tagInterracial LoveSandals Honeymoon Ch. 05

Sandals Honeymoon Ch. 05


Well .. I had my drink then decided to head back to the room .. when I got there she was soaking in the bath tub .. she called out and asked me to make her a drink that she was exhausted and felt sore all over ..

With good reason I saw .. she had just been fucked by four big black cocks .. except that she didn't know that I knew that .. I brought her the drink and said maybe she needed a massage ..

"I'm way to tired now honey .. maybe tomorrow you can give me one .." gulping down her drink she stood up and I got to see her trimmed bush close up ..

"MMM .. do that special for me baby ..?" .. I asked ..

"Of course honey .. but tomorrow you can enjoy it .. I need some rest .. " she put on her robe and headed to bed .. "Don't forget I'm playing golf in the morning with Kansas .." I told her as she climbed into that four poster bed ..

"Oh .. right .. well Debbie and I will just hang out at the pool then .. " she said as she curled up in a ball on the bed .. they were a couple we met on the second day .. but there was no way golf would be as much fun as all the watching I had been doing .. I wondered if my cum hungry wife would need some different cocks tomorrow .. maybe I could help her find some ..

I myself slept for just a few hours getting up at the crack of dawn .. I called down to the concierge to set up a surprise for my little slut of a wife .. at 8:00 am she would get a knock at the door .. and enjoy a nice relaxing massage from one of the staff ..

First I would warm her up to it with some gentle caressing to wake her up .. sliding my fingers across her back .. rubbing her ass .. getting her to moan for attention .. until finally she would turn from her side to her back spreading her legs in the process ..

A very nice sign that she was getting very turned on .. and then gently sliding my fingers over the pussy lips .. she was wet already as I eased a finger between those hot lips ..

I had to make this quick so I climbed down between her legs and gave her a few choice licks to get her attention .. then as I planned the phone rang for our wake-up call .. she pouted up at me as she reached down to slide a finger in her pussy ..

I said I better go we can continue later .. she had an appointment soon .. I told her I called Debbie .. and told her she would meet her for breakfast .. to go take a shower and cool off for now ..

Then I leaned over and got one last lick in from her fingers to taste that sweet juice from her pussy .. even letting my tongue slide down to that sweet puckered asshole of her for a fast swipe ..

She turned over in frustration as I grabbed my clubs and went out the door .. grinning knowing that she would need to do something to feed her early morning hunger ..

I called the room about five minutes to 8:00 to tell her to get up and shower .. and to let her know that Debbie might be late but I arranged a special surprise for her .. she wanted to know what .. but I told her to shower she would know soon enough ..

I rushed back to the suite ... and to the porch outside so I could get to see if horny little wife would take the bait .. she hadn't even got out of bed yet .. when I first peeked through the window .. after rolling over to see the clock a few times she did move to get up ..

I didn't realize it at first but she must have been still rubbing her pussy .. the way she sat up and shook her head and arched her back said her was wide awake .. and she walked over to the bathroom .. again I heard the water running and she must have been showering ..

Just a minute later there was a loud knock on the suite door .. and a few seconds later my wife came out of the bathroom with her robe on and was drying her hair with a towel .. she asked who it was .. and a heavy accented voice answered back .." Massage services .."

She opened the door and said she didn't order a massage .. but then she looked stunned for a second looking over this big tall muscular black man .. he tried to explain that I had ordered the service for her as a surprise while I was out playing golf .. he was holding a large bag with him and as he put it down she took the chance to really look him over ..

"Well .. don't put that down there .. bring it in .." as she opened the door wide .. I'm so sore from last night that I could use a rub down .. he walked in as she closed the door .. but he said he had something else to bring in and reached around into the hallway to get one of those big folded cushioned mats ..

He brought the mat in saying that people are more relaxed when he is done then after a few a few strong rum drinks .. he walked into the living room area .. and I had to pull back some to avoid being seen ..

I heard him continue saying that setting up in here on the floor is the best .. then I heard him dragging the coffee table aside .. and looked back in time to see him pulling out several bottles out of his bag ..

He told her to take off your robe .. lay on the mat face down .... he handed her a big towel from the bag .. I was surprised as she turned away to open her robe and wrap the drape the towel in front of her .. she then pulled off her robe and laid down ..

The towel wasn't as big as it looked and barely covered her .. I started to think that nothing was going to happen when she said .. "Can you give me another towel please .. I need to cover my .. you know .. behind .." .. she even seemed to be blushing as she kneeled down on the mat .. facing him as he laid out his oils sitting on the couch ..

"No worries missy .. you just relax and lay down .." as he stood up in front of her .. that's when I noticed him better myself ... he was an older man .. but built extremely well .. his shorts were loose on him .. but his matching white shirt looked spray painted onto his muscles ..

My wife was looking up at him in awe .. biting her bottom lip as she lowered herself onto the mat with the towel clinging to her front .. he kneeled in front of her head ..

His hands already starting to rub her shoulders .. he looked like he was checking out her ass and grinning now .. her head was turned to the side facing the window and I hoped I wouldn't get caught .. but there was no way I was going to turn away at this point ..

I heard her start to groan as I watched him kneed and rub her shoulders and back .. he was leaning over her and starting on her hips when I first saw her look up at his crotch .. she moaned that it felt so good ..

He told her that she hadn't seen anything yet .. when I noticed his shorts starting to bulge outward .. she had already relaxed and had her head rested down to the side when he said that .. looking up again she said what do you mean ..

He leaned back upright and I knew what he meant by the size of the bulge he was sporting .. but he said .. "I still have some wonderful oils to use on you .. they will loosen up your body and make everything Irie .." when he leaned up he reached to open a bottle and my wife was staring right at that huge bulge ..

"MMmmm .. wouldn't it be a good idea if you took your shirt off .. so you don't get any of the oils on it .. " and I watched as she propped herself up on her elbows never taking her eyes off that bulge just a foot away from her face ..

"If you don't mind missy that would be perfect .." putting the bottle down and pulling the shirt over his head .. "Maybe you better take those shorts off as well .." she said as she rested her head down on the mat ..

"After all you can't be too careful with those oils .." she was facing the window again .. and I saw her biting that lower lip .. "Whatever you say missy .. I have my trunks on and was headed to the beach after your massage anyway .."

I watched him stand up .. kicking his sandals off and pulling his shorts down ... he was amazing .. the bulge was enormous in his speedo-like trunks ..

I swear she was starting to grind her own crotch into the mat ... he opened a bottle and coated his hands with some oil .. kneeling back down in front of her face his bulge was just an inch from her head as he leaned over her ..

He started again on her shoulders .. as I watched him slick her body up .. she was groaning in appreciation of his deep kneading .. he worked his way down to her hips again .. she was getting very loud with her moans and groans .. then she titled her head up again ..

I could assume that she wanted to see if the moaning was having an effect on his growing bulge .. but as her head moved he had reached down to her thighs .. and she actually brushed his big bulge with the back of her head ..

That had an effect on him alright .. he stood up and I saw the head of his big cock was already coming out of the top of his suit .. he adjusted himself .. and walked around her grabbing another bottle .. she turned her head around to face the window as he kneeled over her feet ..

His cock was almost sticking straight out as he poured the bottle over the small of her back .. working the oil up to her shoulders .. then down her sides .. she moaned out a loud yes as his hands went down her sides ..

The towel had come away from her breasts as she was starting to squirm on the mat .. and he had obviously brushed those sweet breasts as he came down her sides ..

His body was leaned over close to hers as she responded to the kneading of her lower back and hips .. my own cock was as hard as steel as I watched him leaning over my wife .. the head of his big black cock coming out of the top of his suit again .. but this time he didn't take his hands away from her body .. she was groaning .. slightly grinding her crotch into the mat ..

Then it got oh so much better ... he started to squeeze and fondle her ass cheeks .. her groans then turned into moans .. as I watched her spreading her legs slightly to accommodate his massaging her ass .. her legs went as wide as his legs would let them .. her hips raised up to meet his hands .. he leaned back to get a good look at her ass ..

I got a great view as well and could see that her pussy was dripping wet all the way from the window .. his hands then moved up her back to her shoulders .. as he did that he leaned over his exposed cock head making contact with her slightly up titled ass .. the pressure of his body on hers made her moan out loudly .. "Oh god yes .. that feels so good ... " as her ass reached back for that big cock ..

He pushed her down on the mat .. but she was reaching back with her hands .. and she brushed her hand along his bulge as he backed off her body .. her face was turned toward the windows as I saw her eyes get wide .. she got a good look at that big purple cock head coming out of that suit .. he stood back up again trying to adjust his big cock back into the swimsuit .. when he did that she turned over on her back ...

She was breathing heavy .. her chest was heaving up and down .. her nipples were swollen and rock hard ..

"When are you going to start working on my front .." she said as she arched her back .. running her hands across her breasts and down her body to her shaved mound .. he looked down at her as she ran her hands along the inside of her thighs spreading her legs wide .. her pussy was so wet it was glistening .. her juices ran down to her puckered asshole ..

He looked in shock as she reached up and stroked the bulge in his suit .. "Maybe you need the massage now .. " she looked up at him licking her lips ..

"God .. I want to suck that big cock of yours .. " she moaned as she leaned back down on the mat .. her legs wide open .. pussy soaking wet .. " .. but I NEED to be fucked now ..!!" she slid two fingers in that wet pussy .. opening those pink lips up .. then began pumping that hot cunt .. she was one hot bitch again ..

He finally looked to wake up when he started to pull down his suit .. out popped an 11 inch cock .. hard as stone .. he stepped out of it and got on his knees .. my wife's eyes were transfixed on that big black cock .. she moaned ..

"Please put it in my pussy .. oh please .. I need it so bad .. " her fingers were pumping in and out .. I could hear the juices squishing from were I was watching .. he was stroking his cock slowly .. inching it towards that hot wet cunt .. she reached out with her hand and grabbed that big cock .. she pulled it to that heated pussy .. he leaned over as she pulled him .. his cock head reaching her pussy lips ..

"Oh god .. yes .. " she groaned as his thick cock head parted those dripping wet lips .. "Fuck me hard .. please fuck me hard .. " she grabbed behind her knees raising her ass to accommodate that huge piece of black meat .. he wasted no time burying that cock in her .. she was rotating her hips as he fucked that cock into her ..

My god she was a slut .. my slut .. she needed cock in that wet pussy like she needed air to breathe .. she grabbed his ass and pulled him in deeper .. my own cock ached like never before .. but I couldn't do a thing about it now .. there were people outside ..

All I could do was watch and see her be a slut for big black dick .. her eyes were rolling back in her head .. her hips pumped back at that cock .. he was pounding her pussy .. and she loved it .. every deep thrust was heaven for her .. she was loud almost screaming for him to fuck her .. then to fuck her harder ...

It must have been to much for him to handle .. because he leaned up on his knees .. he grabbed her legs behind he knees .. pulling back some as to not fuck her so deep .. at this angle I could see everything .. his huge cock .. her gaping wet open slit taking in every thrust .. her ass rolled into every thrust from his cock ..

She was moaning so loud I thought people on the beach could hear her .. she was so hot that she reached down and began rubbing her clit in circles .. faster and faster she rubbed .. his cock pumping into her .. her lips stretching around that black cock ..

"Yes ... cumming .. cumming .. cumming .. " she screamed .. "Cumming on that big cock ... all over that black cock ... yes ... " as she went back to rotating her hips along to his thrusting .. pulling on her nipples and caressing her beautiful tits .. his thrusts were getting deeper again .. and he leaned down into her .. groaning loud enough for me to hear him now ..

"Do it baby .. " she moaned .. "Do it .. cum in that pussy ... deep in my pussy .. " her ass was meeting his powerful thrusts .. they got faster and faster .. harder and harder he pumped that wet cunt ..

"Yeah .. fuck me .. pound me .. leave me full of your cum .. " .. her legs locked around his .. meeting every deep thrust she grabbed his ass again .. "Oh .. that's it .. I'm cumming on that dick again .. shoot that cum in me now .. Cum in me as I cum on that big cock of yours .. please .." with that he buried that dick in her .. his ass thrusting for a final time .. and then freezing as if time stopped itself ..

"Yes.. Yes .. Yes .. I feel it .. " she grinded on his cock as he was frozen .. his cum was filling that sweet pussy .. her ass was in the air .. hips moving in circles on that black cock .. he started to move back from her heaving body .. his cock popped out of her pussy .. I saw a thick stream of cum run from her pussy down her ass onto the mat .. she leaned back almost purring at the fact her pussy was full of hot cum again ..

He leaned back on his hands arching his back his cock sticking straight out still hard .. glistening from her juices and gobs of his cum sliding down the shaft .. she was in a funk .. a well fucked funk .. happily purring that it was so fucking good .. until she saw his cock .. she grinned as she got up to her knees and started to clean all the juices from his cock ..

"MMmmm tastes so good I can't resist it .. " she looked amazing as she sucked the juices from his cock and balls ..

He stood up after a minute .. she still looked like she needed more .. she reached under herself to her well fucked pussy and brought those fingers up to her mouth .. they were coated with his cum .. she savored every drop ..

The mat had a little puddle of his cum on it .. it had run from her pussy .. since she was so stretched out from his cock it couldn't hold it all .. I lost it myself as she licked the cum from the mat .. it was all to intense for me to watch anymore .. I needed release for myself .. and needed it badly ..

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