tagText With AudioSandman's Parallax Pt. 03

Sandman's Parallax Pt. 03


SNYOPSIS: Sandman's Parallax Pt. 03 - Temporary Insanity of Passion

Dr. Franklin wakes up from his dream and realizes it was very real. During the long drive to the asylum to hunt for his "mind intruder", the history of the asylum, and some of the Doctor's inner thoughts and dreams are revealed. Two frequent nightmares reoccur in a frightening fashion. His plea of temporary insanity allowed him to escape execution.

As you step out of the elevator and say goodbye to your body; you hope your body is undisturbed when you return to the portal.


PARALLAX 04: Preview of "Leave Me a Message"

Franklin searches the asylum and makes a stunning discovery. The Sandman and you enter into the Franklin mansion and travel to the upstairs bedroom where the murders took place.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/10/18

Part 4?!

Oh man, I really want part 4. Your sound design in en pointe; and I’m digging the erotic thriller element!

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