tagErotic CouplingsSandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 15

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 15


Chapter 15. Stephen D. (Sept 2001)

Replacing the papers in my briefcase, the business of the day concluded, I then rubbed my aching shoulders.

"In pain?" Stephen asked seeing my grimace.

"Just a bit of an ache." I told him. "I've a new car and probably need to readjust the seat."

"Let me massage them for you, see if I can ease the pain a bit."

He was out from behind his desk and round behind my chair in a flash. Stephen's hands gently massaging my shoulders felt divine and I relaxed against the chair back.

"Hmm that's lovely; you have a very gentle and calming touch."

"And you ought not to display so much leg young lady."

Looking up I saw Stephen staring at my legs, the hemline halfway up my thighs.

"I'm hardly young and maybe not so much of a lady." I joked.

Well I was 37!

Stephen, who from the business just concluded I knew to be a widower of 63, moved his hands down to cup my breasts. His breathing was coming in short gasps as he gently massaged them.

"Sorry, I couldn't help myself with your tantalising display."

"No problem, you have a lovely touch. My shoulders are feeling much better; you're very good at massage."

After a few more minutes of gently manipulating my breasts, Stephen eased me up onto my feet. Turning me round to face him we kissed, lips parted and his tongue tentatively probing my mouth. One hand stroked up and down my back and bottom before coming to rest on my suspender. We kissed again and the hand continued down to the hem of my skirt. Returning upwards I wasn't surprised when Stephen's hand passed under my skirt. Breathing fast his hand reached my stocking top.

"Soft hot flesh," he murmured, fingers stroking my thigh.

Upwards the hand moved again, Stephen's breathing quickening still more.

"Flimsy knickers, nothing to them really," he commented before easing the said garment down a bit for his exploration to continue.

His hand between my legs then, fingers slipping inside me, Stephen said, "I haven't felt one of these in years."

I leant against the guy enjoying the feel of his fingers exploring and stroking my cunt.

Suddenly he broke free saying he'd instruct his secretary to take an early lunch and in his absence I slipped my panties off. On his return Stephen locked his office door and smiling to see my panties lying on the desk, sat down to remove his shoes.

Standing to shed trousers and underpants Stephen faced me with an erection jutting out and upwards from his shirt. Impulsively pushing him back down onto the chair I hiked my skirt up and prepared to sit astride him.

"No, no, not yet, I want to taste you first!"

"Right, I thought you were in a hurry."

I knew Stephen had another meeting.

He swiftly removed papers and stuff from his desk and I sat on the end of it. Lying back with skirt up around my waist, I spread my legs wide for his inspection.

"Very nice cunt."

Stephen began licking me with long sweeps of his tongue. It was heavenly and soon made me squirm and squeal. Concentrating on my clit then, Stephen nibbled and flicked it until my squeals became orgasmic yells. Good job he'd gotten rid of his secretary!

With Stephen back in his chair I first of all knelt to give his cock the same treatment he'd given my cunt, licking and sucking until he could take no more. In feverish tones he urged me to sit astride him like I'd intended doing earlier. First I took my top off and unclipped my bra, wanting the exquisite feel of Stephen's hands on my breasts. Next I lowered myself onto his waiting cock, practically purring as it slid inside.

He pulled me close to kiss my nipples as we began undulating together. Stephen's hands were on my bottom, his mouth sucking my nipples while I gripped his shoulders. I threw my head back, moans beginning to break from my lips, as I rode his thrusting cock. Just when I was thinking to myself it can't get any better than this, it did!

Continuing to suck and lick my nipples I felt his hands slide around my bottom, a finger tip rake my anus. Bringing his hand up quickly Stephen pushed his fingers into his mouth to lubricate them, eyes on mine. I smiled my acceptance of what he intended and when the hand returned to my bottom uttered a little cry of pleasure as he began stimulating my anus.

We continued rocking together, my moans louder now as Stephen's finger slid in and out of my anus in time with his cock in my cunt. A second finger joining the first I soon threw my head back again, wailing as the orgasm hit me. At almost the same time his semen spurted into my depths and we subsided, both of us gasping and moaning.

Leaving the office later I met Stephen's secretary returning from lunch and saw surprise on her face.

"Still here Mrs. P****? I thought you'd long gone."

"Our business took longer than either of us foresaw I'm afraid. Goodbye."

I went happily on my way but wondered if she had her suspicions.

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