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Sandals Honeymoon


We were on our honeymoon in Montego Bay .. I was doing lots of drinking with new friends the night before .. playing drinking games for points .. the wife was real horny when we got home at around 4am .. started me off by giving a hot fingering show .. she laid back on the four-poster bed in our ocean-front suite with only the white terry cloth robe that they give you for the vacation ...

She was teasing me as I got ready for bed .. I undressed as she was rubbing that juicy pussy .. telling me to watch her get herself off .. she laid back and put her spread feet on the end of the bed as she circled her clit with her fingers .. she was so wet that she glistened .. so hot her lips spread open as she rubbed.. then she opened the robe all the way .. and started to pull on those hard nipples ...

That always gets her off .. this time wasn't any different as I saw a drop of hot juice start to run out of her pussy towards her asshole ...mmm when she does this I want to eat her so bad ..she knows it too and plays it out to the hilt .. her toes were grabbing at the footboard as she gyrated her hips to the circles her fingers made .. the juices were flowing now as she pushed a finger inside those red puffy lips .. then another finger as she started to hump towards those deeply planted fingers ..this is usually were she stops at two tonight a third plunged in ..

I stood there in shock as she pumped her fingers in fast and hard .. she was moaning like crazy as she saw me start to jack off .. she loves to see my cock and for me to jack off for her .. she was hot as Texas chili at that point and bubbling over like it .. cause she started to talk really dirty .. moaning to me to make that hot hard cock cum .. to cum for her and all over her .. for her to see it cum ... I love this and she knows it .. when she starts I cant stop but cum for her and she knows it .. I moved close to her face as she begged for me to cum .. then she stuck her tongue out and said please feed me your cum ... that's all it took as I shot out a thick wad onto her tongue and started to pump out a load when she put her mouth over my cock head and sucked hard .. her hips were a blur as she rubbed her clit hard wanting to cum as she tasted my hot cum .. as the cum leaked out her lips she moaned that she was gonna cum now ... I immediately dove down in between her legs needing to taste that juicy cunt.. I took her clit between my lips and sucked for all I was worth as I grabbed her wrists and held them tight which she loves .. and she bucked into my face .. grinding that pubic bone into my nose .. she came hard and her juice flowed out ... it tasted like honey I was so horny ..

I was hard as a rock again and wanted to jack off some more but wanted her to have the best orgasm possible so I let go of her wrists and grabbed a nipple with one hand and slid two fingers in her pussy with the other ..she was screaming out that this was so good .. so hot .. that it was so sexy to have all that cum in her mouth .. that it tasted so good as she was cumming herself ..as I thrust those fingers in she just screamed yes and passed out from the massive power of her orgasm ... I was amazed ..

I looked at her laid out ... legs spread .. pussy soaked and lips wide open .. cum on her lips some .. she looked so happy .. but I was hard as a brick .. I thought maybe she will get up if I caress her some .. I laid next to her and rubbed her breasts and her stomach towards her short cropped pussy hair .. she groaned and rolled on her side .. lifted her head to me to say honey I cant I'm to wiped out now ..

Shheeesh I thought .. I was drunk as a skunk and hard as a brick what to do ..??? So I passed out too .. I swear it must have been only 7am when I saw her up already ..she wanted to play some more .. I thought fuck this and rolled over .. I groaned as I rolled too early .. later .. she got all pissed and next thing I knew she was putting on her pink checked bikini .. I love it but still didn't have the strength .. she got more pissed and put on the robe and went to go out to the beach .. we had our own little piece of semi-private beach after the porch out back .. I heard her open the door and say shit .. that's when I started to think something was up .. I turned over to see her standing at the doorway looking at the big beachcomber guy out at the shore ...

I thought I was crazy as I watched her reach down and slide her hand under her bottoms and rub her pussy .. well I woke up then and watched as she pulled her top off completely and close her robe walked right out to the beach grabbing some oil to take with her ..

I popped up from bed and I went to the window as I saw her start to drag a beach chair down to where he was raking out the sand .. he stopped her and said let me miss .. grabbed it and asked her where she wanted it .. she motioned down by the water as she pulled off her robe .. his eyes lit up as her saw her big tits and real hard nipples ... she threw her robe over the back and sat down putting her legs on each side of her chair as too spread her legs really wide leaned back and put some oil in her palm ..

They were too far away to hear now .. put I swear I saw her turn beet red as she massaged the oil into those heaving mounds ... Well .. she was oiling up those big tits that I love .. spending extra time on her hard nipples .. pinching and pulling on them as she leaned back in the beach chair .. the beachcomber was raking right next to her .. he was staring at her putting all the oil all over herself .. he was a large black man had on shorts that were baggy and an open button down shirt ... the beach was so close that I could see the bulge in those shorts tenting out already .. so did the wife and she was staring right at that tent .. I swear she was licking her lips and wouldn't take her eyes of it as I saw them talking but couldn't make out what was said ..

At that point she got bold and was oiling up her belly .. she reached down with a palm full of oil into her bottoms and rubbed it into her pussy staring right up to him .. she must have popped a finger in as she did cause I saw her throw her head back open her mouth then licked her upper lip .. she was hot as hell I could see It from the window .. his crotch was right next to her face and she looked up as she took her hand out and said something and proceeded to flip over .. I saw him drop his rake and take the oil from her .. she laid flat on her stomach as he put oil in his palms ...her started at her shoulders .. but did those fast and inched down towards her ass ..

He grabbed his cock through his shorts real quick to adjust.. thinking my wife wouldn't notice .. but she hadn't really took her eyes off his bulge .. she was looking back and smiling then said something and spread her legs over the sides of the chair .. as he got on the chair in between them I could she those bottoms were soaking wet ... right then he worked on the inside of her thighs .. she was grinding her pubic area into the chair at this point .. .. then started to raise her hips to meet his hands hoping he would start to play with her I guess .. finally she must have said for him to take her bottoms off in some way cause she got up on her knees ass high up in the air as he moved back and pulled them down ..

I literally saw her juices drip out of her pussy as his huge hands oiled up her ass cheeks.. she was looking back as her face was pressed against the chair on her knees ass high up and she reached for his hand from between her legs .. I saw her grab his hand and guide it to her pussy .. he then slide one big finger inside .. she backed up to it and those lips spread wide .. her mouth opened and she guided his finger in .. he started to pump in on his own then and she reached back grabbing for his crotch .. he then started to unbutton them and pull out his cock ..then I saw it before she got a chance to .. It was huge as she groped wildly for it .. it had to be 12 inches at least .. then she saw it .. her eyes went so wide you could drive a truck through the pupils ..

I don't know what she said but he stood up and kicked his shorts off .. it was 12 inches alright as she looked back rubbing her clit in circles.. he grabbed his cock by the base and bent his knees until the cock head was brushing against the lips of her hot pussy .. she reached back for his balls grabbed them hard and pulled him towards that wet cunt .. he sank about half in at the first thrust .. he grabbed her hips and started to pump slow at first then she was bucking back trying to take all of him .. she really is a slut for big cocks .. she had both her hands under her as one rubbed his balls .. and one stroked her clit ... then he did it and fucked it all the way into her ... this was the only moan I heard so far as it was as load as a scream ..

she grinded into his crotch as he pulled back to ram her harder now ..

He wasn't going to last long I could tell as he was tossing his head back already .. them I was amazed as he looked like he was gonna go wild .. he grabbed her hips hard and actually lifted her up .. she kicked her legs around his without missing a beat and arched her back then slid down on his rod as he lifted her .. she was impaled ..and started to twist her head back and forth like a wild animal .. her tits were thrust out nipples had to look like an inch long from where I was watching .. she was cumming hard at what he did .. now it was his turn .. he threw his head back and I knew he was filling her pussy with cum.. I had to see closer as I went to the door an opened it then with my cock out right in front of me I sat on a chair on the porch .. at this point they were only like 10 yards away .. and I saw the cum running out of her pussy around his cock that was buried to the hilt..

Her head was on his shoulder and she was licking his ear grinding down onto his cumming huge cock .. she looked plastered to him as he reached around to maul her tits pulling hard on her nipples.. she looked to be cumming again as she grinded softly down now .. his legs looked wobbly as he eased her down off him .. she went right onto the chair never taking her eyes of him especially his cock which now hung limp in front of him dripping with cum .. she sat on her ass leaned back and rubbed her pussy .. she loves to show cum in her pussy after we fuck .. and there was a river in her now .. she was so horny that she was slowly feeding herself the cum with her fingers ..

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