those tall heels. The blonde hugged her friend enthusiastically, crushing the shorter girl's full breasts against her own body.

"I'm sooo glad you could make it!" Kerry yelled over the dance music. She hugged her friend again, then backed up enough to get an eye-full. Her hazel eyes scanned Lauren's body in a way that made the brunette's freckled cheeks flush. Their eyes locked. "God, you're so beautiful," the tall girl said, then leaned down and planted a soul-searing kiss on her friend's lips.

That drew some stares.

When the two girls broke their deep kiss, Kerry introduced her roommate to Casey. "My boyfriend." It was weird hearing those words utter forth from the blonde's lips.

Casey was older than Lauren had expected. She estimated that he was somewhere in his thirties. But he was also very attractive. His shaved head gleamed in the colored lights above, and he had a trimmed, blonde goatee and mustache under a noble nose and a strong jaw line. He wore a tight black t-shirt that stretched over his muscles. His arms were large and adorned with black tattoos that rippled sinuously.

His head bobbed to the beat of the music, taking the occasional pull from a cigarette in his hand. He nodded to Lauren confidently and said, "I've heard a lot about you. Kerry talks about you all the time." He gestured to the slim girl, who was bouncing to the beat of the music.

Lauren couldn't really say the same about Casey, so she nodded politely. "Hey, I need to go and fix my lipstick," Kerry said, leaning into Lauren. She ran her hand along the brunette's shoulders as she did so. "Want to come along?" A look flashed through Kerry's eyes. Lauren nodded.

"What do you think of him?" Kerry asked when they were out of earshot of Casey.

"He's a hunk," Lauren said truthfully, then blushed. "I think I need a drink."

Kerry gave her that look again, but said nothing. Her smile only broadened. "Have I told you that I love you, Lauren?"

The shorter girl shot her friend a quick, shocked glance. Kerry kept smiling. "No--shit… that sounds like I'm in love with you!" She giggled. "I'm not! I just… think you're really awesome, that's all. None of my other friends would come out to San Francisco with me! You know?" They danced through the crowd, smiling and laughing at the other dancers. "You've been so supportive of me! And… we've had a lot of fun." She paused. "A lot of fun," she repeated.

They entered the bathroom. Like the rest of the club, it was decorated with sleek metal and orange neon. The sink basin was polished black slate. "We've known each other for what? Nine years? Since my parents died? And you've been there for me the whole time! Lauren, I love you!" They hugged once again. "You're my best friend."

"Hey, I love you, too," Lauren said, a bit embarrassed.

"See, I love the way you blush at that. I love your innocence. I love your cute nose." She held the other girl closer, pinning her against the sink. "I love your pale blue eyes, and your freckles." Their faces were close now. Lauren could feel her friend's breath on her face. "And I love the way your body is so tight and slender and your tits look almost too big for such a fucking hot body." They lips brushed against each other and Lauren moaned. "And your pussy tastes better than any other pussy that I've tried."

In the back part of Lauren's mind, she was shocked to hear that Kerry had been with girls other than herself, and mildly jealous. Right now, she wanted to taste this woman's saliva on her tongue.

But then, Kerry backed off, smiling down at her friend. Both girls were flushed. Kerry picked up the beat that filtered in through the walls and went to the next sink. She reached into her bag and pulled out her lipstick.

"I need a drink," Lauren muttered again, recovering. "You're such a tease."

"I've got something better," the blonde with the prom-night hairdo said, reaching into her purse.

"Better than what?"

"A drink," she said. "Hold out your hand."

Unsure what to do, Lauren did as she was told. Kerry reached into her purse, extracted something, and placed it in her friend's hand. It was a small, white pill that looked like an Aspirin.

"What is it?" Lauren asked, but she already knew. Her ears were burning.

Kerry looked around the bathroom, making sure no one was in any of the stalls. Then, she leaned over and whispered, "It's Ecstasy. Try it. It's better than anything I've ever felt before."

"Are you…"

The blonde nodded. "Oh yeah, I'm rolling. Come on, it's not going to kill you."


"Sweetheart, I promise. You'll thank me for it later. Remember Sam?"

If it were possible, Lauren's blush deepened. "But I'm scared."

"Don't be, honey. I'm here. I'll take good care of you. And in a half hour, you'll have no worries."

"Are you sure that it's okay? I mean, I've… I've heard things."

"Lauren, baby, love… I've done it five times before tonight. Anything wrong with me?" Five times! This was all so confusing. All so disorienting. She looked at her friend, who was smiling broadly at her. Kerry's charisma infected her - just as it always did. She shrugged. What the hell. She popped the pill in her mouth and downed it with water.

The two girls returned to the dance floor.


For the first half hour, Lauren felt nothing. She tried to immerse herself in the music, but she couldn't shake the nervousness from the back of her mind. She had done a drug! She had taken E!

She was walking over to the bar for a break when it hit her. Suddenly the world felt like it was bouncing. Like she was walking across a trampoline. "Rolling" was the perfect term for the way she felt. She grabbed hold of the bar to steady herself, then realized that the bar, too, seemed to move and dance in her hand. Her moment of vertigo passed quickly, though, and instantly she was aware of the music that pulsed all around her. Her body caught that pulse and she felt the irresistible urge to move along with it. She turned her head, looking out across the dance floor, and was entranced by the lights that flickered down on the crowd. Her brain seemed to melt back into her head, and it felt wonderful. Everything felt wonderful. The lights made her happy. The dancers out there made her happy.

She felt a hand on her shoulder and she shivered. She could feel all the little hairs stand up where those fingers brushed. Turning her head, she was greeted by the tall, handsome face of Casey, her best friend in the whole world's awesome boyfriend!

"You feel it?" he asked, smiling. She was suddenly aware that he, too, was dancing to the beat. But more subdued than the way she felt. He was so cool. She was so cool, too! She began to pick up her feet, swing her hips. But the two never broke that eye contact. His eyes were too beautiful not to look at, Lauren thought.

"Yes! This is awesome!"

He reached into his pocket and handed her something. "What's this?" she said, turning it over in her hands.

"It's gum. You're going to start to grind your teeth. It'll protect them."

"Awww… you are so thoughtful! I'm so happy for you and Kerry." She felt such a deep connection with this guy that she had only spent a few hours with. She felt the urge to give him a hug and did it. He happily returned her hug.

"You two are so cute together," Kerry's voice drifted in. They broke their embrace, unashamed, and looked at her. "Can't you just feel that music? Don't you feel so in tune with it?"

"Yes," Lauren nodded. Nodding her head felt great. "I feel so good, Kerry! You were so right. I do love this feeling. And I love you." The girls hugged once again. "It's strange… not like what I thought I'd feel. I thought it was going to make me into a sex-hungry animal." They all laughed. "But this feels so different. It's not so much sexual as just… good." She shrugged. "I feel so close to you guys!"

"Come on, honey, let's dance," Kerry said, taking hold of her hand and pulling her out onto the dance floor.

For the next couple hours, Lauren was rolling high and feeling no pain. She found herself constantly moving to the techno beat. Casey was right, she did feel the urge to grind her teeth together. She chewed that piece of gum until there was no flavor left, and then kept at it. She also felt constantly dried out. The three of them would take turns going to the bathroom to refill their water bottle.

At last, the three danced into the backroom bar, where they first met. Lauren still felt the urge to dance and move her body, but now her legs felt like they were planted to the floor. "It's like, my feet are gigantic cinder blocks!" she was explaining. She still felt good, but she could feel the warmth in her body begin to subside.

Casey, who was talking to someone else, excused himself and they walked off. Kerry leaned in close to Lauren and whispered, "Would you like another pill?"

"Umm… I don't know. I still feel pretty good."

"Oh, but it'll be so good. One more, honey. We can do it together." Lauren knew she couldn't say no, and didn't want to.

Just then, a handsome gentleman approached the two girls. He was probably in his late twenties with dark, curly hair and side burns. He smiled at the two of them, who smiled right back. He leaned in and said to Kerry, "I was just wondering… do either of you have any E?"

Interesting coincidence. Thank God Kerry had the presence of mind to say, "Are you a police officer?"

He looked a little nervous and shook his head. "No, I…" he scratched his head, trying to think of the best way to say whatever he wanted to say. He really was nervous, Lauren realized. He looked over his shoulder at a girl who was sitting against the bar, wringing her hands anxiously. She was beautiful, long, straight brown hair. "I'm here with my wife and… we've never done that. We wanted to try."

"Is she a police officer?" Kerry asked.

He shook his head. "No," he said solemnly.

Kerry tapped a slender finger over her ruby red lips. "Hmm… let me see what I can do." And with that, she disappeared, leaving Lauren with this stranger.

"Hi, I'm Gordon. It's… it's nice to meet you."

"Lauren," the dark haired girl said, offering her hand. She found herself nodding her head to the music and feeling incredibly relaxed and good, even in the awkward silence. "Your wife is very beautiful," she said after a pause. Before the man could thank her, she said, "You're not so bad yourself."

"Why thank you," he said, breaking eye contact with her.

"Your wife shy?"

He nodded. "She's really nervous about doing this."

"Why don't you ask her to come over here? I'll try to help her feel at ease."

"Susan," he gestured to his beautiful wife. "Why don't you come over here."

Susan was terrified at what she was about to do. Not that she was a goody-two-shoes. She drank occasionally, she even smoked a little pot back in college. But Ecstasy seemed so wrong. So out of reach. These feelings couldn't kill her desire to try it, however.

Lauren watched as the older woman approached her. She had to admit, Susan was beautiful. She was willowy. Maybe as tall as Kerry, but with a much slighter body. Her breasts were smaller than her friend's, but this fit her runway model like body. And there was a maturity that the shy woman seemed to exude.

The tall brunette wore a sparkly skirt that hung just above her knees, and a pair of black, calf-high boots. For a top, she was wearing a tight white blouse. Not really club-wear, but then again, Susan didn't appear to be a club girl.

She did her best to put the couple at ease. She explained that this was her own first time trying anything like this and that it was fantastic. Casey came back and took the guy aside. They talked, shook hands, and something was exchanged. "Let's go onto the dance floor. Easier to be more discreet out there, when you take it."

The five of them took a pill and made their way back out onto the dance floor. That rolling sensation returned for Lauren, although this time, the feeling wasn't quite so intense. The five of them danced on waves of serotonin late into the night

Susan was going through the euphoric awakening that Lauren had undergone earlier in the night. She was so happy to be here. She loved her husband so much and wanted to thank him for setting this all up. She danced close to him, loving the way the musky smell of his sweat mixed with his cologne. "I love you so much, honey. We were so lucky to find each other. There is not a single other person I'd rather be wedded to in the whole world. Not a single person." They kissed on the dance floor, not caring at all what those around them thought. His tongue felt so good. This felt so right.

She was so happy to have met these three, wonderful strangers. Especially Lauren. She felt so close to the younger girl. "You remind me of me. We are so much alike!" Susan tried to explain as the two women stood off to the side, taking a water break while the others danced.

"I know! Isn't it amazing! It's like we were meant to meet!" Lauren said excitedly, genuine exhilaration reflected in her eyes.

"I feel so close to you, I could kiss you!" the taller woman said before she realized what she was saying.

The black haired girl put her arm around Susan's waist and said, "Would you like to?" She was smiling and her large eyes were wide and patient.

"I couldn't do that!" Susan said. In any other situation, this would have made her extremely uncomfortable. But she really did feel a close connection to Lauren. Like they had been sisters their entire lives, separated as babies. Now, reunited, they felt that connection once again.

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