tagInterracial LoveSandals Second Honeymoon Ch. 02

Sandals Second Honeymoon Ch. 02


Well I did like a good little hubby does, and did what I was told. Pulled out what I was going to wear for our Dance Party Jamaican style. I also unpacked a little polishing off my drink in the process. So, I poured out another since she was still in the bathroom, and decided to step out onto the patio. I missed the little beach we had when we were here last time I thought to myself. This was nice though, a patio through the back door with a table and two chairs. It also had a nice size bench that was covered with cushions, it was the size of a regular couch really. Of course I made myself comfortable on the couch, looked to put my drink down for a second. There was an end table at the corner of the couch, but the bush that was so overgrown it was almost a tree was pretty much hiding it.

That's when I heard my wife come out of the bathroom, I could hear her saying where are you and still giggling like a happy camper. Seems the windows were open slightly, and I could hear her now very clearly.

"Hey!! Where are you??" she said playfully. "I'm ready for some fun!"

Well I could see though the overgrown bush in front of the window she was wrapping her hair in a towel, otherwise completely naked.

"Ohhh honey!! I have something to show you."

She turned towards the window, and I saw what she was about to tease me about. Her clean shaven pussy. No more neatly trimmed bush, smooth as a babies bottom, and just as bald. I watched for a second as she stood with her legs parted slightly rubbing her bald mound, then sliding a finger past her lips deep into her pussy.

"Oh fuck. I am so wet still" she moaned out. "I better get fucked real soon I need it bad."

She slipped a second finger in, grabbed her very hard nipple with the free hand, then tossed her head back enjoying them inside her.

"Oh please. I need something bigger then a finger." "Much much bigger then a couple fingers." she groaned.

As I watched her plunge the fingers in and out of that sweet pussy, I could hear how wet she was. Very sexy that squishing sound is, gets my cock hard as stone every time I hear it to this day.

I was ready to have some fun as I opened the door from the patio. She grabbed her towel fast, and went to wrap it around her torso.

"Didn't you hear me calling you." she frowned over at me.

"I was wondering the same thing, cause I called you out to come check out the patio." as I headed over to get more to drink.

"Oh let me go see."as she went to walk by me to the door.

As she did I grabbed her, pulled her to me and kissed her. My lips met hers, driving my tongue into her mouth. It found no resistance as her tongue reached out for mine. I reached around grabbing her ass, and pulling her her up to meet my cock that's was rock hard.

She pushed me back, "Go get in the shower, there's plenty of time for that later."

She walked over to the back door fixing her towel that had come unwrapped before she opened it, and walked outside. The door closed behind her, and I tore off my clothes headed for the shower.

When I came out she was finishing her make up, and looked great. She was wearing a black short halter dress I would call it, with her sexy black flats that I love. I came up behind her sliding my hands up her sides, then reaching around to cup those beautiful breasts. I pressed my now re-growing hard on against her ass, as I gave her nipples a tweek. She was looking at us in the mirror as I bent over slightly to kiss her neck. She pushed back her ass on my hardening cock as I nibbled on her earlobe. She tossed her head back on my shoulder as I worked those hard nipples, purring in my ear as her ass grinded into me.

"Hey! Get dressed I wanna go out already!" as she pushed me back with her ass so hard I was moved back to the bed. I saw her pouting back at me in the mirror as she pulled up her hair running her fingers though those dark long curls.

"Alright. I'll be just a second you sexy bitch." as I smiled at her looking down at my hard cock through the mirror.

"That's right, your sexy bitch." as she squeezed those tits together. "You get to fuck these puppies later baby." she laughed and picked up her drink pounding down the rest of it.

I finished my drink, and we were off. Walking to the club she looked to be stumbling a little, very drunk already from the plane and room drinks. All you needed was ears to find this place, the music was blasting.

"Time to party!!" she yelled out as we went right in.

I saw a table close to the dance floor which was filled already. It was a high bar table, with those tall backed stools. The great thing about Sandal's is it all inclusive. I told her I was going for drinks, and she nodded to me obviously yelling out a yes that I could not even hear.

I got some fast service, the bartender was pretty friendly. Checked out the dance floor which was filled with obviously Jamaican men, some were dancing with the white ladies there husbands off to the side somewhere. There was few white guys dancing with ladies, and I smiled because it felt like the old days of clubbing. I was at usually the one out on the dance floor, with the "Rail Boys" watching from the outer rim.

I brought back the drinks, and I just knew she was squirming in her seat looking over all those black men dancing. She took a healthy gulp of her drink, looked over to me and said something. I had no idea what she said and leaned over to her with my hand cupped around my ear. She leaned over to tell me, and I noticed she had no bra on. Now I could have sworn she had one on when I was feeling her nipples before I got dressed, but then again I was really drunk too.

"Let's go!! I'm ready to shake my ass." as she ponted to the dance floor.

The music was good, but it was crowded as hell. We came off in about 15 minutes and hung at the table for a few minutes finishing off our drinks. She was shaking that ass the whole time, but her eyes never left the dance floor. I was getting tired of getting bounced around the dance floor, especially by one dude that was obviously trying to get a better look at my wife.

"I'm going for another drink." I leaned into her and said. "You need one, or are you good for now?"

"I'm good all the time honey." she laughed back at me. "Not yet I'm so wasted I won't be able to control myself."

"I'm actually there already baby." and she leaned in then reached over to my crotch and gave it a squeeze.

She looked back quickly, and realized she just ass bumped that same guy I had noticed was trying to get a good look at her.

"Sorry." she said looking up at him. He was at least a foot taller then her.

Sounded like he said, "That's alright miss, I enjoyed it."

Which was probably what he said since she was giggling her ass off now. I leaned back in and told her I'm headed for the bar, she nodded and kept dancing turning towards the tall black guy.

I got my drink and looked back over to the floor. They were dancing together now, and he was waving his hand by his face fanning himself. She was laughing real hard, and turned away from him. She was wiggling that ass at him, while she pulled her hair up pushing those sweet tits out. He looked down at her as he pulled off his shirt showing his chest and six pac abs off. She danced back around facing him, her eyes went wide but she wasn't looking at his chest she was looking lower. Without the long shirt on now you could see, very easily also, the tent of a bulge in his draw string pants. She then leaned up to him on her tip toes resting her hand on his chest to steady herself. Whatever she said on the way back down she clearly brushed up against his cock with her hand.

Grabbing his hand she guided him into the sea of dancing bodies, and they disappeared. I moved around to the patio area that was attached to the club, I hoped to get a look at what was up and makes sure everything was OK. They were dancing at the other side of the dance floor, and had obviously wanted to have a more private dance with him away from my eyes.

She was really into it, and I could see she was teasing his ass off. Doing all she could to turn him on it seemed, pulling up her hair wildly, licking her lips suggestively, and even shaking her tits at him. I'm sure he was loving it all, since he was trying to cope feels all over her body. She would smack his hands away, but then grind her ass into his crotch. Laughing as she wiggled into his cock, she knew exactly what she was doing.

He look to have enough teasing, then bent over to tell her something. He headed into the crowd, weaving his way though probably looking for his shirt. She was all hot, sweaty, and out of breath as she saw me and came over to the table I was at standing at outside.

"You found me." she grinned still shaking her body to the music.

"Yeah. Look I'm pretty beat, and hungry." I said. "I gonna hit the burger stand for some eats so maybe it will give me some energy then I'll be right back."

"OK, but I'm pretty tired too, so I'm going to head back to the room now then." reaching to pull her hair up smiling at me.

I could see her nipples were sticking out hard as rocks then. She was hot,sweaty, and very horny. I probably should have just walked her back to the room, when her dance partner came back with two full red solo cups. He introduced himself as Troy, and reached out to shake my hand putting the cups on the table first.

"Thank you for the dancing pretty lady." he smiled over at my wife. "I thought after all that you could use one of these." then he handed her a cup.

"I would have got you one too Man." he looked over at me saying.

"No worries man, everything Irie." and I smiled.

"Ooh Man .. you understand good." he smiled and laughed.

"Yeah, we've been here before, we love this place." I said.

"Well my husband is going for something to eat, and I'm going back to our room now." she looked up at Troy and told him.

"Gonna hit the Burger Shack, gotta love a fresh made burger at 3am." I laughed and headed off.

"I'll walk you back Missy." he said. "Make sure you get back alright."

Then I saw them head off the other way, the sidewalk that was along the beach it led around to the back patio. I decided I better keep an eye out following them along at a distance, watching them walk from the other side of the courtyard. She was sipping from that cup all the way, shaking her head a few times with any bigger swig she took. Whatever it was, it was a strong drink I'm sure. As they walked I saw he reached down to caress her ass a few time, but after a split second feel she would push his hand away.

When they got to the patio she was obviously trying to figure out how to get rid of him, or how to fuck his brains out one or the other. She must have decided cause she opened the back door then went inside with there cups. He sat down on the couch, and the first thing he did was adjust his cock in his pants. Even from a distance the bulge look huge. She turned the light out and came back out with fresh drinks for them. She sat on the other end of the couch slipping her drink. I decided to head around quick to go through the front door, and when I did I could hear them talking.

The window was still open, and I sat on the chair right by the window. I could see both of them clearly through the bush, and hear there every word. The patio overhead light was on, but it was dark in the room so they couldn't see I was there.

"Stop!! Your not funny you know." as she pouted her sexy look at him.

"Well at least I'm just verbally teasing you Missy." he said leaning back. "You were rubbing that fine ass of yours all over me on the dance floor."

"You looked like you could handle it." she laughed and sat up and propped herself up back against the arm of the couch. She had her legs up on the couch with one curled under her, the other one bent at the knee was swinging back and forth. She was giving him quick glimpses of her panties. It was a black shiny silky material, I knew which thong she had put on. My favorite.

"Handle it. Sure I can handle it." Troy said then her pulled out his cock. "With you teasing me with that pussy of yours, I'd rather you handle this."

Her eyes went wide, and I watched as she bit down to chew on her lower lip. His cock was very impressive, and hard as a lead pipe already. Just as long too, it had to 10" at least, with a very large cock head. He stroked it as she watched silently.

"Yeah Baby, is that what you wanted to see all night?" he stroked slowly.

"You kept rubbing that fine ass all over my black cock like you had to have right there on the floor."

"See what that fine ass of yours does to a black man's cock." as he squeezed a drop of pre-cum out of the head. He smeared it all over the large purplish head wetting it and making it all shiny for her.

She was in a daze, and couldn't take her eyes off his cock. She gulped down the rest of her drink, tossing the cup up to the table then it bounced off to the floor. She could care less about the cup, because it was now empty.

"Come on Baby, you know you want to stroke it." and he reached over grabbing her right hand which was up on the top of the couch. She had been leaning with her arm draped across the back since she tossed the cup. He put her hand on his cock, as she leaned over from his pulling her over.

"Or do you wanna do more then handle that."

"No. I'm married Troy." but still she stroked it, staring at it so intently I'm sure she didn't even realize she was doing it.

"That feels good Baby. I can tell you know how to work that big black cock."

"Play with those balls too Baby you got two hand to work with all that."

She never looked away from his cock as I watched her cup his ball massaging them softly. Her right hand stroked faster and some pre-cum came out the tip. She licked her lips instinctively when she saw the drop come out.

"Ohh .. I saw that tongue Baby. I bet you sucked some big black cock before haven't you."

She nodded at him silently, and breathed an obvious sigh of relief that she admitted it to him. She shifted to her knees on the couch leaning her face over his cock now as she stroked him.

"Yeah well the way you talk you wouldn't last five minutes the way your all worked up." she looked him in the eyes and told him as she started stroking his big cock faster.

"Well that sounds like a dare to me Missy." he laughed. "Cause I don't think you could make that big black cock in your hands cum in only five minutes."

"No sounds like a bet to me. I bet I can get you to come in five minutes or less." she pumped his cock faster. "If you can hold out you can have anything you want." and she wiggled her ass in the air after saying that.

"Alright then, but it's gonna be anything I want to to do for a day then." Troy explained. He swatted her on her upturned ass, "Then this fine ass be mine on Sunday."

"Don't you wanna know what I want if I win." she took both hands to pump his cock.

"Don't matter none, that ain't gonna happen Baby." then Troy laughed.

"OK then Missy, your time starts now." as he pulled a nice looking pocket watch from his pants pocket.

"Well when I win, your gonna show us around the island, score us some ganja, and stop teasing me with this big cock of yours." she smiled up at him with her hands sliding up and down on that monster cock.

"Don't you mean big black cock there Missy." he grinned at her. "Go on say it you like stroking my big black cock." and he slid his hand over her ass.

"Yes, I love stroking that big black cock of yours." she whimpered getting into it deeper now.

"Now I would have done that anyways, you are good people." and he pulled up the bottom of her dress exposing her thong between the cheeks of her ass. "Just to maybe get a chance at sticking my big black cock in that fine white married pussy of yours."

"So I'm sure you get lots of white women with a cock like this." she said tugging at his huge balls with one hand now, stroking fast with the other.

"That's one minute already Baby." he looked at his watch. "You mean white married pussy all over my big black cock, don't you Missy."

"So go on now say it, tell me that about the white married ladies looking for big black cock." he said while hid hand pulled her thong to the side of her ass cheek exposing her pussy.

"Oh yes, I know white married ladies are gonna love this big black cock." she groaned staring at that cock and licking her lips.

"Yes Baby, I know you love to suck big black cock." as he caressed up her back running his fingers through her hair. "Tell me petty lady, I wanna hear how you want to suck my big black cock."

"Ohh god yes, I love to suck big black cock." as she squeezed up a big drop of pre-cum from his cock.

"I wanna suck your big black cock so bad." she leaned over and licked up the drop off the cock head savoring it's taste. "I need it in my mouth." she still contained herself though she was very into it.

"Getting close to two minutes Missy." he laughed. "Gonna have to do better then this is if you wanna see me come."

"Oh .. I can do a lot better." she bent over and took his cock into her mouth. She sucked so hard her cheeks were caving in some, spit was covering that huge hard cock making it all shiny.

"That's it Baby. I know you can work that big black cock into that pretty little mouth." he groaned out obviously liking her oral skills. "I bet that's why you wanna see that big black cock come so bad, you love that black seed don't you."

"You can't wait to taste it." he bucked his hips up at her mouth that was bobbing on his dark meat. "Come on Missy, tell the truth now." as he caressed his way back to her ass.

"Yes .. oh god yes I wanna taste your black seed. I love black come so much, I always have." she broke her awesome cock sucking just long enough to blurt that out. Then sucked that big black cock back into her mouth, spit dripping down all over it her hand stroking the lower half.

He was sawing his fingers in and out of her pussy now, I could tell since her ass was grinding on his hand. "Damn Missy, your white pussy is soaked." and her brought his dripping fingers up to his mouth. "I knew that white married pussy would taste sweet."

Her eyes went wider then when she first saw that big cock, and she jumped up onto his lap facing him. "Not to much time, I better pull out the big guns." she grinned while laughing she said as she slid her pussy all over his cock.

I knew what she was doing, she was trying to rub him off since she had that satiny thing on. She grinded into him as she pulled down the straps to her dress letting those nice tits free. Her nipples were so hard, as she squeezed those puppies together.

"One minute and thirty seconds." looking at his watch again.

"I think you talk to much." she giggled offering her nipple to his mouth. "Time for you to suck on something." her ass was a blur as she rubbed that wet satin covered pussy all over his big hard cock.

"They are as beautiful as I thought they would be." as he took a nipple into his mouth and sucked on it. I could see he was bucking up at her probably hoped his big cock would slip right in since she was so wet. "They both taste so good." after he sucked hard on the other one.

"Oh fuck .. I'm gonna come. This is so hot, and your cock is so hard." she moaned after leaning over and putting her arms around his neck.

Her ass moved like a piston, he skirt way up over her hips you could see that thong was wedged tight between those wet pussy lips. She was grinding that big black cock into her clit.

"Yeah .. ohh yeah .. fuck yeah here I come." I watched as my wife's pussy gushed out a flood of hot pussy juice all over his big black cock. She was trying to catch her breath, as her orgasm wound down.

"Looks like somebody came, just wasn't me." he laughed teasing her. He picked her up and took her off him almost tossing her back against the arm of the couch were she was before. His cock was soaked, she squirted all over it.

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