tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 55

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 55


Note: This story is the fifty-fifth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous fifty-four episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


Julie and Dallas went into the living room and sat down on the couch.

Sandra brought Ricky into our bedroom.

I went into the kitchen and started cleaning up the dinner dishes. Fortunately my position in the kitchen allowed me to see what was happening in the living room.

Julie and Dallas started kissing on the living room couch. While they were kissing Sandra brought Ricky into the living room. Sandra was leading him on his leash. She was making him crawl on all fours.

Sandra led Ricky to Julie's feet and quietly said, "Footboy, sit."

Ricky obediently took his place on his knees in front of his wife and her lover.

Julie broke off her kiss with Dallas and smiled at him. "Hey baby look at what we have here. It's my pussy wimp husband."

She looked at Ricky. "Footboy I am sitting here kissing my lover. Why don't you come over here and make love to my feet while my stud gets me nice and hot."

Sandra handed Ricky's leash to Julie and sat down on the chair across from Julie and Dallas.

Julie tugged on Ricky's leash and pulled his face to her feet. At the same time she snuggled up to Dallas. "Baby why don't you play with my titties while the little wimp kisses my toes."

Dallas grinned as he slipped his hand inside Julie's blouse. "I love this game."

Julie leaned back and closed her eyes while Dallas fondled her breasts and Ricky kissed and licked her toes.

It was obvious that both Julie and Dallas were getting excited.

Julie gasped when she felt Dallas move his hand to the inside of her thigh.

Ricky stopped kissing Julie's feet and looked up. His attention was totally focused on Mr. Long's hand as he watched him pull his wife's panties aside and push a large black finger into her glistening cunt.

Julie's breathing was getting noticeably quicker. Dallas's cock was making a large tent in his trousers.

Julie tossed Ricky's leash towards Sandra. "Take the wimp."

Sandra leaned forward, picked up the leash and pulled Ricky away from Julie's feet."

Ricky obediently kneeled at Sandra's feet and watched while Dallas pushed a second finger into Julie's cunt.

Julie opened her eyes and gazed at her submissive husband. For a moment there was a look of pure adoration in her expression. Julie loved Ricky. That was an obvious truth.

Ricky noticed his wife's glance and winked at her.

Julie grinned, but her grin quickly turned to a smirk. Ricky and Julie loved each other, but tonight they were expressing their love by playing a game. It was a game that excited both of them and Julie knew the rules well. She was a very skilled player.

Julie stared at Ricky and gave him an order using a voice that dripped with unmitigated disdain. "Footboy, make yourself useful; undress me for my lover."

Sandra gave Ricky some slack so that he could stand and obey Julie's command.

Ricky quickly slipped Julie's unbuttoned blouse off of her shoulders.

Dallas grinned at him. "Thanks Footboy, I just love your wife's great big titties."

Julie stood up. Dallas kneaded her breasts with his massive fingers while Ricky unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor.

Julie stepped out of her skirt and sneered at her husband, "Make yourself useful wimp; pick my skirt up and lay it on the couch."

Dallas caressed Julie's body while Ricky folded her skirt and laid it across the arm of the couch. When Ricky was done he returned his attention to his wife and her lover and silently waited for Julie's next direction.

Julie stared at Ricky. "I'm still wearing my panties wimp."

Ricky obediently kneeled in front of his wife and ardently pulled her panties down to her ankles.

Julie stepped out of her panties, caught them on her toe and callously laughed as she flipped them into Ricky's face.

While Ricky was neatly placing his wife's panties on top of her folded skirt, Julie took Dallas's hand and lifted him up from his seat on the couch. As soon as he was standing, her lover wrapped his powerful arms around her naked body and gave Julie a long passionate kiss.

After a moment Julie broke off the kiss, turned to her waiting husband and crudely said, "Footboy, lick my ass while my lover kisses me."

Dallas pulled Julie's face back to his and started a long passionate kiss while Ricky kneeled behind his wife and obediently licked her asshole.

After several minutes of this ritual Julie turned to Sandra, "Take the wimp away. I want to be able to focus all of my attention on my man."

Sandra tugged on Ricky's leash and pulled him back to her chair. When he was kneeling next to her; Sandra lovingly patted his head and quietly whispered, "Footboy sit."

Ricky kneeled on the floor next to Sandra and watched his wife as she focused her complete attention on making love to another man.

I was now done cleaning the kitchen. I got down on my knees in the doorway between the kitchen and the living room and knocked on the door frame. "Mistress Sandra, I've completed my duties in the kitchen."

Sandra nodded to me. "Very good sissyboy. She thought for a moment and smiled. "Speedy, crawl into the bedroom and fetch Mistress Julie's riding crop. You may carry it in your mouth."

It took me several minutes to complete this task. Crawling is not a quick way to move around the house.

When I returned Julie was on her knees in front of Dallas. She was caressing the large tent in his trousers.

I crawled up to Sandra with the riding crop in my mouth. She placed her hand on it and in a firm tone of voice said, "Sissyboy give."

She took the riding crop from me, patted my head and in a much gentler voice said, "Good boy."

After praising me she pointed to the floor on the opposite side of her from Ricky and said, "Sit."

Julie glanced at Sandra and smiled when she saw the riding crop.

She turned to Ricky. "Footboy, Dallas has a magnificent cock. I really would like to take it out and look at it. Be a good husband and ask him for his permission. Ask him if it would be okay if your wife takes his big hard cock out of his pants so that she can play with it."

Ricky was speechless. I don't think he was exactly sure what he was supposed to say. It didn't really matter. He wasn't allowed any time for hesitation.

Whap! Sandra hit Ricky across his panty covered ass."

Ricky started to mumble.

Whap! Sandra hit him again. This time she also gave him a verbal prompt. "Say Sir Dallas would you please allow my wife to unzip your pants and take out your magnificent cock."

Ricky looked at Dallas. There was a tremor in his voice as he spoke. "Sir Dallas would you please allow my wife to unzip your pants and take out your cock."

Whap! Sandra smiled as the crop struck Ricky again. "You forgot to say magnificent. Try once more Footboy."

Ricky was nearly in tears as he said, "Sir Dallas would you please allow my wife to unzip your pants and take out your magnificent cock."

Sandra patted his head. "Very good Footboy."

Dallas smiled at Ricky. "Yes Footboy, please tell your wife that she has my permission to unzip my pants and take my cock out."

Ricky was about to speak when Julie nodded to Sandra.

Whap! Sandra hit Ricky with the riding crop again. The girls were being merciless. It was obvious that the two of them had orchestrated this part of the game in advance. "Beg her Footboy. Beg your wife to take her lovers cock out of his jeans."

"Please Mistress Julie, take Sir Dallas's magnificent cock out of his jeans. I beg you to do this."

Julie smiled at Ricky. "As you wish Footboy." She slowly unzipped Dallas's jeans, reached inside and pulled out his erect penis. As soon as it was freed from the confines of his pants, Dallas's cock jumped to attention. It really was magnificent.

Julie stared at Ricky while she stroked her lover's arching erection. "Footboy this is a man sized cock. It's not a little wee wee like yours. This is a cock that can truly satisfy a woman's lust."

Julie looked up at Dallas. "Sit down baby. I want you to be comfortable."

Dallas sat on the couch while Julie kneeled on the floor next to him. All of her attention was now focused on his huge black cock.

She started to stroke it. She was being slow and gentle. It was almost like she was a child playing with her favorite doll. Julie loved big cocks.

As she stroked her lover she started to smile and turned to Ricky. "Husband, would you be so kind as to ask Sir Dallas if he would allow your wife to suck his cock."

This time Ricky had a better understanding of what he was supposed to do. His response was quick. He obviously wanted to avoid the sting of the riding crop.

"Sir Dallas would it be okay with you if my wife sucks your cock?"

Dallas smiled and pretended to think for a moment. Finally he grinned, "Yeah, okay; tell your wife your to go ahead. She has my full permission to suck my big black dick."

Ricky looked at Julie. "Mistress your lover has given you permission to suck his cock."

Whap! Sandra struck with the riding crop. "I didn't hear you beg Footboy."

Ricky rubbed his sore backside. "Mistress Julie would you please suck you lover's cock. I beg you to do it."

Julie looked at Ricky. "Thank you Footboy. I can't tell you how much it pleases me that you're so understanding about my personal needs."

Dallas moaned as Julie put his cock into her mouth and started giving him a blow job.

Ricky was fascinated by the scene in front of him. As I watched him I reminded myself that this was his very first opportunity to see his wife with another man.

I glanced at Sandra. She was now being very gentle with Ricky. As she softly caressed his cheek she leaned over and whispered, "Your wife gives a very good blow job doesn't she?"

Ricky nodded his head in agreement. After a moment he turned and looked up at Sandra. "He has an awfully big cock and she can take all of it into her mouth. How does she do that?"

Sandra smiled at his question. "Julie really is very talented. She knows how to open her throat and swallow his cock.?"

"She doesn't have to do that with me."

Everyone in the room started to laugh. "Sandra grinned at him. "No baby she doesn't."

Dallas looked at us. There was a huge smile on his face. "How am I going to enjoy this blowjob if I have a mother fucking comedian in the room?"

Julie stood up, turned around and looked at us. She was laughing.

She took a deep breath and tried to be stern. "All right guys enough fun. This is supposed to be serious sex."

She sat down on Dallas's lap. She was straddling his hips. His erect cock was sticking out from between her legs. It almost looked like Julie had a penis of her own. She looked down and started laughing again. "Hey Ricky how would you like it if I had a big black dick."

Everyone broke up. The seriousness of the moment seemed to be lost. The problem was that we all really liked each other and it was hard not to have fun.

Dallas got us back on track. He looked at Ricky. "Don't you let Julie fool you Footboy. That's my big dick and I know a really good place to put it. I am going to slide it right into your wife's wet pussy. Watch me little boy. I am about to give your wife a proper fucking."

Julie lifted herself up and guided Dallas's erect penis into her cunt. She grimaced as his cock entered her. Dallas was big. He was obviously stretching her.

As soon as she had all of Dallas's cock inside her, Julie relaxed. She sat perfectly still for a moment. There was a huge smile on her face. She was obviously enjoying the pleasant sensation she got from having that monster inside her.

She looked at Ricky and sighed. "Baby this feel so good. Thank you for being such a good husband. It's so wonderful to be able to feel a great big cock inside me."

Julie kept her eyes focused on her husband as she started to rock back and forth on Dallas's erection.

She took a deep breath. "Baby watch me. I'm fucking another man."

She started to move faster. "Ricky honey, I love fucking big cocks."

Julie reached down and started rubbing her clit. "I hope you're enjoying this sweetheart because I intend to let lots and lots of men fuck me." Her voice was quaking as she spoke.

She increased the pace even more. Julie threw her head back and yelled, "This is wonderful!"

Her entire body started shaking. Suddenly Julie screamed as an orgasm erupted inside her.

Julie and Dallas both stopped moving while Julie enjoyed her climax.

As soon as she recovered from her orgasm, Julie climbed off of Dallas and lay back on the couch.

Dallas got on top of Julie and straddled her waist. Julie squeezed her breasts together and smiled at her lover. Dallas pushed his stiff cock in between them and started to fuck Julie's tits.

Once he got into a nice easy rhythm he looked over at Ricky. "Footboy your wife knows me really well. She remembers how much I like a little tittie fucking." He winked at Ricky. "This is really fun, you should try it."

He smirked and his expression changed to a mock frown. "Oh too bad for you. I'll bet your little dickie is too small to do this."

Sandra leaned over and whispered to Ricky. "Don't feel too bad baby. I can't do it either. My breasts are too small."

Ricky looked up at Sandra. "It does look like it's fun."

Sandra laughed and then she leaned over and kissed the top of Ricky's head. "Yes baby, it does."

Julie didn't hear any of this interchange. She was now so focused on Dallas and his cock that she was oblivious to everything else in the room.

Julie sat up and grabbed Dallas's cock, "Come on baby let's see this big snake of yours shoot its stuff. Its time for you to put on a show for these two little pussyboys." She put his erection in her mouth and started to suck on it.

Dallas closed his eyes. He was trying to concentrate.

Julie wrapped her hands around his big cock and started pumping it while she continued to suck on the mammoth head.

Suddenly Dallas arched his back and grunted. He grabbed hold of his cock, pulled it out of Julie's mouth and aimed it at her lips and nose. He closed eyes and vigorously pumped his stiff penis with both hands

Sandra, Ricky and I all watched in awe as Dallas started to shoot long spurts of milky cum all over Julie's face.

After several seconds the spurts of cum slowed to dribbles. Dallas rolled off of Julie and lay back on the couch.

Julie leaned forward, picked up Dallas's cock and gently milked the last drops of semen from him.

Julie turned and smiled at Ricky. Large globs of Dallas's cum were dripping from her nose and lips.

Sandra tugged on Ricky's leash. "Footboy go to your wife and lick her lovers cum off of her face."

Dallas watched in amazement as Ricky crawled over to Julie and licked up his semen.

"Shit you guys are the kinkiest people I've ever met." He smiled. "I love all four of you."

When Ricky was done cleaning Julie's face. She stood up, took Dallas's hand and pulled him up from the couch. "Come on baby it's time for you and me to party in private."

The three of us watched as Julie and Dallas walked to the playpen. When they got to the door Julie stopped and looked at her husband. "Ricky you get me back in the morning, but for the next several hours I belong to Dallas. Tonight I'm going to be his fuck toy." She turned to her lover and kissed him. "Baby you and I are about to have some serious fun."

They turned to go into the bedroom. They were about to close the door when I stopped them. "Hey Dallas, what do you want for breakfast in the morning?"

He smiled at me. "Thanks Stevie but I am going to be up and out of here by 5:00 am. I want to pick up my trailer and be across the city before rush hour starts. I'll be long gone by the time you guys get up."

I shook my head. "Hey buddy I get up early. Nobody leaves this house in the morning without a good meal. Now what's your favorite breakfast?"

Julie laughed. "I know exactly what it is. I served it to him for years in the cafe. It's eggs over easy, sausage links, hash browns and toast."

I smiled. "I have everything we need. Buddy show our girl a good time. I'll have breakfast for you in the morning before you go."

Dallas smiled. "Thanks Stevie that would be nice. I'll see you in the morning."

Julie grabbed her lovers hand. "Come on stud man, it's party time." She pulled Dallas into the playpen and closed the door behind them.

Ricky stood staring at the door. This was the first time he saw his wife take another man into a bedroom for a night of sex.

Sandra grabbed him. "Come on sweetie, you and Stevie get to party with me tonight."

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