tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 39

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 39


Note: This story is the thirty-ninth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous thirty-eight episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The girls came right back. They all looked gorgeous. They immediately went to their designated men, took their hands and led them to the spots they'd selected for their first round of play.

I went out to the patio to check on the bar.

Brenda was out there with Barry. He already had the straps of Brenda's dress untied. The top was pulled down to her waist. Her large breasts were exposed. Barry was sucking on her nipple.

I smiled to myself. Brenda had great tits. I would have been doing the exact same thing if I had been lucky enough to be Barry.

I kept watching them. Without taking her breast out of his mouth, Barry lifted the hem of Brenda's skirt, slipped his hand into the waist band of her panties and pushed them down to her ankles. Brenda casually kicked them off and brazenly spread her legs. Barry immediately slipped a finger into her cunt. I smiled. It's exciting to watch a man like Barry undress a woman.

I turned and put some more beer into one of the coolers. When I looked back, Barry's pants were around his ankles. Brenda was on her knees. She had his huge cock in her mouth.

I glanced across the patio. Bobby was watching his wife suck Barry's cock.

I walked back into the house. Julie and Mel were in the living room. Julie was sucking his enormous cock. As I watched she winked at me, pulled his erect penis out of her mouth and slipped it between her breasts.

Mel went wild. He was obviously a tit man. I laughed to myself; Mel was going to love Brenda.

I turned and went into the kitchen.

Dave was sitting on the kitchen table. His pants were unzipped. April was sitting in a chair between his legs; she had his cock in her mouth.

I wanted to make some sandwiches so they would be ready when the first group of men took their break. I felt a little awkward standing at the kitchen counter while April was right behind me giving Dave a blow job.

I knew that all sex was supposed to be public, but I still felt it was necessary to get April's permission to be there. "Mistress is it all right if I make some sandwiches while you suck your studs cock?"

April laughed. "Speedy it's just fine. You stay right where you are and make all the sandwiches you want."

She stood up, unbuckled Dave's belt, opened his trousers and pulled his pants and boxer shorts off.

Dave lay back on the table. His mammoth erection jutted straight up in the air. Its back was arched like a menacing cobra getting ready to strike. April reached out and grabbed it. It was so big that she was barely able to wrap her fingers around it. Dave shuddered as she squeezed it and bent it back.

April grinned at me. "While you're making your sandwiches feel free to watch while I lick Davy's great big balls."

Dave closed his eyes while April bent over and kissed and licked his testicles.

As I watched, I felt my little clittie twitch inside its cage.

I made five sandwiches while April licked Dave's balls and stroked his cock.

When I was cleaning up the counter Dave sat up, slipped off the table and picked April up. He turned her around and bent her over the kitchen counter right next to me. He didn't ask permission or discuss this with her, he just did it.

Both Sandra and Julie have often told me how much they love fucking assertive men. This was the first time that I ever really witnessed it.

Dave moved up behind April and pushed his erect cock into her sopping cunt.

While Dave was fucking her April grabbed my shirt, pulled my face next to hers, and whispered; "Speedy, that's how a real man takes a woman."

I walked back into the living room. Julie was straddling Mel. His huge cock was embedded in her cunt. She was riding him.

When she heard me enter the room Julie looked at me. Her breathing was labored. She was so aroused that speech was difficult for her. "Stevie Mel's cock is so big. It feels so good inside me."

Suddenly Julie's body went rigid. She screamed as a violent orgasm erupted inside her. Julie was crazed with lust. Her orgasm didn't slow her at all; instead she kept riding Mel like he was a wild bull at a rodeo.

Suddenly Mel picked Julie up and set her on the chair next to him. He stood up and pointed his erect penis at her mouth.

Julie realized what was happening and shouted, "Do it baby, cum for me, cum all over my face and lips!"

Mel stroked his cock. Suddenly a huge spurt of semen shot into Julie's open mouth. Four more spurts followed the first one. Julie grabbed Mel's softening cock, put it into her mouth and sucked on it. It was obvious that she was trying to milk every last drop of semen from his magnificent penis.

I started to leave. Julie stopped me. "Stevie come here."

I walked over to her. I knew what was coming. Julie stood up. Mel's semen was dripping from her nose and lips.

She put her arms around me and kissed me. After she kissed me she giggled. "Speedy it's cleanup time."

I obediently licked all of Mel's cum from her face. It was still warm. When I was done Julie kissed me and patted my head. "You're such a good boy."

Julie stepped away and turned to Mel. "You remember Stevie don't you?"

Mel nodded. "Of course I do. He's served me several cocktails while Jason and I were waiting for you and Sandra."

He smiled at me. "Jason speaks very highly of you. He considers you a close friend. I've always wanted to get to know you better."

Jason and Mel are both very successful attorneys and good friends. They love taking my girls to dinner. When they return to the house after dinner they always go directly into the playpen and fuck. The only real opportunity I have to talk with Mel is while he's waiting for the girls to finish dressing before they leave for dinner.

I know Jason much better.

Last winter he became a frequent visitor to our house on Saturday afternoons. On one of those afternoons, I was watching college basketball on television when he came out of the playpen. He was done fucking Sandra but he still had a little time before he had to get home to his wife. He asked if he could join me. I told him that I would enjoy the company.

We quickly became very good friends and a new Saturday routine started. Jason would come over to the house at about eleven in the morning. He and Sandra would sit at the dining room table while I served them a nice lunch. After lunch they would go into the playpen and fuck for hour an hour or two. When they were done, Jason would come out and watch basketball in the living room with me. Sometimes Sandra would join us and sometimes she wouldn't.

When I was serving them lunch, I would be very submissive to Jason and he would be very dominant towards me. After he was done fucking Sandra, our relationship always changed. When we watched basketball together we were equals.

I smiled at Mel. "Jason always speaks highly of you as well."

Mel nodded to me, but there was a pensive expression on his face. After a moment he said, "Can I ask you something?"


"Didn't that little show at the beginning bother you? You know what I mean, the leashes and all that stuff?"

I smiled, "No not at all. It's just part of a game we play. All three of us are very confident that these women love us."

Mel smiled. "That's obvious; I can tell that by the way they look at you." He shook his head, "But all that humiliation and letting us fuck them in front of you; doesn't that bother you?"

I shrugged, "Yes and no." I looked at him. "On one level it certainly does bother us. It's supposed to; all three of us are masochists and the girls are all sadists. We love being tormented by them and they love tormenting us. We all get off on it. I can't explain it, but we enjoy living like this."

I paused. "I will tell you one thing. When our girls are with other men, Bobby, Mark and I all agree that we enjoy it more when their lovers are nice guys." I smiled at Mel. "You're welcome to come to my house and fuck Julie and Sandra anytime you want."

I stopped myself and laughed. "I guess you'd better be sure you have their invitation first."

Julie laughed and punched my arm. "It's a damn good thing you added that last part Speedy. You could have been in real trouble."

All three of us laughed.

I walked out onto the patio. I heard Sandra's voice. "Baby that feels so nice. I love having your great big cock inside me."

I turned to look. Tony was sitting on a lounge chair. Sandra was straddling him. He had his arms around her. She was slowly rocking back and forth on his cock.

When she saw me, she stared directly into my eyes and smiled. Another man was fucking her and she was enjoying it. She wanted to be sure that I knew that.

I was very aware that I had chores to do. I didn't have time to stand and watch, but I was helpless. I was glued to the ground. I couldn't take my eyes off of Sandra and Tony.

I became envious as I watched Tony's cock slide in and out of Sandra's heavenly cunt. He had to be feeling unimaginable pleasure. A brief wave of sadness swept through me as I realized that it was a pleasure I would never be allowed to experience.

Like David, Tony was an assertive lover. I watched in awe as he casually picked my goddess up, turned her around and set her on her knees on the patio chair. Without bothering to ask for permission he mounted Sandra from behind and pushed his arching erection into her sopping cunt.

Sandra had her back to me now. I was hoping that she would turn and look at me, but she didn't. I understood why. She was being pleasured by a real man. At this moment, sissy cuckold wimps were the farthest thing from her mind.

Suddenly Tony pulled his cock out of Sandra's cunt and stood up.

Sandra quickly realized that Tony was about to cum. She turned around and sat up. Now she could see me. Now she was very aware of my presence. Sandra stared into my eyes while she grabbed Tony's huge cock with both of her hands. She aimed it at her face and started massaging it with long slow deliberate strokes.

Tony closed his eyes. It only took a few seconds before a stream of semen burst from the head of his penis and hit Sandra's right cheek. She kept pumping Tony's cock. A second stream gushed out and hit the tip of her nose.

Sandra continued pumping Tony's penis. She was giggling now. Sandra loved making a man cum. Tony gave her two more good spurts. They hit her neck and her chest.

Sandra kept massaging Tony's cock. More semen oozed from the tip.

Gradually Tony's penis shriveled up and got soft. When it was completely limp Sandra leaned forward and licked all of the semen off of the head.

Sandra never broke eye contact with me the entire time Tony was ejaculating.

When they were done Sandra handed Tony his "dance card" and smiled at him. "Thank you sweetheart. I enjoyed that."

Tony grinned at her. "So did I." He quickly grabbed his clothes and left for the house.

Sandra stood up. She had large globs Tony's semen dripping from her face. She wiggled her finger at me. I quickly walked over to her.

Sandra put her arms around my neck and hugged me. "Baby I love you so much."

I put my arms around her and hugged her back. "I love you to Sandra."

She grinned at me. "Would you like to lick Tony's cum off of my face?"

I laughed. "I thought you would never ask."

I walked back into the house. As I passed the bathroom I noticed that Maddie and Jamal were in there. Maddie was on her knees sucking Jamal's cock.

Curiosity got the best of me. I stopped and went into the bathroom. "This house is filled with a number of comfortable places to fuck. It was furnished by two notorious sluts. Why are the two of you fucking in the bathroom?"

Jamal turned to me and started laughing. He looked at my tee shirt. "Speedy?" He paused. "Your real name is Steven; isn't that correct?"

I nodded. "That's right, but my friends all call me Stevie. Jamal, I'd like it if you called me Stevie."

He smiled. "Thanks Stevie."

Maddie took Jamal's cock out of her mouth and looked up at him. "Excuse me but I am on my knees giving you a mother fucking blow job. Would you mind focusing for a moment."

Jamal and I both started laughing. Jamal reached down to Maddie and picked her up. He put an arm around her. "Madeline, I'm sorry. I did not mean to ignore you. I have wanted to meet Stevie Wagner ever since I got here. He's famous in local investment circles."

Jamal leaned over and kissed Maddie on her cheek. "Darling I am in no hurry to finish our session. You may very well be the sexiest woman I have ever met. My plan is to drag out my time with you for as long as I possibly can. Maddie you are both gorgeous and kinky. That is absolutely my favorite combination in a woman."

Maddie looked up at Jamal, "Really?"

He laughed. It was a kind laugh. "Yes my dear, really." He smiled at her. "In fact, I have an evening off on Wednesday. I get two or three evenings off a month. Maddie I would love to take you to dinner. I would love to get to know you much better."

Maddie put her arms around Jamal and hugged him. Suddenly she started laughing. She stepped back and looked into Jamal's eyes. "You're not just trying to get into my panties are you?"

Jamal laughed. "Maddie I've already been in your panties." He smiled at her. "But you might be right. I think that I'd like to get into your panties a whole lot of times."

Maddie looked up a Jamal. "Honey you know exactly what to say to a girl. If you don't mind, I think I'd like to go back to what I was just doing."

I smiled. "I'd better leave you two alone."

Maddie looked at me. "Actually Speedy, you could make this moment perfect for me."

"Really? Maddie I would do anything I could to make this moment perfect for you. What would you like me to do?"

"Would you lick my ass while I suck Jamal's cock?"

Jamal broke out laughing. "I love you guys. You're every bit as perverted as I am. How do I become part of your social group?"

I smiled at him. "Take Maddie to dinner Wednesday night." I paused. "You could also join us at Baxter's some night. You're obviously not a cuck so I am not sure how we'll fit you in, but you're a good guy, we'll find a way."

Jamal looked at me. "What's Baxter's."

"Have Maddie tell you Wednesday night. I have a feeling that you'll love the place."

Maddie was on her knees. She had Jamal's cock in her hand. "Okay boys, its time to get back to the sex. Speedy, you never answered my question."

I laughed. "Maddie that's a request that you don't have to repeat."

I got on my knees, pulled Maddie's panties down and spread the cheeks of her ass. When she felt me push my tongue into her asshole; Maddie sighed and put Jamal's cock back in her mouth.

Licking a woman's ass while she sucks another man's cock is one of those special cuckold fantasies. I started to get very excited. Unfortunately my cock was locked in a chastity cage. My only actual reward was frustration.

After a few minutes I got up. "I think it is time to leave you two alone.

Maddie turned to me. "Stevie I would love it if you would stay and watch Jamal fuck me."

I looked at Jamal. He smiled. "Hey Speedy, why not." He laughed. "Sorry, I just had to call you that name one time."

I smiled. "Jamal, this afternoon that's my name."

"Well Speedy, I've been an exhibitionist all my life. I'd love it if you stayed and watched us."

I grinned at him. "Jamal, if I had a cock as big as yours I'd be a mother fucking exhibitionist to."

Jamal laughed. "Touché!"

He turned to Maddie. "Are you ready?"

She giggled. "Go for it studman."

Jamal bent Maddie over the bathroom sink, pushed his large black cock into her cunt and started fucking her with long slow strokes.

They both quickly fell into a nice easy rhythm. After a little while Jamal picked Maddie up, turned her around, set her on the wash basin and started fucking her from the front.

As I watched Jamal I realized that he was also a very assertive lover. I was beginning to understand what made a stud a stud. It was attitude.

Jamal gradually increased the tempo. He was a large, muscular black man, but he also had the grace and rhythm of Fred Astair. It was easy to understand why he might have been a great college basketball player.

It almost seemed as though Jamal and Maddie were dancing with each other. Jamal started them out with an easy waltz and was now slowly changing to more up tempo rhythms.

Maddie was a good partner for him. She easily followed his lead. It wasn't long before they were dancing a wildly erotic tango.

Jamal kept increasing the tempo. He started violently thrusting his cock in and out of Maddie's cunt. They weren't dancing anymore, now they were mating.

Maddie was panting with lust. She was meeting each of Jamal's violent thrusts with equally powerful movements of her own. Her muscles tightened up as the tension in her body built to an unbearable crescendo of pleasure. She screamed as the tension exploded into a violent orgasm.

Jamal suddenly pulled his cock out of Maddie's cunt. She continued to cry with joy as Jamal ejaculated spurt after spurt of warm semen onto her breasts and stomach.

Once Maddie started to relax she turned to me and smiled. I knew what she wanted.

She looked at Jamal. "Give us some room for a moment."

Jamal nodded and stepped back. Amazingly he seemed to know what was going to happen.

I stepped into the spot just vacated by Jamal. Maddie put her hands behind my head and gently pulled my face to her breasts. She lovingly guided me with her hands as I obediently licked all of Jamal's semen off of her breasts and stomach.

When Maddie was satisfied that she was clean, she let me up. As I stepped away from her, I saw my reflection in the bathroom mirror. My face glistened with Jamal's fresh cum.

Maddie took my hand. "Thank you Stevie." She smiled at me. "You know you have become a very important person to me."

I leaned over and kissed her cheek. "You're pretty important to me to."

Maddie turned to Jamal "This little cuckold is actually one of the strongest men I've ever met."

Jamal smiled. "Maddie I've already noticed that."

I walked back into the living room. Brenda was on the couch. She was giving James, one of the Baxter's regulars, a blow job.

I turned and looked across the room. Julie was lying back on a chair. She was naked. Al, another Baxter's regular, was masturbating her. He still had his clothes on.

The five men who were taking a break at the moment were all watching them.

I smiled to myself. This was exactly the kind of "Use me, make me be a whore" scene that Julie loved.

I watched her. She was lost in lust. I was pretty sure that she was very close to having an orgasm.

I looked back at Brenda. James was now on top of her. He was just pushing his cock into her cunt. Suddenly Brenda's expression turned to a wicked smile. I looked to my right. Bobby had just come into the room.

Brenda Looked at James. "Baby let me get on top."

James pulled his cock out of her cunt and sat down on the couch. Brenda straddled him so that her back was to him and she was facing Bobby. She stared directly into her husbands eyes and slowly lowered herself onto James's enormous erection. Once she had him all the way inside her, Brenda grinned at Bobby and started to rock back and forth on that huge cock.

Brenda started to taunt her husband while this other man was fucking her. "Hey pussyboy, look at me. This feels so good."

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