tagNovels and NovellasSandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 23B

Sandi's Erotic Adventures Ch. 23B


A semi-autobiographical account of my sexual encounters over many years.

Chapter Twenty-Three. 2003. Part B.

(September.) Simon, mid-twenties. Night Porter.

I expected to have completed my assignment by mid-afternoon at the latest so despite the distance hadn't bothered to book overnight accommodation. The litigation turned out to be a far more complex case than expected though and the series of meetings dragged on into the evening. Seeing my anxious glances at the clock the Chairman of the client company asked if I'd be driving home when the details were finalized. Answering in the affirmative I explained that not realizing the complicated nature of the case I hadn't booked any accommodation. He very kindly offered to ring round the hotels in town and book me a room, courtesy of the company. An offer I gratefully accepted, not relishing a late night drive home after what was proving to be a stressful day.

The hotel he booked me into turned out to be the oldest and probably most expensive in town. Situated in the town centre I would normally have taken more of an interest in the historic old building but tired and drained from the lengthy meetings I just wanted to get to my room and relax.

It was the night porter who conducted me to the room, it was that late, and I explained the circumstances of my lack of luggage to him while we walked up the wide and creaky staircase.

Once inside I sank down onto the bed and kicked my high heels off with a sigh of relief. The new shoes had been giving me hell all day. From the doorway the porter asked if I wanted a drink from the mini bar, the main bar being closed by this time. He told me what was on offer and I asked for a gin and tonic, telling the guy to get himself one if he wanted and put it on the bill. The client company would be paying. I also said to leave the door ajar so that I wouldn't have to get up to open it when he returned.

It was warm in the room and I partially undressed. I don't know if I'd made a conscious decision to seduce the guy at this stage but sex would certainly be the ideal way to relax after the stresses of the day.

Although loving my job, I at times find it a bit stressful but discovered the ideal antidote to stress in sex, and lots of it, long ago. Hence, perhaps, the large number of lovers I've enjoyed myself with! If I was far from home then inevitably the sex had to be with someone other than hubby, but J of course has always been happy about that. Anyway when the porter re-entered the room carrying a tray he stopped in his tracks on seeing me laying on the bed in just my bra and panties.

"Not in any hurry are you? Close the door and enjoy your drink with me," I said, patting the side of the bed for him to sit down.

He told me his name was Simon and that he carried a pager so could leave reception unmanned for a time. He would have been in his mid-twenties I suppose.

Simon's eyes were drinking in my scantily clad body but he seemed shy of making a move. Perhaps feared for his job if he'd misread the signs and made a pass which I angrily rejected and subsequently complained to the hotel management.

Finishing my drink I replaced the glass on Simon's tray before resting my hand on his thigh.

"Thank you, I needed that," I smiled encouragingly, stroking his thigh.

"Is there anything else you want?" Simon asked haltingly.

"What do you think?" I smiled, blatantly spreading my legs.

My stroking hand was moving towards his crotch and Simon quickly deposited his unfinished drink on the tray before kissing me. My hand found his penis and I squeezed the rock hard member. His shyness disappearing now Simon's hand slid down inside the front of my panties, his fingers locating and slipping inside my cunt. I pushed my sex against him while he fingered me, his hot breathe on my face as he looked at me.

"You really want it don't you?" Simon breathed.

I merely nodded, the almost desperate way I was pushing my cunt against his fingers answer enough.

Standing, he quickly stripped down to his socks while equally quickly I shed my bra and panties. Recumbent again I urged Simon to kneel over me so I could take his penis into my mouth. He did so and for several minutes I licked and sucked his penis, also paying similar attention to his balls. Then he knelt fully over my face and lowered his own between my thighs. Spreading the lips with his fingers Simon licked my cunt in delightful fashion, flicking and nibbling my clitoris. Meanwhile, I was greedily sucking his penis, soon becoming aware of the taste of pre-cum. His own activity ceased then and Simon groaned, groans which increased as he approached his climax. He came, jets of hot cream spurting down my throat. By the time I'd swallowed it all Simon's tongue was back at work between my thighs.

It was my turn to cry out now, the exquisite feel of his tongue on my cunt driving me wild. Then I too climaxed, writhing and yelling joyously as the orgasm engulfed me.

Simon was standing beside the bed smiling down at me and I returned the smile, mainly because his penis was erect again and raring to go. Back on the bed Simon lifted my legs and doubled them back. He was kneeling, his penis nudging at my entrance. It slid inside and Simon came down on top, pinning my ankles against my shoulders. It's one of my favourite positions and I told him so as he began fucking me.

With his penis surging in and out of me I was in heaven, thinking that having come once Simon would hopefully last a nice long time. He did!

After fucking me in the doubled back position for quite a while he suddenly withdrew and asked me to get up on hands and knees. I adopted the position with alacrity and gave vent to my joy when Simon's penis again drove into me. Hands on my hips he fucked me steadily, reaching over to play with my hanging breasts from time to time.

"I suppose by your rings you're married," Simon commented, pausing once more.


"Wonder what your husband would think if he knew you had another guys cock deep inside your cunt at this moment."

"Hubby would be pleased for me. I shall certainly tell him all about when I go home tomorrow."

Surprised by the revelation Simon flipped me over onto my back to mount me in the conventional position. Again his penis powered into me and this time I knew he was going for the finish. His thrusts were urgent now and I writhed beneath the onslaught yelling my pleasure. Grunting and gasping I knew he was getting close. Turning to look at the clock Simon muttered something about twenty-five minutes; had he been timing himself? Then he came, his semen flooding into my depths.

Simon departed soon after, saying he had work to do, and I quickly and happily drifted off into a deep and satisfying sleep.

* * *

(November.) A. Alan, Hotel Manager.

For my second visit to the firm in W the Chairman, in anticipation of another late finish, had already booked me into the same hotel as two months earlier so naturally I was looking forward to renewing my acquaintance with Simon, the night porter.

The negotiations again proved to be long and drawn out but at least this time I arrived at the hotel early enough for the evening meal.

While checking in at reception I complimented the hotel on having a very efficient and helpful night porter, explaining my late arrival of two months earlier. The receptionist replied that Simon had proved his worth time and time again during the three years or so that he'd been with the hotel but was currently away on holiday. I tried to hide the disappointment I felt at the news.

The hotel manager was in reception at the time and said that the day porter was currently occupied preparing a function room so he'd escort me to my room personally.

"We like to look after our returning guests Mrs. P****," he smiled, picking my case up from the floor.

Unlocking the door he ushered me inside with a flourish, commenting that he hoped I'd find the room more amenable than the one I'd been given previously at short notice. It certainly was a well appointed room, one of the best he told me.

"Perhaps I could offer you a guided tour of our historic hotel, show you the Priest's hole for instance, once you've had a chance to settle in."

Telling Alan I hadn't known there was a Priest's hole I expressed an interest in seeing it once I'd showered and changed. There should be ample time before the restaurant closed.

Well, he took me on a tour of the hotel and as promised pointed out a number of interesting features I wouldn't otherwise have noticed. It was inside one of the function rooms that he brought me to a halt and asked if I could tell where the Priest's hole was located. After a careful study of the walls I said that an area beside the large old fireplace seemed the most likely but couldn't see any indications to suggest it was there.

"Clever girl," Alan said and pressed what to all intent and purpose seemed just a normal knot in the woodwork.

"There, take a look," he said when a panel swung open.

Alan followed me inside the cramped Priest's hole and the panel closed again making it practically impossible to see anything in the musty and gloomy space.

"Don't think I'd much fancy hiding in here," I told him.

"Not frightened of ghosts are you? The hotel's reputed to be haunted but I've never seen anything," Alan's disembodied voice came out of the darkness.

"There's nothing very ghostly about the hand on my bottom, it feels all too human!"

Alan's laughter echoed strangely in the confined space and I found myself pushed up against the wall. Suddenly a small gap appeared and Alan told me it was a spy hole into the room. Following his suggestion I put my eye to it and found that I could see nearly the entire room. Alan, who had continued to grope my bottom while I looked through the spy hole, now closed it again shutting off what little light it afforded.

"Bet you don't know how to open the panel from inside do you?"

"Of course not, I'm pretty much at your mercy."

I was back up against the wall then, a still chuckling Alan lifting my skirt. When he pressed up against me I realised that Alan must have lowered his trousers at some stage, presumably while I was looking through the spy hole.

"Open your legs," he urged, fingers hooking the crotch of my panties to one side.

"Your cunt's already wet; you're up for this aren't you?" Alan chuckled yet again, his fingers sliding in and out of me.

I made no reply but then yelled at the suddenness of entry when his penis drove into me. Alan fucked me urgently, the strength of his thrusts lifting me up on to the very tips of my toes.

I hadn't had intercourse standing up for ages and found it exciting to be doing so inside the Priest's hole, despite the discomfort of the cramped and musty nature of it.

"Yes, yes, yes," Alan was muttering and grunting between thrusts, but then pressed his lips to mine when he came, releasing his semen into my depths.

Once we'd regained the room it was necessary to check our clothing as it had been impossible to do so properly in the Priests hole. Alan kissed me before leaving me to find my own way back to my room, where I just had time to shower before the evening meal.

B. Scott, late-thirties. Head Chef.

A bit later I decided to go down to the hotel bar for a nightcap. I sat on a stool at the bar, showing plenty of leg as ever, and chatting to the barman whenever there was a lull in his serving duties. I was just wondering whether to have a second drink when the head chef came in for a drink before going home. I didn't know he was the chef until the barman introduced me to him as such, commenting to the guy that on my previous stay at the hotel two months earlier I'd arrived too late to grace the bar with my presence.

"I heard about that, you must be Sandi!"

The significance of his exclamation escaped me until much later.

His name was Scott, a rather fat guy in his late-thirties, and his offer of a drink decided me to stay for just one more.

Later I declined another drink saying I was going to bed. Scott stood up and finishing his drink with one gulp said he'd walk me to my room. As we left I noticed him wink at the barman and found myself thinking there must be something about me, some sort of aura perhaps, which sends out signals of availability judging by the number of guys who come on to me.

As we walked up the wide creaking staircase, Scott commented that my room was in the best part of the hotel as it overlooked the courtyard at the rear rather than the noisy street out front. Arriving at the door I unlocked and opened it, smiling at Scott and telling him how much I'd enjoyed the meal earlier.

"I put as much attention on the finer points of cooking as I do lovemaking," he replied following me into the room. "Maybe you'd like to sample that as well."

My reply was to kiss the guy before undoing his trousers. Kneeling, I pulled Scott's nether garments down and took his semi erect penis in my hand. Rolling the foreskin back I licked round and round the bulbous purple glans, Scott gasping and grunting. Then, taking advantage of his somewhat sparse growth of pubic hair I licked Scott's balls, soon taking them into my mouth.

"Oh bloody hell," he groaned.

Next I took the guy's penis into my mouth deciding to suck him off as he was growing more excited by the minute. It was a calculated risk because I also wanted him to fuck me and not all guys are capable of quick recovery!

Within seconds I tasted pre-cum and grabbing my hair Scott forced his penis down my throat as he discharged.

Once I'd licked the last drop from his penis I stood up and undressed, Scott shedding his clothes more slowly while recovering his breath. I sat naked on the end of the bed asking Scott to show me if his tongue was as skilful between my thighs as his hands were for cooking. Laying back I spread me legs wide, pleased to see his penis was already rising again.

Well, his previous boast about care and attention proved very true and I was soon squealing excitedly as his tongue worked on my cunt. With his hands on my breasts, fingers rubbing my nipples while he tongued my clit, Scott had me writhing and yelling in orgasm, excitedly squeezing his face between my thighs.

"For the final course, the dessert as it were, lay down and I'll ride you," I told Scott; like I said earlier he was a big man.

His penis was fully erect and raring to go when I lowered myself onto him. Scott moaned while I uttered my usual cry of pleasure as his penis speared into me. I began to ride it, Scott thrusting upwards to meet me, his hands plucking at my bouncing breasts. Then I leaned right back, supporting myself with my hands near the end of the bed, and drove my body rapidly back and forth against his penis. It's an awkward position and not one I can hold for very long but I love it and repeated the move several times, Scott quickly discovering how much I like having my clit rubbed at the same time.

It was as I yelled in orgasm that I heard Scott exclaim, "Christ, Simon said you were a hot fuck!"

Regaining the upright position I resumed my ride of Scott's penis. Asking about his comment I learnt that not only had Simon boasted to him about his conquest of two months earlier but it was also common knowledge among staff members. That explained his wink to the barman and both his and Alan's assumption that I was available for sex!

I rode Scott's thrusting penis, rubbing and squeezing his nipples, until he came, jets of cream spurting into me.

It was as I was dozing off later that I heard a tap on the door and the barman's voice. I was tempted to let him in but knowing I'd almost certainly be returning to the hotel at least once more, decided to keep him in reserve as it were!

* * *

To complete the round up of my sexual activities for 2003 I must mention spending eight glorious weekends in London with Douglas, and six two-night stays in Y*** while doing seminars. Bryce provided many 'clients' for my services each time I stayed in his hotel and although deciding to give up the seminars at the end of this year, due to pressure of work, I will probably continue to visit Bryce's hotel as I'm rather addicted to my double life.

I should also include two other guys:

(February.) Rex, a butcher.

(April.) Lee.

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