tagLoving WivesSandra and Stevie Ch. 58

Sandra and Stevie Ch. 58


Note: This story is the fifty-eighth installment in a series entitled "Sandra and Stevie". If you have not read the previous fifty-seven episodes of this series, I encourage you do so before beginning this chapter.

This is a dominant wife humiliates submissive husband story. That is the kind of story I write. If you do not enjoy these types of stories, I strongly recommend that you look for something else to read.


Wednesday was a quiet day for all four of us. We were all a little tired and hung over from our excesses of the previous night.

We'd worked very hard over the past two days, but now our efforts were paying off. Our chores were nearly complete. All four of us were moved back into the house and our lives were in good order. We still had a couple of easy tasks to take care of this morning, but when they were done we knew that we could spend the rest of the day relaxing.

At 9:00 am Ricky and I went to the Ford Dealership and picked up his new car. He was beaming when he got into it and drove away. He reminded me of a little kid with a new toy.

When we got home we picked up the girls. We went to the bank and set up five checking accounts. We had one account for household business and each of us had our own personal account. I arranged for the bank to automatically deposit $2,000.00 each month into each of our personal accounts. We also applied for credit cards for each of us.

When were got home we spent the rest of the day reading on the patio. After dinner we watched a movie together and went to bed early.

Wednesday night was the first time that the four of us made love together. Ricky and I took turns licking Julie and Sandra and they took turns sucking each of our cocks. It was a wonderful way to finish a beautiful, relaxing day.

On Thursday I went into work and met with the partners. Julie, Sandra and Ricky went to the Lincoln Dealership and picked up our new Town Car.

I got home just after 5:00 pm. Julie was just getting out of the hot tub. Sandra was lying on our porch swing.

Ricky was in the dining room vacuuming the carpet. I walked up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. He smiled at me and switched off the vacuum cleaner.

"Hi Stevie, we got the Lincoln. That is a fun car to drive."

"I'm glad you like it, you can drive to Baxters tonight if you want to."

"Thank you, I'd like that," He looked at his watch. "It looks like it's time for us to start getting the girls ready."

I nodded in agreement. "If you start running a bath for Julie, I'll call Sandra. You can bathe the girls while I make a quick snack so that they won't starve before we have dinner."

Ricky nodded and walked towards the bedroom. Julie was standing in the bedroom door.

Ricky smiled at his wife. "Hey baby it's time to start getting you dressed for your evening at Baxters. We want you to look beautiful for all those handsome studs there."

Julie kissed Ricky's cheek. Baby, I am looking forward to having a nice long fuck tonight." Julie walked over to her makeup table and leaned against it. She pulled her bathing suit bottom down and smiled at her husband. "Before you start my bath why don't you get down on your knees and give me a long passionate kiss. It'll help get me in the proper mood for the evening."

As I was leaving the living room Ricky was kneeling down behind his wife.

I walked out onto the patio. Sandra waved when saw me walking over to her.

"Hi baby, how was your meeting with the partners today?"

"It was very productive. There are two projects that are developing into potentially good opportunities. We're starting to outline an investment strategy for both companies." I smiled. "Hey, enough business talk. It's time for you to come into the house so Ricky and I can bathe you and get you dressed. We're due at Baxters in less than two hours."

Sandra sighed. "Stevie why don't we let Julie and Ricky go to Baxters tonight by themselves."

She stood up and pulled her shorts down to her ankles. "We could play some very entertaining games together at home tonight." She kicked her shorts off, pulled her panties down and leered at me. "Wouldn't you like to spend the evening kissing my sweet little pussy?"

I laughed. "You know me baby. I could spend the next month kissing that pussy." I paused. "Sandra, we haven't seen Brenda, Bobby, Maddie, April or Mark since we got back together. I know they're dying to see us. I think that we have to go."

Sandra shook her head. "Stevie I'm still not sure that I am ready to be with another guy."

I put my arms around her and hugged her. "You don't have to go out to the parking lot. We can just have dinner with our friends. After dinner, if you decide that you just want to sit with Ricky, Bobby, Mark and me in the bar that will be okay."

I kissed her. "Sandra, I want you to understand that you don't have to stop playing with other men out of guilt. If you see a guy at Baxter's tonight who you find attractive, you should feel free to party with him."

Sandra pressed her face against my chest. "Stevie I am so confused about everything. Whats wrong with me?" She stopped. "Why do I get so excited when I hit you with the riding crop? I love you more than anyone in the world. Why do I want to hurt you?"

I laughed. "Why do I like it when you hurt me. Why do I get excited when you put a dog collar and leash on me and humiliate me in front of a man who's about to fuck you?" I shook my head. "Honey I don't understand any of this. What I do know is that we compliment each other. We both get excited when you whip me. We both love it when you humilate me in front of your lovers. Sandra I am your ying and you're my yang. We love each other and accept each other for what we are."

I thought for a moment. "Sandra you didn't hurt me the other night. You could have, but you didn't. I would trust you with my life.

Sandra hugged me. "Stevie, you always make me feel better." She looked up at me. "I would love to go to dinner at Baxters. It will be fun to see the gang." She paused. "I won't guarantee that I'll party with another guy tonight, but if I do decide to do it, are you sure that it will be okay with you?"

I whispered into her ear. "I am not only okay with it, I would love it. It gets me very excited when I think about you giving another man a blow job."

Sandra grabbed my nipple through my shirt and gave it a vicious twist. "Stevie we both really are a couple of pervs."

I laughed. "Sandra my dear, I wouldn't have it any other way."

"Come on baby, let's go inside and get you cleaned up and dressed." I took Sandra's hand. We walked into the house together.

When we walked into the bedroom the bathroom door was open. Julie was stepping out of the bathtub. As soon as she was out, Ricky wrapped a towel around her and patted her dry.

When Julie was dry, Ricky called to me. "Stevie I'll start another tub while you get Sandra undressed. Julie's going to put on her makeup. You can make the girls a snack while I give Sandra her bath."

While I was undressing her, Sandra started giggling. "Hey Jules, what's better than having one slave in the house."

Julie laughed. "That's an easy question." She jumped up from her chair and ran over to Sandra.

They high fived each other and said in unison, "Having two slaves in the house."

I shook my head and patted Sandra's butt. "Go enjoy your bath. I'll make a snack for you and Jules."

Sandra kissed me and went into the bathroom. She and Julie were both still giggling when I left to go into the kitchen.

I made a snack of sliced apples and cheese sticks and set up four plates. I left two of them in the kitchen for Ricky and me. We weren't allowed to eat while we were serving our Mistresses. I brought the other two plates into the bedroom.

Julie was at her makeup table. I set a plate down next to her. "Here's a small snack for you Mistress Julie."

She smiled. "Thank you sissyboy, that's very thoughtful."

I set Sandra's plate on her makeup table. I looked into the bathroom. She was just stepping out of the tub. Ricky was wrapping a big towel around her. She smiled at me when she saw me looking at her. I smiled back at her.

She walked into the bedroom. "Sissyboy get me my new black miniskirt and white blouse." She thought for a moment. "I also want my red garter belt and nylons. I won't be wearing a brassiere tonight."

I smiled to myself, Sandra was asking me to lay out a very seductive outfit. She was clearly going to be ready in case she does find a handsome man she would enjoy partying with tonight.

I laid out Sandra's clothing while she ate her snack and applied her makeup. When I was done, I went to my dresser and took out a leather box. I brought it over to Sandra and opened it.

Sandra looked in the box and smiled at me. It was her jewelry. She took the box and bit her lower lip. "Thank you Stevie. Considering what I did to you, it means a lot to me that you kept these things. "She looked away from me. "I wouldn't have blamed you if you'd sold them."

I shook my head. "Sandra I would never sell this jewelry."

Sandra looked at me. "Really?"


She dug through the box and picked out two pieces. "I forgot all about these." She studied them for a moment. "Do you realize that Julie and I never wore these?" She paused. "I really don't know why?" She held up the two ankle bracelets that we'd purchased almost a year ago. I remembered that the charm on each anklet bore the inscription, "BJ Queen."

I looked at Sandra. "Why don't the two of you wear them tonight."

Sandra stared at the jewelry. "Stevie I don't know."

I smiled. "They would look very sexy on you."

Julie grinned. "Ricky get mine from Sandra. I would love to wear it tonight. It'll make a wonderful conversation starter with some hot guy."

Sandra handed Ricky one of the ankle bracelets. He knelt down next to his wife, put it around her ankle and fastened the clasp. Julie held her leg up. It really did look sexy.

Sandra smiled. "Okay I agree that does look very hot." She handed the other ankle bracelet to me. I knelt down and placed it around her ankle. As I fastened it Sandra said, "Stevie you just might end up spending sometime alone in the bar tonight."

I kissed Sandra's feet. "Sweetheart, I certainly hope I do. " I winked at her. "I think a long slow fuck might be just what you need right now."

Sandra looked at me. "You're evil."

I laughed. "No just perverted."

Ricky and I finished dressing the girls.

When we were done Julie smiled at us. "Its time for the two of you to get dressed."

She looked at Sandra. "I want Ricky to wear a bra tonight." She laughed. "You and I aren't wearing one, someone should."

Sandra laughed. "I agree. I think that this evening our boy's outfits should accentuate their feminine sides. " She thought for a moment. "We bought Stevie a lot of cute outfits last winter. Why don't you take a look in his dresser. I'm sure you can find something frilly and feminine for our two little coquettes to wear tonight."

Julie went to my lingerie drawer. She pulled out two matching panty and bra sets. One set was pink. She handed that set to Sandra. The other set was bright red she kept that set for Ricky.

She kept looking through the drawer. She found a red garter belt and a pink garter belt. "This is what I need." She opened my stocking drawer and found a pair of pink nylons and a pair of red nylons." She giggled. "Sandra I think we have the basics for a very cute outfit for each of our boys."

Sandra stood up and went into my section of the closet. She dug through the clothes and selected two pairs of slacks and two golf shirts. The slacks were ivory and baby blue. Both pairs of slacks were obviously tailored for women. They both had elastic waist bands and zipped on the side. The golf shirts were pink and pale yellow. They each had a small flower embroidered on them. Ricky and I were going to look very feminine tonight.

Sandra laughed as she laid the clothes out on the bed. "If our boys are wearing these outfits tonight, we aren't going to have to worry about some hussy mistaking them for studs."

Julie started laughing. "I can't wait until the gang at Baxter's get a look at our little cuties."

Ricky and I looked at each other. This was going to be a very humiliating evening. We both smiled, we couldn't wait.

Sandra walked over to her dresser. She opened a drawer and took out my cock cage.

Julie saw what she was doing and turned to Ricky. "Footboy, fetch your cage from my dresser."

Sandra turned to me. "Get your clothes off Speedy. It's time to lock you up." She laughed. "We can't have you walking around Baxter's with a free swinging dick."

Sandra slipped my cage onto my cock and balls and snapped the lock shut. Julie was doing the same thing to Ricky.

Sandra handed me my lingerie. "It's time to get dressed sissyboy."

I quickly slipped on the panties, bra and garter belt. I had to sit down so I could put on the nylons. I'd just shaved my legs this morning before I went to work so they were nice and smooth. The nylons rolled on easily. I stood up and clipped the tops of my hose to my garter belt. When I was done I turned and faced Sandra.

"My aren't you cute." She giggled. "Sissyboy pink is a wonderful color for you." She picked up the ivory slacks and handed them to me. "These should look very nice on you."

I put them on and looked in the mirror. I shook my head. I would never be wearing these slacks to work.

Sandra handed me the pink golf shirt. "Sissyboy this shirt will look cute with those slacks."

I put the shirt on and turned back to the mirror. As I looked at my reflection I wished that the slacks had belt loops. A belt would really help make the outfit a little less feminine. Unfortunately the slacks didn't have belt loops. I was fairly certain that Sandra had selected them for exactly that reason.

Sandra laughed as I looked at myself. "Sissyboy you really are cute tonight."

She looked over at Ricky. He was just tucking his pale yellow golf shirt into his light blue slacks. "Jules our husbands are a pair of real cuties tonight. " She laughed. "One of these evenings we should dress them up as girls. We could make them wear lipstick, eye shadow, skirts, everything."

Julie laughed. "That would be fun Sandra. I'll bet they'd both look very sexy in a miniskirt."

Sandra looked at the clock and stood up. "Everyone get your shoes on. It's time to be going."

Ricky and I each put on a pair of thin soled Italian tassel loafers. They were technically men's shoes, but you would have had a hard time convincing me of that fact. Our slacks just barely reached the top of our loafers. You could easily see out nylon stockings. Tonight no one would be mistaking Ricky and I for a couple of studs.

Sandra and Julie each put on a pair of spike heeled pumps. They looked really hot in their short skirts, sexy shoes and ankle bracelets.

As we walked out to the car I tossed Ricky the keys for the Lincoln. "You driving tonight okay buddy?'

He caught the car keys and grinned. "I'd love to."

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