tagSci-Fi & FantasySandath Venture

Sandath Venture


She cursed to herself as she struggled to get the emergency transfer bag into the small ship. Normally she would have no problems with the eighty-five kilo load, but the additional weight and restriction of the pressure suit made the task more difficult. With a final curse, she jerked the bag enough to finally close the airlock and cycle the noxious atmosphere out of the small space.

Cassandra Faskin was an extremely successful hunter, although unlike most hunters, her prey were men on the run. Her good looks and slim sixty Kilo mass allowed her to get into places that other bounty hunters couldn't even see the outside of without causing alarm. Her slim stature also left many of her targets to underestimate her, which was generally a very costly mistake. She had made enough over the few years she had been hunting to pay for the small non-descript ship several times over, yet she stayed with what she considered to be her best friend, instead of trading it for a larger flashier ship.

The airlock chimed that it had finished cycling all of the noxious sulfur from the airlock and replaced it with the conditioned, mechanically cleaned air that she had become so used to. She pressed the code combination, another small safety feature she had installed, instead of allowing anyone who managed to get into her airlock to just walk in on her, and cycled the inner door open. Grabbing the handle of the silver hot dog shaped bag, she jerked and pulled it into the small cabin. She cycled the door closed as soon as she had it clear and then released the clamps of her helmet, pulling it off and shaking her long blond pony tail with her head as she stretched her neck muscles.

It only took her a few moments to drop into the single seat in front of the controls and engage the thrusters. The agile little ship lifted from the ground as if floating on a cushion of air and then started moving slowly forward. With each second it increased its speed and angle until it was shooing up through yellowish clouds at nearly fifty kilometers per second, breaking out into the blackness of space in only a very few minutes.

"Damn! Glad to be out of there!" She said to herself as she dialed the artificial gravity down until there was only enough left to keep things from floating off the deck. "Let's see if we can make Mister Sandeth a bit more comfortable."

She pushed herself off the seat and floated in a graceful arc across the small cabin, landing as lightly as a feather next to the silver bag. She reached down and pulled the zipper, the hotdog shape quickly deflating into a pile of silver material. Reaching into the bag, she pulled out its lone occupant with one hand, and in a slow graceful move, propelled the two of them toward the rear of the cabin, and the specially built holding cell. She stopped their motion with her feet against the back wall, and quickly secured his hands and feet into the force field locks that would keep him immobile in a spread eagle position as long as she wanted.

"Glad the trank is still working." She said to no one as she backed out of the cell and keyed in the combination to close the horizontal bars that acted as a door and erect the force field. "Now let's see you jump from this one." She said with a smirk as she turned and began undoing the closures of her pressure suit. She detested wearing the damn thing even more than other clothes. Her preference was to wear nothing, but that was rarely an option in her business, simply no place to hide any of the myriad of weapons she usually carried. She kicked off of the deck and slithered out of the suit, gracefully rolling into ball as she slipped the stiff material off her body.

She settled to the floor of the cabin, coming to rest on her backside as she finished pulling her legs from the suit. Finally free of the restrictive material, she stood up and stretched, her body shimmering in the nearly translucent skin tight body suit she wore inside the pressure suit. Pulling the small zipper down the front she kicked off the deck and floated in a graceful ballet of naked body and floating material as she worked the skin tight suit off her body until she was completely naked. She sighed and rubbed her body with both hands, stroking her skin and enjoying the lack of confinement. She settled down to the deck once again and collected the pressure suit and various components, easily stuffing them in a wall locker to contain them.

With all her equipment stowed, she kicked off the bulkhead and glided gracefully to the command chair and hooked an arm around the back, allowing herself to settle gently into the soft padded seat. It only took a few moments to plot a course to Calden Seven and engage the hyper drive. Two days and she would once again collect a large reward.

She swiveled the chair around to face the rear of the cabin and looked at her prisoner, spread eagle and naked against the back bulkhead. "Too bad. I was just starting to enjoy myself." She said to his unconscious body as she stroked her hand up her leg and across her curly blond tuft. She closed her eyes and allowed her hand to continue up her body, stroking her fingers across her firm stomach to her large breasts. She let her finger stroke the round orbs, floating in almost perfect half moons on her chest in the almost zero gravity. Her fingers circled her nipples while she slid her free hand between her legs, gently stroking her wet pussy lips slowly for what seemed like a pleasant eternity.

"Ohhhhhh damn I wanted to fuck you." She moaned as she allowed her finger press into her waiting tunnel.

"Then why did you trank me?" The voice from rear of the cabin said.

Cassandra's eyes snapped open and she stared at the captive in the back of her ship, his deep blue eyes now open and looking directly at her, his large dick standing out as if trying to plunge into where her finger had just been. "I didn't have much choice. Kirsh Sandeth, Age fourty, one hundred and eighty three centimeters, Eighty five kilos. Escaped from three maximum security lockups and worth a whopping seventeen thousand credits."

"I see. A bounty hunter. That explains it. I thought it was too good to be true that you just happened to find my little encampment when you had engine trouble. Sorry to tell you, but you have the wrong man. Yes, my name is Kirsh Sandeth, but I'm only thirty five and I am a prospector, not a wanted criminal." He said, looking at first one hand and then the other as he gave them a small tug.

"Don't worry, you can't get away." Cassandra said with a smile. "You are quite well restrained."

"It would seem so. But you really do have the wrong man. I'm a prospector, not a criminal. My company is K.S. Holdings. I find and sell rare minerals."

"I have to admit, it is a very good cover, but I am quite certain I have the right man. I've been tracking you for almost six months." She said as she got out of the seat and pushed off to float toward the rear of her ship. She landed gently near his cell and held herself in position with a handhold on the bulkhead. "It really is too bad I had to trank you though. I was starting to really enjoy what you were doing to my tits."

"So why don't you let me go and I can continue?"

"Oh, I don't think I want to let you go. You have a reputation for escape, and I really don't want my ship to become your next getaway vehicle."

"I wouldn't know how to escape from someplace in a paper bag. I'm a geologist. I look for minerals. Though I'm not above taking advantage of a beautiful woman when one falls into my lap, so to speak."

"Ah, the truth, you do take advantage of women?"

"Not in the way you say it. But I will certainly enjoy anything one wishes to offer."

Cassandra wondered if she were allowing her better judgment to be clouded by sexual desire, but only for a second, as she pressed the code to release the door and force field. She kicked off the wall back to her command set and leaned across to turn the gravity to full zero. With a smile she pushed away in a slow pirouette, floating toward the now open cell door. "Ever had sex in zero G?" she asked him as she floated toward his spread eagle body.

"I can't say I have."

"Then you're in for a treat." She said as she caught a handhold and pushed herself inverted as she floated closer to him. "I believe just before you passed out that you wished you could taste my pussy?"

"I do recall that." He said as she hooked her toes around an edge in the ceiling plates and pushed her wet pussy toward his mouth, wrapping her arms around his thighs to pull her face toward his dick. She grasped his hard-on and slowly enveloped it with her mouth, enjoying the taste of him as much as she was enjoying his hot tongue pressing between her lips.

He was at a disadvantage, not having any hands, but still managed to lick time and again up her slit, pressing his tongue into her tunnel as she grew wetter by the moment. He moaned quietly as she pressed her face down his shaft, driving the fat head into her throat momentarily.

"I am so ready to fuck." Cassandra said huskily as she pulled herself away from him and allowed herself to float free while she swiveled to allow her position to match his. She reached out and pulled herself to him, aligning her right tit with his smiling mouth. She moaned quietly as he enveloped her hard nipple and sucked on it while she wraped her legs around his thighs and slowly pulled herself down to his shaft. She reached behind her and found his fat dick and rubbed it up and down her wet lips before pulling herself down against it. She felt the pressure of his head spreading her lips wide, trying to push itself into her waiting tunnel. She pulled harder against his body, pressing his head into her with more force, until almost suddenly, she expanded and accepted him into her. "OH fuck yes!" she moaned as she pulled herself onto his dick, barely able to take his whole length into her.

Using her legs as a lever, she rocked her hips, sliding his big dick in and out of her a few inches each stroke. She felt him moan on her tit, the vibrations sending little tingles through her tit all the way to her clit. She knew that she was going to cum quickly. She had been so ready to climax before she had to trank him, and again while she was thinking about how he had felt pressing against her clit.

For Kirsh it was almost pleasant torture, her motions bringing him to the very brink of his climax, but not quite pushing him over the top. She seemed to be enjoying prolonging the sensations, not allowing his attempts to thrust back up into her, but controlling every motion they made. Her moans told him she was close herself, her orgasm building strength as it crept closer to completion. It was almost sudden as she changed her motions, grinding her clit hard into the base of his dick as her pussy spasmed and gripped his dick. He arched his back, driving his dick into her, working it in and out of her as she no longer resisted his motions. It took only a few strokes into her pulsating pussy for his own climax to peak, his body jerking and spewing squirt after squirt of hot cum into her pussy, her cries of pleasure increasing with each strong surge of hot juice.

Cassandrea eased her grip on him, floating so she were barely toughing his body, except for where he was still deeply impaled in her, their bodies glistening with a sheen of sweat as they both panted for breath. "Oh that felt good." She cooed as she stroked his hair and face. "It really is too bad I'm going to have to turn you over to them."

"You are going to be so embarrassed when you find out that I really am the wrong man." He said breathlessly.

"Oh, I'm quite sure I have the right man. In fact, I'm so sure, that if I'm wrong I'll take you back to that nasty little planet. And on the way you can fuck me as much as your little heart desires."

"Hmmmm. I can see I'm going to enjoy the ride back." He said with a smile. "By the way, how long are you going to keep me this way?"

"Calden Seven is just less than two days away."

"Good, that gives us plenty of time to fuck again."

"What makes you think I want to?" Cassandra asked.

"Because you still have my dick inside you, and you were laying on the chair pretending you were fucking me. As long as I'm here, why not have the real thing."

"Why not? I mean, it's not like you can stop me!"

"Hmmmm Why would I want to?" He said, slipping a hand behind her head pulling her down to his face. "By the way, force shackles don't work on me. Something unique about my body chemistry they tell me." He whispered as he pulled her lips to his.

"Oh fuck!" She moaned as he slipped his other hand between them and began stroking her firm breast and squeezing her hard nipple. She could feel his dick swell inside her as his organ grew once again in anticipation.

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