tagChain StoriesSan Francisco Seductions Ch. 05

San Francisco Seductions Ch. 05


Once again Lauren Bennett found herself letting the stinging droplets of steaming water from the shower heat slowly wash away the aches and pains in her muscles. She had just finished another double shift at the café, an occurrence that had become commonplace because they always seemed to be short-staffed.

Turning her back to the stream of water, she soaked her long black hair and then rubbed her favorite fruity shampoo into the fine strands, letting the shampoo work its magic in removing the smell of fried foods and old grease that always seemed to attach itself to her body before any shift was over. Lauren still liked the lightness of having so much less hair than when she had moved to the coast. People still commented on her long hair but they didn't get to see nearly as much as she sported six weeks ago.

As she let the spray rinse the shampoo from her hair, she sighed as her mind turned to more pleasurable events of the last six weeks. Lauren thought about how much her life had changed since she had lost her virginity. She had been so scared that she was damned to everlasting hell for giving away her most private possession to someone that was not her husband. Now that she knew now wonderful it could feel, she pondered what might have been if she had started down this path earlier in her life. Oh, well, that was water under the bridge. She could only look forward now to whatever would happen in her future!

So much had happened to her since then. Not only had she and Kerry continued their very close relationship, enhanced by sleeping in the same bed (when Kerry wasn't sleeping over with her boyfriend Casey), but she had also allowed ... no, encouraged ... Sam to fuck her ... how many times had it been now, she couldn't remember.

Sam had probed her hot pussy several times and several ways in the large tiled shower. He had come to her bed a few times when Kerry was away and they had spent hours with his large cock deep in the folds of her most sensitive area. She had to admit that Sam had the ability to make her want to connect with him again, even when she really hadn't wanted to commit that sin again. Without words, his hands and tongue convinced her that it was the right thing to do. And, let's face it, she had already decided that she was not going to be telling the priest about those sins, even if she could ever remember them all.

And there was Susan. After she had met Susan and her husband Gordon at Shelter, one of the city's newer clubs, she had accepted a tablet of Ecstasy against her better judgement but then had the greatest time of her life, and yet she worried about that one use leading her into a life of constant drugs and whatever else that entailed.

Nevertheless she had then gone with the group to an after-closing party, where she and Susan had kissed leaving an unspoken promise of far greater things to come. Instead Susan had been double-teamed by Gordon and Casey in the hottest scene Lauren had ever witnessed. She had to fight herself to keep from being drawn in and finally walked out of the house into the cool fresh air, which cleared her head of the lingering effects of the drugs she had taken.

Twice since then, Susan had caught her by surprise when she came for a visit. The first time, Susan had needed a sympathetic ear to pour out her story to and Lauren was the only person she thought she could trust. Lauren took her to the girls' bedroom to talk. As they sat on the edge of the bed facing each other, Lauren noticed for the first time that tears were slowly and silently rolling down Susan's face.

"What's the matter, honey?" Lauren asked her new friend.

"Oh, Lauren" Susan wailed. "I don't understand what's happening to me. It just seems like my life is out of control." The willowy beauty sat wringing her hands in her lap.

Lauren yearned to say that she was feeling the same things but instead she asked "Girl, why do you think that?"

Susan sniffed and said "You know what I did at that party where we met. That was sooooo unlike me ... I just can't believe I did that. I have NEVER has sex with any man other than Gordon ... never! I am so ashamed of myself for losing control like that."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. I just had to get out of there for a while" Lauren responded.

"I wish I had" Susan whispered, her face screwed up like a rain cloud. "Maybe I wouldn't feel so bad right now."

Lauren's memory just revived an image of Gordon urging her on. "Susan, didn't Gordon beg you to do it?"

Susan replied "Yeah. So what?"

"Well, if he wanted you to do it, then he can't complain that you did, right? Has he said anything about it?" the dark-haired beauty queried, trying to lift Susan's head with one hand.

"No. Only that it was a hot night and ... he thought I was ... the hottest woman there" Susan said, sniffing back her tears.

"Then isn't it true that you did what your husband wanted you to do and you were just trying to please him?"

"What are you saying?"

Lauren tossed her black hair over her shoulders and moved closer to Susan to look directly into her eyes "Only that maybe instead of being worried about losing Gordon, you need to be more concerned about ways of pleasing yourself and him too, since that seems to be what he is most interested in."

Susan thought about that suggestion for a few moments, then pulled Lauren to her chest in a hug of appreciation for a friend who has just provided a solution to her problem. Susan turned to kiss Lauren's cheek just as Lauren turned her head. Their lips met accidentally but both of them felt the instant jolt of electricity that raced through their bodies. Coloring in a deep blush, Lauren backed away and said "Let's get a cup of tea and talk about other things."

The following week, Susan came over once more and again they went into the bedroom for privacy, since the guys were both home at the time. When they had settled on the bed, Susan said "I've been thinking about what we talked about last week and I decided that you are right. But there is one thing that still bothers me. What if my ... indiscretions ... were only the result of the drugs I took? Would that mean that I was addicted to the drug? What if it makes me just want more and more drugs until I have no control over whatever I do? Is that possible?"

Lauren held her hands and said "I don't know, honey. Maybe if you hadn't taken those pills, you never would have had sex with Gordon and Casey at the same time. But maybe you would. There's no way to know for sure. Do you regret doing it?"

"You mean did I like it? Oh, my god, girl, I loved it! I never guessed anything could feel so wonderful as having two penises in my pussy at one time. Heck, I never ever thought it was possible! But it was out of this world. I don't know how much of the way I feel about it was the pills and how much was ... my body just loving to have sex."

"Would you do it again if ... you had a chance?"

"I keep asking myself that questions and ... the answer is ... always 'yes'. I don't know if I could resist it even if I wanted to."

Once again Lauren pulled the statuesque beauty to her bosom for a tight hug. She had thought it was the sisterly thing to do but when their lips met softly, Lauren was tempted to pursue it. Then the thought crossed Lauren's mind that, in a way, she and Susan were on parallel paths away from the lives they had been taught onto trails of what she had once considered pure perversion. Were they really as deep into debauchery as it seemed?

As if reading her mind, Susan laughed and asked "How about another cup of tea?"

As they headed to the kitchen, Susan thought "Yes, I do still love Gordon and only Gordon. But he is wrong if he thinks he can introduce me to things that make me feel good and then expect me not to want to keep trying them. And anyway he didn't seem to be feeling any pain himself either."

That had been three nights ago and now Lauren was preparing to go out. She had been invited to attend a small party at Casey's apartment, along with Kerry and Gordon and Susan. They had all become good friends in the last few weeks and she was looking forward to spending some time with them. She finished dressing just as the taxi pulled up out front.

Lauren was the last of the group to arrive and it looked and sounded like the others had a head start in getting high. She didn't drink much alcohol but Kerry put a mixed drink in her hand and she sipped it carefully, finding it delightful tasting. With the lights turned down low and the music a bit on the loud side, it was almost like a recreation of the atmosphere at Shelter.

Lauren had wrestled with her thoughts about what this night might bring ever since Kerry has given her the verbal invitation on Monday. She knew that all of the group drank more at Shelter than she had and probably all of them would be drinking more than Lauren herself usually did ... since that was practically nothing. She had seen the casual way that Casey had pulled out his supply of Ecstasy and figured that he was either a drug dealer or at least maintained more than a little stock of drugs. Tonight Casey again brought out his stash of E and offered one to each person at the party. Everyone took one and now Lauren was again feeling the bouncing sensation like she had the other time.

The dark-haired beauty wondered if Casey also had other drugs, such as the white powder that he had not let her try at the club and, if so, would he encourage her to try it tonight. And if she did, how would she react? She was more than a little uneasy about these questions, especially concerned that she might not be able to handle the effects of stronger drugs. Nevertheless Lauren decided to enjoy herself at the party and take things as they came. She would just have to deal with her conscience later, if that became necessary. She felt a nagging guilt at her decision but finally reasoned that she had put the priest and the church behind her for now.

Lauren began to enjoy herself right away. As the alcohol warmed her insides, she felt herself beginning to relax and the cares of making a living began to slide away. Kerry, helping Casey prepare some snacks for the group, appeared with a tray and set them down. She then hugged Lauren. They danced together for a few minutes, laughing at the antics of each other. But Lauren knew it wasn't just for laughs because Kerry kept rubbing sensuous parts of her body against sensitive parts of Lauren's body.

Over the months Kerry had learned what turned Lauren on and Kerry seemed bent on using all that knowledge now. However just as Lauren began to respond, Kerry stuck out her hand, palm open. Lauren looked down to see a different kind of pill, a capsule.

Kerry bent to Lauren's ear and said "Casey said to try this. He said that you won't regret it. I took one myself and I love it."

No sooner did Lauren take it than the blonde went back to the kitchen to help Casey again. For Lauren, that confirmed that Casey really was a drug pusher and it sent chills down her spine that she was so close to someone who so blatantly broke the law. However the thought occurred to her that others, like her parents, would view what she had done as being just as bad, a view she no longer shared.

Lauren washed the pill down with a swallow of liquid from her glass and wondered if she was doing the right thing. She began to feel warmer all over and noticed that everything ... everything in her vision ... seemed to be comprised of extremely bright colored material. She couldn't believe the intensity of colors all around her ... or the sensuousness of the other people in the room.

Lauren spotted Susan and Gordon still dancing. Susan spoke to her husband but Gordon laughed and walked off, saying that he had to go to the bathroom. Lauren danced over to Susan and they picked up the beat together, dancing with abandon. Given the music, it was not unusual that they came into contact frequently or that the parts that made contact were often their genitalia. Lauren didn't seem to notice but Susan's mind began whirling around the possibilities. They had touched before but never with the intention of ... of having some sort of lesbian contact.

Immediately Susan felt guilty for thinking about a taboo activity. She scanned the room and spotted Gordon, back from the visit to the restroom, now sitting on the sofa softly clapping his hands in time with the music, his head bobbing up and down fiercely, as if encouraging his wife to do whatever she was contemplating.

If Susan had any reservations, they were quickly lessened. And when she enfolded Lauren in her arms and planted her open mouth on the younger woman, the feeling of her soft lips and the darting target of her tongue quickly drove those thoughts from Susan's feverish mind.

Susan reasoned that she had not taken any drugs except for one little pill and she knew that she was not drunk so her desire to be with Lauren was pure lust. She had never wanted to be intimate with another woman like she wanted to taste, to lick, and to consume this sweet black-haired morsel tonight. Her fingers began to rove over Lauren's body without direction from her lust-crazed mind. Susan was unable to explain to herself why she was in such a frenzy to sample this young pixie but she felt an urgent need to be so close to her, to touch her every part, to try to make her feel the same need that Susan felt right then.

Susan pulled Lauren to the floor and found herself showering the younger woman with kisses all over her face and neck. When Lauren responded with a similar passion, Susan knew that it was right, that the path she was on was where she was meant to be. For the moment, the doubts and guilty feelings were gone.

She worked her fingers under Lauren's blouse and found her pert breasts. Lauren gasped as Susan pinched her erect nipples and then kneaded her breasts. Susan heard a zipper and opened her eyes to see Gordon sitting on the sofa staring at the two women slack jawed, his gaze intently fixed on their exploring hands as he pulled his erection out and slowly began to stroke it.

Susan returned to her new lover. Slowly, ever so slowly the two women undressed each other and then, as they lay together, their hands passionately fondled each other. Susan was shocked at how easily she slipped into an activity that she had always considered as taboo, that of being intimate with another woman. Yet she knew that, once started, there was no way she was going to stop until either she or her partner was sated. Nevertheless, she was surprised when Lauren, following her knowledge gleaned from her blonde roommate, Kerry, twisted around until she could bury her head between Susan's legs. She eagerly began to lap between the folds of Susan's sex, loving the sweet, tart taste of the older woman's cunt. Once she stopped long enough to whisper "love me, lick me, taste me, touch me, fuck me, babe" before turning her attention back to Susan's sweet pussy.

Gradually Susan commenced following the lead of her younger lover, letting her tongue explore areas that she had always known she would never, ever come to know ... yet here she was under a beautiful eighteen year old girl who was eating Susan's pussy like a professional. Susan found that she not only liked the delicious things that Lauren's tongue was doing to her most private sanctuary but she came to realize that she loved doing the same things to her lover, especially when her tongue touched some place that made Lauren moan with pleasure or clutch her thighs around Susan's head so that she had to continue with that action until Lauren relaxed again.

Both women were writhing as the lustful pleasure built within them. Lauren loved it when Susan slipped two fingers inside her pussy while she sucked on Lauren's clitoris. When Lauren drove her tongue deep into Susan's crease and washed over her anus, Susan jumped so high from the startling pleasure that she almost bucked Lauren off.

Then like an unexpected explosion, Susan reached the peak of her mountaintop and dove off the side, drifting down slowly as the waves of pleasure rocked her body from head to toe. Lauren followed just a few moments later while Susan sucked her clitty and teased it with her tongue. Both women held onto the other as if afraid of drowning should they let go, letting the orgasm wash over then and slowly settle down as their heart rates returned to normal.

It was already into the early hours of the morning when things started to drag. Even the effects of the alcohol, which Lauren had tried to make last, were beginning to dim. Still the others all seemed to be having a good time although the pace of activity had slowed noticeably.

Some time after Susan and Lauren separated, Gordon crawled over to Susan and whispered "I love you, baby." Then when she squeezed his arm, he lay spooned behind her and worked his erection into her still wet pussy. When he was inside of her, he began an almost imperceptibly slow fuck of his naked wife.

Lauren went to the bar to get a fresh drink. She spotted Kerry and Casey at the other end of the room, apparently having just finished screwing, judging by Casey's wet but flaccid cock and a little trickle of juice down Kerry's thigh. Kerry waved her over to their couch.

Lauren sat next to Casey, their thighs touching, his left arm around her shoulders holding her close while Kerry sat in his lap, leaning against his other shoulder. Lauren had found it intriguing spending time with Casey so close when they had danced earlier that she was sure he could describe the contour of every part of her body even under her clothes. She was vaguely uneasy being naked and so close to her best friend's boyfriend but Kerry was holding her hand and smiling at her in a way that seemed to indicate her approval.

Gordon had also spent time hugging Lauren, pulling her back against his chest while his hands absentmindedly groped her breasts as they danced clumsily to some of the tunes. Neither of the guys gave any evidence that the touching was intentional but Lauren had flushed and grown hotter and hotter at their touch.

Now the three of them sat watching Gordon and Susan at the other side of the room as Gordon's roving hands explored all of his wife's naked body. Lauren felt a nagging sensation somewhere in her mind that she should be disapproving of this act but her senses overwhelmingly told her that it was sooooooo good and sooooo erotic that it simply could not be bad. She felt an itch start deep between her legs and finally admitted to herself that it was a yearning to be involved in something similar, with a cock deep inside her

The trio watched Gordon as he slowly fucked his wife, plunging his hard cock deep between her legs over and over again, letting his fingers play over her body. Every time he approached her clit, her breathing became rapid and she tossed her head from side to side. Lauren could hear her saying something to Gordon but until her voice finally grew loud enough, she hadn't been able to make out the words "fuuuuuuuuk meeeeeeee, babeeeeeeeeee, fuuuuuuuuuuuuk meeeeee."

Lauren's fevered brain became aware of Casey's fingers roving around her left breast, then switching to play with her right one, spending most of the time tweaking her nipples, and the actions was sending little electric currents directly to her clitoris. She was hot and her pussy was oozing her own fluids.

The beautiful eighteen-year-old turned her head to look at Kerry, curious how she would be reacting to her boyfriend so blatantly playing with another girl. But Kerry was bent forward, engrossed in the action between Susan and her husband, almost mesmerized by the constant movement of Gordon's cock as it disappeared into Susan's twat only to come sliding back out again.

Occasionally Kerry would look at her but it was more of a "Did you see that?" look than a "What are you doing?" expression. In fact, Lauren got the impression that her beautiful blonde roommate wouldn't care at all if she became even more intimate with Casey. Lauren had to admit that she was getting hotter and hotter as they watched Gordon and Susan. Subtle changes in their motions and the tone of their voices indicated that both of them were approaching an orgasm. Lauren snuggled closer to Casey and captured the end of his naked cock in her hand, rubbing her thumb along the swollen head as they watched the action.

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