tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 35

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 35


Note: This story is the thirty-fifth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous thirty-four episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

It was just after 5:00 on Monday afternoon. I was at home doing some house cleaning. Julie was already out for the evening. She had an early date. She'd left about a half hour ago.

The law school term was over, but Sandra was at the campus. She told me that she was going to be visiting with some friends. She wasn't sure when she'd be home. I was using the time to do some housework.

I was outside cleaning up around the pool. I wasn't paying much attention to what was happening in the house. I was sure that I was at home alone.

When I went into the house, I walked past the girl's playpen. The playpen was the second major bedroom in our house. This was Sandra and Julie's sex room. It was the room where they entertained their lovers. I wasn't permitted to enter the playpen without the girl's specific permission.

The playpen hadn't been cleaned in a week. I stood at the door. I knew that I didn't have permission to go into the room, but I decided that since no one else was at home it really wouldn't matter. Now that the girls were on vacation the room was getting quite a bit of use. I was sure that it needed a thorough cleaning. This seemed like a good time to do it.

I opened the door and walked in. The entrance to the room was a short hallway. The hallway led to a very large bedroom with a private bath.

When I entered the bedroom I stopped. Sandra was leaning on one wall. She was wearing some very sexy lingerie and a pair of knee high spike heeled boots.

Bob, Sandra's very dominant law school professor was with her. He was dressed in a business suit. Sandra was giggling. Bob was fondling her pussy and ass.

I tried to turn and leave, but Sandra had already heard me. It was too late.

She turned and glared at me. "What the fuck are you doing in here wimpboy?"

Sandra and Bob both stared at me.

Sandra put her hands on her hips. "I am waiting for an explanation."

I looked at floor. I was flustered. I just wanted to get out of there. Somehow I managed to stammer out an apology. "I'm sorry, I didn't know you were at home. I just came in here to clean the room."

Bob turned to Sandra. "Your maid is not very good about respecting of your privacy."

Sandra rubbed Bob's chest. "I am sorry baby, Stephie knows he's not allowed to enter this room without my permission."

Bob looked at me, "Stephie?" He laughed, "Nice name."

He turned back to Sandra, "It appears to me that Stephie is ignoring your rules. He is being insolent. This kind of behavior cannot be tolerated. Sandra, you need to punish him."

Sandra looked at me. "Wimpboy, Bob is right. You know the rules regarding this room. You willfully disobeyed them. You need to be punished."

I was getting very nervous. I didn't like Bob and I didn't like the way this situation was developing.

I started to beg. "Sandra please don't punish me. I didn't know you were at home. I never would have come in if I had known you were here. Please forgive me."

Of course I was inadvertently using the code that Sandra, Julie and I use in our domination games. When I beg them to stop doing something I am actually telling them that I am really enjoying it. It makes it very hot for all three of us if I'm begging them to stop tormenting me and they ruthlessly ignore me and continue.

I should have said dull. That was our safe word. Unfortunately I was flustered and not thinking very clearly.

Sandra misinterpreted what was happening. She heard me begging her to stop and assumed that I was getting off on this scene.

She stared into my eyes. "I think that it is too late for that sissyboy. You broke the rules. You entered my sanctuary without permission. You need to be punished."

I knew that I should be enjoying this. I understood that Sandra was trying to push our limits.

I remembered Sandra telling me that Bob was a wonderfully creative dominant. She thought that If I was willing to submit to him, he could give both of us the sexual experience of our lives.

As I looked at Sandra, I realized that she was taking this opportunity to try to create that experience.

I was torn. I didn't like Bob. I didn't want to be part of any sex game involving him. I know I should have stood up and walked out.


Sandra was my dominant mistress. Her pleasure was all that mattered. That was my vow to her. I took it very seriously. If she wanted this scene, I would endure it.

I stood in front of Sandra and bowed my head. "Mistress, I beg you not to punish me in front of your lover."

Sandra immediately recognized that I was submitting to her will. She smiled. "I am very sorry Stephie, but when you so callously violated my rules you not only insulted me, you insulted Master Downings."

Bob smiled when he heard Sandra refer to him as Master.

Sandra turned to Bob. "Master I apologize for the insolent behavior of my maid. I need a moment to properly chastise him. Why don't you make yourself comfortable in the arm chair over there while I punish Stephie."

Bob walked over to the chair and sat down. When he was seated he put his feet up on the ottoman and said, "Sandra I expect to see a proper punishment."

Sandra smiled at him. "Master, I assure you that you will."

She turned back to me. "Stephie, do you see that hairbrush on the dressing table; fetch it for me."

I nervously ran to the dressing table and retrieved the hairbrush. When I handed it to Sandra, the expression on her face made it clear that she fully intended to hurt me. Suddenly I was very afraid.

"Stephie, take off your jeans and your tee shirt."

I was terrified. I wanted to leave, but I couldn't. I was Sandra's slave. I did as I was told. I will also admit that deep down inside, I was starting to get excited.

When I pulled my jeans down, Bob saw my panties and laughed.

Sandra looked at me. "Stephie, pull your panties down to your knees, but don't take them off. I want you to leave them on. A little sissy should always be wearing his panties when he's being spanked.

Bob started chuckling when I pulled my panties down. "I didn't realize that cocks came in petite sizes."

Sandra smiled at Bob. "It does look like a little toy, but you can see for yourself that it actually works just like a real cock."

I looked down. I had an erection. I suppose it was due to a combination of nervousness and excitement.

Sandra sat down on the edge of the bed and casually started tapping the palm of her hand with the back of the hairbrush. "Stephie come here and lay across my lap."

I nervously walked over to Sandra.

Knowing that Sandra's lover was watching as I was forced to lie across her lap with my panties around my knees was the most terrible humiliation of my life. My bare bottom was sticking up in the air. I felt like a five year old child.

Sandra held the hairbrush over my rear end. "Stephie, I wish that I didn't have to do this. Your insolence has forced me to punish you. It is essential that you learn to respect the privacy of your superiors.

I could tell by Sandra's voice that she was very excited. Suddenly she took a deep breath and said, "Stephie you must be spanked."

The first blow was a shock. Sandra hit me hard, very hard. The hairbrush hurt. I cried out in pain. The second blow was just as hard. I cried out again.

Sandra ignored my cries and kept spanking me with the hairbrush.

With each blow she gasped and said, "Stephie, you must learn to respect your superiors."

Bob was laughing as he watched Sandra spank me.

The punishment hurt. I tried hard to control myself, but I couldn't. I started to cry.

Bob laughed even harder. "I don't believe it, the pathetic little wimp is crying."

Sandra struck several more blows before she finally stopped. "Get up Stephie." She was short of breath. Sandra was obviously very aroused.

Tears were running down my cheeks when I got off of Sandra's lap. I was totally humiliated. My spirit was crushed. I could see my bottom in the mirror behind me. It was bright red.

"Get down on your knees."

I fell to my knees. I was very obedient. I did not want to have to endure the hairbrush again.

"Have you learned your lesson Stephie?"

I bowed. "Yes Mistress. I promise to never again enter this room without your expressed permission."

Sandra smiled. "Do you see how easy it is to be obedient? You make a much better slave when you remember your place. Do you think you can do a better job of respecting you superiors now?."

"Yes Mistress Monroe."

Sandra patted my head. "That's a good boy. Now Stephie I want you to crawl over and kneel in front of Master Downings."

Sandra smiled at my obedience as I crawled across the room

When I was kneeling in front of Bob, Sandra walked over and stood next to me. "I want you to apologize to my lover for your rude behavior today.

I swallowed hard and followed Sandra's instructions. "Master Downings, I am sorry for being disrespectful and interrupting you while you were enjoying yourself with my Mistress."

Bob smirked at me. "I accept your apology Stephie."

Sandra nodded in approval. "Very good Stephie, you may go now."

As I was getting up to leave Bob stopped me. "Sandra, I want him to stay. It will be good for him to see how a real man treats you and how you treat a real man."

Sandra turned to Bob. "Master please don't make me do this, not in front of Stevie."

As I listened to Sandra, I heard our code words. She was telling me that this was what she wanted.

Bob stood up. He grabbed Sandra's arm and pulled her to him. "Listen to me slut. I think You need to be a little more humble. Remember, all you are is a fuck toy."

Bob looked at me "Get over here wimp and get on your knees."

I obeyed Bob because I knew that was what Sandra wanted, but that was the only reason.

I knelt down in front of him. Bob grabbed me and pulled me over so that I was right under Sandra. "Look up at your goddess wimp." He pulled her panties aside and pushed a finger into her cunt. Sandra was sopping wet. "Look at her Stephie, look at how wet your mistress is. Stephie, your goddess is my slut. She'll do anything that I tell her to do."

Bob looked at Sandra. "All right fuck toy, it's time to please your master. Get on your knees." Sandra was the obedient one now. She dropped to her knees immediately." Bob smiled. "Very good, now open my trousers and pull down my pants."

I watched as Sandra quickly undid Bob's trousers and let them fall to the floor.

He looked down at Sandra. "That young man over there is the love of your life isn't he slut?"

"Yes master he is."

"Good, I want him to watch while you suck my cock."

Bob held up his erect penis. When Sandra leaned forward to kiss the engorged head, Bob stopped her. "Don't be rude, ask permission first. You wouldn't want to feel the sting of the hairbrush yourself would you?"

Sandra looked up at Bob. "Master may I please be allowed to give you pleasure by kissing and sucking your cock."

Bob smiled. "Now look at Stevie, look your true love in the eyes." Bob saw our eyes meet. "Very good, now lick my cock while he watches you."

Sandra stared into my eyes and licked the head of Bob's cock.

Bob laughed. "Very good, now ask to suck it; beg me for permission to suck my cock while the man you love watches you."

Sandra looked up at Bob. "Please sir."

He stopped her. "No, look at Stevie while you ask."

Sandra looked at me. "Please sir may I be allowed to suck your cock while Stevie watches me."

"Tell me why you want to suck my cock Sandra?'

"I love to suck your cock sir. I'm your cock sucking slut."

"Very good. Now look at Stevie, explain it to him."

Sandra stared at me. " Stevie, I love Bob's cock. I love sucking his cock. Sweetheart, I'm his cock sucking slut."

Bob grinned, "Very good! Sandra, you may give me a blow job now."

I watched as Sandra greedily licked and sucked Bob's cock."

Bob stared into my eyes while Sandra sucked his cock. After several minutes of enjoyment he grinned at me. "Stevie, your girlfriend is a very skilled cock sucker, but I think I'm in the mood for some fucking."

He turned to Sandra. "You're going to let me fuck you now aren't you?"

Sandra took Bob's cock out of her mouth. "Yes sir, if that would please you."

Bob stood up. "Very good, undress me slut."

I watched as Sandra obediently removed Bob's clothing. When she was done he took her by the hand and led her to the bed. He sat down on the edge and pulled her onto his lap. They were both facing me.

"Sandra, beg me for my cock; beg me for permission to fuck my cock."

Sandra turned and looked at Bob. "Please sir may I..."

"No!' Bob stopped her in mid sentence. "Look at Stevie when you say it."

Sandra turned to face me. She was very excited. Bob's erection was sticking up between her thighs. She was holding on to it. "Please sir may I be allowed to fuck your dick?"

Bob grinned, "Very good Sandra. Yes, you have my permission to pleasure yourself with my cock."

Sandra looked directly into my eyes as she took Bob's erect penis and guided it into her cunt.

Sandra was sitting on Bob's lap. Both of them were facing me. Both of them stared at me as Sandra rocked back and forth on Bob's huge penis. She closed her eyes and started panting. This whole scene had obviously gotten her extremely aroused.

Bob was very attuned to Sandra's condition. He grabbed her nipples and started rolling them between his fingers. "The man you love is watching me fuck you. Tell him that your body belongs to me. Tell him that you really are my sex toy."

Sandra stared at me. "Stevie, I love you, but my body belongs to Bob. I'm his sex toy. He can have me anytime he wants me. I'm his slut."

Sandra turned and kissed Bob on the lips while he fucked her.

Bob picked Sandra up and turned her around so that she was facing him. He looked into Sandra's eyes while she was fucking him. "You like being my sex toy don't you Sandy."

Sandra nodded. "Yes sir, I love being your sex toy."

"You're always going to be my sex toy aren't you Sandy?"

"Yes sir, my body will always belong to you."

"What if you marry Stevie?"

"Stevie can have my heart, but my body will be yours whenever you ask for it."

Bob looked at me and laughed. "Did you hear that Stevie? You get Sandy's love, but I get her pussy."

Bob looked back at Sandra. "Tell your wimp boyfriend over there why you're going to keep fucking me even if you get married."

Sandra turned so she could look down at me. She was completely wrapped up in the game. Her face carried the same expression she often had during the most intense moments of our domination sessions. Sandra's sadistic streak was now controlling her.

She sneered at me. "Bob is a much better lover than you are pussyboy. He's a man and you're just a little crybaby wimp."

Those last words stung me very hard.

Sandra kept toying with me. She started talking in her sweetest voice. "Come over here baby. I don't want my little Stephie to feel left out while my big stud fucks me. You can play to." Sandra laughed. "Come closer and lick my asshole while I fuck Bob. Show him what a little pussyboy does when he makes love to his girlfriend. Show him that you're willing to defer to him as a superior man. Show him that you know your place.

I crawled over to Sandra. My masochism was now controlling me. I wanted to do this. I wanted to show Sandra that I would submit to her while she fucked her dominant lover. I pressed my lips against her asshole. She moaned as she felt me push my tongue into her. The three of us got into a rhythm. I licked and kissed Sandra's asshole while she rocked back and forth on her lover's cock.

Sandra was very aroused. It didn't long before she had an orgasm.

Bob ignored Sandra's cries of pleasure. His eyes were closed. He was thrusting his cock in and out of her cunt with savage intensity. Suddenly he made one long powerful thrust and stopped. Bob's cock was deep inside Sandra when he started to pump his semen into the back of her womb.

I started to pull my face away from Sandra's ass, but Bob stopped me. "Stay right there wimpboy. You can watch from a ring side seat while I cum inside the woman you love." He laughed. "If you two end up getting married, I think I'll get Sandy pregnant for you as a wedding gift."

Bob finished ejaculating and rolled Sandra off of his lap. He laid her on her back on the edge of the bed. Her legs were spread. Bob's cum dripped from the stretched lips of her ravaged pussy.

He reached down, grabbed my hair and pulled my face into Sandra's sloppy semen filled cunt. "Lick up my cum sissyboy; get used to its taste. You're going to be eating it for the rest of your life."

I obediently licked Bob's semen out of Sandra's pussy. When I was done, Bob pushed my face away from her crotch.

He turned to Sandra. "Were finished with him, send him away. I want to fuck you one more time in private."

Sandra looked at me. "You heard the man bitchboy, leave." She turned back to her lover and kissed his cheek. She was ignoring me now. She picked up Bob's flaccid penis. "Let's see if I can put some life back into this monster."

Sandra was about to start sucking Bob's cock when she realized that I was still standing there. She glared at me. "I thought I told you to get the hell out of here wimp. Now fuck off, my lover and I have things to do."

As I walked out of the room, Sandra jeered at me. "Don't forget to shut the door behind you pussyboy."

When I closed the door, Sandra and Bob were both laughing.

I crept down the stairs to the basement. I was very confused about what had just happened in the playpen. I knew that I was supposed to feel excited and aroused, but that wasn't how I felt. I was hurt. My spirit was crushed.

As I walked across the basement recreation room I realized that I'd cried in front of Sandra and Bob. I was overwhelmed with embarrassment. I didn't know how I'd ever be able to face Sandra again.

I got angry. I wanted to be alone. For the first time since I'd met her, I wanted to be away from Sandra.

Building and repairing golf clubs was a hobby of mine. I had a small shop in the far back corner of the basement. It was my sanctuary. I sometimes went there when I wanted to be alone.

I took refuge in there. I picked up the pieces for a sand wedge that I was working on and started to fit them together.

I'd been working for about a 1/2 hour when I heard a noise behind me.


It was Sandra.

I turned and looked at her. She was still wearing her lingerie and tall black spike heeled boots. I stared at her. She was gorgeous, but at that moment I didn't care. I was angry.

I set the sand wedge on my workbench and glared at Sandra. "This is my sanctuary. What are you doing in here?" I paused. "I guess I'm more polite than you are. I didn't just say, What the fuck are you doing in here."

"Stevie please, I'm sorry."

"Let me see, what were your final words to me upstairs? Oh yes, I remember. You said something like, I thought I told you to get the hell out of here. Now fuck off." I stopped and smiled. "Oh no, I'm wrong. Those weren't your final words. Your final words were, close the door behind you."

I went back to my work. After a second I turned around again. "Are you still here?"

"Stevie, please can't we talk to you about this."

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