tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 18

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 18


Note: This story is the eighteenth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous seventeen episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


I turned on the water in the shower so it would get hot while Sandra laid out her clothes.

"Hey Stevie, Do you mind if I wear the necklace and earrings that you bought me the day after we met?"

"No Sandra, I want you to wear them. They enhance your natural beauty. You're absolutely stunning when you have them on."

She came into the bathroom. "Thanks, you're sweet. I just thought that you might like it if I only wore them for you."

"No sweetheart, you're like a work of art. Your beauty needs to be shared with the world, not hoarded away."

Sandra giggled, "Aren't you the charmer."

I shook my head. "No, I just happen to be madly in love with you."

Sandra stared at me for a moment. Finally she said, "Stevie, you really know the right things to say to a girl." She sighed. "I wish I could stay home with you tonight."

"Oh no, not tonight, tonight you have a date with a distinguished older man." I grinned at Sandra, "A little bird told me that you have thing for distinguished older men. You don't want to miss this."

Sandra blushed. "That little bird is right. I'm sorry Stevie, I really am excited about seeing Richard tonight."

"Then you'd better start getting ready, you don't want to keep your gentleman waiting."

Sandra kissed me and jumped into the shower. She got herself nice and wet, sat down on the edge of the tub and started to shave her legs and pussy.

"I was planning on teaching you to do this for me tonight. I'm sorry, we just ran out of time. I can get it done much quicker if I do it myself."

"Its okay Sandra, I'm sure that we'll have many opportunities in the future."

She laughed. "Oh baby, I hope so."

Sandra finished shaving, got back into the shower and bathed. As she was bathing, she got a naughty look on her face and handed me the soap.

"Here sissyboy, wash my pussy so that it's nice and clean when Richard fucks me tonight."

Sandra was toying with me. I loved it. I took the soap from her and gave her cunt the most thorough washing it had ever had."

She turned around. "Now wash my ass. I want it nice and clean so that you can lick it for me when I get home from my date tonight."

That was a request that didn't need to be repeated.

When she was done, Sandra rinsed herself off. I handed her a towel as she stepped out of the shower.

Sandra went into the bedroom and put on her lingerie while I set up her makeup mirror in the dining room.

She came out of the bedroom and sat down. I watched as she put on her eye shadow and lipstick. I noticed that she'd brought the necklace and earrings out with her.

When she was ready, I picked up the white gold necklace and carefully placed it around Sandra's neck. As I fastened the clasp, I whispered into her ear. "I want you to look really beautiful for Richard tonight. I want him to want to make love to you over and over again. I want you to come home to me feeling completely satisfied."

Sandra stood and kissed me. As she kissed me she reached down and massaged my tiny penis.

I looked at my watch. It was 6:40. "We don't have time for this right now. Go put your skirt and blouse on. We have to go."

Sandra laughed, "Aren't you getting bossy."

"That's right, I am. Somebody has to make sure that you get to your lovers on time."

We both ran into the bedroom. While Sandra finished dressing, I pulled on a pair of jeans and a polo shirt. She put on the new red skirt and black sequined blouse that she'd bought at the mall yesterday. When she was done buttoning her blouse, she slipped her feet into her black spike heeled pumps and walked out to the dining room.

Sandra stopped at the dining room table and put on her earrings. When she was done, she turned and did a little pirouette, "How do I look?"

"Sandra, you're going to drive Richard wild."

She grabbed her purse and said, "Let's go."

I drove quickly. We just barely had enough time to get to the hotel by 7:00.

Sandra was excited. "Stevie, Richard gave a wonderful lecture today. He's highly respected in legal circles. Universities all over the country are trying to get him to put on seminars."

Sandra took a deep breath, "He's so handsome. Bob showed me a picture of him, but the picture didn't do him justice. Richard has thick brown hair. He's tall and has very broad shoulders."

Sandra looked at me, "He's in excellent physical condition. Richard must spend lots of time in the gym. He looks like a weightlifter. Stevie, he's so sexy."

I drove the car in silence. I didn't say a word.

Sandra noticed. "Honey, why are you so quiet?"

She thought for a moment. "Are you getting jealous? Sweetheart, its okay, I'm just going to meet Richard for dinner. When were done eating he'll take me up to his hotel room. I'll give him a blowjob and then I'll let him fuck me. Baby, I'm not going to fall in love with him. When were done fucking, I'll come home to you. Stevie I'll always come home to you. You don't ever have to worry about that."

I smiled at her. "Sandra I know that. I just want you to remember that I love you."

I love you to Stevie. I love you more than any other man in the entire world. Sweetheart, I will always love you."

I pulled up in front of the hotel.

Sandra looked at me, "Stevie, I am pretty sure that Richard will want me to go home after he's done fucking me. It might be pretty late. Do you want me to take a cab?"

"No Sandra, definitely not. I don't care how late it is. Call me, I'll come down here and pick you up."

"Thanks, I was hoping you'd say that," She gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, "I have to go."

As Sandra got out of the car I called to her. "Hey Sandra..."

She turned, "What Stevie?"

"Give Richard a blow job he'll never forget, okay?"

Sandra laughed. "You got it sweetheart."

Sandra ran up the steps of the hotel. The doorman opened the door for her and she disappeared inside.

If you happen to a masochistic cuckold, watching your fiancée go into a four star hotel to meet another man for sex is an incredibly erotic sight.

As I drove away from the hotel I was finally able to relax a little bit. It had been a remarkably eventful day and the last hour had gotten exceedingly hectic.

It was nice to take a breath and slow down. I didn't feel like going straight home so I went for a drive.

While I was driving, I started to think about the encounter with Bob Downings. I was trying to make sense out of my reaction to the way he treated me. He was very dominant and he certainly said very humiliating things to me.

Why couldn't I just view his abuse as part of our fantasy and submit to him?

I considered this for a moment; suddenly I understood the reason for my reaction. I'm not willing to submit to Bob. I'm not willing to submit to anyone but Sandra. Bob also acted like a bully. I've never been willing to let anyone bully me.

The encounter with Bob in our bedroom did have one positive result. I got to see Sandra actually giving a blowjob.

She really was very talented. As I thought about that, I felt a little surge of pride. That made me smile. I suspected that there very few men who are proud of their fiancée's ability to suck a cock.

As I continued driving, I started thinking about Sandra and Richard. They were probably eating their dinner right now. I was certain that Sandra was fascinated by Richard's conversation. I imagined her hanging on his every word. I envied him. At this moment I would have given anything to be dining with Sandra.

It was at this point in the evening that I started to fully understand that one of the most difficult challenges a cuckold faces is passing the time while his wife or girlfriend is out with another man.

I knew that I had to find some diversions. I needed something to occupy my mind.

I thought about going to the movies, but I knew that wouldn't work. I get bored at the movies under the best circumstances.

I ended up going shopping and I hate to shop.

It didn't really work. As I browsed through the stores, I kept imagining Sandra and Richard.

I looked at my watch. It was nearly 8:30. They had to be done with dinner. I couldn't imagine that either of them had any interest in lingering over dessert and coffee.

I assumed that they were in Richard's room by now. Sandra wouldn't wait for Richard to make the first move. As soon as the door was closed she would be all over him. I was also certain that Richard wouldn't be shy. I was sure that Bob had made it clear to Richard that Sandra was his for the taking. I think the phrase he used was fuck toy. Sandra was going to be his buddy's fuck toy. Richard would certainly be pawing Sandra within seconds after they entered his hotel room.

I decided that shopping was a waste of time and a poor diversion. I went to my car and started for home. Maybe at home I could find something to help pass the time.

On my way to my apartment I started to remember how excited Sandra was when she told me that Richard had never had his cock sucked. I knew that one of the big attractions for her on this date was that she would be giving an older man his very first blow job.

Sandra would be aroused by the anticipation of what was coming. She probably wouldn't even allow time for them to get undressed. I knew my girl. She would be massaging Richard's crotch as quickly as she could.

I started smiling. Sandra loved to suck cocks. As soon as she felt Richard's erection, my sweet baby would be dropping to her knees.

I pulled up in front of my apartment and parked. As I walked up the front sidewalk I started to think about Sandra on her knees in front of Richard. I remembered watching Sandra with Bob this afternoon. She was an artist.

I imagined her unzipping Richard's pants and pulling his huge cock out. I smiled. My baby was good, she wouldn't just stick Richards dick into her mouth. She'd play with it first. She'd tease him. She'd kiss and lick the head and then stroke his shaft.

When I got back to my apartment I tried to read some medical journals. That didn't work either. No matter how much I tried to focus on something else, I couldn't stop picturing my beautiful Sandra with Richard's great big cock in her mouth.

By now, Sandra would be sucking Richard. I saw what she did with Bob. This was where she excelled. I saw how her hands and mouth worked together in a smooth easy rhythm. I marveled at the way that she would change tempo so that she could control the level of her lover's lust.

I was certain that she was making Richard's blow job last. I was confident that my BJ queen was giving her lover of the evening an experience he would never forget.

My last attempt at trying to divert my attention from Sandra and Richard was to pull out the financial plan that I'd started earlier in the day. I wanted to get a better idea of what kind of house we might be able to afford.

It worked for little while, but eventually my mind drifted back to Richard's hotel room.

I assumed that Sandra had finished Richard's blow job by now. I imagined that she had to go into the bathroom and wipe his large deposit of semen off of her lips ad nose.

Now it was a matter of how long it would take Richard to recover.

I looked at my watch. If he was any good at all..., I stopped myself and laughed. Listen to me, Speedy the cuck, judging another man's sexual prowess.

I considered this for a moment and then I shook my head. It didn't matter. If Richard was worth his salt as a stud lover, he should have gotten a second erection by now. He should be mounting my beautiful Sandra and pushing his new erection into her sopping pussy.

This was the moment when Sandra would become Richard's fuck toy. I remembered Sandra telling me that she wasn't going to make her lover wear a condom.

I was envious of Richard as I imagined the pleasure he felt while he pumped his bare cock in and out of my fiancées cunt.

I pictured him fucking Sandra with increasing intensity. She would be crying in ecstasy. Sandra would have at least one and maybe two orgasms while Richard fucked her. He wouldn't care, he wouldn't stop. He was a stud; he would just keep fucking her."

I imagined Richard fucking Sandra at a frantic pace. Her legs were wrapped around the back of his thighs. She was bucking her hips in response to each of his powerful thrusts. Suddenly he pushed his cock as far into her cunt as he possibly could and stopped. Sandra sensed what was about to happen and locked her legs around Richard's buttocks to hold him deep inside her. I imagined that I heard her squeals of delight as her lover pumped spurt after spurt of his fertile semen into her unprotected womb.

I pictured Sandra and Richard gradually beginning to relax. They were both spent. They were both satisfied.

I imagined Richards softening cock as it slipped from Sandra's dripping vagina.

I saw Sandra lying still. Her lust was now satisfied. Her legs were spread wide apart. Her lovers cum dripped from her well fucked cunt.

Suddenly, the telephone rang. I looked at my watch. It was just after 10:00 pm.

I picked up the receiver. "Hello"

"Stevie. It's Sandra. Can you come pick me up?"

"Of course sweetheart, I'll leave right away."

I'm just getting dressed. Richard is asleep. I'll wait in the lobby. Call me on my cell phone when you get here okay?"

"I'll be right there Sandra."

"I love you Stevie."

"I love you to Sandra."

I drove quickly. As I approached the hotel, I dialed Sandra's cell phone.

She answered immediately. "Hello?"

"I'm here sweetheart."

"I'll be right out."

As I drove up, Sandra came running out of the hotel. The doorman opened my car door for her and she got in.

As soon as she was inside my car Sandra leaned over, put her arms around me and gave me a long slow kiss.

"Hi Stevie, thank you for coming to get me."

Sandra sat back and put on her seatbelt.

"Did you have a good time?"

She sighed. "I had a wonderful time, Richard is a wonderful lover." She looked over at me. "Do you want to hear about it, or will it make you feel too sad?"

I smiled at Sandra. "Sweetheart, I want to hear every detail, but you know how I really want to hear it?"

"No how? Tell me."

"I want to be in our bed naked, with you sitting on my face."

Sandra laughed and said, "I can't wait. Drive really fast."

We drove in silence for a minute, and then I asked Sandra a question that had been bothering me.

"Sandra if Julie went to college with you, how come she works as a waitress in a coffee shop?"

"Stevie, Jules never went to college."

"I thought that she was your college roommate."

"She was, but I was the only one going to school. She always just worked. Stevie, she could never afford to go to college. I told you, Jules grew up in foster homes. She never had much family support."

"Sandra, I grew up in a foster home to. My dad died when I was five and my mom died when I was eleven." I was quiet for a minute. "I think my mom died of a broken heart."

"Baby, I'm sorry. You never told me that."

"It's not something I talk about very easily."

Sandra was quiet now. Finally she said, "My parents disowned me when I was 18. I got pregnant. I didn't want to have the baby. I had an abortion. They were really religious. They threw me out of the house. They haven't talked to me since. I scraped my way through college by earning scholarships and working."

I smiled at Sandra. "I think that all three of us need each other."

"I think we could become a pretty good family Stevie."

"I'd really like that Sandra." I paused again. "Anyway, I think that you and I are doing okay, but Julie needs our help. Sandra I have a plan."

"What is it?"

I spent the rest of the trip home outlining my plan to Sandra."

When I was done she said, "Can we afford that Stevie?"

"Yes Sandra, we can. Listen tomorrow night when all three of us go to dinner I'll lay out all the details. I think that you guys will be really excited."

We pulled up in front of the apartment.

"Now let's go inside and play."

Sandra laughed, "Come on speedy, I'm in the mood for a little face sitting.

That night Sandra rode me to three orgasms. She told me that she had two while she was fucking Richard. She had a good night.

Afterwards, when we were lying in bed I said, "Sandra you were right. My semen, Bob's semen and Richard's semen all taste different."

I stopped for minute. "The taste of Richard's semen might not be reliable. It had a chance to cure inside your pussy for a little while."

I thought for a moment and started laughing. "I think "Sandra cured" is going to become my favorite flavor."

Sandra laughed. "Stevie, you're a pervert and it's one of the many reasons I'm madly in love with you."

Sandra cuddled up to me and we fell asleep in each others arms. Life was wonderful.

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