tagErotic CouplingsSandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 35

Sandi's Erotic Interludes Ch. 35


Chapter 35. Guy in car. (Feb 1988).

It was the first time since completing my training that I'd been sent on an assignment unaccompanied by a senior. Admittedly it looked to be a simple, straightforward case, but required an overnight stay and I felt nervous during the drive. Having found and checked in at the hotel that had been booked for me, I just had time to freshen up with a shower before the evening meal.

Later, not knowing what to do with myself and still aware of a certain tense nervousness, I decided to go for a walk. Perhaps have a drink somewhere to help me relax enough for a good nights sleep.

I accomplished the first part of my plan and found a lively pub for a drink; which became several actually.

Leaving the pub I was uncertain as to which direction I'd arrived at it from the hotel. Shivering, I wrapped my winter coat tighter against the cold night air and turning to the left, more in hope than expectation, started walking. Aware of stumbling from time to time I felt cross with myself for drinking too much. Eventually, realising I was lost, I paused on a street corner trying to get my bearings in the strange town. I was just thinking the hotel might be a couple of streets further on when a car pulled up. The driver leaned across to the open window and called out, "How much do you charge?"

"Sorry?" I replied, not initially understanding what he meant.

"How much for sex?"

He must have mistaken me for a prostitute. Have I strayed into the red light district, I wondered.

"Twenty pounds."

The words came unbidden from my mouth and the guy asked if that was for full sex.

"Yes," I replied almost in a daze, amazed by just how exciting I found the transaction.

"Get in."

The car door swinging open I climbed in beside the driver wondering what the going rate for this sort of thing would be. At least it was nice and warm in the car after the increasingly cold weather outside.

He drove to a deserted industrial estate and at his command we moved to the rear seats of the car. The guy, who would have been about fifty, unzipped and produced his penis. After I'd licked and sucked it for a few minutes he pulled my coat open and undoing the top of my jeans, slipped a hand inside. Cursing about the inconvenience of tights the guy pushed his hands inside them and my panties.

I parted my thighs when his fingers found my slit and breathing heavily the guy pushed them inside; I then resumed sucking his penis while he fingered me, though not for long.

"Get those fucking horrible tights off girl, most of your sort wear stockings; makes the job easier."

While I removed my jeans, the offending tights and panties, he did the same with his trousers and underpants. Then I lay along the seats watching as he rolled a condom onto his rock hard penis. He slid on top of me and I yelped at the sudden entry of his penis. Next, he roughly pushed my jumper and bra up to get at my breasts and began fucking me.

We had intercourse but it didn't last long, the guy fucking me with short sharp thrusts and of course having no interest in my own pleasure or needs.

When he'd finished the guy threw the used condom out of the window before using tissues to clean himself with, not bothering to offer them to me. He did drop me back at the hotel though after learning that I wasn't actually a street girl but in town on business.

"Well you ought to be," he said, handing me the twenty pounds. "You're a bloody good fuck and would earn more on your back with legs spread than doing whatever it is you do for a living."

With that he drove away leaving me feeling in need of another drink after the unexpected experience. Though I had gained little sexual pleasure or satisfaction from the encounter I felt exhilarated and it had certainly released me from the stress and tensions of earlier.

Back in my room I masturbated, thinking about his parting words and imagining guys queueing up outside the door waiting their turn to have me!

It was only much later, back home after a successful outcome to my case, that I thought how stupid I'd been to go off like that with a complete stranger, anything could have happened. I knew I'd been a very silly girl and mustn't do anything like it again. Those thoughts didn't stop the excitement I continued to feel whenever I relived the experience though; the idea of having sex with a nameless guy whose facial features I could barely remember now!

* * * * *

A brief interlude here for some personal details necessary for a full understanding of the way my sexuality and lifestyle developed subsequent to meeting my husband to be.

I met John when he accompanied his father, a long time client of the firm where I worked at the time, to sit in on a meeting with one of our senior people to discuss some contractual issuers. We were both sitting in as it happened, me to gain experience of different types of law work and John for similar reasons because he would ultimately take over the running of the family business.

From time to time John and I exchanged looks, John invariably smiling when he caught my eye, and I found myself attracted to the quietly spoken and very handsome guy from the outset.

This took place in November of '87 and I might well have set out to seduce him, particularly as I knew my affair with Jon S wouldn't last much longer, but somehow my feelings towards this newcomer in my life were different to anything I'd felt before. Where I often find myself sexually attracted to a guy my feelings towards John were different and difficult to put into words. Perhaps I was in love! Was he 'the one' I wondered, perhaps naively.

When the meeting broke up at mid-day John's father took my boss for lunch, leaving his son and I to amuse ourselves.

"Treat the lass to a sandwich or something boy," he told John.

Very magnanimous I thought to myself, despite feeling thrilled to be spending time alone with John. Better than the four of us lunching together and anyway I had my usual packed lunch to eat in the office. I shared it with John and then one of us, I don't remember who, suggested going for a walk as the weather was particularly mild for mid November.

Towards the end of our walk John, who was quite shy, tentatively asked if I fancied meeting up for a drink or meal one evening. I agreed and our relationship blossomed from there; we just seemed to click somehow.

It was several months before we had sex, perhaps due to John's shyness and my own reluctance to appear forward. It proved to be a disappointment. Not very well endowed, in fact to be brutally honest John possesses the smallest penis of any guy I've had sex with, either before or after we met, he was also inexperienced and I had to tread carefully when coaxing him to be more adventurous in our lovemaking. Of course John knew I wasn't a virgin but I didn't want him to realise just how experienced I'd become, having had sexual relations with ten guys by this time, which I assumed would shock him.

One day though, after we'd had sex and were laying side by side on my bed; John still lived with his parents so we spent most of our time at my flat, he asked me to tell him about any previous boyfriends I'd had. Or more intriguingly, the sexual experiences I'd had with them.

I told him about Phil, my short lived boyfriend from Uni, but included sexual experiences I'd enjoyed with others; a sort of composite picture I suppose. To be honest I would have felt embarrassed at that time to reveal the truth as apart from Phil all my other lovers had been much older men!

Anyway the more I told John the more he wanted to know and I began to realize that it turned him on to hear about my sexual exploits. Emboldened by John's responses I even told him about my exploits with the office couriers, although treating them as one guy and pretending to have been seduced by him.

We eventually married in May 1989, as despite not finding the sexual side of our relationship very satisfying the emotions I felt towards John overcame that aspect. Actually John suggested several months earlier that if we married I would be able to take lovers and thus offset the lack of sexual satisfaction in our own relationship.

"Discrete flings well away from home and any gossip, which you could tell me all about afterwards," he said blushing deeply.

Perhaps I ought not have been surprised by John's suggestion as more and more of our lovemaking revolved around me masturbating his penis while regaling him with tales from my sex life. He particularly enjoyed hearing my courier stories and I had to repeat them regularly. John even admitted at one point to be turned on by the idea of other guys having me behind his back.

"I think I'm a bit of a cuckold if the truth be known," he admitted one day, shocking me considerably.

* * * * *

Barry C. fifty-four (Late June).

This encounter occurred during an assignment in B*******, and my second time solo in point of fact. I had been booked into the hotel for three nights, the projected time it would take to complete the work and which I felt to be a mark of the practice manager's growing confidence in my ability.

After the evening meal on my first night, I returned to my room wondering how to spend the rest of the evening.

Following a shower I stood brushing my hair in front of the mirror, hardly registering that I could be visible from windows on the opposite side of the street. Another hotel actually. Wearing just bra and panties I slowly brushed my hair while mulling over possible ways to spend the evening. It was when I turned slightly to lay the brush down that I saw him. A guy stood at the window directly opposite staring across the street at me. With the light on in my room he would have had a clear view of me, though only from the waist up. Feeling daring I removed my bra before continuing to brush my hair, now closer to and facing the window. I remained there for several minutes giving my hair a really thorough brushing and the guy opposite a grandstand view of my breasts. I felt excited to realise that though I couldn't see his hand, the movement of the guy's arm seemed to indicate he was stimulating his penis while watching me!

Despite enjoying myself I eventually moved away from the window to dress.

By this time I'd decided to have a drink in the hotel bar to start with and perhaps try somewhere else if the company there didn't interest me.

I sat on a bar stool with my drink and after five minutes or so a guy entered and surveyed the sparsely populated room from the doorway. Perhaps like me, he thought the assembled customers an uninspiring lot I mused, but then he headed towards the bar near where I sat and ordered a drink.

"Very exciting show you put on earlier," the guy said to me in a low voice, once the barman had moved away.

"Oh, it was you at the window opposite!"

"Too right, and I greatly enjoyed your show my dear."

"I try to please," I replied with a smile.

In sotto voce the guy went on, "To see your titties swaying while you brushed your hair was a wonderful sight. I came across the road instead of using the bar in my hotel on the off chance you might be here."

"Ah, right."

"You look like a fun girl, any chance of a close up look at those fine titties of yours?"

"It might be arranged."

Glancing over his shoulder to make sure he wasn't observed, the guy squeezed my thigh and asked if I was into older men.

"Not slow in coming forward are you. Actually I am, into older men that is, they are usually more considerate of a girls needs than young ones and in less of a rush."

What was I saying, I was talking like an experienced seductress!

"I'd take my time with you all-right," he whispered. "What say we go up to your room and I'll show you."

Instead of answering I uncrossed and parted my legs slightly.

"I take it that's a yes then."

Another furtive glance over his shoulder and the guy slid his hand under my skirt and murmured, "You're even wearing stockings too, lovely."

With his finger tips now touching my panties I suggested leaving the bar before other customers noticed.

"There are only half a dozen guys here beside me. I think you're a sexy enough girl to take us all on," he said and I was shocked, not so much by what the guy said but the realization that he might be right!

"Lead on then girl," he said, swallowing his remaining drink in one go.

"I'm Sandi," I told him as we walked up the stairs.

"Randy Sandi I hope; well I know you are by now. I'm Barry."

A shortish guy with laughter in his eyes, if that expression conveys what I'm trying to say, Barry at fifty-four was a year older than my father.

Following me into the room Barry took me in his arms to shower my face with kisses.

"Recreate the scene I saw earlier," he urged when we broke.

Taking my top off I turned my back on Barry and asked him to undo and remove my bra. He did so without fumbling, despite his keyed up state. Then I stood in front of the mirror and brushed my hair, though paused long enough to close the curtains.

"Don't want to give everyone a show," I smiled, resuming my brushing.

"Not sure I believe you. I think you could be a bit of an exhibitionist and like teasing the guys."

I realised as Barry spoke that the idea of a crowd watching turned me on; a crowd of guys all lusting after me!

Barry had unzipped and produced his penis by this time and slowly rubbed it while watching me. Though not outstanding, bigger than my boyfriends certainly but nowhere near as big as Jon from last year had been, I found my excitement mounting as I looked at his penis.

"I love the way your titties sway with the brushing and the upturned nipples are something else," he told me. "Take your skirt off."

I obediently did so and then very slowly removed my stockings. With a foot up on the edge of the bed, I slowly undid each suspender, well aware of his laboured breathing as he watched. Once both of my stockings were off the suspender belt followed and I faced Barry in nothing but my panties.

"Perhaps you'd like to remove these."

"You little minx!" he exclaimed, "I can't wait any longer."

So saying Barry took my breasts in his hands. My own hands sought for, and quickly found, his penis and balls. Again he showered my face with kisses, trousers sliding down his legs. I was stroking Barry's balls with one hand while holding his penis in the other, when he urged, "Go down on me girl."

Happy to obey I knelt and kissed his penis, then balls. I continued by licking all the most sensitive areas of Barry's penis, while stroking his balls.

By this time I'd developed as much of a liking for a guys balls as his penis and was pleased by Barry's loud exclamation when I began sucking them. He was running his hands through my hair then and gasping that I was definitely one very randy Sandi. When I took the end of Barry's penis between my lips he impulsively thrust it right down my throat, almost choking me.

"Sorry," he muttered when I pulled back gasping for breath.

"It's OK," I reassured him. "Just caught me by surprise."

I sucked his penis back into my mouth and allowed it to slide right down my throat to show Barry I was fine with it.

(Although I developed a love of sucking penis before I met him it was Kishor who had taught me the full skills of fellatio, having a love of 'deep throat', as he called it.)

Eventually Barry pulled me to my feet urging, "Get your knickers off girl, it's time I tasted your cunt."

I peeled them off while he hurriedly undressed, keeping an eye on me as he did so. Naked, I sat on the end of the bed and spread my legs, Barry dropping to his knees eagerly. I put my legs up over his shoulders to fully display myself to his gaze.

"Marvellous!" he exclaimed, staring between my thighs.

Directly Barry began licking my cunt I knew I was in the hands off an expert. He brought me to a very noisy orgasm and after flashing me a smile, continued. The sensation of his tongue on my most intimate areas was exquisite. It probed deep inside me, then flicked my clitoris before sucking and rolling it between his lips.

Loving every second of Barry's expert manipulations, I gaspingly told him so between orgasms. He merely grunted and concentrated on his task. With Barry's tongue still performing wonders on my clitoris he slid his hands beneath my bottom. Next, with his fingers gently stroking my anus, Barry brought me to yet another wild and noisy orgasm.

Standing then, he doubled my legs right back to my shoulders and drove his penis into me.

"Oh yes, lovely!" I think I yelled when his penis drove into my cunt, a cunt very wet and eager to receive it after all his manipulations.

Exercising the same degree of control he had during cunnilingus Barry fucked me slowly and steadily, intent on making it last. And it did! I was revelling in the exquisite sensations caused by Barry's penis driving in and out of me for what seemed an age and when he finally came, penis buried inside me, I knew I'd experienced one of the best sessions of intercourse ever.

Fortunately Barry was staying at his hotel for the week and when he suggested meeting up again the following evening I eagerly agreed, feeling embarrassed later to remember just how eagerly! As it was Barry paused at the door on leaving and remarked that seeing as how randy I was perhaps he ought to send the guys up from the bar to finish off the evening.

"Don't you dare!"

"Just teasing," Barry laughed as he made his exit.

But what if he hadn't been joking, I mused stretching out on the bed. What if six or seven guys suddenly burst into my room intent on having me? Resistance would be useless. My imagination in overdrive I suddenly found myself masturbating as I imaged being held down by several guys, legs forced wide apart, and cock after cock driving into me. Shocked by the turn my thoughts had taken I pulled myself together and took a cold shower.

It was to become a recurring fantasy however, though not one I shared with John for several years.

Barry spent the next two evenings in my room, making love to me as exquisitely as the first. The euphoria I experienced with Barry in the evenings carried over to the daytimes and I sailed through what at first glance had seemed a difficult assignment, with ease!

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