Sand Dunes


Warm day, not a cloud in the sky as I passed the last house on the beach. Fifteen more miles of black top, all arrow straight, through the deserted undeveloped beach. The ocean, all various colors of blue; dark blue, turquoise, light blue, so lovely. Today the water was calm, small waves, nothing much.

The top was down on my triple black Corvette, my hair pulled back in a long pony tail stuffed through the opening in the back of my black baseball hat with a Corvette logo on the front. Away from the houses now, I put my other top down too. Blouse unbuttoned, the wind blowing through the cockpit flapping fabric against my small breasts.

I'm so tempted to punch the throttle and have my back slammed into the seat. Too many cops. Insurance too expensive. So I just cruse along at the 45 MPH speed limit, good enough for now. Just then a trooper passes in the other direction, gives me a wave of his hand through the open window. Lot's of people wave, usually other Corvette owners. Or maybe he caught a glance at a breast? Made his day I guess.

At last, milepost 5.1. 'My' place, 'my' dune. Don't know why, it just has some nicely shaped sand dunes. Ones that provide some privacy, but not too much others can't see me naked when I want them too. Oh for a little exposure. Other than a car parked in the next pull off a short distance ahead, not another soul in sight. Often that way on weekdays. Love this beach. Yes, l-o-v-e this beach.

I pull off onto the narrow oyster shell filled siding. They have them every few hundred yards, otherwise a car would just sink into the soft sand. Checking, nope, no one coming in the lane next to me, I open the door and get out. Blouse still flapping in the gentle breeze, I balance on my single leg and start to put the top up. Suddenly I hear tires screeching like a car about to slam into the wall at a race track. Quickly I look around to see if I'm in danger. It's just a big old Cadillac heading in the other direction trying to stop too fast. Why? Don't know. Surprisingly, it actually stops without changing lanes or spinning around, stops directly across from me in the other lane, still in the road. Glad there aren't any other cars around. A balding older man, cigar in mouth, polo shirt, thick hairy arms, leans out the window.

"Hey honey, need a hand with anything?" I knew exactly what he was talking about and it wasn't my car top.

"Sorry. I'll wait for my girlfriend's hand."

"Well don't burn those nice tities. Shake that stump baby."

His tires squealed as he started off. I could barely hear him say something, probably would have just ruined my day if I'd understood him.

Car locked up, binoculars slung around my neck, never know when there will be something to see out here, bag over one shoulder, I crutch through the soft sand. What a pain in the butt crutching in the sand is.

The top of my dune is perfect. Great view for what feels like miles, may be too on some clear days like today. Not a soul in sight today. Tide's going out, love the way the waves lap against the shore. Gentle slope of the beach lets waves wash far up. White white sand. Looks like someone spilled a huge box of sugar. The bottom of the ocean is the same, water you can see many feet down into, no rocks, nothing to jab you toes on, just smooth soft white sand. Love to wiggle my toes in the sand. I spread out my blanket, sit down and remove my cut offs and blouse, nothing else to take off of course, the warm rays of the sun bounce off my now bare skin. Leaning back on my hands, I gaze out to sea, pretending I can see all the way across, even straining to see the other shore.

I must have only sat there for about 10 minutes, lost in a dream, when I heard a voice. It seemed nearby. Couldn't make it out.

"You're huge."

There it was again. An older woman's voice. I sat up straight and looked around. A naked man, looking as old as her, was standing at the base of the next dune. Oh my God, he WAS huge. I'd seen pictures in magazines, but never had I seen anything like this in person.

"Come, let Mommy suck your beautiful cock. You know how much I love that thing in my mouth."

'Mommy'? I picked up the binoculars and looked. Geez, was he ever hung! It looked like it could have touched his knees. No. He'd pass out from blood loss if it did and then he got hard. I giggled at the thought of him keeling over. What would they tell the ambulance driver? 'Sorry, got hard.' Well what did 'Mommy' look like? I moved the binoculars a little.

"Mom, you know how your legless body turns me on."

At last she appeared in my binoculars. I focused a little. Better now. Holy fuck! Great body, nice boobs, ... truly great body! He was standing in front of where she sat on a large beach towel, her face directly in front of his erection, both of her hands wrapped around it, one in front of the other, not even covering the whole thing. Must have been seeing things. I looked again. Oh, she only had one hand on his cock, not so long, but still huge. The few uncovered inches at the end she put in her mouth and began to suck. I was gushing juices out of my pussy like water out of a dam, trying to hold the big binoculars steady with one hand, while I rammed the fingers of the other in and out of my cunt. God this was hot, really really hot! The binoculars shook in my hand. I was having trouble seeing. Oh shit, I was having orgasm after orgasm. I was out of control. The wind stopped and I could hear them, almost like I was next to them.

"I loved watching you suck your Dad's cock last night."

"That was fun when you and I were running our mouths over it at the same time."

"But nothing better than both of you taking turns pounding my legless hips against the bed with those huge huge cocks of yours."

"Oh Mom, you're so much more beautiful since you had your legs off."

"I love being this way so much. Shut up and just fuck me son, fuck me for all you're worth, be my big stud, hump my pussy."

He was pumping his cock into her, it would bend as it hit the end of her channel. She would groan as it did.

"You're so much better than your Dad. I love the way your cock fills my cunt, stretches me so wide. Oh promise me you'll never stop fucking your Mommy."

"Now that you don't have legs, you'll never be able to block my entrance to your sopping wet pussy. I'll never get tired of fucking my Mommy. I can't wait to suck Dad's prick again while I fuck you like last night."

"I get so turned on to see you sucking Dad, but I also love to jack both of you off and cover myself, specially my face, my mouth, oh yes, love to drink it, to feel it slide down my throat, in the gallons of your cum, oh fuck, both of you can cum and cum so nicely."

I dropped the binoculars and forced the fingers of the hand that held it inside me, my pussy now filled with 8 fingers, my cunt spread wide, about to split me apart. If I could get my fist in me, or both fists, I would. Now my mind also raced thinking about being fist fucked in addition to the incest occurring right in front of me. I was having non-stop orgasms, I couldn't take any more, but I couldn't stop as I thought of him fucking his mother, how the whole family probably slept together each night. Oh fuck I love the thought of that sight. Just as a single huge wave crashed with a loud roar, I let out a muffled scream from one final orgasm. I collapsed, flat on my back, sun shining in my eyes, a long piece of dune grass brushing against my nipple, almost like a lover touching me after making love to me.

Everything was quiet now, only the soft sound of the surf. I sat up and looked towards where they had been, they were now dressed. They walked towards me. Had they seen me? Soon they both stood in front of me.

"Hey Beth, can't wait until next time."

"That was a great rehearsal! Can't wait to see the next one. Loved the part about you being legless, too bad you aren't. Maybe next time I can be one of the characters."

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