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Sandals Second Honeymoon


I don't know how I let her talk me into it, but we ended up back at a Sandal's resort when we decided to have a second honeymoon ten years later. After all the amazing sex I watched her have with those big cocked black men last time we were there, you would think I would have said "Let's go skiing!!"

Things were up and down like any marriage, but our sex life was still great and exciting. It seems though that you never lose the desire though. For me it was the watching her let go, and for my wife it was getting some big black cock to play with.

We were actually staying at the same resort, just in a different section. The suite we had didn't face the ocean or have a little private beach, but it was what we could afford and we were there in Jamacia.

Not being the best flyer I was pounding down the Jack n' Cokes, just leaving most of the Coke part out. She was very mellow with her Malibu Rum with pineapple juice, but she was definatley keeping up with me. The flight was uneventful, and as we found our ride to the resort I did notice her giving the driver the once over. He was tall, very dark skinned, in his uniform slacks you could tell he was hiding a very big cock. He was very nice introducing himself as Ed, and as he held the door open to let my wife in the back he checked her over.

Let me refresh your memory. She is about 5'3" 125 pounds pretty long dark curly wavy hair, with a set of 36c's that every man checks out. My lady has the curves in the right places, and just enough booty to have all the black guys drooling over it. We ran to the airport from our jobs, so she was dressed business like in a black knee high skirt, stockings with regular sized heels, and with a white blouse.

We really got a good deal for this trip, and it was nice to ride in a limo even was a short trip. We knocked down another drink on the way over. It was just getting dark as we pulled up to the resort, and the booze was having it's effect on her. I hadn't realized it at first but I thought it strange that the partition was down. I reached over to pour some more Jack in my glass, and when I did I could see into the front. It seems that thos limo had a small monitor in it, the camera was somewhere in the back hidden. It was pointed at the back seat, and I could see my wife in the monitor. Seems that the wife was flirting with Ed the driver, and flashing him her panties.

Her skirt was hiked up, and she was moving her right knee back and forth. With the way she was sitting back you could tell she was doing it to get his attention, or she was just getting horny thinking about what he had growing in those pants. She definately had Ed's attention, I saw he was alternating at looking at the monitor and at her in the rear view mirror. When I turned back towards her I could see her giving her sexy girl look, squinted eyes and biting down lighty on her lower lip. We pulled up to the resort.

She was a giggling mess, and wasn't to steady on her feet as we moved around to the trunk. Then as Ed was getting our bags out of the trunk onto a porters rack she bent over sticking her ass staight back into him.

"Let me help." she tried grabbing a smaller bag almost falling over as her ass bounced back off his crotch.

"Opps .." she laughed. "Almost fell on my ass .. " as she clutched the bag against her chest laughing harder.

Ed had her by the shoulders steadying her. She rubbed her ass against his crotch one quick time before looking back at him.

"Thank you for saving me Ed." she giggled. "I was a goner for sure."

"Anytime Missy .. you be careful now." he smiled at her letting go of her shoulders.

She walked past me with a huge grin on her face. I'm sure she got the answer to her question of how big a cock he had from that move.

"Are you OK babe?" I said, as I laughed off what just happened.

"I'm great!!" she exclaimed. "I'm on my vacation."

"Let's get rid of this stuff and go have some real fun." she said while waving her small bag over her head.

"I'm ready to get this party started!!" she belted out shaking her hot ass like she was in a club already.

"You come to the right place to then Missy, we love to party here in Jamacia." Ed grinned at her saying. "We party hard Missy, real hard, and all night long."

"Get these nice people over to check in." Ed said to the porter. "Missy here is ready to party boy." he said giving a wink to the porter.

We checked in really fast, and were at the suite before I knew it. Problem was the small bag the wife must have left on the counter. So I headed back to get it. The place looked great, same as before nothing new really that I could see, everything just looked fresh.

I took a little longer to get back to walk around past the suite that we had last time, past the pool bar, and by the all night grill. Awesome I thought, late night burgers fired up right there after a night of drinking.

I guess I had a good buzz on as well, cause it didn't even occur strange to me that I saw the porter was just leaving as I got close to the suite.

"I got your bag." saying walking in it was obvious she was in the bathroom. Her clothes were in a pile on a chair.

"The place pretty much looks the same." I yelled through the door hearing the shower water start inside.

"Can't hear you hun .. waters on." she yelled back. "I'll be out in just a sec .. get ready to go out dancing!"

"I heard they added a dance club here, and it pretty hot." she screamed more through the door. "I'm ready to shake my booty baby!" and I could hear her laughing even through the door.

I went over to the fridge to look inside, on the top of it was an assortment of Rums, couple glasses, and an ice bucket. I grabbed a bottle then poured some into a glass, thinking I don't need any ice just would rather be drinking Bourbon. I lifted the lid to the ice bucket, and it was full already. I like that they know how to treat you right here in Jamacia I thought.

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