tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 23

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 23


Note: This story is the twenty-third installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous twenty-two episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


We spent most of Sunday working on the apartment. The girls were serious when they said that they wanted to feminize it just a bit. By the middle of Sunday afternoon, there were new pictures on the walls and plants everywhere.

As it turned out, the apartment wasn't the only thing that got feminized that afternoon. At 3:00 we took a work break and went to the mall.

Julie took me by the hand as we walked into a well known department store, "Come on Stevie, we have some shopping to do."

We took the escalator to the second floor. When we got off, I found myself in the middle of the women's lingerie department.

Sandra walked to a wall displaying a huge selection of panties and looked at Julie, "What size?"

"The panties in the set I gave him Friday night were 5's." She looked at me, "Those aren't to tight are they baby?" I blushed, this was incredibly embarrassing. Julie and Sandra weren't bothering to whisper; people were overhearing our conversation and starting to stare.

A young sales girl came over. She smiled and asked, "Can I help you?"

Sandra laughed and said, "Certainly, our friend here is trying to get in touch with his feminine side. We're helping him buy some new underwear, we were thinking he's about a size 5."

The salesgirl looked at us and started to giggle. I think she was a little shocked and unsettled by Sandra's candor. The giggling was probably her natural response to an embarrassing situation. After a few seconds she got control of herself and adopted a more professional demeanor.

She gave me a quick visual examination, "He's pretty skinny." She covered her mouth in embarrassment. "I don't believe I just said that." Her face turned red, "I'm sorry sir, I didn't mean to have that come out that way."

Julie said, "That's okay..." She stopped to read her employee badge, "Mandy. He is skinny." She put her arm around me and kissed me. "That's why we like him so much." She got a devilish grin on her face. "It's also one of the reasons we think he makes such a cute girl."

Sandra piped in, "Don't you think he'd make a cute girl?"

Mandy laughed and said, "Now that you mention it I can see what you mean."

At that moment I wanted to die.

Sandra tried to get everyone refocused. "So Mandy do you agree that he's a 5?"

"She smiled. "I think a 5 would be good. 7's would be kind of loose in the hips for him."

Sandra picked up some panties. "Okay, is our baby here going to be a bikini girl or is Stephanie the thong type."

Mandy giggled again. "Stephanie?"

Sandra smiled. "Cute name isn't it?" She turned to Julie "So what do you think Bikini or thong?"

Julie laughed, "Definitely bikini, our Stephanie isn't a slut like us."

Mandy blushed then said, "You do understand the difference between men's and women's underwear? Men's underwear will have a little more room for his thing."

"Mandy, we do understand that." Julie giggled. "You can trust us on this one; Stephanie's thing doesn't need very much room." She winked, "Its more like a big clittie."

Mandy gasped and covered her mouth again. Her face turned an even deeper shade of red than before. So did mine, I wanted to crawl into a hole.

Sandra stepped in once more and tried to get us back on task. "Okay we get bikinis."

She picked up several packages of French cut cotton bikini briefs. They had little hearts embroidered all over them. "These are cute. They should work nicely for everyday wear." Next she picked up a package of lacey thong panties. "Let's get him these to, he can wear them when were entertaining men."

She turned to Mandy. "We also need panty hose and several brassieres, pick nice light weight ones in cute colors. You can see that he really doesn't need much support. If you get those, we'll pick out some slacks and blouses."

When the girls were done shopping for me, they each picked out a new outfit for themselves. We ended up with a large number of packages. I paid the bill with a credit card and lugged everything back to the limo.

When we got back to the apartment, I carried the packages in while the girls sat down and relaxed.

When I was done hauling everything in Sandra said, "Girls, I think its beauty time."

Julie's tired face lit up in a smile. "Oh yes! What a great idea."

Sandra looked at me, "Stephie go start the shower; we want it to get nice and warm in the bathroom."

I went into the bathroom and turned on the hot water.

Julie and Sandra were waiting for me when I walked into the bedroom. I quickly removed my own clothes, then undressed the girls and hung up their clothing.

By the time we got into the bathroom it was like a steam bath. I quickly showered, then I bathed Sandra and Julie.

When they stepped out of the shower, I met each girl with a soft, fluffy bath towel and gently dried her off.

When they were dry Julie and Sandra sat down on the edge of the bathtub while I carefully draped their bath towels over their shoulders.

Sandra wrapped herself in her towel and said, "Stephie fetch our razors and shaving cream."

I obediently retrieved them from the shelf by the bathroom sink and brought them to the girls.

Sandra took hers and said, "Stephie, you'll also need yours."

I got my own razor and sat down on the side of the tub with the two girls.

Sandra smiled at me, "Stephie, all three of us are going to shave our pussies."

Julie laughed. "Sandra don't be silly, Stephie doesn't have a pussy, he has a little cocklet."

Sandra shook her head, "No Julie I disagree." She reached for my tiny penis. As she picked it up she said to me, "Concentrate Stephie. Try to control yourself, you mustn't cum right now."

She pretended to examine my penis and balls then she showed them to Julie. "Jules, these are really too little to be called a cock and balls. I think that we have to assume our Stevie has a big clit and therefore a pussy." She started to laugh, "Besides, men use their cocks for fucking and satisfying women and we both know that Stevie's cock can never be used for that purpose."

Julie reached over, "Sandra, let me see." She grabbed my penis between her thumb and index finger and bent it back while she held my balls with the fingers of her other hand. I started to get scared that I might ejaculate."

While Julie was inspecting me, Sandra noted, "Jules our boy is getting better, if we'd done that to him a week ago, he would have cum immediately.

The three of us sat on the edge of the tub and shaved out "pussies". When we finished doing that, we shaved our legs. When we were all done I rinsed the girls off and dried them, then I rinsed and dried myself.

Sandra stood up and said, "Stephie why don't you open a bottle of pinot grigio and get us three glasses. Oh and make us some cheese and crackers. I'm going to put on some music. Julie will you get your nail kit."

For the next hour the three of us sat together naked on the living room floor. We drank wine, ate cheese and crackers, painted our toenails and talked about the new house. I have to admit that I had a good time.

As we were letting our nail polish dry, Sandra looked at her watch and said, "Its only 7:30." She smiled at Julie and me, "I'm feeling really horny right now, I want to suck a great big stiff cock and I want to suck it tonight."

Julie laughed, "Sandra I'd like that to but I don't want to leave Stevie, I'm enjoying spending the evening with him."

"I don't want to leave him either Jules." She paused to think, "I guess we just have to figure out a way to include him." Suddenly her face lit up in a big smile. "Baxter's!" She jumped up, "Julie, Stevie get dressed. Stevie you're taking us out to dinner."

Julie clapped her hands. "Sandra you're a genius. I haven't been to Baxter's in a month." She turned to me, "Stevie you're going to love this place."

I looked at both of them. "All right, but where and what is Baxter's?"

Sandra looked at me. "Honey just trust us. We'll tell you all about it on the way there."

She turned and started putting on her panties. As she was stepping into them she stopped and looked over her shoulder. "Stevie hurry and get dressed; start with a pair of the new panties that we bought you today and don't forget to put on panty hose." She thought for a moment. "You can wear your new tan slacks, they look enough like boy clothes to pass at Baxter's. The pink golf shirt with the embroidered flowers will go nicely with the slacks, and bring that white cotton sweater. You can wear it over your shoulders."

I thought about all of this for a moment and decided that it was time to just go with the flow. I shrugged, went to my dresser, pulled out a pair of my new panties and started to get dressed.

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