tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 24

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 24


Note: This story is the twenty-fourth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous twenty-three episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


We got into our new Lincoln. Baxter's was on the northern edge of the city. I drove while Sandra gave me directions.

As we pulled onto the Freeway Julie started to tell me about the place.

"Stevie, Baxter's is a nightclub that caters to middle aged married men and women who are looking for a little variety in their life. You know what I mean, the married but cheating crowd. The place has been open for years."

She laughed, "From what you now know about your sweet baby Sandra and her thing for older guys you can well imagine that the place is a favorite of hers."

Sandra jumped in. "Jules, we didn't exactly have to drag you out of the house tonight either."

Julie laughed, "No, Baxter's is also a favorite of mine." She sighed, "There are always lots of very handsome men there."

"Hey Jules admit it, you love going out to the parking lot."

Julie laughed. "Sandra's right Stevie, but she likes it just as much as I do."

Sandra nodded, "Stevie because Baxter's caters to a mostly married crowd, they have a very unique parking lot arrangement. You'll see it when we get there. It's set up so that people can party in their cars without having to be concerned about getting arrested or mugged."

Sandra stopped and watched the freeway signs for a minute. "Stevie take this exit."

We got off the freeway and turned onto a narrow two lane highway. It was dark and lined with trees. We passed several small lakes. The houses in the area were large and expensive. Baxter's was in a very nice neighborhood.

"Take the next left."

When I turned I saw bright lights up ahead on the right. It was a large neon sign that said "Baxter's Supper Club, Dining and Dancing"

As we approached the restaurant, I noticed a driveway on the left side of the building. It led to a large covered entrance.

"Turn in here and stop next to the door."

I pulled in, the driveway was very narrow. The restaurant was on the right. There was a 12 foot tall chain link fence on the left.

We stopped in front of the covered entrance. The doorman walked out to the car.

Sandra lowered her car window. "Hi Jerry."

"Hi Sandra, I didn't recognize you in this fancy car." He looked into the back seat. "Hey Julie nice to see you."

"Hi Jerry."

"Whose your friend?"

Sandra introduced us. "Jerry, This is Stevie; Stevie, Jerry."

We nodded to each other.

Jerry smiled at the girls. "I've never seen you two bring a guy to Baxter's. Usually you just play with the ones that are already here."

Sandra laughed. "Oh we're still going to find a couple of guys inside. Stevie is just our chauffeur for the evening."

Jerry laughed. "Must be rough." He looked at me, "Hey Stevie, nice car."

He turned back to Sandra and Julie, "Are you two planning to use it tonight?"

Sandra laughed, "You bet your sweet ass we are Jerry."

Jerry smiled and reached for the car door, "Why don't you two girls come inside and get a table while Stevie pulls this sweet ride around back."

Sandra shook her head, "Thank you Jerry, but we'll stay with Stevie. He's never been to Baxter's before. We need to show him where to park."

Julie laughed. "We also want to know exactly where he leaves the car."

Jerry grinned. "I'll bet you do Julie." He looked at his watch. "Its 9:15, the dinner crowd should be starting to clear out; things should be heating up inside pretty quickly." He stepped back from the car, "Have fun girls."

Sandra waved at Jerry and turned to me, "Follow the driveway around back."

We followed a narrow road for about 50 feet. The tall chain link fence was one side, the restaurant was on the other side. It was impossible to get back to the parking lot without going by Jerry.

When we got to the back side of the restaurant we made a right turn and entered a small parking lot. There were a number of open spaces. I started to pull into one of them."

Julie stopped me, "Not here baby, follow that road through the trees."

We drove to the far side of the parking lot and followed a narrow lane through a small grove of trees. We came out in another small parking lot. It was surrounded by a tall fence. There was a dense woods on the other side of the fence.

Someone had strung Christmas lights in the trees surrounding the lot. The lights and the tall overhanging boughs gave the parking area a magical quality.

I pulled the car into an open parking space. There were several other cars parked back here, but the the closest one was at least 15 feet away.

As we got out of the car I could hear crickets chirping in the surrounding woods. I looked around, I felt like I was in a fairies glen.

Julie took my hand. "Come on Stevie, let's go inside."

She led me to a much smaller restaurant door about 50 feet away. Next to the door was a small security shack. There was a young man in the shack.

As we walked towards the door, Julie filled me in about the back parking lot at Baxter's. "Vince, he's the owner of this place; he understands his business very well. This parking lot is a little haven for illicit sex. Vince owns all the land around the parking lot. It's solid woods. No one is going to come near this fence. The evening dinner crowd all park where you were going to park at first and they all use the front door. The people only who come back here plan to use their cars for fun and games."

We got to the small door. The young man inside the security shack waved. "Hey Sandra and Julie, it's nice to see you here tonight."

Julie smiled, "Hi Phil, how's life?"

"Just fine Julie, how are you and Sandra doing?"

Sandra answered, "Hey were doing great. Phil this is our friend Stevie."

"Hi Stevie." He turned to Julie. "What's the deal? You two don't usually bring guys here? Are you just coming for dinner?"

Sandra laughed. "Hell no, we came to get laid just like we always do. You're going to see plenty of us tonight. Stevie is kind of like our pet. He lives with us, but he doesn't get to have sex."

Phil whistled. "No shit, you two never cease to amaze me."

I opened the door.

As we walked in Julie said, "Phil makes sure that nothing bad happens in the parking lot. The thing he worries about most is peeping toms."

I looked around, we were in the bar. We walked across the restaurant to the main entrance. On the way, we passed a dance floor. Several couples were dancing to recorded music.

Sandra walked up to the Maitre 'd, "Hi Mel."

He smiled, "Sandra and Julie, how nice to see the two of you tonight. Are you here for dinner or just drinks?" He looked at his watch. "Its after 9:00 on Sunday, we're only serving the light menu."

Sandra smiled back, "That's okay. We're hungry, but hamburgers will be just fine." She turned to me, "Mel, this is our friend Stevie, be good to him tonight."

"Hi Stevie, it's nice to meet you." He turned to Sandra and Julie. "Any friend of the two of you will always get VIP treatment at Baxter's." Mel picked up three menus, "Follow me I'll get you a table."

We followed Mel, he seated us at a table adjacent to the dance floor.

As we sat down, he handed each of us a menu.

The waiter arrived quickly. We ordered three martinis. We were hungry so we also ordered three hamburgers and a basket of French fries.

The drinks came quickly, Baxter's has good service. As we sipped our drinks we looked around.

The bar was full. At least Twenty-five middle aged men were standing around drinking, talking and watching the Sunday night NFL game.

There weren't any women in the bar, but there were lots of women in the restaurant. They were all seated at the tables surrounding the dance floor. Some of the women were in pairs or groups of three or four, others were alone.

Julie surveyed the bar. "Sandra, there are some really hot guys in there."

Sandra smiled, "Stevie your new Lincoln is going to get one hell of a workout tonight."

Our food came. I ordered a bottle of pinot grigio. I thought it might be a little safer than drinking martini's all night.

We were just starting to eat when we heard a voice behind us.

"Brenda look at this. It must be kids night at Baxter's."

All three of us turned in the direction of the voice. Two very attractive women in their early 30's were walking over to our table.

Sandra laughed, "Hi Maddie sorry we didn't know it was senior citizen night."

"Cute honey, really cute." She turned to Julie, "Hi Jules."

"Hi Mad, we haven't seen you for awhile."

Maddie smiled, "I've been around, I guess we're just hitting the place on different nights."

Julie pointed to the bar, "There's a pretty good selection of guys tonight."

Maddie nodded, "I'm betting we're all going to get to spend a little time having fun in Vince's playground out back."

She turned to the woman next to her. "I want you to meet my friend Brenda. She used to be a regular here. She was my partner in crime until she spoiled everything by getting married." Maddie shook her head, "She tried being faithful to her husband, so she was out of circulation for a few years. She finally saw the light and rejoined us last fall."

"Hi Brenda, I'm Sandra."

"I'm Julie, nice to meet you Brenda."

Brenda smiled at the girls, "Maddie's told me all about you. She said the two of you are even bigger sluts than we are."

Sandra laughed, "That's high praise coming from the queen of lust over there." Her laugh quickly turned into a gracious smile. "Would the two of you like to join us?"

Maddie nodded, "We'd love to." She turned to Brenda. "These two children draw men like flies. We can sit here and feast on their leftovers."

I was suddenly very aware of the fact that no one had bothered to introduce me.

Sandra glanced at me and winked, "Hey wimpboy where are your manners? Fetch a couple of chairs for our guests."

Maddie and Brenda both looked at me, raised their eyebrows and started laughing.

Brenda said, "Wimpboy fetch? This sounds a little like my life right now. Sandra we have got to talk."

I brought two chairs and held them for each of the women.

As Maddie and Brenda sat down, Sandra said. "Really?" She pursed her lips, "that does sound interesting, but first can we get the two of you a drink and something to eat?"

Maddie smiled, "We just ate, but I would love a martini."

Brenda nodded her head and said, "I'd love one to."

Sandra turned to me. "Speedy, what are you waiting for? Go to the bar and fetch these women their drinks."

I walked over to the bar and placed the order. While the bartender was getting the drinks I turned back to look at our table. The girls were huddled together. They were looking at me and giggling. From time to time they burst out laughing. It was apparent that Sandra was telling them about our relationship.

Our waiter came over. It was clear that he was concerned that I'd gone to the bar to get drinks.

Sandra opened her purse, took out some money, placed it in his hand and started talking to him.

He listened to her explanation, then turned and looked at me. After a moment, he shrugged, smiled and nodded okay.

I was fairly certain that I was now the official waiter for our table.

While I was standing at the bar waiting for the drinks, a good looking man in his late 30's came over to the table and started to flirt with Julie. After they talked for several seconds Sandra motioned to my chair and he sat down.

When the bartender brought me the drinks for Maddie and Brenda I opened a tab at the bar. When that little piece of business was completed, I carried the two cocktails back to the table.

As I set the cocktails down Sandra said, "Speedy this is Jack." She turned to him. "Jack what are you drinking?"

Jack was focused on Julie. He barely even looked up at me when he said, "Scotch on the rocks."

Sandra grinned at me, "You heard him Speedy, fetch the man his drink."

As I turned to go back to the bar Maddie grabbed my ass and said, "Hey Stevie, you make one hell of a good waitress." She pulled me over to her and grabbed my crotch. As she massaged my dick and balls she said, "Nice slacks Wimpy."

The whole table started laughing. I felt completely humiliated as I returned to the bar.

While I was placing Jack's drink order another man approached our table. He leaned over Brenda's shoulder and started to whisper in her ear. After a moment she started laughing. When I returned with Jack's drink, the man was introducing himself to the table.

As soon as I set Jack's drink down, Sandra said "Mark, this is Speedy."

She turned to me. "Speedy, where are your manners, fetch a chair for the man." She turned to Mark. "Honey can our boy here get you something from the bar?"

Jack laughed and said, "You girls are really nasty."

Julie giggled, "Just to him." She paused and lasciviously licked her lips. "We can be very sweet to men like you."

Mark looked at me. "Hey if you don't mind I'd love a Manhattan."

Suddenly we all heard a voice behind us, "Madeline my dear, you are a sight for sore eyes. I was hoping that you would be here tonight."

We all turned, a man in his late 40's was walking over to Maddie.

Her face lit up when she saw him. "Hi David I haven't seen you in weeks."

He bent over and kissed her on the lips.

As they were kissing Sandra snapped her fingers and said, "Speedy make that two chairs."

I scurried off and found two more chairs. When I returned Sandra said, "David wants a beer, go fetch the drinks for our two new friends."

When I returned from the bar, I set the drinks down and found myself a chair. Julie moved over just a little bit so that I could squeeze in between Sandra and her.

As I was sitting down, I noticed that Maddie, Brenda and Julie were all deeply involved in quiet flirtations with their men.

I looked at Sandra. Her gaze was fixed on a tall, strikingly handsome man in the bar. He must have been about 50. He was returning Sandra's gaze. I watched her as she started to slowly lick her lips. It was a brazenly obscene invitation.

The man walked over to our table and stood between Sandra and me.

He leaned over and said in a voice that everyone could hear, "I see that there are four men and four women at this table, but I just want to tell you that you are the most beautiful woman in the room." He paused. "My name is Gerard and I hope that at some point this evening you might give me an opportunity to get to know you a little better."

Sandra smiled at him, "Gerard. I'm Sandra and there is no one in this room that I would like to get to know more than you. I would love it if you would join us right now, please sit down."

He smiled back and looked at the table, "I would love to but there really isn't any more space."

Sandra grinned, "I can fix that." She looked at me. "Speedy, go sit in the bar. We'll call you if we need you."

Everyone at the table started to smirk when I stood up and meekly surrendered my seat to Sandra's suitor.

Gerard took my chair without the slightest acknowledgement of thanks.

I started for the bar in disgrace. I had just gone a few feet when Sandra called to me, "Just a minute Speedy."

I stopped.

"Julie and I need some more wine; be a good boy and refill our glasses before you go."

I filled Julie and Sandra's glasses. I was about to pour some more wine for myself when Sandra placed her hand over my glass and said, "No no, not for you." She looked at me with a wicked smile. "Wine is a drink for men and women. Why don't you see if the bartender has any soda pop. I think that would be a much more appropriate beverage for you this evening."

I was now totally humiliated, but Sandra wasn't done.

As I turned to leave she stopped me again, "Speedy, you have one more task before you're dismissed." She turned to Gerard, "Can my sweet little baby get you anything from the bar?"

He looked at me for a moment then he smiled, "I think that I would like a glass of this wine."

Sandra smirked at me, "Speedy, you heard the man, fetch him a clean glass."

I obediently walked to the bar and got a fresh glass. I quickly returned to the table and set it in front of Gerard.

When I started to leave Sandra stopped me again, "Speedy where are your manners." She stared into my eyes, "Fill his glass before you go."

Everyone at the table was silent. They were all watching to see just how much humiliation I was willing to endure.

I picked up the bottle and slowly poured the wine for Gerard.

When I was done, he picked up his glass and turned to everyone seated at the table. "I would like to propose a toast."

The entire group held their drinks up as Gerard said, "To men and women and the pleasure that they can give each other."

Everyone but me clinked their glasses together.

Gerard stared directly into my eyes while he sipped his wine.

As everyone set their drinks back down, Maddie looked at me and said, "Bye bye Speedy." The entire table was laughing as I walked to the bar.

I sat down in the bar and took a deep breath. I knew that Sandra was just trying to play our game, but that little scene was awfully intense. I needed a few moments to pull myself together.

I turned my attention to the Sunday night football game. The Cowboys were playing the Bears, the Cowboys were winning.

The game was an excellent salve for my bruised ego. I slowly started to calm down. As I relaxed, I started to feel a twinge of masochistic excitement about what had just happened.

I turned my attention back to the table.

Sandra was fawning over Gerard; everything he said appeared to be funny. As I watched them, her hands disappeared under the table. I had a pretty good guess about what she was doing to him.

Jack and Julie stood up. Jack took Julie's hand and escorted her to the dance floor. Brenda and Mark and David and Maddie quickly followed them.

Baxter's doesn't play fast music, everything is slow romantic ballads. Dancing at Baxter's has one purpose and one purpose only; it's a prelude to sex.

As the second song started, Julie said something to Jack. They stopped dancing and walked back to the table. She leaned over and whispered something to Sandra. Sandra smiled and whispered something back to Julie. They both looked over at me. Julie grinned and they both nodded in agreement.

Julie went back to the dance floor and whispered something to both Maddie and Brenda. As she whispered to each woman they looked over at me, smiled and also nodded in agreement.

Julie then took Jack by the hand and walked over to me. "Stevie, I need the keys for the car."

She didn't need to explain. I handed her the keys and said, "Have fun."

She leaned over and kissed me. As she kissed me she whispered, "I hope Sandra wasn't too rough on you."

I smiled, "No it was fun." Then I playfully slapped her on the butt and said, "Go make Jack remember you forever."

They were both laughing as they disappeared out the bar door.

A few minutes later Brenda and Mark walked by me as they made their way out the bar door and into the parking lot.

It was a very short time before Maddie and David followed them.

I looked over at Sandra and Gerard. They were now on the dance floor. Sandra's arms were around Gerard's neck. His hands were on Sandra's ass. Their bodies were pressed as tightly together as possible. I watched them dance this way for several minutes. I felt pangs of jealousy as I watched the way Sandra pressed her cheek against the tall man's chest.

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