tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 19

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 19


Note: This story is the nineteenth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous eighteen episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


On my way to work the next morning I dropped Sandra off at the law school.

As she got out of the car she said, "Jules and I are going to meet at our apartment at 2:00. We're going to try to move some of our things to your place. We should be there at about 3:30" She stopped for a moment. It was almost as if she was afraid to ask her next question. "Stevie, would you mind if Jules and I put our feminine touch on your apartment?"

I laughed. "No Sandra, not at all. It's your place now just as much as its mine. I want the two of you to be happy. Do anything you want."

"Thanks babe, you're wonderful; I'll see you this afternoon." She blew me a kiss and turned to leave.

I stopped her. "Hey Sandra,." She turned. I pulled out my checkbook, signed three checks, tore them out and handed them to her. "Stop at a furniture store if you have time. I think we need some female bedroom furniture. The two of you shouldn't have to put your makeup on at the dining room table. Also, I'll bet that we need some more dressers. Get nice stuff that we'll want in the new house."

"We get to buy new furniture! Thank you, I'm going to call Jules right now. Maybe she can get off work earlier today and meet me at noon. Sweetie this is so exciting." She stopped, "Are you sure you trust us to buy stuff you'll like?"

"I want you to buy stuff that the two of you like. Now get going, we all have things to get done. I'll try to be home by 4:00."

I watched Sandra run up the steps to the law school. She was so happy that she was skipping.

When I got to work, I sat down at my desk and called a real estate office that had been recommended to me. I made an appointment for 2:00 pm. When that task was done I called the Kensington grill and made a 7:30 dinner reservation.

The next item on my calendar was a meeting with Arnie Turner. We spent a good two hours writing a new job description for me. They were offering me a great deal of freedom. We both thought it was important that all of us understood exactly what my duties were going to be and exactly what the firm expected of me.

I spent the rest of the morning reorganizing my desk and pulling client files so that they could be reassigned to other brokers.

At noon I packed up my brief case and stopped to see Arnie's secretary. "Janice, I'm leaving for the day. I'll have my cell phone on if anyone needs to reach me.

She laughed, "Stevie, Its Friday afternoon. Everyone is bailing out. In an hour, I'm going to be the only poor soul still here."

As I walked out the door I said, "Janice you're a gem. Arnie should triple your salary."

"I'm going to tell him you said that Stevie. He might listen to you; everyone here thinks you're pretty smart right now."

I had two stops to make before my appointment with the realtor. My first was Kelroy College. Kelroy was a small local private college. I met with their admissions counselor and got a good idea of what their entrance requirements and costs were.

My next stop was at Maple Hills Community College. I had a similar meeting there and gathered the same information.

I arrived at the realtor's office at 2:00. I met Barry Dunlap. Barry was going to be our real estate agent. He was a handsome man in his mid 30's. I smiled as Barry shook my hand; the girls were going to love this guy.

Barry and I did the necessary paperwork and started to scan some listings.

"Steve, I want you to look at this one. It was owned by an executive with the Bleckly Paper Company. He got a promotion and had to move his family to the east coast. The house has been vacant for two months now. They're desperate to sell. The house is probably worth $1,500,000, but its layout is a little different. They're asking $1,250,000 but I am pretty sure you can buy it for under $1,000,000."

"What's different about it?"

The house has 4 bedrooms, but two of the bedrooms are enormous. They had one son. They spoiled him. His bedroom is sensational. From what you tell me about your situation, this house might be perfect for you." He paused. "I'll bet you can buy it for a song."

It was about 4:00 when I pulled up in front of my apartment. Both of the girl's cars were already parked in the lot.

I opened my apartment door and got mauled. As soon as I stepped in the door, Julie grabbed me and started kissing and hugging me.

"Stevie you're wonderful. Thank you for letting me live here. I promise to be a really good roommate and do all the chores."

As I was hugging Julie I realized that she was only wearing a bra and a pair of thong panties. I was going to learn that Julie rarely overdressed at home.

"I gave her a pat on the butt. "Julie I am as happy as you are, and we're all going to share equally in the chores. Welcome to your new home."

Sandra was standing behind Julie, "Got a hug for me?"

She jumped into my arms. I just had time to give Sandra one good hug before Julie jumped back in. I spent the next several seconds getting kissed and squeezed by two beautiful women, life was good.

When we finally broke apart I looked at my two girls and asked, "What did you two get done today?"

Sandra clapped her hands together. "Stevie we bought furniture."

For the next half hour, my two lovelies walked me around the apartment and told me all about the furniture they had purchased. It was being delivered tomorrow afternoon. They described each piece in glowing detail and pointed out the spot it would occupy in the apartment. They were just starting to tell me about the rest of their ideas for redecorating when I stopped them.

"Before you guys get too carried away with redecorating plans, let's talk about step 2 in our lives."

Julie looked at me, "What's step 2 Stevie?"

I looked at my watch. "Girls, get dressed. We have an appointment to look at a house in 45 minutes. After that, were going to dinner at the Kensington Grill."

Julie looked at me. "Stevie that place is really expensive. I've never been there."

"Well get dressed, were going there tonight."

Sandra stood still. "Were going to go look at a house?"


"Right now?"

"Yes, now go get dressed."

Sandra and Julie both screamed and starting tearing their clothes off so they could both get into the shower.

I poured myself a scotch and spent the next half hour watching two gorgeous women bathing and dressing for dinner. As I just said, life sure was good.

While we drove to the house, I told the girls about my meeting with Barry Dunlap. They both got excited as I told them about the unusual design of the home and the owners difficulty finding a buyer.

The address for the house was 1211 Oak Grove Drive. When we found the street it was immediately apparent that it was appropriately named. Oak Grove Drive was lined with rows of tall, stately oak trees.

As we drove down the street looking for 1211, all three of us were awestruck by the beautiful homes we passed.

Sandra looked at me, "Stevie, we can't afford to live in this neighborhood."

In the back seat, Julie said, "Shit Stevie, call the realtor, this has to be a mistake."

Were were just passing 1203. Two houses ahead I could see Barry Dunlap standing in a driveway waiting for us.

"No were in the right place. There's our realtor in the driveway."

In unison, both of my girls said, "What a hunk."

1211 was a large ranch style house. Barry greeted us as we pulled into the driveway and got out of the car.

Julie walked right up to Barry and said, "Hi I'm Julie." She could never be described as shy.

I made more formal introductions and we went inside.

All three of us wandered the house in awe, it was beautiful. As we moved from the living room to the family room, Sandra said, "Guys look outside."

Large glass doors opened to the back patio. Beyond the patio was a large swimming pool and hot tub. The entire yard was enclosed by a very high privacy fence.

"Sandra looked at me. Stevie how can we possibly afford this?"

"I'll tell you at dinner. Just trust me and give this place a thorough examination."

We wandered back into the house and went into the master bedroom. It was huge. We peeked into the master bath. It was actually 5 rooms and included a large whirl pool tub and separate shower. There was even a separate room for the toilet. I laughed to myself; a private potty wasn't a big necessity for my two exhibitionists.

Barry led us across the living room into what had been the boys bedroom. It was just as large as the master bedroom and the bathroom was every bit luxurious.

I turned to Julie. "Do you think you could survive with this as your bedroom?"

She grinned at me, "Stevie, this is like a fantasy. I've never even been in a house like this before."

Sandra and I kept exploring. We found the basement stairs and went down. At the base of the stairs we turned on a light. We discovered a large paneled room with a big fireplace, a pool table and a wet bar. We explored further and found large storage spaces, a tool bench and a beautiful laundry room.

Sandra and I turned around. We thought that Barry and Julie were right behind us, but they were nowhere to be seen.

When we went back upstairs, we heard noises from the kitchen. As soon as we opened the door, both of us started laughing.

Barry was standing with his pants down. Julie was on her knees, her blouse was unbuttoned and her breasts were hanging free. She was giving Barry a blow job.

When she heard us come into the kitchen Julie took Barry's huge cock out of her mouth and turned to look at us. "Someone had to check our realtor's credentials."

As we watched Julie suck Barry's cock, Sandra nudged me. "She's pretty good, but I'm better." Sandra called to our realtor. "Hey Barry, if we look at another house tomorrow you have to give me a try, then you can decide which of us gives a better blow job."

Barry looked at me with a worried expression. "I'm sorry Steve, things got out of hand kind of quickly."

I put up my hand. "Don't worry Barry. I'm cool with this, but you really do need to give Sandra a chance tomorrow."

He looked at me. "No shit? Wow, you guys live some kind of wild life."

I smiled and looked at my watch. Julie you'd better finish him off, were due at the Kensington Grill in 30 minutes."

Julie worked quickly. I was already learning that when these girls decide its time to get a guy off they can get the job done fast.

It was mere seconds before we saw Barry gasp and close his eyes as he started pumping semen into Julie's mouth.

Julie kept sucking his cock while he ejaculated. After a few moments Barry's erection started to wilt. Julie still kept sucking him. It was obvious that she was trying to milk every last drop of cum from his enormous penis.

Finally, Julie took Barry's cock out of her mouth and stood up. Her lips were covered with his semen. Barry handed her his handkerchief. Julie was just about to wipe the cum off of her mouth when Sandra intervened.

She looked at me and winked. I took a deep breath. I already knew Sandra well enough to know that it was game time.

"Julie, don't you think you should give Stevie a little kiss to thank him for all the nice things he's done for us today?"

Julie looked at Sandra, "Really? Do you think he would like that?"

Sandra laughed. "Yes, I suspect he would and I'm absolutely certain that I would."

She walked over to Barry and started fondling his limp penis. "I also want our stud lover over here to see my little cuckold wimp in action."

Sandra smiled at Barry. "Baby, a real man like you never has to apologize to my little pussy boyfriend for anything."

Sandra stroked Barry's soft cock and turned to me. "Come on sissy boy; go lick our studs cum off of Julie's face." She stopped for a minute. "Hold on Speedy, one more thing, drop your pants first."

I looked at Sandra. My eyes pleaded with her not to do this.

She laughed. "Don't be shy pussyboy; let's show everyone just what kind of a man you really are."

I unbuckled my belt and dropped my trousers revealing the pink lace panties that Julie had sent to me last night.

I heard Barry say, "Holy Shit."

Sandra looked at Barry and said, "Do you see why Julie and I are looking for real men to fuck. Look at our dainty little sissy in his panties. Isn't he cute?"

She grinned at me, "Hey needle dick, pull down your panties and show our realtor your little peepee.

My face turned beet red as I lowered my panties and exposed my tiny penis.

Barry began to smirk. Sandra's dominant attitude towards me made him bolder. He unbuttoned her blouse, unclasped her bra and started to fondle her breasts with his massive fingers.

As he stood there taking liberties with my girl friend, Barry started laughing. "Shit, I've never seen a penis that small. He really does look like a little boy."

Sandra snuggled up to Barry and said, "Now do you understand why Julie and I are looking for playmates?"

"Yeah baby, It's perfectly clear."

Sandra started to giggle, "Watch this big guy."

She looked at me, "All right Speedy, Its cleanup time."

I started to pull my panties and trousers back up, but Sandra stopped me. "Hey Needle dick, nobody told you to do that. Leave your trousers where they are. We think you look really cute with those pink panties around your knees."

Barry stood behind Sandra, rolling her nipple between his large fingers while I walked over to Julie and started to lick his cum off of her face. I was completely humiliated.

"Get it all Speedy, lick up every drop of our studs cum."

When I was done Sandra kissed Barry full on the lips and said. "Why don't you find a house for us to look at tomorrow that has a nice big bed. Julie and I promise to make it a real adventure for you."

She turned to me. "Cuckboy, get over here and hook up my bra for me."

As I reached under Sandra's blouse and refastened her brassiere. She smiled, "Good boy Speedy. Now let's go, Jules and I are getting hungry."

As I pulled up my panties and my trousers Sandra smirked, "If you buy us a real nice dinner, we might even let you watch while Barry fucks us tomorrow."

I trailed behind Sandra, Julie and Barry as the three of them walked out of the house arm in arm. They were all laughing.

I was totally humiliated. I hurried into the safety of my car.

As we were driving away, Sandra put he hand on my thigh and said, "Did you enjoy my little performance in there sweetheart?"

I grinned at her, "Sandra, you were wonderful. It was deliciously humiliating. I can't wait until later tonight when were at home in bed. Your ass is going to get some very special attention from my tongue."

From the backseat Julie said. "Shit, that was a game? You guys are unbelievable. This just isn't fair. How come she gets to have all the fun? I wanna play; you know my ass could use a little attention too."

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