tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 57

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 57


Note: This story is the fifty-seventh installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous fifty-six episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.

I stayed up after Dallas left. I like the solitude and quiet of the early morning. I sat on the patio, drank coffee and thought about the different things that had to be done to get our lives back in order.

It was only three days ago that Sandra came back to me. It was just two days ago that Julie and Ricky decided to live with us. It was just yesterday that we moved back into the house on Oak Grove Drive.

The visit from Dallas was a lot of fun, but it came at a time when we were very busy. I decided that it was time to get organized. We needed to make a list of things that had to get done.

I was getting a second cup of coffee and a legal pad and pen when I heard Ricky behind me.

"Morning Stevie."

"Hi Ricky want to help me, I am making a list of things to do so that we can get our lives in order."

"Sure, let me get a cup of coffee."

Ricky got his coffee and joined me on the patio. It was a warm September morning. The sun was just making its way up into the eastern sky. It was a pleasant time to be sitting outside.

Once Ricky was seated I started making the list. "I think our first priority is to arrange for movers to go to both of our old apartments and get our furniture and belongings"

Ricky nodded. "I agree." He turned and looked at me. "What should we do about the sleeping arrangements here?"

I smiled. "I think sleeping together is very pleasant. Can we all live in one bedroom?"

Ricky laughed. "I sure would like to try. I loved waking up between Julie and Sandra this morning."

I grinned. "Who wouldn't?" I paused. "I think we'd better discuss this with the girls."

I thought for a moment. "We need to get another Lincoln, especially now that there are four of us. We're going to need a big car that all of us can ride in comfortably."

I looked at Ricky. "We also need to do something about that old Chevrolet you drive. How many miles does it have on it anyway?"

Ricky shook his head. "167,000, it's been a very good car."

"I think has been is the correct description."

"I know Stevie, but I can't afford a new car."

"Yes you can."

"No you're not going to do that. You're doing too much already."

"Ricky, we're a family. We all have our roles remember. You teach young people to write, I'll make loads of money for us."

Ricky laughed. "Okay you win. You can buy me a new car." He smiled at me. "Don't laugh Stevie, I've never owned a new car. This will be a brand new experience for me."

"What would you like? You're about to buy your first one."

"I love your car. Could I have one of those?"

"My Escape? Sure, it even makes sense. We can get all our cars serviced at the same place."

I thought for a moment. "Will you take care of the cars today? I'll call the Lincoln Dealership and the Ford Dealership. They know me. I'll tell them you're representing me. I'll give you several signed blank checks. You can select both cars and make the down payments today."

I looked at Ricky. "When you buy the Lincoln, buy the top of the line. Price is not a factor. We'll want a luxurious car when we drive our wives to meet their dates."

"Stevie do you trust me to do this?"

"Of course I do." I thought for a moment. "Ricky, we have to tighten up our financial operation. All four of us have to go to the bank together. It'll have to be tomorrow. We need to set up a joint checking account and get credit cards for everyone."

"Stevie, I don't have...."

I cut Ricky off. "I'll supply the funding for the bank account and the credit cards. The last time that Sandra, Julie and I started living together we had to have a financial meeting to get everything organized. We need to do that again. I suggest we do it tonight."

I looked at my friend. "Ricky we decided to live as a family. I really want to do this. Up until I met Julie and Sandra I never really had a family, neither did Julie. The four of us are going to be a family and we're going to share equally in our assets. Ricky get used to it, you're rich now."

I paused. "Ricky I want to set things up so that you are going to have your own supply of money. I do not want a situation where you feel like you have to come crawling to me every time you want something."

Ricky smiled. "It's going to take a little time for me to get used to this. I come from a background where everyone makes it on their own."

"I understand, so do I; but we have a unique situation that gives us some freedom. I really am excited about the fact that in a very small way, I'll be helping you to teach college students."

"Well like I said, it'll take me some time to get used to it, but I will try." Ricky looked at me. "I'll take care of the car purchases today." He grinned. "I really am very excited about the idea of owning a new car."

"Good, I have to go to work soon. When the girls get up will you tell them that they're responsible for finding a mover and getting us out of our old apartments?"

"Yes, I'll take care of that."

"Also will you discuss the bedroom situation. My vote is to have all of us live in one bedroom and sleep in one bed. If we decide to do that they should talk about what to do with the playpen. Should we keep it like it is or do something else with it. As far as I am concerned the choice is theirs, the playpen is their sex room."

I went into work. It was Tuesday. I had my regular meeting with the partners. The meeting went well and I was able to get home by 4:00.

When I drove up to the house there was a moving van in the driveway. Four men were carrying furniture and clothing through the front door.

I parked and went inside. Sandra and Julie were directing traffic.

When Sandra saw me she smiled. "Hi Stevie."

I walked over an kissed her. "How is everything going?"

"Great, we're almost done. Both apartments are empty. I have a cleaning service working in each of our places right now. The movers have rearranged the furniture for us here. We're almost back to normal in this house."

"What are we doing about the bedroom situation?"

Sandra smiled. "If it's okay with you, we're all going to sleep in the master bedroom. We think our king size bed is big enough." Sandra looked at me. "Baby I love sleeping with Julie and Ricky."

I hugged her. "I do to. What are you planning to do with the playpen?"

"Were not going to do anything right now. It was really nice to have a sex room last night. You said you want me to start cuckolding you again. When I start it will be nice for Julie and I to have our own room." Sandra grabbed my nipple through my shirt and twisted it. "I did consider turning it into a dungeon. I think it might be fun to have a room devoted to punishment."

I kissed Sandra. "There's a room in the basement that's next to my golf club building room. I think it might work very nicely for that. We could make it sound proof. We could play some very fun games there."

Sandra looked into my eyes. "Fun for who?"

I laughed. "Both of us baby, both of us."

Sandra raised her eyebrows. "Oh really?" She started to giggle. "The three of us might have to have serious discussion about this a little later on tonight."

"The three of us?"

"Yes, you and I and Julie's riding crop."

"Is that a promise?"

Sandra laughed. "No baby, that's a threat."

I hugged Sandra. She hugged me back.

After a moment she stopped and looked at me. "Sweetheart I hope you don't mind, but when Julie and I woke up this morning we both made love to Ricky. I sucked his cock while Jules sat on his face."

I laughed. "Baby I may be a little envious, but I don't mind at all. I'm hoping that we'll be a very intimate foursome." I looked around. "Where is Ricky?"

"He's still out buying cars. He was a little nervous. He's never bought a new car before. He had to buy two of them today."

"Should we call him and see if he needs our help?"

"Baby we can't. He doesn't own a cell phone."

Another item just went on my to do list. We had to get Ricky a cell phone.

Just then the front door opened and Ricky walked in.

Julie ran to her husband and hugged him. It was fun to watch her. Julie really loved Ricky.

Both Sandra and I walked over to them.

I smiled. "How did the car buying go?"

"Great Stevie. I got a wonderful deal on a used Plymouth Voyageur minivan. It only has 139,000 miles on it. It seemed to me that it was a much wiser purchase than buying a new Lincoln."

I looked at Julie. "Where did you find this guy, in the Sunday comics?"

Julie hugged Ricky. She was being protective. "What's wrong with a used minivan?"

I laughed. "Nothing I guess. You and Sandra will be the ones using it in the parking lot at Baxter's."

A look of horror came over Julie's face. She turned to her husband. "Ricky what did you do?"

He laughed. "I bought a very nice black Lincoln Town Car. It's brand new and the top of the line. The back seat is huge and luxurious. I am sure that you and your lovers will find it more than adequate."

Julie kissed Ricky. "Oh baby, I can't wait to try it out."

Sandra looked at Ricky. "Will we have the car in time to drive it to Baxter's this coming Thursday?"

Ricky nodded. "I'm going to pick it up Thursday morning." He turned to me. "Stevie I'm going to need a cashiers check for $76,381.00. I paid $1,000.00 down. I think I got a good deal. The sticker price was $86,540.00. They knocked off almost ten grand."

"Ricky you made a very good deal. From now on, you're in charge of all car buying for the family." I smiled at him. "Did you buy a car for yourself?"

He nodded. "I have a navy blue Escape coming tomorrow. It has leather seats, a moon roof and a wonderful music system." He grinned at me. "They sold it to me for $26,300. That was $2,000 below list price."

I shook Ricky's hand. "Good job buddy."

He looked at me. "Thank you Stevie. I really am excited about this."

Sandra and Julie kept the movers busy until nearly 6:00. When they were done we all showered together, got dressed and went out to dinner.

We discussed our new life as a family over dinner. I took the opportunity to lay out my plans for how we were going to operate financially. The girls grasped the plan immediately. It was basically the same plan that Sandra, Julie and I used the first time we lived together.

The truth was that after 3 months of chaos, Julie, Sandra and I had returned to the life we were leading last spring. The only difference was that we'd added Ricky. As I got to know him I began to realize that Ricky was going to be a wonderful addition to the family.

As you get older you realize that all of life is an exciting adventure. Each moment, even the trying ones that test our strength of character, are experiences that should be savored and enjoyed. There are however some periods of life that are clearly outstanding moments of pleasure and happiness. These are times that are cherished and fondly remembered as we grow older. That night it appeared to me that the four of us were just beginning one of these periods of life.

The four of us had dinner at the Kensington Grill. It was a celebration. We were celebrating the beginning of our new life together.

We had two rounds of martini's before dinner, an outstanding bottle of merlot with our dinner and two large cognacs each after dinner.

As we drove home, all four of us were feeling very relaxed.

We were in my Escape. I was driving. Sandra was cuddled up next to me. Julie and Ricky were cuddled up together in the back seat.

"Hey Stevie you remember the night we met?" It was Julie speaking from the back seat.

I smiled at the memory. "How could I ever forget Jules. It was a magnificent night."

"Remember that fancy champagne you had?" She laughed, "That was really good stuff."

"You mean the Dom Perignon? It should have been really good, it cost a $135.00 a bottle."

Ricky choked. "No fucking shit?'

We all looked at him in shock. Ricky was an English Professor. He rarely used profanity.

Sandra grabbed my crotch and squeezed really hard. "Hey lover boy, how come you've never bought any wine for me that was that fancy."

I looked at her. "Do you want some?"

She playfully poked me in my ribs. "Fucking right I do."

No one was shocked by Sandra's use of profanity. She swore like a sailor.

She squeezed my crotch again. "Lets get some right now." She leered at me. "If you get me drunk you might just get lucky tonight."

Julie laughed. "When did a guy have to get you drunk to get lucky. Sandra when a guy takes you home it's a race to see which comes off first, the top of the booze bottle or your panties."

Sandra giggled. "Okay Miss Morality, that shows how much you know. I almost never wear panties on a date."

Everyone started laughing. In the midst of this silliness I switched my turn indicator on, slowed down and pulled into the parking lot of our local liquor store. It was just before 9:00 pm. They were still open."

Sandra looked at me. "Hey baby what's going on?'

"I'm going in to get two bottles of Dom Perignon." I gave Sandra a sly look. "I'm kind of hoping I might get lucky tonight."

Julie and Sandra cheered. All four of us got out of the car and went into the store. I went to the imported champagne section and picked out two bottles of Dom Perignon. They were $143.00 each.

Ricky Shook his head. "Stevie isn't this a little waste of money."

I laughed. "No Ricky, this is a colossal waste of money." I smiled at him. "We'll talk about this night for years to come. Sometimes it's fun to be a little wild."

Ricky chuckled. "I can see that life with the three of you is going to be very interesting."

I walked up to the counter and handed the clerk the two bottles of champagne and my credit card.

Sandra walked up next to me and looked at the clerk, "Put a pack of Marlboro Lights on there to."

I smiled to myself, It was going to be a very wild night. Julie and Sandra only smoke when they drink to excess. Both of them have that remarkable ability to smoke 10 cigarettes a month. There are people like that. They just aren't susceptible to nicotine addiction.

On the other hand, I started smoking when I was 15 and quit when I was 21. Kicking the habit was a major struggle for me. I'm certain that If I ever smoked another cigarette, I'd immediately be back to a pack a day. Nicotine addiction is a substantial issue for me.

I signed the credit card slip, grabbed the champagne and cigarettes and said, "Lets go home. It appears that we have some serious partying to do."

When we got home I put both bottles of champagne into buckets of ice and tossed the cigarettes to Sandra.

The champagne wasn't very cold. When I opened the first bottle the cork shot across the room and a geyser of champagne exploded from the bottle.

Everyone started laughing. While I held the bottle, Ricky grabbed four glasses and tried to catch as much of the champagne as possible. It took some effort, but we finally managed to get a full glass of wine for everyone.

As soon as we each had a glass I made a toast. "To our new family." The four of us clinked our glasses, cheered and drank some champagne.

As we were drinking I looked over at Sandra. There was a tear running down her cheek.

I put my arm around her. "What's the matter baby?"

She smiled at all of us. "I was just thinking about how close I came to throwing all of this away."

Julie kissed her cheek. "But you didn't honey. You're here and were together."

Sandra put her arm around my waist. "I know and I think I'm the luckiest girl in the world."

The first bottle went quickly. Sandra and I sat on the couch and, sipped our champagne. She smoked cigarettes. We both broke into giggles and poked each other every time one of us tried to say something.

Julie took most of her clothes off and ran around the living room in her panties smoking cigarettes and drinking champagne. Ricky sat on a chair and watched her. There was a silly smile on his face.

We were all getting very spiffed. The evening was quickly spiraling out of control.

Julie walked over to Ricky and rubbed her toes on his crotch. "Hey little wimp, want to play footsie with me?"

Ricky gasped. If you haven't already figured it out, he has a major foot fetish.

Julie pulled his shirttail out of his pants, reached under his shirt and grabbed his nipple. As she twisted it she stared into his eyes. "Take your clothes off limp dick. It's time to pay homage to your Mistresses feet."

Julie pushed Ricky to the floor. She took her panties off, shoved them into his mouth and stood naked over her him while he undressed. As soon as he was naked he groveled submissively at her feet.

I leaned over and whispered into Sandra's ear. "It appears that Ricky is getting lucky."

Sandra reached over, grabbed my chin and held it so she could look directly into my eyes. It was a very dominant gesture. "Why don't you show me that room in the basement that we talked about this afternoon."

A shiver of excitement rippled through me. Sandra was offering to explore one of my darkest fantasies with me. At the same time I got very nervous. Playing sadomasochistic games with a partner who had virtually no inhibitions seemed risky.

As I thought about this I relaxed. I knew Sandra. I trusted her completely. It wouldn't matter how much champagne she consumed, I was confident that she would never actually hurt me.

I took a deep breath and smiled at her. "That room might be kind of chilly tonight, but the recreation room would be an excellent place for us to play."

Sandra stood up and motioned for me to follow her. We went into the bedroom. Sandra stopped next to the bed and whispered in a very sultry voice. "Undress me Sissyboy."

I was suddenly overwhelmed with an uncontrollable desire to submit to Sandra.

Sandra smiled as I reverently removed her clothing. She sensed my acquiescence.

As I was carefully hanging her dress in the closet, Sandra looked at me with an arrogant sneer. "Sissyboy fetch me my black mesh nylon stockings and a pair of black lace panties."

A tingle of excitement rippled through me. This was an outfit that was exclusively reserved for her studs. The only time I ever got to see Sandra in this lingerie was when I was dressing her for a date.

I was so electrified that my stomach felt like it was doing somersaults as I dug through Sandra's lingerie drawer looking for her nylons and panties.

Sandra was sitting on the edge of the bed when I found them. She already had Julie's riding crop. She was nervously tapping the tip in the palm of her hand. Sandra was just as excited as I was.

I carried Sandra's lingerie to the bed like it was the royal mantle of a great king or queen.

When I got to the bed Sandra gave me a regal nod.

I bowed and kneeled at her feet.

Sandra extended each of her feet so that I could slip the stockings onto her and roll them up her legs. When I was done she stood and I held her panties for her so that she could step into them.

When she was dressed she tapped me with the tip of the riding crop. "Strip sissyboy. I want you naked."

Sandra sat down while I removed my clothes. When I was naked I stood in front of her and patiently waited for my next instruction.

"Fetch your cock cage from my dresser slave boy. I want you locked up tonight."

I retrieved my cock cage and sat on the bed. Sandra slipped the chastity device onto my cock and balls, put the padlock into it and snapped it closed.

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