tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 49

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 49


Note: This story is the forty-ninth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous forty-eight episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


The confrontation with her mother had a profound effect on Sandra. She became depressed.

Big Dick Jason called on Sunday morning and asked if he could come over in the afternoon. Sandra politely turned him down.

I called Jason back a little later and explained that Sandra's father was sick and she was very worried about him. Jason's a good guy, he understood.

On Monday Sandra and Julie went shopping for bridal gowns. This seemed to cheer her up a little bit, but after dinner she became very somber again.

Tuesday Morning I had to go into the office for my regular meeting with the partners. When I got home Sandra was just hanging up the telephone.

She walked over and kissed me. "Hi baby, how was your meeting?"

"It was fine. All the hot projects are on hold right now. We spent the time discussing new possibilities." I paused. "Who was on the telephone?"

"It was Roger. He has an important dinner on Friday night. He asked me if I would go with him."

I was looking through the morning mail while we talked. I absently said, "I assume you're going."

Sandra shook her head. "Stevie I don't want to go. I didn't know what to say to him. I said I wasn't sure. I made something up. I told him that you had an important dinner at work coming up and I was worried that it might be Friday night. I told him I had to make sure that you didn't need me with you that night. I promised Roger I'd call him back." Sandra took a deep breath. "Stevie I don't feel much like going out with other guys right now. I just want to be with you."

I turned to Sandra. "Baby Roger is a very good friend. Be honest with him. He'll understand. Tell him about the problem with your mom and dad. He likes you a lot. I'm certain that he will be very supportive." I paused. "Sandra I think that you should go out with him Friday night. If this is an important meeting for him he needs you. You're his friend, you need to support him. If you don't want to spend the night and have sex, just tell him that. If Roger knows about the emotional confrontation that you just had with your mother he'll understand."

Sandra looked at me. "Stevie you do understand me very well. I was feeling guilty about letting Roger down." She stopped. "Do you really think that I should tell him everything?"

I shrugged. "What do you think? You know him better than I do."

Sandra thought for a moment. "I think you're right. Roger is my friend. I should rely on him and he should be able to rely on me. I call him and talk to him."

Sandra hugged me. "Stevie you always know just what to do."

Sandra called Roger back. They talked for almost an hour. I spent the time cleaning the basement. When Sandra was done she came down to see me.

"You were right Stevie, Roger was very understanding. He listened to me for a long time. He was very sympathetic. Stevie he's a good friend. I am going to go to the dinner with him Friday night. He told me that if I want to go home right after the dinner rather than spend the night with him, He'd understand."

Sandra kissed me. "Stevie Wagner you are really quite a remarkable man. You have wonderful insight into other people."

The rest of the week was very quiet.

Thursday we went to dinner at Baxters. After dinner Sandra sat next to me in the bar with Bobby and Mark.

Several men approached us and tried to get Sandra to party with them. She had quite a reputation at Baxters.

She gave each guy the same response. She put her arm around me and said, "No thank you, tonight I'm staying with my man."

We left Baxters early. When we got home we went to bed and made love in our usual way.

Sandra and I spent most of the day Friday reading and relaxing by the pool. Every time I looked at Sandra I couldn't help noticing how beautiful and sexy she was. I was deeply in love with her.

The dinner party was scheduled to start at 7:30. Sandra told Roger that she would be at his apartment by 7:00. At 5:00 we went into the house so that we could start getting her ready for her evening out.

I gave Sandra a bath and dried her off. While she was getting dressed, I went into the kitchen and made her a bacon lettuce and tomato sandwich. I knew that the dinners at these parties often ended up being served quite late. I didn't want my baby to starve."

I brought Sandra's sandwich into the bedroom. She was just finished dressing. She looked beautiful but her outfit was a drastically different look for her. Usually she picked very sexy and revealing clothing. Tonight her outfit was very conservative.

Sandra sat down at her dressing table and ate her sandwich while she put on her makeup.

"Stevie, these things usually end at about 10:30 or 11:00. I should be home no later than 11:30."

"Would you like me to drive you tonight?"

"No I'll take my car. That way you can go to sleep if you want."

I laughed. "Sandra I guarantee you that I will be up waiting for you when you get home."

She looked at me and smiled. "You're a sweet guy."

Sandra looked at her watch. "Stevie it's time for me to go."

I smiled at her. "You're going out with a lover. Don't we have one more detail to take care of?"

Sandra looked at me. "Do you mean your cage?"

"Yes aren't you worried that I'll be overcome by my urges while you're gone?"

Sandra walked over to me and hugged me. "Baby ever since the confrontation with my mother, I don't really feel like partying with other guys. This isn't a date tonight. I am helping out a friend who needs me. Honey, the only cock I am going to suck tonight is yours." She kissed me. "When I get home, I guarantee you that I am going to do just that. Sweetheart, with that as a promise, I am pretty sure that you'll be able to control yourself until I come back to you."

I walked Sandra out to her car and kissed her good bye. She got into her car and drove off. I watched as she disappeared around the corner.

I went back into the house. I was concerned about Sandra. It was obvious that she wasn't herself.

The confrontation with her mother was tearing her apart. It was easy for me to understand why. Sandra, Julie and I had several long talks about our family backgrounds when we first got together. I knew that the strained relationship between Sandra and her parents was a major issue for her. She told both Julie and I that she desperately missed her mom and dad. One of her deepest wishes has always been to try to regain their good favor and rebuild a positive relationship with them.

I think that when she went to Milwaukee, Sandra hoped that this family emergency might be the opening that would allow her to rebuild a new bond with her mother and father. The confrontation with her mother crushed those hopes and left her disheartened and demoralized.

I went into the kitchen. I was hungry. I made myself some dinner. While I cooked, I continued to consider this problem.

My first concern was Sandra's emotional state. She was depressed, but I understood that Sandra was a strong person. Her mood would pass with time.

She also seemed to have lost interest in seeing other men. I shrugged to myself. That would most likely also pass with time. If it doesn't, that's her choice. I smiled to myself. At the beginning of our relationship I had to learn to accept Sandra's infidelity, now it was possible that I was going to have to learn to live without it.

I thought some more. My real concern was Sandra's long term well being. This conflict exposed a deep heartache in Sandra. I couldn't fix things with her family, but I could offer her the security and companionship that comes with being a part of a family.

As I sat down to eat my dinner, the answer suddenly became apparent to me. Sandra and I needed to get married.

I immediately got excited. Sandra and I had planned to get married a long time ago. When we formed our threesome with Julie, we tabled that plan. Now Julie was getting married. There was nothing to stop us from doing the same thing.

I was overjoyed as I ate my dinner. I was very happy that Sandra wasn't going to stay with Roger tonight. I couldn't wait until she got home so that I could propose to her.

I finished my dinner and looked at the clock. It was only 8:15. I needed something to keep me busy so the time would pass quickly. I decided to wash and wax the kitchen floor.

I got busy. Nothing passes time for me like hard work. I did a good job. It was almost 2 hours before I was done.

As I was putting away my mop and pail, the telephone rang.

I picked it up. "Hello?"

"Stevie, this is Sandra. Baby I have the most wonderful news."

I could hear a party going on in the background.

"Stevie, Roger was named Dean of the University Law School this evening. Isn't that wonderful? I am so happy for him."

"Sandra it sounds like there is a party going on there."

"Oh there is sweetheart. Roger called a group of his friends. We're at his apartment. Everyone is drinking champagne. I'm already a little tipsy."

There was a pause on the other end of the line. I could hear somone talking to Sandra.

"Hey Stevie, Roger told me to thank you. That dinner you put on for him was actually the final interview. He says the University President and the Regents were very impressed that night."

"Tell him he's welcome. Sandra how soon are you coming home?"

"Oh honey I'm sorry. I'm going to stay with Roger tonight. This is a really special night for him." She paused. "Stevie a little later on I am going to try to make it even more special for him." She started to giggle. "Baby tonight I am going to get to fuck the new Dean of The University Law School."

Suddenly I heard lots of cheering in the background.

"Stevie, Roger's going to make a speech. I have to go sweetheart. I'll see you in the morning."

Sandra broke the connection.

I sat down on the couch. Sandra seemed to be happy for the first time since the confrontation with her mother. This made me happy. The problem was, she was going to spend the night with Roger. This made me sad. I really wanted to see her tonight. I was so excited about proposing to her. I smiled to myself and shrugged. That's the disappointment that comes with being a cuckold.

I took a shower and got into bed. I was tired. Even though I was disappointed, I still managed to fall asleep immediately.

I was up by 7:00 on Saturday morning. I couldn't wait for Sandra to get home. I was so excited about proposing to her. I just knew this was going to make her very happy.

I made myself some breakfast and read the newspaper. I kept looking at the clock. Time was crawling along at a sluggish pace. I quickly realized that I had to get busy.

I started by dusting and vacuuming the living room. That helped. I looked at the clock. It was now almost 9:00. Sandra could be home at any time.

I went into the bathroom and scrubbed the bathtub and shower. When I was done, it was after 10:00. This was the usual time that Sandra would return from a night with Roger. I started to listen for her key in the door.

I changed the sheets on the bed. That took about 15 minutes. There was still no sign of Sandra.

I went into the kitchen and started to clean out the refrigerator. This was a good job. It kept me occupied, but I could still listen for Sandra.

At 11:05 I heard her key in the door.

I ran into the living room. Sandra came in the front door and stood still. There was a sad look on her face.

"Hi sweetheart, what's wrong?"

"Stevie, I have something I have to say to you."

"Sandra I have something I want to say to you to. Let me go first. I think it'll make you very happy."

Sandra shook her head. "No Stevie I have to say this right away."

"Okay baby. What's wrong? Did something bad happen?"

"Stevie please just listen to me for a minute."

"All right, you have my full attention."

"Stevie, Roger proposed to me this morning. He wants me to marry him."

"Oh baby, now I understand why you're so sad. What did you say to him? It must have made you feel awful when you turned him down."

I moved towards her. I tried to take Sandra in my arms and give her a hug.

She put her hands out and stopped me. "Stevie listen to me. I didn't turn him down. I accepted his proposal. I'm going to marry Roger."

I stopped and stared at Sandra. It felt like a dagger just got shoved into my chest.

"I don't understand. I thought you loved me."

"Stevie I do love you. I love you more than anyone in the entire world."

"Then how can you marry Roger?"

"Stevie Roger is going to be the Dean of the University Law School. If I marry him I become instantly respectable. My mom and dad will have to accept me." Sandra started to cry. "Stevie I want my daddy back."

"Sandra we'll go to your parents. I'll talk to them. We can make them understand that we're respectable."

"No Stevie we can't. They wouldn't even agree to see you. They think I'm a prostitute and they think you're my pimp."


"Mary Anne told them. She saw our big house, our fancy cars, the expensive clothes and my jewelry. You don't appear to have to go to work. Mary Anne and I grew up together. She knows how much I like sex. She jumped to the conclusion that prostitution is the only way we could be financing a life style like this." Sandra buried here face in her hands. "Stevie, my daddy thinks I'm a whore."

I was speechless. I didn't know what to say.

For a moment we both silently stared at each other. Finally I swallowed hard and said. "Sandra, look me in the eyes and tell me that you love Roger more than you love me."

"Stevie I don't love Roger. I love you. Please understand that. I am going to have to learn to love him. Baby, I have to do this. It's my only choice. I want my family back."

She started to plead with me. "Please Stevie don't make this any harder than it already is." She stopped. Her voice got very quiet. "Roger is waiting for me in the car. I have to get some clean clothes. I am going to move in with him today."

I sat in the living room while Sandra packed a bag. I was too stunned to say or do anything.

She came out of the bedroom carrying a suitcase. "Stevie I'll come over on Tuesday while you're at work and get the rest of my things. I'll leave my car in the garage. I am already drafting the legal documents that return Julie's part of the house to you. I'll just add my name to those documents." She paused to think. "I'll tear up my credit cards. If you need me to sign any financial papers go through Julie. Roger doesn't want me to see you anymore."

I looked up at her. "Sandra, please keep the car. It was a gift from me."

"I don't know if Roger will let me keep it. I'll see. I would like to if I can. It would be nice if I could have one thing that came from you."

As Sandra opened the door to leave, she turned and looked at me. "Stevie, I love you. I wish that it didn't have to be this way."

I nodded. "I love you to Sandra."

She walked out the door.

When she was gone I buried my face in my hands and started to cry. I cried all afternoon and deep into the night.

To be continued...

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