tagInterracial LoveSandals Honeymoon: I Never Knew

Sandals Honeymoon: I Never Knew


I overheard a long hot conversation my wife had with one of her best friends Gail, that I had a feeling she had sluted around with before we were married. She didn't know I was listening at the time, and there conversation started about our Honeymoon.

My wife was very excited to tell Gail all the details, some of which I had no idea even happened.

"Oh my god Gail, just hold on a second.. " she put the phone down on the coffee table in the living room. Then headed over towards the hallway to the bedroom. I pretended to be asleep with the television on, as she turned up the volume to drowned out her upcoming conversation.

"It's OK .. he is asleep." I got up to the doorway hearing her say, as I watched her sit back down on the loveseat which faces away from the hallway.

Phew .. I thought. At least where she is sitting now she won't see me spying on her conversation.

"You are not going to believe the things that happened to me!" she said as I saw her slump down some in her seat.

"It started as soon as we got there .." she started to tell her story as I watched her feet go up on the edge of the coffee table. She slumped down further and I saw he knees rise with her legs spreading. Her knees fell to the sides,and I knew she was playing with her pussy.

So the story goes ..

We were checking in at the lobby, and hubby insisted we get someone to help with the stuff to our suite. There was an extremely hot, and very dark skinned guy over to the side talking to another bellhop I was checking out.

I know I was on my Honeymoon, but I can't help myself sometimes Gail. The lady behind the counter then called over to the hot guy after hubby came back over.

"Let me help you Missy." He had such a deep voice, and I melted as I dropped the bag I had in my hand. I bent over to get it, then I felt a huge hand brush up my thigh and stroked me to my ass. I must have turned three shades of red because hubby asked if I was alright.

I'm just hot, tired, and need a shower I think I told him thinking fast. We were off to the suite,and I felt this hot guy staring at me all the way. Yes, I was all excited. Wouldn't you be?? OK .. OK I'm getting there Gail.

So .. hubby said he was going to check things out as I took a shower. He was going be a little while he checked out the Golf Course. Yes, he brought his stupid clubs with him.

I was in the shower soaping myself up, and couldn't get the picture of that so hot guy looking me over. Put on one of the robes after getting out dripping wet in more ways then one. Sat back in the chair in front of the mirror combing my hair out thinking just how hot that guy was. Flipped off the robe on back of the chair and started to lotion up. I was just working my chest with the lotion, but my nipples were so hard. I just had to roll them, and it felt so good it shot tingles down to my pussy.

I slid the chair back a little to catch a look at my pussy, and yes I was so wet. I worked lotion on my thighs, trying not to touch my pussy. All I could think of was that hot guy, and my legs went over the arms of the chair. I just had to, and rubbed my clitty just a little. Shock waves went through me all over my body. I was going to cum if I didn't stop.

Then it happened, I leaned my head over towards the door leading to the patio. Some one was there!! Watching me!! I couldn't move!!

Yes, I had two fingers in my pussy. I tried to focus, on the other side of the glass sliding door was the hot guy. He was starting at me, he saw me with my fingers buried in my wet pussy. I couldn't move, and looked down his body to see him squeezing his crotch. His hand slid back and forth on a huge bulge. I was so focused on his crotch that I didn't even realize that I pulled my fingers from my pussy and was licking them off.

Yes, you know I love the taste of my own pussy juice. Yes, I know you love my taste also. Now let me finish before I cum telling you!!

From where I was listening from I could hear my wife's fingers squishing in and out of her wet pussy. She gets so juicy.

I guess my finger licking got him too excited, and he pulled out his cock. Gail, it had to be at least 10 inches. and was so thick. My mouth must have been open in shock because my fingers were back in my pussy pumping. I couldn't take my eyes off that huge hard cock. I looked back at myself in the mirror, my fingers were making me cum, and I was biting my lip so hard I thought I was going to make myself bleed.

I don't even know when it happened but I tried to get up off the chair. I tripped on the robe, and fell to my knees. I was facing him, facing that huge black cock just on the other side of the glass door. He was stroking that thick monster so fast, and all I could think of was seeing him shoot a big load.

You know me Gail. I so love to see all that cum fire out of a big cock especially a black one.

I felt my knees hurting for real, and it brought me out of my haze for a second. Then I realized I was pulling on my nipple, with my fingers back in my pussy. I looked up when I heard a tapping, he was bouncing that hard cock off the glass. He was waking me up, looking down at me, and all I felt was the need to crawl over to the door. I had to see it closer, and the next thing I knew I had my hands on the glass looking up at that fine black cock from my knees.

I had to see him cum, and was feeling safe through the glass door. His cock was so hard, and so big. It throbbed as he squeezed out a drop of cum, and smeared it on the glass. I was so excited I licked the glass on my side, instinctively wanting to taste that drop of cum so badly. Then it happened!!

No!! I didn't open the door. He did!! I thought it was locked. I was just going to get off watching him cum. The door slid open, and I felt that cock hit my nose, my forehead, and his balls were against my open lips. My hands couldn't move from my pussy, because I was cumming. Rubbing my clitty with a couple fingers pumping in and out, I was cumming so good.

His balls were so big, and sac was so tight. I looked up in his eyes, he didn't have to tell me. Then his cock head was in my mouth, and it tasted so good. He pulled back his cock, grabbing my hair he pulled my mouth off that monster.

"You wanted to see me cum.", he groaned out. My hands went to his hips to steady myself, cause I was cumming so hard without even touching my pussy anymore. I looked down to see him stop stroking, and watched his first thick wad shoot out. It went right into my mouth that was open wide. He was like a hose turned on full blast. I tasted that sweet thick cum as the next blast hit my lips. I grabbed his hips tight trying to get closer to that cumming cock, I wanted him to fill my mouth.

"Please .. " was all I could moan out as my tongue reached out to catch his thick steams of cum. He held my head back as I watched all the cum fire out of that huge cock. It landed on my cheeks, on my chest, and I did catch some on my tongue. Finally he shook out a wad that hit my chin and let go of my hair. I fell back some looking up at him covered with cum, so warm and sticky I was. He was zipping back up looking down at me when I realized I was licking the thick cum from my fingers. I had wiped it from my chin, and my pussy was quivering as he turned and walked back out.

Yes I was feasting on his cum, then I came to my senses. I ran to get back in the shower just in time. I heard someone in the hallway. No, I didn't wash it all off right away. I had to taste it some more, play with it of course. You know me so well Gail. Yes I came twice while telling you. What, you came three times?

That's all I heard as I had cum twice just listening to her story. I better clean up, and get back in bed so she doesn't know I heard her.

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