It had been a perfect day up until five minutes ago; we had a great table on the pavement outside a small Spanish bar and we were just sitting, enjoying a cold beer and watching the world pass by on the beach in front of us.

Perfect that was until the parasites found us.

The parasites, or to give them their real names- Dave and Sandra Adams, were a couple who had attached themselves to us in the hotel bar on the very first night of our holiday and refused to let go. It was our own fault for being so friendly towards them but that's just in our nature and besides, we were caught off guard as we were both tired from the long journey and they had seemed quite amiable on first impressions. After that they just seemed to be everywhere we went.

It wasn't like they seemed to be making a conscious effort to follow us; they just seemed to appear by supernatural means wherever we were and then stick to us like glue, sucking the enjoyment out of everything we tried to do and feeding off our good nature. It had come as a blessed relief then, when two blissful days ago, Dave had contracted a dose of food poisoning and had been unable to move more than a couple of feet from his bathroom. Even that came with a price though, after installing himself and his wife on our table and ordering beers (just for themselves) from the waitress (he didn't really say 'shaken, not stirred' did he?), he was now recounting his illness in graphic detail to us (and most of the other patrons of the bar, the man had no volume control). I switched to autopilot and nodded and smiled in the right places as he told us for the third time how he had been afraid to cough and repeated something about him being able to crap through the eye of a needle. Sandra just sat sipping her Babycham and lemonade, moronically repeating the last word of all his sentences.

After finally stopping to draw breath, Dave sat back in his chair and placed his hands behind his head, his personality substitute 'comedy' T-shirt riding up to reveal his hairy beer gut in all it glory. Sensing he was about to ask the inevitable 'so, what are you pair up to for the rest of the day' question, I desperately searched for an answer that would enable us to get rid of them. I was coming up blank and beginning to panic as he asked, but Jane was already well ahead of me.

'We're going to the nude beach Dave, wanna come?'

This was news to me too but I had no choice but to go along, besides, it was worth it to see Dave almost falling backwards off his chair, beer leaking from his nose as he choked. Jane just sat smiling at the two of them, patiently waiting for an answer while Dave composed himself. Sandra had taken a sudden and deep interest in the pattern on the paper napkin under her drink. This was a stroke of genius on Jane's part, Dave and Sandra were two of the biggest prudes we had ever met, I wouldn't have been at all surprised if they had never even seen each other naked, the thought of going to a nude beach would be totally out of the question for them. We had already gone to the regular beach with them earlier in the week for a very uncomfortable couple of hours, they had both sat there fully dressed for the whole duration and they almost died of embarrassment when Jane removed her bikini top.

Dave looked visibly flustered and turned to his wife for inspiration but she seemed engrossed in watching a stray cat under the next table.

'Nah, I think we'll give that one a miss mate, I don't want to get my wedding tackle sunburnt' Replied Dave with an idiotic laugh as we stood from the table.

'OK' I said, 'you know where the beach is if you change your minds'

With that we walked gathered our beach gear and walked away.

As soon as we were out of sight and earshot we both burst into fits of laughter and after composing myself I turned to Jane and asked

'Where are we really going?'

'The nude beach'

'Your kidding right?'

'I was at first but I quite like the idea now. Besides, if we don't go the Adams family back there will only find us again'

I paused for a while and considered the options and said

'OK then, I'm up for it'

We walked down onto the main beach and made our way towards the far end where a large rocky outcrop formed a natural divide between the textile and nude areas. We scrambled to the top of the rocks and surveyed the scene in front of us.

'It looks a bit quieter down the far end' I remarked and we began to ascend down to the beach below.

We made our way along the beach, it was quite busy and it seemed that most of the people in the immediate area were not fully nude but as we went deeper into the nude section the costumes became fewer and further between until everyone was completely naked. I suddenly began to feel very overdressed.

'This seems like a nice spot' exclaimed Jane as she set he bags down on the soft sand.

I spread the beach blanket out and rummaged through our bags in search of sun lotion and water. Jane stripped down to her bikini bottoms and left me to sort out our pitch while she went down to the water to cool off. I pulled off my T-shirt and it suddenly felt as though a hundred eyes were watching me, I glanced around but in reality nobody was paying the slightest bit of attention. I kicked off my shoes, took a deep breath and with one swift movement I pulled down my shorts and I was as naked as the day I was born.

It felt so liberating to be nude with so many other people around and it was as if the whole of my senses seemed to go into overdrive. The gentle sea breeze felt so good against my naked skin as the Spanish sunshine warmed every inch of me. I stood for a while surveying the scene around me, looking around at the other people on the beach, no supermodels here, no perfect bodies, just normal everyday people who preferred not to wear bathing suits. One thing amazed me more than anything else, I had been harbouring a secret fear that once I was nude in the midst of everyone else I would get an erection, but it just didn't happen, even as I looked at all the other naked bodies around me I didn't feel sexually aroused, but that was soon to change.

I sat down on the beach blanket just in time to see Jane emerge from the sea a few meters in front of me, she had removed her bikini bottoms and was carrying them balled up in her hand, almost as if she was embarrassed to own them. As long as I live I will never tire of the sight of Jane's body, I admired her as she confidently walked back up the beach towards me; her large tanned breasts swayed from side to side as she walked in the soft, yielding sand, she was brown all over, save for the white outline of her bikini bottoms. Her pussy was completely shaven but for a short pencil-thin line of hair just above it.

Now I was aroused, you see under normal circumstances naked Jane = sex, it was a simple equation that my brain often used to engage my genitals, and for the most part it had served as a reliable system. I shifted uncomfortably, feeling very exposed and trying to hide what had happened, but as Jane arrived back at the blanket she saw it immediately.

' Well, you seem to be enjoying yourself' she said with a smirk.

'Just ignore it and it will go away' I replied.

'I never thought I'd hear you say that to me. You have to go for a swim; the water feels great when you're nude' said Jane

'I will when I can walk down there instead of pole-vaulting'

I rolled onto my front and concentrated on reading the dog-eared paperback I found in our room and waited for my erection to die down.

We soon settled into our usual beach routine of sunning, swimming and people watching. Jane seemed particularly amused by the guys who would walk along the beach in ones or twos, fully dressed and acting as if they were just passing through the nude section on their way to somewhere else, but on finding an impenetrable wall of rock at the end of the beach they would have to turn around and sheepishly head back the way they came, Jane would give them a little wave and shout 'hello again' and 'nice to see you again so soon' as they passed us for the second time in as many minutes.

We stayed at the beach long into the day, and as a blissful afternoon melted into early evening, the beach slowly became less populated, people slowly filtered away in search of food and cold beer until there was only a handful of us left. The sun had lost most of its afternoon heat and the sky began to redden over the horizon, a mild breeze had begun to blow in off the sea but it was still warm enough to stay comfortably nude. I propped myself up on my elbows and examined the scene around us, there were only 3 couples left nearby and one of those was getting dressed and preparing to leave. The remaining two seemed to have been seduced by the romance of this beautiful, balmy evening, the nearest couple to us had snuggled up together; he was laid against her in a spoon position, slowly running his hand up and down her front, across her tummy and moving up to cup her breasts as he kissed her neck. The other couple had gone down to the waters edge and were lying naked in the sand just above the surf line, I could hear them laughing every time a wave broke over them, distracting them from their own kissing and petting. It looked like either couple could break out into spontaneous lovemaking at any moment, normally I guess that would seem a little strange but here it just felt so natural. Jane had also been taking in the view and as I lay back down she stretched herself flat out on the blanket, arms above her head.

'This is just heavenly, I'm never going to wear a swimming costume again after today' she said.

'We still have over a week left here, we can come here every day if you like' I replied.

'Hmmm, let me think, spend every day in this paradise or spend it playing hide and seek with those thrill suckers' she said, her brow creased in a comedy expression of deep thought.

I laughed out loud as I leaned over her and placed a slow, lingering kiss on her lips and my hand on her tummy. As we softly kissed, I moved my hand up to caress her breasts, welcoming my touch she purred as I gently rubbed back and forth between them, feeling her nipples harden under my palms. Jane reached down to where my hard cock was pressed against her thigh and began to slowly stroke it and said

'We have to stop or pretty soon I will need this inside me and we can't do it here in front of other people'

'Somehow I don't think the others would take offence' I replied.

We both looked up to see it the other two couples were watching us but they were too busy with themselves, the couple that had been lying in the surf had gone further into the sea and I could see her legs wrapped around his middle as they made love in the waist deep water. The other couple that had been in the spoon position only a couple of minutes before were still on their beach blanket but he was now lying on his back and we could clearly see her head bobbing slowly up and down as she took his stiff cock in her mouth.

'See what I mean' I said as I lay back down on the blanket.

Jane positioned herself closer to me and lying on her side, lifted one leg over my waist as I rolled over to face her. I could feel her sopping wet pussy pressed against the underside of my cock where it lay trapped between us. After a minute or so of kissing, Jane lifted her head to take a cursory look around before reaching down and taking hold of my hard cock, guiding it inside her, emitting a low moan as it slowly filled her velvety pussy. I moved my free hand and pushed both of her ample breasts upwards, taking one of her hard nipples in my mouth, I could taste the saltwater on them as I sucked and licked. Jane's moans of pleasure became increasingly louder; she no longer seemed to care if anyone could hear. I knew how to drive her wild, I would pull back so that my cock almost left her pussy and then wait until she was almost rabid with desire, her body language practically begging me to plunge it back deep inside her, and then I would.

Jane rolled over, she was done with my teasing and wanted to take control, she pushed me onto my back and I placed my hands on her thighs as her pendulous breasts swung in circles above my face as she immediately began to work herself up and down on my cock, slowly at first but gradually building up speed. Jane had an expression of sheer joy on her face as she pressed down hard with each thrust of her hips, her teeth biting into her bottom lip between moans of ecstasy until eventually I could felt her begin to shudder as a powerful orgasm began to rip through her body, her pussy constricted tightly around my cock and she cried out loud, desperately fighting a hopeless battle to hold on as long as she could, but she surrendered willingly when I began to pump my seed into her.

We lay together for a while, my cock still inside her and my semen trickling down her inner thigh. The couple who were in the sea walked past where we lay, Jane opened her eyes and exchanged a smile as they walked past, looking down at us as she led him by the hand back up the beach. We got up after a little while and walked hand in hand down to the sea and fooled around in the cool water like a couple of kids as the last of the day sank behind the horizon. Eventually our grumbling tummies got the better of us so we returned to our blanket, reluctantly dressed and left the now empty beach.

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